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July 8 Famous Birthdays

July 8 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 8, belong to the Cancer zodiac sign who like to chit chat. They are funny which makes conversations with them enjoyable. Add to that, they’re smart as a whip and are sure of themselves.

They meet life head on as they’re confident that they’ll succeed but they can be guilty of wearing their heart on their sleeve. Try not to be so susceptible to pain. It only makes them withdraw from all the fun they could be having with their friends and family.


For this reason, famous July 8 celebrities could be hiding behind their work as well. Sometimes, they spend too much time at the work place. When looking for security and serenity, try a love that is true and down to earth. They need the loving support of others but mainly they depend on one person to give them the inspiration and motivation they need. As far as their career is concerned, they are business minded and will do well in investments or banking.


Famous people born on July 8th are health conscious. As a hard worker, they are likely to talk while they work. Additionally, this Crab has a humorous side that can be either harsh or gentle.


July 8 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8 July Good Traits:

  • Funny
  • Curious
  • Intellectual
  • Communicator
  • Hardworking
  • Committed
  • Trustworthy
  • Disciplined

8 July Bad Traits:

  • Guarded
  • Isolated
  • Insensitive
  • Rough
  • Touchy

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July 8 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aberjhani, 1957, Poet
Aimee Kelly, 1993, TV Actress
Alan Ashby, 1951, Baseball Player
Alex Fletcher, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Alexandru Maxim, 1990, Soccer Player
Alexis Dziena, 1984, Movie Actress
Alice Levine, 1986, TV Show Host
Amanda Peterson, 1971, Movie Actress
Amanda Peterson, 1971, Movie Actress
Amy O’neill, 1971, Movie Actress
Anastasia Myskina, 1981, Tennis Player
Andy Fletcher, 1961, Pianist
Angelina Eslora, 2000, YouNow Star
Anjelica Huston, 1951, Movie Actress
Anna Golden, 1996, Gospel Singer
Anna Quindlen, 1952, Non-Fiction Author
Antisa Khvichava, 1880,
Ashly Perez, 1989, YouTube Star

Ashlyn Pearce, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Asifa Khan, 1965, Politician
BaronVonGamez, 1986, Twitch Star
Beck, 1970, Rock Singer
Belinda Selene, 1985, YouTube Star
Ben Jelen, 1979, Pop Singer
Benjamin Grosvenor, 1992, Pianist
Benjamin Stockham, 2000, TV Actor
Billy Crudup, 1968, Movie Actor
Billy Eckstine, 1914, Rock Singer
Bobbi Baker, 1981, TV Actress
Bobby Sowell, 1947, Composer
Breanne Ezarik, 1987, Family Member
Brian Young, 1977, Football Player
Brittany Force, 1987, Race Car Driver
Brock Jays, 1993, Pop Singer
Brynn Cameron, 1986, Basketball Player
Caitlin Covington, 1991, Blogger
Cameron Protzman, 1999, TV Actress
Cannon Bosarge, 2004, Movie Actor
Carl Riemer, 1997, YouTube Star

Carlos Cavazo, 1957, Guitarist
Ces Drilon, 1961, Journalist
Chandler Dunn, 1994, Scooter Rider
Charles Schmid, 1942, Criminal
Chelsey Novak, 1992, Instagram Star
Cheryl Casone, 1970, TV Show Host
Christopher G. Moore, 1952, Novelist
Cody Roeder, 1990, YouTube Star
Corey Parker, 1965, TV Actor
Craig Stevens, 1918, Movie Actor
Dana Seetahal, 1955, Politician
Daniella Sarahyba, 1984, Model
Darcy Lapier, 1965, Family Member
Dario Gradi, 1941, Soccer Coach
David Crowder, 1974, Rock Singer
David Kennedy, 1976, Guitarist
David Malet Armstrong, 1926, Philosopher
Delanie Dischert, 1993, Model
Deming Bronson, 1894, War Hero
Devon Bagby, 1988, TV Actor

Dominik Sadoch, 1997, Model
Eli Lilly, 1838, Scientist
Elin Pelin, 1877, Novelist
Elizabeth Hummel, 1958, Folk Singer
Fakri Saarani, 1989, Soccer Player
Faye Emerson, 1917, TV Actress
Faye Wattleton, 1943, Business Executive
FaZe PryZee, 1992, YouTube Star
Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, 1838, Entrepreneur
Ferdoos Mohammed, 1906, Movie Actress
Gabrielle Green, 1994, TV Actress
George Antheil, 1900, Composer
George Fisher, 1969, Metal Singer
George W. Romney, 1907, Politician
Gertrude Niesen, 1911, Stage Actress
Glenn Hetrick, 1972, TV Actor
Gordana Trzan, 1974, Pop Singer
Gosu, 1994, YouTube Star
Grant Jerrett, 1993, Basketball Player
Greg Herman, 1972, Fashion Designer
Grettell Valdez, 1976, TV Actress
Gulnara Karimova, 1972, Family Member

