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July 4 Famous Birthdays

July 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 4 are Cancer who are unsurprisingly approachable. They are simple… they love life, they are shy, sensitive yet strong. They’re practical and down to earth. But then again, they can be argumentative and moody.

However, they know when they are wrong and won’t hesitate to send apologies and flowers. Famous celebrities with birthday on July 4 have expensive taste and it is said that they shop too much. While shopping is therapy to some individuals, they should watch what they spend.


As a lover, famous people born on July 4th can be overly generous and protective. As the occupation of choice, they can certainly be anything they want but their calling could be to take care of others. Or since they like to work out, a fitness instructor could be another consideration. They certainly look great and they feel equally as great and this is only accompanied and fueled by a healthy bank account.


Famous July 4th Cancer birthday personalities are generally pleasers. They are likely to persevere, as they are unfailing and in charge of even their emotions. Generous to a fault, they on occasion, forget they are human.


July 4 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4 July Good Traits:

  • Resilient
  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Friendly
  • Practical
  • Objective
  • Calm
  • Enterprising

4 July Bad Traits:

  • Confrontational
  • Edgy
  • Brash
  • Aloof
  • Wastrel

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July 4 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abigail Van Buren, 1918, Journalist
Adam Hart Davis, 1943, Scientist
Adrian Griffin, 1974, Basketball Coach
Al Davis, 1929, Football Coach
Al Golden, 1969, Football Coach
Al Madrigal, 1971, Comedian
Alborosie, 1977, Guitarist
Alexus Oladi, 2007, Dancer
Alfredo Di Stefano, 1926, Soccer Player
Alina Puscau, 1982, Model
Alison Stewart, 1966, News Anchor
Alvaro Uribe, 1952, World Leader
Alyssa Miller, 1990, Model
Amos Midzi, 1952, Politician
Ana Maria Orozco, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Andrea Gabriel, 1978, TV Actress
Andrew Mrotek, 1983, Drummer
Andrew Zimmern, 1961, Chef
Andy Creeggan, 1971, Pianist

AnEsonGib, 1994, YouTube Star
Angelique Boyer, 1988, Movie Actress
Ann Landers, 1918, Journalist
Anne Lambton, 1954, Movie Actress
Asifa Mirza, 1982, Reality Star
Attila Toth, 1995, Model
Barry Windham, 1960, Wrestler
Basim, 1992, Pop Singer
Becki Newton, 1978, TV Actress
Ben Jorgensen, 1983, Rock Singer
Bill Withers, 1938, Soul Singer
Bob Breunig, 1953, Football Player
Brendan Eich, 1961, Entrepreneur
Brent Bailey, 1983, Movie Actor
Bruce French, 1945, Movie Actor
Butch Miles, 1944, Drummer
Calvin Coolidge, 1872, US President
Carrie Keagan, 1980, TV Show Host

Cassie Johnson, 1989, Model
Childish Major, 1991, Music Producer
Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, 1990, Pop Singer
Christine Lavant, 1915, Poet
Christopher G. Kennedy, 1963, Family Member
Chuck Tanner, 1928, Baseball Manager
Clinton Cave, 1993, YouTube Star
Conor Richard, 1997, Instagram Star
Cristina Garcia, 1958, Novelist
Daniela Nieves, 1997, TV Actress
David Joyner, 1963, TV Actor
David Kross, 1990, Movie Actor
Deep Katdare, 1970, Movie Actor
Deepica Mutyala, 1989, YouTube Star
Denis Pankratov, 1974, Swimmer
Devon Cota, 1997, Family Member
Doddie Weir, 1970, Rugby Player

Donna Dubinsky, 1955, Entrepreneur
Dwight Hauser, 1911, Screenwriter
Earl Billings, 1945, Movie Actor
Edgar Manske, 1913, Football Player
Edi Rama, 1964, Politician
Edmonia Lewis, 1844, Sculptor
Edward Craven Walker, 1918, Entrepreneur
Elena Arzak, 1969, Chef
Elie Saab, 1964, Fashion Designer
Elizabeth Peratrovich, 1911, Civil Rights Leader
Ellie Hemmings, 1998, Family Member
Emerson Boozer, 1943, Football Player
Emile Mpenza, 1978, Soccer Player
Era Istrefi, 1995, Pop Singer
Eric Weems, 1985, Football Player
Eva Marie Saint, 1924, Movie Actress
Eva Mazu, 1998, YouTube Star
Finn Taylor, 1958, Screenwriter
Floyd Little, 1942, Football Player
Fred Kaplan, 1954, Journalist

