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July 2 Famous Birthdays

July 2 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 2 can be compliant or dictating. As a Cancer celebrity born today they tend to keep a lot of things to themselves. With that being said, they use their alone time to imagine or to comes to terms with themselves.

It natural for the July 2nd famous celebrities to be disgusted by the thought of physical abuse to other humans as they reflect on life. They are extremely concerned about other people and their well-being. For this reason, they get love back.


As a downfall, famous celebrities born on July 2 tend to fall in love too soon and well, they suffer much heartache behind it. They look for a long term possibility as emotional security is important to them. Although they can be moody individuals, they don’t hold a grudge for long.

As a career, they could be happy in the legal profession. This will give them the opportunity to save a few lives that want to be saved.


Famous people with a birthday on July 2nd, are possibly the most affectionate and considerate people. Typically, a friendship with this famous individual will have long-term results if it is one that is loyal and harmonious. They will make a protective parent and partner.


July 2 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

2 July Good Traits:

  • Dependable
  • Loving
  • Relaxed
  • Productive
  • Instinctive
  • Intellectual
  • Analytical

2 July Bad Traits:

  • Secretive
  • Grumpy
  • Emotional
  • Reticent
  • Touchy

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July 2 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Henry, 1922, Civil Rights Leader
Abdul Rahman, 1994, Soccer Player
Adil Benrlitom, 1994, eSports Player
Ahmad Jamal, 1930, Pianist
Alex Brooks, 1997, YouTube Star
Alex Morgan, 1989, Soccer Player
Alfred Sole, 1943, Screenwriter
Amy Weber, 1970, Wrestler
Anderson Ribeiro, 1981, Soccer Player
Andrea Yates, 1964, Criminal
Andrew Divoff, 1955, Movie Actor
Andy McDermott, 1974, Novelist
Angel Pagan, 1981, Baseball Player
Annette Kerr, 1920, Movie Actress
Anthony McAuliffe, 1898, War Hero
Asbjorn, 1992, Pop Singer
Ashley Tisdale, 1985, TV Actress
Ashlyn Kuehl, 2001, YouNow Star

Ayiesha Woods, 1979, Rock Singer
Barbara Dunkelman, 1989, Voice Actor
Barry Gray, 1916, Radio Host
BenJarvus Green-Ellis, 1985, Football Player
Blanton Collier, 1906, Football Coach
Bollie Babeface, 1986, Pop Singer
Brandel Chamblee, 1962, Golfer
Brendon Villegas, 1980, Reality Star
Bret Hart, 1957, Wrestler
Brett Cecil, 1986, Baseball Player
Brock Peters, 1927, Stage Actor
Burna Boy, 1991, Reggae Singer
Caitlin Carmichael, 2004, Movie Actress
Calvin Pryor, 1992, Football Player
Carl Froch, 1977, Boxer
Carlos Menem, 1930, World Leader
Carlos Rogers, 1981, Football Player
Caroline Kole, 1997, Country Singer

Casey Bechler, 1993, YouTube Star
Chad Carroll, 1985, Reality Star
Chad Henne, 1985, Football Player
Charles Miller, 1939, Saxophonist
Charles Robinson, 1964, Referee
Charles Tupper, 1821, Politician
Charles-Louis Hanon, 1819, Composer
Chau Giang, 1955,
Chris Marrero, 1988, Baseball Player
Christopher Awdry, 1940, Children’s Author
Christopher Foltz, 1989, YouTube Star
Ciara Michel, 1985, Volleyball Player
Ciara Sotto, 1980, TV Actress
Clark Kellogg, 1961, Sportscaster
Coco Montrese, 1992, Reality Star
Corie Rayvon, 1996, Model
Cynthia Kadohata, 1956, Children’s Author
Dang Thai Son, 1958, Pianist

Danny Rose, 1990, Soccer Player
Darren Shan, 1972, Young Adult Author
Dashius Clay, 1985, Rapper
Dave Parsons, 1965, Bassist
Deen Burbigo, 1987, Rapper
Dennis Wholey, 1939, TV Show Host
Dev, 1989, Rapper
Diana Matos, 1987, Dancer
DJ Black, 1972, DJ
Doug LaMalfa, 1960, Politician
Dre Drexler, 1992, YouTube Star
Edwin Costa, 1989, YouTube Star
Elisabeth Brooks, 1951, TV Actress
Emma Coronel Aispuro, 1989, Family Member
Erin Burnett, 1976, TV Show Host
Evelyn Lau, 1971, Poet
Ezekiel Elliott, 1995, Football Player
Fabiana Tambosi, 1982, Model
Franz Rosei, 1947, Sculptor
Fred Begay, 1932, Scientist
Ganesh, 1977, Movie Actor
Geoff Wigington, 1989, Guitarist

