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June 23 Famous Birthdays

June 23 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on June 23 are naturally curious and amusing. As a Cancer, they are a likely a cheerful individual who is smart and quick to learn. They are eager, talented and have an open mind. You can see their originality in and around their home.

As a dream occupation, famous June 23 celebrities should look into the world of entertainment. Just look at June Carter Cash and Randy Jackson and their accomplishments. They are two of the most popular famous birthdays of June 23. Invest in yourself and you should see a return that you can be proud of.


Famous people born on June 23 look for a partner who can make them happy. They are a good listener and this is a great quality to have when in a relationship with someone who loves to talk. They need to take their medicines while on the road as they are prone to having allergies. One can’t perform while sneezing or wiping their nose.


Famous people born on June 23rd like being by themselves. But at other times, they enjoy company and the opportunity to learn something new. They like to talk and share an unbiased opinion about almost any topic. Famous Cancer personalities born on June 23 are subject to mood swings.


June 23rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23 June Good Traits:

  • Faithful
  • Cheerful
  • Intelligent
  • Courageous
  • Gentle
  • Energetic

23 June Bad Traits:

  • Cynical
  • Troubled
  • Nosy
  • Emotional
  • Resentful

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June 23 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaliyah Jay, 1993, YouTube Star
Aaliyah Rose, 2002, YouTube Star
Aaron Ruell, 1976, Movie Actor
Achinoam Nini, 1969, Pop Singer
Adam King, 1979, Reality Star
Alan Turing, 1912, Mathematician
Albert Lozeau, 1878, Poet
Alex Green, 1988, Football Player
Alfred Kinsey, 1894, Scientist
Allie Bertram, 1989, TV Actress
Alun Wyn Jones, 1985, Rugby Player
Amber Dawn Orton, 1987, Model
Anders Nilsen, 1988, Comedian
Andreea Balan, 1984, Pop Singer
Anna Akhmatova, 1889, Poet
Anna Duggar, 1988, Reality Star
Anthony Jackson, 1952, Bassist
Antoine Olivier Pilon, 1997, Movie Actor
Antony Costa, 1981, Pop Singer
Art Modell, 1925, Sports Executive
Ashley Morrison, 1964, Sportscaster
Astrid Carolina Herrera, 1963, Model
Austin Blake, 1999, Star
Barbara Islas, 1990, TV Show Host
Baylynne Williford, 1995, Reality Star
Ben Hyland, 2002, TV Actor
Ben Speer, 1930, Gospel Singer
Billy Wirth, 1962, Movie Actor
Bip Ling, 1989, Blogger
Blair Herter, 1980, TV Show Host
Blake Harrison, 1985, TV Actor

Bo Wallace, 1992, Football Player
Bob Fosse, 1927, Director
Booker Moore, 1959, Football Player
Brandi Reed, 1983, Wrestler
Brandon Awadis, 1995, YouTube Star
Brandon Stokley, 1976, Football Player
Brandon Weaver, 2000, Race Car Driver
Bridget Sloan, 1992, Gymnast
Brittney Kelly, 1991, Vine Star
Bronson M. Cutting, 1888, Politician
Brooks Laich, 1983, Hockey Player
Bryan Brown, 1947, Movie Actor
Caitlin Rose, 1987, Country Singer
Caleb Clarke, 1993, Soccer Player
Carl Reinecke, 1824, Composer
Carli Norris, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Charles Lowe, 1890, Cricket Player
Cherie Daly, 1987, Movie Actress
Chet Faker, 1988, DJ
Chico DeBarge, 1966, R&B Singer
Chris Bradford, 1973, Young Adult Author
Chris Wimmer, 1979, Race Car Driver
Christian Meier, 1970, TV Actor
Christopher Fox, 1974, TV Actor
Chuck Billy, 1962, Metal Singer
Clarence Thomas, 1948, Supreme Court Justice
Clarissa May, 1999, YouTube Star
CloeCouture, 1997, YouTube Star
Colin Montgomerie, 1963, Golfer
Connor Jessup, 1994, TV Actor
Crystal Leigh, 1984, Model
Dan Donigan, 1988, Reality Star
Dan Quinn, 1967, Boxer
Daniel Brooks, 1958, Director
Daniel Donigan, 1988, Reality Star
Danna Paola, 1995, Pop Singer
Daoud Abdel Sayed, 1946, Director
june-23-famous-birthdaysDari Nowkhah, 1976, Sportscaster
Darragh Mortell, 1989, TV Actor
Dave Walsh, 1984, eSports Player
David Dobkin, 1969, Screenwriter
David Leavitt, 1961, Novelist
Dele Adebola, 1975, Soccer Player
Dennis Ayling, 1917, Cinematographer
Derek Boogaard, 1982, Hockey Player
Derek Hughes, 1971, Magician
Dika Toua, 1984, Weight Lifter
DJ Antoine, 1975, DJ
DJ Perry, 1970, Movie Actor
Donald Harrison Jr., 1960, Saxophonist
Donn F. Eisele, 1930, Astronaut
Donovan Smith, 1993, Football Player
Duffy, 1984, Soul Singer
Eddie Marsan, 1968, Movie Actor
Edouard Michelin, 1859, Entrepreneur
Edward VIII, 1894, Royalty
Elliana Walmsley, 2007, Dancer
Emmanuelle Vaugier, 1976, TV Actress
Erick Elías, 1980, TV Actor
Ernest Trevor Spashett, 1923, Architect
Eva Lazzaro, 1995, Movie Actress
Felix Potvin, 1971, Hockey Player

