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July 7 Famous Birthdays

July 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 7 certainly know how to be articulate. They are a graceful contender, Cancer. Life has taught them to be creative and how to laugh out loud. They could be a spiritual person who provides hope to others.

They give their all to those they love and they should get just as much in return. As a professional, their love of design and illustration could be surprisingly profitable.


However, their own ideals are perhaps too impractical. Famous July 7 born celebrities reach for the impossible and then their dreams are crushed leaving them to feel sick and saddened. While romance can be achieved, they have extremely high expectations of others.


Typically, they like seeing their money grow instead of spending it foolishly. When it comes to their health condition, they should try relaxing more often. I mean, they’re sensitive so they deal with a lot of stress. Or as a shortcoming, they may be too authoritative. Chill out, go out and take some pics of nature’s magnificence to reduce tension.

Famous people born on July 7th are likely to be unrealistic dreamers. Although very sharp, they have a tendency to give in to impulses and spend just beyond what their budget allows.


July 7 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7 July Good Traits:

  • Intelligent
  • Spiritual
  • Adventurous
  • Philosophical
  • Thoughtful
  • Expressive
  • Competitive

7 July Bad Traits:

  • Dreamy
  • Immovable
  • Worrisome
  • Controlling
  • Unrealistic
  • Frustrated
  • Bored

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July 7 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abraham Cahan, 1860, Novelist
Adam Nelson, 1975, Shot Putter
Adexe, 2005, YouTube Star
Aino Jawo, 1986, DJ
AJMG, 2000, Vine Star
Akiva Goldsman, 1962, Screenwriter
Al Cheznovitz, 1961, Trumpet Player
Alan Durban, 1941, Soccer Player
Alberto Aquilani, 1984, Soccer Player
Alejandra Benitez, 1980, Fencer
Alesso, 1991, Music Producer
Alex Revell, 1983, Soccer Player
Alic Walls, 1996, Gospel Singer
Alivia Latimer, 1996, Photographer
Allen Payne, 1968, Movie Actor
Ally Brooke, 1993, Pop Singer
Alyssa Lynch, 1995, TV Actress

Amadeus Serafini, 1991, TV Actor
Amy Carlson, 1968, TV Actress
Ana Kasparian, 1986, TV Show Host
Anamika Choudhari, 1995, World Music Singer
Andres Cepeda, 1973, World Music Singer
Anil Biswas, 1914, Composer
Anna Marie Hahn, 1906, Criminal
Annie F. Downs, 1980, Self-Help Author
Ashley Rivera, 2000, YouTube Star
Ashton Irwin, 1994, Drummer
Austin Kerr, 1989, Bassist
Bankroll Marky, 1993, Rapper
Barbara Krause, 1959, Swimmer
Berenice Bejo, 1976, Movie Actress
Bill Oddie, 1941, Comedian
Billy Campbell, 1959, TV Actor
Billy Herman, 1909, Baseball Player
Bo Develius, 1994, Model
Bob Rivers, 1956, DJ

Brad James, 1981, TV Actor
Brandon Rush, 1985, Basketball Player
Brian Rosenthal, 1989, YouTube Star
C2Saucy, 1993, Rapper
Camillo Golgi, 1843, Scientist
Capital Steez, 1993, Rapper
Casey Townsend, 1989, Soccer Player
Cassidy, 1982, Rapper
Chandrashekhar, 1923, Movie Actor
Charles Albert Tindley, 1851, Composer
Chase Money, 1987, YouTube Star
Chase Williamson, 1988, Movie Actor
Chloe Csengery, 2000, Movie Actress
Chloe Greenfield, 1995, TV Actress

Chris Andersen, 1978, Basketball Player
Chris Redman, 1977, Football Player
Chris Reed, 1989, Figure Skater
Christian Camargo, 1971, TV Actor
Christopher Guerrero, 1985, Director
Chuck Knoblauch, 1968, Baseball Player
Cicily Boone, 1997, YouTube Star
Clare Potter, 1903, Fashion Designer
Cody Garbrandt, 1991, MMA Fighter
Cor de Groot, 1914, Pianist
Cort Carpenter, 1986, Country Singer
Cowain Reid, 1993, Vine Star
Cree Summer, 1969, Pop Singer
Cyrille Mubiala Kitambala, 1974, Soccer Player
Dan Riskin, 1985, TV Show Host
Dan Whitesides, 1977, Drummer
Danny Jacobs, 1968, Voice Actor
Dar’ Shay White, 1992, YouTube Star
Dave Newsham, 1967, Race Car Driver
David Eddings, 1931, Novelist
David McCullough, 1933, Historian
David Rollo, 1934, Rugby Player