Gwendolyn B. Bennett, 1902, Poet
Hagai Shaham, 1966, Violinist
Hakim Warrick, 1982, Basketball Player
Harald Reinl, 1908, Director
Harrison Dillard, 1923, Runner
Harry Von Tilzer, 1872, Composer
Hugo Boss, 1885, Fashion Designer
Ian McFadyen, 1948, TV Actor
Isaac Nakash, 1996, Instagram Star
Iyari Limon, 1976, TV Actress
J. F. Powers, 1917, Novelist
J. Russel Robinson, 1892, Pianist
Jack Lambert, 1952, Football Player
Jack Woodward, 1977, Sportscaster
Jade Pashoian, 1999, YouTube Star
Jaden Smith, 1998, Movie Actor
Jaime Garcia, 1986, Baseball Player
Jake McDorman, 1986, TV Actor
Jamal Woolard, 1975, Movie Actor
Jamia Nestor, 1982, Family Member
Jamie Blackley, 1991, Movie Actor
Jan Erixon, 1962, Hockey Player
Jared Keim, 1993, Country Singer
Jasleen Royal, 1991, World Music Singer
Jean De la Fontaine, 1621, Poet
Jean Ray, 1887, Novelist
Jeffrey Tambor, 1944, TV Actor
Jerry Vale, 1930, Rock Singer
Jesse James Leija, 1966, Boxer
Joan Osborne, 1962, Country Singer
Joanna Franco, 1992, YouTube Star
Jody Kennedy, 1981, Stage Actress
Joe B Mauldin, 1940, Bassist
Joey Moe, 1985, Rapper
John Bain, 1984, YouTube Star
John Ball, 1911, Novelist
John D’Leo, 1995, Movie Actor
John D. Rockefeller, 1839, Entrepreneur
John David Crow, 1935, Football Player
John Dingell, 1926, Politician
John Juanda, 1971,
John Pemberton, 1831, Entrepreneur
Jordan Adams, 1994, Basketball Player
Jordan Burroughs, 1988, Wrestler
Joseph Chamberlain, 1836, Politician
Joseph Mercola, 1954, Doctor
Josh Harrison, 1987, Baseball Player
Josh Shada, 1991, Movie Actor
Joshua Alba, 1982, Movie Actor
Jyoti Basu, 1914, Politician
Karl Seglem, 1961, Saxophonist
Kathe Kollwitz, 1867, Sculptor
Kathleen Robertson, 1973, TV Actress
KatieJane Garside, 1968, Rock Singer
Keelan Paul Harvick, 2012, Family Member
Kelli Caton, 1995, YouTube Star
Kelsey-beth Crossley, 1992, TV Actress
Ken Sanders, 1941, Baseball Player
Kenza Farah, 1986, World Music Singer
Kevin Bacon, 1958, Movie Actor
Kevin Trapp, 1990, Soccer Player
Kid Lucas, 1997, Vine Star
Kim Darby, 1947, Movie Actress
Kwak Tae-hwi, 1981, Soccer Player
Lance Gross, 1981, TV Actor
Laura Petela, 1983, TV Actress
Lee Tergesen, 1965, TV Actor
Lena Endre, 1955, Movie Actress
Lester C. Hunt, 1892, Politician
Linda de Mol, 1964, TV Actress
Lineysha Sparx, 1988, Reality Star
Lolweapon, 1991, YouTube Star
Lorena Rae, 1994, Instagram Star
Louis Jordan, 1908, Saxophonist
Lubna Gurion, 1992, TV Actress
Lucci Vee, 1988, Reality Star
Lucy Mack Smith, 1775, Memoirist
Luis Flores, 1993, YouTube Star
Mal Meninga, 1960, Rugby Coach
Maralyn Snow, 1993, Guitarist
Marc Richards, 1982, Soccer Player
Marcia Rodd, 1940, Stage Actress
Marcus Chong, 1967, Movie Actor
Marginalx11, 1987, YouTube Star
Maria White Lowell, 1821, Poet
Marianne Williamson, 1952, Self-Help Author
Mark Ellis, 1980, YouTube Star
Marty Feldman, 1934, Movie Actor
Mary Ellen Trainor, 1952, Movie Actress
Matt Nolan, 1970, TV Actor
Matthew Wright, 1965, TV Show Host
Matthias Storme, 1959, Lawyer
