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July 3 Famous Birthdays

July 3 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 3 are Cancer zodiac sign who possess many great qualities. They are a delight to be around. They are sociable and they take note of others and how they behave. They have an unusual inquisitiveness about people and their cultures.

Additionally, they like to converse often times to strangers. They mean well but some people don’t take kindly to them asking so many questions. Because they are interested, they ’d probably make an excellent parent.


If you share with your birthday with famous people born on July 3, your motives could be misrepresented as you tend to be selfish with your loved ones. But on the other hand, they are their own best friend. As a lover, they would pair best with another Cancer personality. He or she will understand their passion for romance and their wild side.


Famous July 3 celebrities like to break things and then put them back together. However, they don’t need to wait till their body breaks to put it together again. They meed to take better care of themselves. They need to listen to it and keep their appointments.

If you are BORN ON July 3rd like other famous celebrities, your zodiac sign is Cancer and you are carefree but dedicated Crabs. Spreading joy, those born under this zodiac sign can be talkative individuals who are usually best at keeping note of details.


July 3 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3 July Good Traits:

  • Joyful
  • Outgoing
  • Determined
  • Flexible
  • Intuitive
  • Empathetic
  • Observant
  • Sincere

3 July Bad Traits:

  • Inquisitive
  • Interfering
  • Immature
  • Unfocused
  • Fussy

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July 3 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaleeyah Petty, 1994, Instagram Star
Aaron Tippin, 1958, Country Singer
Adoor Gopalakrishnan, 1941, Director
Adrian Bird, 1947, Scientist
Alain Whyte, 1967, Composer
Albena Bakratcheva, 1961, Philosopher
Alex Hartman, 1980, Entrepreneur
Alex Steele, 1995, TV Actress
Alexander Gemignani, 1979, Stage Actor
Alexis Spight, 1993, Gospel Singer
Alfred Korzybski, 1879, Philosopher
Alfredo Keil, 1850, Composer
Alison Riske, 1990, Tennis Player
AlixIsCreepy, 1999, Instagram Star
Amalia Aguilar, 1924, Movie Actress

Amanda Jordan Weir, 1995, Instagram Star
Amit Kumar, 1952, Movie Actor
Anders Lee, 1990, Hockey Player
Andrea Barber, 1976, TV Actress
Andy Vargas, 1977, Soccer Player
Angel Laketa Moore-Tanksley, 1980, YouTube Star
Anouck Lepere, 1982, Model
Apirana Ngata, 1874, Politician
Arlene Foster, 1970, Politician
Audra McDonald, 1970, TV Actress
Avalon Robbins, 2001, Movie Actress
Ben Winchell, 1994, Movie Actor
Betty Buckley, 1947, Movie Actress
Bharti Singh, 1986, Comedian
Bobby Hopkinson, 1990, Soccer Player

Bolo Yeung, 1946, Movie Actor
Bostjan Nachbar, 1980, Basketball Player
Brandon McLaren, 1981, TV Actor
Brandon Pulido, 1995, Vine Star
Brian Cashman, 1967, Sports Executive
Brian Lafond, 1989, YouTube Star
Caleb Sean, 1986, Film Producer
Carmen Marc-Valvo, 1963, Fashion Designer
Cedomir Janevski, 1961, Soccer Player
Cem Köksal, 1976, Guitarist
Cesar Tovar, 1940, Baseball Player
Chad Broskey, 1987, TV Actor
Charlie Higson, 1958, Children’s Author
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 1860, Civil Rights Leader
Cheo Feliciano, 1935, World Music Singer
Chris Hunter, 1987, TV Actor
Chris Jones, 1991, Basketball Player
CJ McMahon, 1983, Metal Singer
Cole Peverley, 1988, Soccer Player
Connie Nielsen, 1965, Movie Actress

Constance Jones, 1982, News Anchor
Corey Reynolds, 1974, Stage Actor
Corey Sevier, 1984, TV Actor
Courtney House, 1993, YouTube Star
Crystal Dunn, 1992, Soccer Player
Dan Clark, 1976, TV Actor
Dave Barry, 1947, Journalist
Dave Lewis, 1953, Hockey Coach
David Bowens, 1977, Football Player
David Shire, 1937, Composer
David Shore, 1959, TV Producer
Diana Bang, 1981, Movie Actress
Diego Vasquez, 1971, Soccer Player
Dorothy Kilgallen, 1913, Journalist
Duane Vermeulen, 1986, Rugby Player
Earl Butz, 1909, Politician
Eddy Mitchell, 1942, Rock Singer
Edinson Volquez, 1983, Baseball Player