Fernanda Ribeiro, 1969, Runner
Frances McDormand, 1957, Movie Actress
Francesca Schiavone, 1980, Tennis Player
Fred Ewanuick, 1971, TV Actor
Frederic Leclercq, 1978, Bassist
Fredwreck, 1972, Music Producer
Gabriel Farfan, 1988, Soccer Player
George Georgallidis, 1990, eSports Player
George Russell, 1923, Pianist
George Weiss, 1895, Sports Executive
Gerry Cowper, 1958, Soap Opera Actress
Gladys Reyes, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Glenn Danzig, 1955, Punk Singer
Gordon B. Hinckley, 1910, Religious Leader
Grace Chan, 1991, TV Actress
Greg Banaszak, 1966, Saxophonist
Haley Strode, 1987, TV Actress
Hamza Ali Abbasi, 1985, TV Actor
Hari Won, 1985, Pop Singer
Harry Reid, 1992, Soap Opera Actor
Helen Humes, 1913, Jazz Singer
Hermenegildo Sabat, 1933, Cartoonist

Hiroyuki Suzuki, 1989,
Howie Roseman, 1975, Sports Executive
Hunter G Williams, 1979, Movie Actor
Inna Shevchenko, 1990, Civil Rights Leader
Irvin S. Cobb, 1876, Journalist
Isabella Leong, 1988, Movie Actress
Jacob Lusk, 1987, Pop Singer
James Levine, 1943, Composer
Jamie Borthwick, 1994, Soap Opera Actor
Jane Garvey, 1964, Radio Host
Jason Mraz, 1977, Pop Singer
JD Witherspoon, 1988, YouTube Star
Jeffrey Carlson, 1975, Stage Actor
Jessica Taylor, 1980, Pop Singer
Jessie McKay, 1989, Wrestler
Jim Metzler, 1951, TV Actor
JJ Peters, 1982, Metal Singer
Joe Taslim, 1981, Movie Actor
Joel Edgerton, 1974, Movie Actor
Johannes Gutenberg, 1400, Inventor
John Garang, 1945, Politician
John Hunn, 1849, Politician
John Katzenbach, 1950, Novelist
John Swift, 1995, Soccer Player
Jose Rojas, 1983, Soccer Player
Josh Scobee, 1982, Football Player
Joss Whedon, 1964, Director
June Carter Cash, 1929, Country Singer
Justin Blake, 1999, Star
Kate Melton, 1992, Movie Actress
Katie Armiger, 1991, Country Singer
Keith Burkinshaw, 1935, Soccer Player
Ken Reid, 1955, Journalist
Kevin Yagher, 1962, Makeup Artist
KT Tunstall, 1975, Pop Singer
LaDainian Tomlinson, 1979, Football Player
Lakpa Gelu, 1967, Mountain Climber
Laneya Grace, 2004, Model
Larry Blyden, 1925, Game Show Host
Larry Coker, 1948, Football Coach
Laureen Harper, 1963, Political Wife
Lauren Aquilina, 1995, Soul Singer
Lauren Bennett, 1989, Pop Singer
Lauren Shuler Donner, 1949, Film Producer
Lawson Little, 1910, Golfer
Len Hutton, 1916, Cricket Player
Lisa Carrington, 1989, Canoer
Louis Durra, 1961, Pianist
Louis van Amstel, 1972, Dancer
Louis van Amstel, 1972, Dancer
Louisa Connolly-Burnham, 1992, TV Actress
Luciana Caporaso, 1973, R&B Singer
MacKenzi Heyman, 1998, Movie Actress
Malena Morgan, 1991,
Mana Ashida, 2004, Movie Actress
Marcel Reece, 1985, Football Player
Marcus Nyman, 1992, YouTube Star
Marielle Jaffe, 1989, TV Actress
Mark Decarlo, 1962, TV Show Host
Mark Hendrickson, 1974, Baseball Player
Markus Zusak, 1975, Young Adult Author
Marti Malloy, 1986, MMA Fighter
Martin Klebba, 1969, TV Actor
Martti Ahtisaari, 1937, Politician
Mary Livingstone, 1905, Family Member
Matias Messi, 1982, Family Member
Matt Light, 1978, Football Player