Mica Burton, 1994, YouTube Star
Michael B. Silver, 1967, TV Actor
Michael Cuesta, 1963, Director
Michael Harris, 1988, Rugby Player
Michael Weatherly, 1968, TV Actor
Mike Nawrocki, 1966, Voice Actor
Mike Zombie, 1992, Music Producer
Milo Ventimiglia, 1977, TV Actor
Mimie Mathy, 1957, TV Actress
Mitch Jenkins, 1989, Instagram Star
Monty Don, 1955, TV Show Host
Mourid Barghouti, 1944, Poet
MrMegabyte, 1997, YouTube Star
Neetu Singh, 1958, Movie Actress
Neil Jenkins, 1971, Rugby Player
Nelson Rockefeller, 1908, Politician
Noora Noor, 1979, Blues Singer
Pamela Brown, 1917, Movie Actress
Park Kyung, 1992, Pop Singer
Patrick Allen Cole, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Paul Moak, 1979, Music Producer
Pauline Quirke, 1959, TV Actress
Pendleton Ward, 1982, Screenwriter
Penelope Disick, 2012, Family Member
Percy Grainger, 1882, Composer
Peter Orlovsky, 1933, Poet
Phil Gramm, 1942, Politician
Philip Johnson, 1906, Architect
PrimetimePokemon, 1988, YouTube Star
Pyotr Kapitsa, 1894, Scientist
Qustandi Shomali, 1946, Teacher
Rachael Finch, 1988, Model
Rachael Lillis, 1978, Voice Actor
Ramazan Sahin, 1983, Wrestler
Regan Perusse, 1994, YouTube Star
Reinaldo Zavarce, 1988, TV Actor
Richard Aldington, 1892, Poet
Riele Downs, 2001, TV Actress
Robbie Keane, 1980, Soccer Player
Robert Knepper, 1959, TV Actor
Rocky Carroll, 1963, TV Actor
Roone Arledge, 1931, Entrepreneur
Roy Babbington, 1940, Bassist
Ryan Buell, 1982, Director
Sally Lindsay, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Sara Oteri, 1988, Chef
Sarah Kennedy, 1950, Radio Host
Sarah Moore, 1969, Non-Fiction Author
Schuyler Fisk, 1982, Movie Actress
Sebastian Maniscalco, 1973, Comedian
Shalane Flanagan, 1981, Runner
Shane Howarth, 1968, Rugby Player
Shane Jennings, 1981, Rugby Player
Simon Spurr, 1974, Fashion Designer
Sky Ferreira, 1992, Pop Singer
Son Heung-min, 1992, Soccer Player
Sophia Bush, 1982, TV Actress
Sophie Nyweide, 2000, Movie Actress
Sourav Ganguly, 1972, Cricket Player
Stan Lathan, 1945, Director
Stella Chiweshe, 1946, World Music Singer
Steve Lawrence, 1935, Pop Singer
Sugizo, 1969, Guitarist
Suzanne Krull, 1966, Movie Actress
Taiei Kin, 1978, MMA Fighter
Tamari Miyashiro, 1987, Volleyball Player
Tami Erin, 1974, Movie Actress
Tim Belusko, 1988, Family Member
Tish Simmonds, 1996, Vine Star
Toby Keith, 1961, Country Singer
Todd Martin, 1970, Tennis Player
Tony Kaye, 1952, Director
Tyler Nixon, 1987,
Ulrich Wehling, 1952, Skier
Valarie Pettiford, 1960, TV Actress
Vic Beasley, 1992, Football Player
Virgil van Dijk, 1991, Soccer Player
Virgil Van Dijk, 1991, Soccer Player
Vlada Roslyakova, 1987, Model
William Howey, 2009, Family Member
William Vaughn Moody, 1869, Playwright
Wolfgang Puck, 1949, Chef
Xander Mobus, 1992, Voice Actor
Yayo Gutierrez, 1988, YouTube Star
Zach Auguste, 1993, Basketball Player
Zhanna Friske, 1974, Movie Actress
Zhou Long, 1953, Composer
Zombie Juice, 1990, Rapper


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