Fredo Santana, 1990, Rapper
Gackt, 1973, Rock Singer
George Everest, 1790, Explorer
George Farmer, 1993, Football Player
George Julian Zolnay, 1863, Sculptor
George Mullin, 1880, Baseball Player
George Murphy, 1902, Stage Actor
George Steinbrenner, 1930, Entrepreneur
George Trendle, 1884, Business Executive
Geraldo Rivera, 1943, TV Show Host
Gertrude Lawrence, 1898, Stage Actress
Gertrude Weaver, 1898,
Giampiero Boniperti, 1928, Soccer Player
Gina Glocksen, 1984, Pop Singer
Gina Lollobrigida, 1927, Movie Actress
Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1807, War Hero
Gloria Stuart, 1910, Movie Actress
Hal Lanier, 1942, Baseball Player
Hank Goldberg, 1940, Sportscaster
Hannah Richardson, 2001, Pop Singer
Harvey Brooks, 1944, Bassist
Harvey Grant, 1965, Basketball Player
Hayden Coplen, 1990, Drummer
Heide Simonis, 1943, Politician
HeilRJ, 1983, YouTube Star
Helen David, 1970, Fashion Designer
Henri Leconte, 1963, Tennis Player
Henrietta Leavitt, 1868, Scientist
Horace Grant, 1965, Basketball Player
Horst Seehofer, 1949, Politician
Hubert Cecil Booth, 1871, Engineer
I Am DPJ, 1986, YouTube Star
Igor Lobanov, 1969, Rock Singer
Inara George, 1974, Pop Singer
Inon Zur, 1965, Composer
Irving Caesar, 1895, Composer
Isabeli Fontana, 1983, Model
Jaclyn Betham, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Jada Stevens, 1988,
Jake Gardiner, 1990, Hockey Player
James Anthony Bailey, 1847,
Jamie Douglas, 1992, Soccer Player
Jamie Gilson, 1933, Children’s Author
Jan Magnussen, 1973, Race Car Driver
Jason Spevack, 1997, Movie Actor
Jay Crawford, 1965, Sportscaster
Jean-Pierre Francois Blanchard, 1753, Pilot
Jenny Seagrove, 1957, TV Actress
Jeremy Spencer, 1948, Rock Singer
Jessica Mathews, 1946, Journalist
Jin Akanishi, 1984, Pop Singer
Jin Akanishi, 1984, Pop Singer
Jo Whiley, 1965, TV Show Host
Joe Berardo, 1944, Entrepreneur
Joe Deguardia, 1963, Sports Executive
John Alexander, 1951, Tennis Player
John Kirwin, 1918, War Hero
John Lloyd Young, 1975, Stage Actor
John Sterling, 1938, Sportscaster
John Waite, 1952, Pop Singer
Jonathan Benair, 1950, Screenwriter
Jordan Sonnenblick, 1969, Young Adult Author
Jose Antonio Rodriguez, 1992, Soccer Player
Josh McCown, 1979, Football Player
Julia Budd, 1983, MMA Fighter
Julia Gilman, 1998, YouTube Star
Julia Lescova, 1985, Model
Julia Parton, 1964, TV Actress
Julianna Rose, 1994, Movie Actress
Jurgen Moser, 1928, Mathematician
Karin Konoval, 1961, Movie Actress
Karol Queiroz, 1994, Model
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, 1951, Politician
Katia Zygouli, 1978, Model
Kirk Pengilly, 1958, Guitarist
Kyle Dayton, 1989, YouTube Star
Laroi Glover, 1974, Football Player
Lee Je-hoon, 1984, Movie Actor
Lee Reherman, 1966, TV Actor
Leona Helmsley, 1920, Entrepreneur
Levon Kendall, 1984, Basketball Player
Liam Horne, 1995, Pop Singer
Liam Sheehan, 1956, Magician
Lui Calibre, 1984, YouTube Star
Malia Obama, 1998, Family Member
Malka Lee, 1904, Poet
Marc Lieb, 1980, Race Car Driver
Margaret Edson, 1961, Playwright
Mariana Rios, 1985, Pop Singer
Marissa Mazzola-Mcmahon, 1973, Family Member