Matt Needler, 1992, YouTube Star
Meaghan Dowling, 1994, YouTube Star
Melissa Rauch, 1980, TV Actress
Memphis Bleek, 1978, Rapper
Michael Annett, 1986, Race Car Driver
Michael Farfan, 1988, Soccer Player
Michael Shaara, 1928, Novelist
Michele Mouton, 1951, Race Car Driver
Michelle Jenneke, 1993, Runner
Mieczyslaw Horszowski, 1892, Pianist
Mike Diva, 1987, YouTube Star
Mike James, 1975, Basketball Player
Mikey Bustos, 1981, Pop Singer
Miles Fisher, 1983, Movie Actor
Milt Hinton, 1910, Bassist
Miriam Karlin, 1925, TV Actress
Mitch Longley, 1965, TV Actor
Mona Golabek, 1950, Pianist
Mukesh Khanna, 1958, TV Actor
Myles Goodwyn, 1948, Guitarist
Nadine Mulkerrin, 1993, Soap Opera Actress
Nandakumar Puspanathan, 1974, Race Car Driver
Nichole Jacklyne, 1996, YouTube Star
Nicole Kahlani, 1985, Model
Nigar Rafibeyli, 1913, Poet
Noah Marullo, 1999, TV Actor
Norman Raine, 1894, Screenwriter
Norman Rose, 1917, TV Actor
Oda Nobunaga, 1534, Politician
Pake McEntire, 1953, Country Singer
Paola Suarez, 1976, Tennis Player
Patrick Vieira, 1976, Soccer Player
Paul Arthurs, 1965, Guitarist
Paul B. Huff, 1918, War Hero
Paul Peek, 1937, Rock Singer
Philip Don Estridge, 1937, Entrepreneur
Polina Atomo, 1998, Instagram Star
Rafael Bejarano, 1982, Horse Jockey
Rahul Ravindran, 1981, Movie Actor
Raj Babbar, 1952, Movie Actor
Randy Jackson, 1956, TV Show Host
Raphael Gomes, 1992, YouTube Star
Richard Bach, 1936, Novelist
Robert Hunter, 1941, Songwriter
Roberto Castro, 1985, Golfer
Russell Mulcahy, 1953, Director
Russell Pearce, 1947, Politician
Ryan Clark, 1979, Metal Singer
Sahib Shihab, 1925, Saxophonist
Sally Geeson, 1950, TV Actress
Sam Briggs, 1997, YouTube Star
Sam Green, 1986, YouTube Star
Samia Nkrumah, 1960, Politician
Sandy Saddler, 1926, Boxer
Scott Burton, 1939, Sculptor
Selma Blair, 1972, Movie Actress
Shane Summers, 1936, Race Car Driver
Shaun O’hara, 1977, Football Player
Simon Britton, 1999, YouNow Star
Sina Bina, 1986, Reality Star
Sinan Samil Sam, 1974, Boxer
Sloan Nibley, 1908, Screenwriter
Starr Andrews, 2001, Figure Skater
Stephen NJ, 1991, Vine Star
Steve Shelley, 1962, Drummer
Stuart Sutcliffe, 1940, Guitarist
Sylvia Mathews Burwell, 1965, Politician
Tanmay Bhat, 1987, Comedian
Tara Morice, 1964, Movie Actress
Ted Lapidus, 1929, Fashion Designer
Ted Shackelford, 1946, TV Actor
ThatGuyBarney, 1995, YouTube Star
Theodore Taylor, 1921, Young Adult Author
Theresa Wayman, 1980, Guitarist
Tim Anderson, 1993, Baseball Player
Tom Cassell, 1993, YouTube Star
Tom Cassell, 1993, YouTube Star
Trent Owers, 1993, YouTube Star
Vasek Pospisil, 1990, Tennis Player
Vint Cerf, 1943, Scientist
Vinton Cerf, 1943, Scientist
Virbhadra Singh, 1934, Politician
Vixen Lamoore, 1982, Model
Wayne Edwards, 1967, Race Car Driver
Wesley Warren Jr., 1963,
Wilma Rudolph, 1940, Runner
Yann Tiersen, 1970, Composer
Zen Gesner, 1970, TV Actor
Zinedine Zidane, 1972, Soccer Player
Zoran Janjetov, 1961, Cartoonist


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