Deidre Downs, 1980, Model
DeLana Harvick, 1973, Family Member
Diarmuid Connolly, 1987, Hurler
Doc Severinsen, 1927, Trumpet Player
Dom Parker, 1964, Reality Star
Donnie Jones, 1968, Basketball Coach
Dorothy Stang, 1931, Civil Rights Leader
Dylan Sprayberry, 1998, Movie Actor
Edith Hughes, 1888, Architect
Eliot Marshall, 1980, MMA Fighter
Elliott Spenner, 1995, YouTube Star
Eric Dickey, 1961, Novelist
Erik Zabel, 1970, Cyclist
Ernesto Powe, 1996, YouTube Star
Eugene Ketterer, 1831, Composer
Eva Notty, 1982,
Eve Hewson, 1991, Movie Actress
Ezzard Charles, 1921, Boxer
Francis Foley, 1887, Scientist
Frank Bunker Gilbreth, 1868, Scientist
Frank R. Adams, 1883, Screenwriter
Gatlin Green, 1997, TV Actress
George Cukor, 1899, Director
Georgia Nott, 1994, Pop Singer
Gian Carlo Menotti, 1911, Composer
Gil Cohen, 1992, Sailor
Gilmher Croes, 1993, Star
Gretchen Franklin, 1911, TV Actress
Gustav Mahler, 1860, Composer
Hamish Linklater, 1976, TV Actor
Hananya Naftali, 1995, YouTube Star
Hank Mobley, 1930, Saxophonist
Harriette Simpson Arnow, 1908, Novelist
Helene Johnson, 1906, Poet
Holly Hagan, 1992, Reality Star
Huw Samuel, 1990, Vine Star
Ian Wilmut, 1944, Scientist
Ilan Rubin, 1988, Drummer
Imogen Lovell, 1989, Model
IntoTheBarrier, 1995, YouTube Star
Irie Love, 1982, R&B Singer
Ita Rina, 1907, Movie Actress
Jack Capuano, 1966, Hockey Coach
Jack Whitehall, 1988, TV Actor
Jackie Christie, 1969, Reality Star
Jake Kirkpatrick, 1987, Football Player
James Duggar, 2001, Reality Star
James Forrest, 1991, Soccer Player
Jamie Cook, 1985, Guitarist
Jamie Flatters, 2000, TV Actor
Jamie Johnston, 1989, TV Actor
Jason Brilz, 1975, MMA Fighter
Jason Liebrecht, 1977, Voice Actor
Jeffrey Marsh, 1977, Vine Star
Jennifer Gibney, 1964, TV Actress
Jeremy Guscott, 1965, Rugby Player
Jeremy Kyle, 1965, Radio Host
Jessica Chobot, 1977, TV Show Host
Jessica Hahn, 1959, TV Actress
Jetsun Pema, 1940, Family Member
Jim Gaffigan, 1966, Comedian
Joe Marler, 1990, Rugby Player
Joe Sakic, 1969, Hockey Player
Joe Spano, 1946, TV Actor
Joel Dickinson, 1979, DJ
Joel Siegel, 1943, TV Show Host
John Berchtold, 1994, Vine Star
John Buck, 1980, Baseball Player
John Fru Ndi, 1941, Politician
John Lapus, 1973, TV Actor
John Schaar, 1928, Non-Fiction Author
Jon Pertwee, 1919, TV Actor
Jonathan Dayton, 1957, Director
Jorja Fox, 1968, TV Actress
Joyce Bonelli, 1981, Makeup Artist
Judy Chu, 1953, Politician
Julian Perez, 1992, Instagram Star
Julianna Guill, 1987, Movie Actress
Jurre van Doeselaar, 1987, Music Producer
Kailash Kher, 1973, Folk Singer
Karen Malina White, 1965, TV Actress
Karina Galvez, 1964, Poet
Karina Seabrook, 1999, Family Member
Kathleen Long, 1896, Pianist
Kathryn McCormick, 1990, Dancer
Kathy Reichs, 1948, Novelist
Katie Rost, 1980, Reality Star
Keenan Robinson, 1989, Football Player
Keith Baker, 1969, Novelist
Kevin A Ford, 1960, Astronaut
Kim Bum, 1989, TV Actor
Kirsten Vangsness, 1972, TV Actress
Kitty White, 1923, Jazz Singer
Koen Dulfer, 1994, YouTube Star
Landon Cassill, 1989, Race Car Driver
Larry O’brien, 1917, Politician
Lauren Halil, 2000, Dancer
LaurenzSide, 1989, YouTube Star
Lena Fayre, 1996, Pop Singer
Lilah Burger, 1999, YouTube Star
LionMakerStudios, 1988, YouTube Star
Lisa Leslie, 1972, Basketball Player
Lorna Bliss, 1978, Pop Singer
Loudy Wiggins, 1979, Diver
Lovely Anna, 1999, YouTube Star
LPSSkittles, 1998, YouTube Star
Luke Suliman, 1994, YouTube Star
Lynn Spoor, 1997, Illustrator
Maddie Marlow, 1995, Country Singer
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 1981, Cricket Player
Mal Blum, 1988, Songwriter