Eleanor Burns, 1945, TV Show Host
Elizabeth Edwards, 1949, Political Wife
Elizabeth Hendrickson, 1979, Soap Opera Actress
Elle King, 1989, Pop Singer
Fajah Lourens, 1981, Soap Opera Actress
Faye Resnick, 1957, Reality Star
Felixia Yeap, 1986, Model
Filipe Pinto, 1988, Pop Singer
Frank Hawkins, 1959, Football Player
Frank Tanana, 1953, Baseball Player
Frank Zummo, 1992, Drummer
Franz Kafka, 1883, Novelist
George M. Cohan, 1878, Composer
George Sanders, 1906, TV Actor
Getoar Selimi, 1982, Rapper
Gloria Allred, 1941, Lawyer
Graham Roberts, 1959, Soccer Player
Grant Wilson, 1974, Reality Star
Greg Vaughn, 1965, Baseball Player
Habiba Da Silva, 1994, YouTube Star
Hakan Loob, 1960, Hockey Player
Harbhajan Singh, 1980, Cricket Player
Harrison Schmitt, 1935, Astronaut
Hayley Holt, 1981, Reality Star
Hunter Tylo, 1962, Soap Opera Actress
Ian Anthony Dale, 1978, TV Actor
Isaac Gonzalez, 2000, Star
Isabella Murad, 1998, TV Actress
Jack Carter, 1947, Entrepreneur
Jahron Brathwaite, 1993, Pop Singer
James D. Strauss, 1929, Philosopher
James Hahn, 1950, Politician
Jan Smithers, 1949, TV Actress
Jane Allsop, 1975, TV Actress
Janice Griffith, 1995,
Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik, 1989, Soccer Player
Jean-Claude Duvalier, 1951, Politician
Jenny Jones, 1980, Snowboarder
Jerome Felton, 1986, Football Player
Jesse Corti, 1955, Voice Actor
Jesse Leach, 1978, Rock Singer
Jessy Terrero, 1975, Director
Jim Bob Cooter, 1984, Football Coach
Joanne Harris, 1964, Novelist
Jocelyne Lamoureux, 1989, Hockey Player
Joe Dale, 1921, Soccer Player
Joe Oastler, 1990, Soccer Player
John Klemmer, 1946, Saxophonist
John Seasock, 1965, Monster Truck Driver
John Verity, 1949, Guitarist
Johnny Hartman, 1923, Jazz Singer
Johnny Lee, 1946, Country Singer
Jon Anik, 1978, Sportscaster
Jordan Reed, 1990, Football Player
Juan Rivera, 1978, Baseball Player
Judith Durham, 1943, Folk Singer
Julian Assange, 1971, Entrepreneur
Julie Burchill, 1959, Novelist
Julie Klausner, 1978, TV Actress
Kelly Divine, 1984,
Kelsey Batelaan, 1995, TV Actress
Ken Ober, 1957, Game Show Host
Ken Russell, 1927, Director
Kendall Williams, 1991, Basketball Player
Kendji Girac, 1996, Pop Singer
Kevin Hearn, 1969, Pianist
Kratika Sengar, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Kristina Kane, 1995, Movie Actress
Kurtwood Smith, 1943, TV Actor
Lamar Alexander, 1940, Politician
Laszlo Gardony, 1956, Pianist
Laura Branigan, 1952, Pop Singer
Lee Bradbury, 1975, Soccer Player
Leon Errol, 1881, Movie Actor
Leslie Caveny, 1969, Screenwriter
Lisa De Leeuw, 1958,
Lothar Von Trotha, 1848, War Hero
Louis Norman, 1997, YouNow Star
Ludivine Sagnier, 1979, Movie Actress
Luke Mark Pickering, 1994, YouTube Star
Manny Lawson, 1984, Football Player
Marcellite Garner, 1910, Voice Actor
Mathew Bose, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Mathias Anderle, 1993, Pop Singer
Matt Crowell, 1984, Soccer Player
Matt Haig, 1975, Novelist
Matt Keough, 1955, Baseball Player
Matt Schulze, 1972, Movie Actor
Matty Mullins, 1988, Metal Singer
MFK Fisher, 1908, Chef
Mia McKenna-Bruce, 1997, TV Actress
Michael Chacon, 1992, BMX Rider
Michael Shea, 1946, Novelist
Michele Soavi, 1957, Director