Mark Moran, 1964, Criminal
Mark Slaughter, 1964, Rock Singer
Mark Steel, 1960, Comedian
Marvin McNutt Jr., 1989, Football Player
Mary Stuart, 1926, Soap Opera Actress
Matt Wood, 1979, Scientist
Max Elliott Slade, 1980, Movie Actor
Melanie Fiona, 1983, R&B Singer
Meyer Lansky, 1902, Criminal
Michael Milken, 1946, Entrepreneur
Michelle Heyman, 1988, Soccer Player
Mick Wingert, 1974, Voice Actor
Mike Knuble, 1972, Hockey Player
Mike Sorrentino, 1981, Reality Star
Mitch Miller, 1911, Conductor
Mo McRae, 1982, Movie Actor
Moa Kikuchi, 1999, Pop Singer
Nanak Singh, 1897, Novelist
Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804, Novelist
Neil Morrissey, 1962, TV Actor
Neil Simon, 1927, Playwright
Nick Hissom, 1992, Pop Singer
Noah Kalina, 1980, Photographer
Omer Asik, 1986, Basketball Player
Opticmidnite, 1989, YouTube Star
Pam Shriver, 1962, Tennis Player
PerfectHonesty, 1993, YouTube Star
Peter Rowan, 1942, Folk Singer
Post Malone, 1995, Rapper
Prince Michael Ofkent, 1942, Family Member
Ray Meagher, 1944, TV Actor
Rein Lang, 1957, Politician
Richard Digger Phelps, 1941, Basketball Coach
Richard Rhodes, 1937, Non-Fiction Author
Robert K. Merton, 1910, Scientist
Rochelle Clarke, 1987, YouTube Star
Ron Kovic, 1946, Activist
Ronni Ancona, 1968, TV Actress
Rosie Malek-Yonan, 1965, TV Actress
Rube Goldberg, 1883, Cartoonist
Ryan Schultz, 1977, MMA Fighter
Sam Farr, 1941, Politician
Sam Hunt, 1946, Poet
Samuel Lipschütz, 1863, Chess Player
Sara Piana, 1989, Model
Sasha Skenderija, 1968, Poet
Sean Tuohy Jr., 1993, Family Member
Selma Bajrami, 1980, Pop Singer
Sergio Oliva, 1941, Bodybuilder
Sergio Santos, 1983, Baseball Player
Shannon Saunders, 1994, Pop Singer
Signy Coleman, 1960, Soap Opera Actress
Stanislaus Joyce, 1849, Memoirist
Stephen Boyd, 1931, Movie Actor
Stephen Foster, 1826, Folk Singer
Stephen Mather, 1867, Entrepreneur
Stephen Meek, 1807, Explorer
Stephen Rannazzisi, 1977, TV Actor
Steven Cojocaru, 1970, Fashion Designer
Steven Sasson, 1950, Engineer
Stuart Stockdale, 1978, Fashion Designer
Tahar Rahim, 1981, Movie Actor
Takahisa Masuda, 1986, Pop Singer
Tatiana Fabeck, 1970, Architect
Ted Joans, 1928, Poet
Terrance Knighton, 1986, Football Player
Thomas Bergersen, 1980, Composer
Thomas John Barnardo, 1845, Doctor
Thomas Nagel, 1937, Philosopher
Todd Marinovich, 1969, Football Player
Tomaz Salamun, 1941, Poet
Tony Reali, 1978, TV Show Host
Tony Tarantino, 1940, Movie Actor
Tray Savage, 1992, Rapper
UnstoppableLuck, 1994, YouTube Star
Vicky Kaya, 1978, Model
Vinny Castilla, 1967, Baseball Player
Vojtech Tuka, 1880, Politician
Will Smith, 1981, Football Player
Willard Motley, 1909, Novelist
William Goldsmith, 1972, Drummer
William McLeod, 1854, Politician
William Rush, 1756, Sculptor
Wilson Cleveland, 1974, TV Actor
Woodrow Wyatt, 1918, Politician
xDuttinho, 1998, YouTube Star
Yemi Odubade, 1984, Soccer Player
Yoon Doo-joon, 1989, Rapper
Zac Thomas, 1995, Movie Actor
Zaki Nassif, 1918, Composer
Zoe Naylor, 1977, TV Actress
ZshowZ, 1998, YouTube Star


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