Mally Mall, 1977, Rapper
Marc Chagall, 1887, Painter
Margaret Walker, 1915, Poet
Marie-Mai, 1984, Pop Singer
Marika Dominczyk, 1980, Movie Actress
Maripier Morin, 1986, TV Show Host
Mary Ford, 1924, Gospel Singer
Mary Sarah, 1995, Country Singer
Mathew Nooch, 1994, YouTube Star
Matt Marcy, 1976, Magician
Matthew Espinosa, 1997, Vine Star
Michael Henderson, 1951, Bassist
Michael Howard, 1941, Politician
Michael Kieran Harvey, 1961, Pianist
Michael Voss, 1975, Australian Rules Footballer
Michael Westbrook, 1972, Football Player
Michele Santopietro, 1971, TV Actress
Michelle Fishman, 1989, YouTube Star
Michelle Kwan, 1980, Figure Skater
Michelle Shaprow, 1988, Pop Singer
Minnie Dlamini, 1990, TV Show Host
Miriam Coles Harris, 1834, Children’s Author
Miroslav Krleza, 1893, Poet
Misia, 1978, Pop Singer
Mo Collins, 1965, TV Actress
Mohammad Ashraful, 1984, Cricket Player
Moncef Marzouki, 1945, World Leader
Moses Mosop, 1985, Runner
Mullah Krekar, 1956, Politician
Nate Brown, 1991, Cyclist
Neil Tobin, 1966, Magician
Nico Kasanda, 1939, Composer
Nina Hoss, 1975, Movie Actress
Olga Medvedtseva, 1975, Biathlete
Oriol Rosell, 1992, Soccer Player
Otto Frederick Rohwedder, 1880, Entrepreneur
Paige Secosky, 1998, YouTube Star
Pat Barry, 1979, MMA Fighter
Pat Hitchcock, 1928, Movie Actress
Patricio Freire, 1987, MMA Fighter
Patrick Lalime, 1974, Hockey Player
Paul Loughran, 1969, Soap Opera Actor
Perry Richardson, 1963, Bassist
Pinetop Perkins, 1913, Pianist
Radhika Roy, 1949, Entrepreneur
Ralph Sampson, 1960, Basketball Player
Rene Enriquez, 1962, Criminal
Richard Holden, 1931, Politician
Richard Ravitch, 1933, Politician
Ringo Starr, 1940, Drummer
Robert Heinlein, 1907, Novelist
Robia Lamorte, 1970, TV Actress
Robin Weigert, 1969, TV Actress
Ron Jones, 1954, Composer
Ross Malinger, 1984, Movie Actor
Roz Ryan, 1951, TV Actress
Salvatore Costa, 1986, Rock Singer
Sam Aston, 1993, Soap Opera Actor
Samuel John Hazo, 1928, Poet
Satchel Paige, 1906, Baseball Player
Seebohm Rowntree, 1871, Activist
Sevyn Streeter, 1986, R&B Singer
Shaun McBride, 1989, YouTube Star
Shelley Duvall, 1949, Movie Actress
Sophie Simmons, 1992, Pop Singer
Stan Fox, 1952, Race Car Driver
Stephen Ratcliffe, 1948, Poet
Sterling Simms, 1985, R&B Singer
Steve Gilchrist, 1954, Politician
Stuart Varney, 1949, Journalist
Suzanne Weyn, 1955, Young Adult Author
Synyster Gates, 1981, Guitarist
Tamara Mellon, 1967, Fashion Designer
Tanja Jensen, 1991, YouTube Star
Tasha Cobbs, 1981, Gospel Singer
Ted Radcliffe, 1902, Baseball Player
Teresa Hsu Chih, 1898, Civil Rights Leader
Terry O’Reilly, 1959, Radio Host
Theodore Edgar McCarrick, 1930, Religious Leader
Thomas Conroy, 1962, Politician
Tom Sandoval, 1983, Reality Star
Toni Garrn, 1992, Model
Tony Jacklin, 1944, Golfer
Toto Cutugno, 1943, Pop Singer
Tracy Reiner, 1964, Movie Actress
Tricia Brock, 1979, Rock Singer
Troy Garity, 1973, Movie Actor
Tung Chee-hwa, 1937, World Leader
Vaughn Armstrong, 1950, TV Actor
Venus Raj, 1988, Model
Veronica Wagner, 1987, Gymnast
Vilde Zeiner, 1999, Movie Actress
Vincuk Viacorka, 1961, Politician
Virginia Rappe, 1891, Movie Actress
Vittorio De Sica, 1901, Director
Vonda Shepard, 1963, Pop Singer
Warren Johnson, 1943, Race Car Driver
Wayne McCullough, 1970, Boxer
Wen Yang, 1988, Chess Player
William Kunstler, 1919, Lawyer
William Thaddeus Coleman Jr., 1920, Lawyer
Willie Wright, 1931, Soul Singer
Yanka Kupala, 1882, Poet
Young Sid, 1986, Rapper
Yvonne Mitchell, 1915, Movie Actress
Zoe Tyler, 1970, Pop Singer


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