Mick Cassidy, 1973, Rugby Player
Mike Burton, 1947, Swimmer
Mitchell Straub, 1996, YouTube Star
Moises Alou, 1966, Baseball Player
Molly Sanden, 1992, Pop Singer
Monique Lamoureux-kolls, 1989, Hockey Player
Montel Williams, 1956, TV Show Host
Nathalia Ramos, 1992, Movie Actress
Nathan Bryon, 1991, TV Actor
Nathaniel Willemse, 1985, Pop Singer
Natsumiii, 1991, Twitch Star
Naum Panovski, 1950, Director
Nig Cuppy, 1869, Baseball Player
Norman Thagard, 1943, Astronaut
Ola Toivonen, 1986, Soccer Player
Olivia Munn, 1980, TV Actress
Owen Smith, 1973, Comedian
Patrick Wilson, 1973, Movie Actor
Paul Hall, 1972, Soccer Player
Pedro Romeiras, 1961, Dancer
Peng Peng Gong, 1992, Composer
Pete Fountain, 1930, Clarinet Player
Peter Breiner, 1957, Pianist
Philip Jamison, 1925, Painter
PlayBoi Juan, 1989, Rapper
Poly Styrene, 1957, Punk Singer
Ramush Haradinaj, 1968, World Leader
Ray Lynch, 1943, Guitarist
Raymond Spruance, 1886, War Hero
RB Bennett, 1870, Politician
Richard Mellon Scaife, 1932, Entrepreneur
Rick Sanchez, 1958, News Anchor
Rob Rensenbrink, 1947, Soccer Player
Rod Keenan, 1968, Fashion Designer
Rodolfo Zelaya, 1988, Soccer Player
Rohinton Mistry, 1952, Playwright
Roland Schoeman, 1980, Swimmer
Romain Dauriac, 1982, Family Member
Rosie Rivera, 1981, Reality Star
Roy Kim, 1993, Pop Singer
Ruth Simmons, 1945, Teacher
Ryan McPartlin, 1975, TV Actor
Safaree Samuels, 1981, Music Producer
Salvador Torres, 1936, Painter
Sandra Lee, 1966, Chef
Sara Waisglass, 1998, TV Actress
Sarah Buxton, 1980, Country Singer
Scarlett Strallen, 1982, Stage Actress
Scott Borchetta, 1962, Entrepreneur
Sebastian Vettel, 1987, Race Car Driver
Sebastian Vettel, 1987, Race Car Driver
Shane Fazen, 1990, YouTube Star
Shane Lynch, 1976, Pop Singer
Shannel, 1979, Reality Star
Shawnee Smith, 1970, Movie Actress
Shinya Hashimoto, 1965, Wrestler
Shoshannah Stern, 1980, Movie Actress
Sian Lloyd, 1958, TV Show Host
Spencer Nuzzi, 1991, Skateboarder
Stavros Niarchos, 1909, Entrepreneur
Steph Jones, 1983, Pop Singer
Stephen Pearcy, 1959, Metal Singer
Steven Jo, 1992, Rapper
Sunshine Dizon, 1983, TV Actress
Susan Penhaligon, 1949, TV Actress
Susan Peters, 1921, Movie Actress
Suzy Berhow, 1989, YouTube Star
SV Ranga Rao, 1918, Movie Actor
Teemu Selanne, 1970, Hockey Player
Thatboyfunny, 1994, Instagram Star
Thomas Gibson, 1962, TV Actor
Tim O’Connor, 1927, TV Actor
Tom Cruise, 1962, Movie Actor
Tom Curren, 1964, Surfer
Tom Stoppard, 1937, Playwright
Tommy Flanagan, 1965, Movie Actor
Tommy Hunter, 1986, Baseball Player
Tommy Sexton, 1957, Comedian
Tomomi Itano, 1991, Pop Singer
Tracey Emin, 1963, Pop Artist
Trae Tha Truth, 1980, Rapper
Trent Tomlinson, 1975, Country Singer
Vince Clarke, 1960, Pop Singer
Vincent Margera, 1956, Reality Star
Wanderlei Silva, 1976, MMA Fighter
Westley Allan Dodd, 1961, Criminal
Will Grigg, 1991, Soccer Player
Will Johnson, 1991, YouTube Star
William Henry Davies, 1871, Poet
Winston Reid, 1988, Soccer Player
Yasmin Swann, 1998, YouTube Star
Yeardley Smith, 1964, Voice Actor
Zach Abels, 1992, Guitarist
Zack Evans, 1992, YouTube Star
Zahar Efimenko, 1985, Chess Player


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