George W. Mundelein, 1872, Religious Leader
Georgi Ivanov, 1940, Astronaut
Gilbert Kalish, 1935, Pianist
Gillian Philip, 1964, Children’s Author
Grace Raymond Hebard, 1861, Historian
Greg Brown, 1949, Folk Singer
Greg Dobbs, 1978, Baseball Player
Gus Dorais, 1891, Football Player
Guy Penrod, 1963, Gospel Singer
Hans Bethe, 1906, Scientist
Hermann Hesse, 1877, Poet
Hugh Latimer Dryden, 1898, Scientist
Imelda Marcos, 1929, Political Wife
Iven Carl Kincheloe Jr., 1928, War Hero
Ivi Eenmaa, 1943, Politician
Jack Gantos, 1951, Children’s Author
Jack Patterson, 1985, Bassist
Jack Patterson, 1884, Politician
Jackson Odell, 1997, Movie Actor
Jacopo Sansovino, 1486, Sculptor
James Boyd, 1888, Novelist
James M. Kelly, 1960, Politician
Janis Timma, 1992, Basketball Player
Jean-Claude Borelly, 1953, Trumpet Player
Jefra Bland Hines, 1990, Reality Star
Jenni Rivera, 1969, Pop Singer
Jennifer McGill, 1977, Gospel Singer
Jens Riewa, 1963, TV Show Host
Jere Fields, 1959, TV Actress
Jeremy Freedman, 1992, Guitarist
Jerry Hall, 1956, Model
Jimmy McNichol, 1961, TV Actor
Joe Philbin, 1961, Football Coach
Joe Thornton, 1979, Hockey Player
Johannes Eckerstrom, 1986, Metal Singer
John Brenkus, 1971, TV Show Host
John Cooper, 1937, Football Coach
John Joubert, 1963, Criminal
Johnny Weir, 1984, Figure Skater
Jose Canseco, 1964, Baseball Player
Josh Patterson, 1977, Religious Author
JT Brown, 1990, Hockey Player
Julio Arnoldo Garcia Sr., 1941, Lawyer
Justin Forshaw, 1982, Guitarist
Katie Taylor, 1986, Boxer
Kayla Harrison, 1990, MMA Fighter
Keith Morrison, 1947, News Anchor
Kelsey Griffin, 1987, Basketball Player
Ken Curtis, 1916, TV Actor
Kendrick Farris, 1986, Weight Lifter
Kim Go-eun, 1991, Movie Actress
Kugan Cassius, 1981, Director
Kurt Long, 1973, TV Actor
L. J. Davis, 1940, Novelist
Larry David, 1947, TV Producer
Lauren Chamberlain, 1993, Softball Player
Lauri Peters, 1943, Stage Actress
Lee Allen, 1927, Saxophonist
Lee Chung-yong, 1988, Soccer Player
Leonard J. Arrington, 1917, Historian
Linda Godwin, 1952, Astronaut
Lindsay Lohan, 1986, Movie Actress
Lisa Clark, 1985, Reality Star
Loren Schaffer, 1989, Reality Star
Lucas Bernardini, 1991, Model
Marcus Grodd, 1988, Reality Star
Margot Robbie, 1990, Movie Actress
Maria Lourdes Sereno, 1960, Supreme Court Justice
Mark Hart, 1953, Guitarist
Mark Kermode, 1963, Journalist
Martin Elliott, 1946, Photographer
Marvin Rainwater, 1925, Country Singer
Matt Preston, 1961, Journalist
Matthew Bevan Cox, 1969, Criminal
Matthew Reilly, 1974, Novelist
Medgar Evers, 1925, Civil Rights Leader
Michael Castle, 1939, Politician
Michael Patrick McGill, 1973, TV Actor
Michelle Branch, 1983, Pop Singer
Mihail Petrusevski, 1911, Essayist
Mikey Barone, 1999, YouNow Star
Mohamed Ibrahim Mostafa, 1979, Civil Rights Leader
Mohammed Sheikh, 1973, Cricket Player
Monie Love, 1970, Rapper
Moon So-ri, 1974, Movie Actress
Murry Wilson, 1917, Music Producer
Nelson Franklin, 1985, Movie Actor
Nick Brewer, 1989, Rapper
Nick Catanese, 1971, Guitarist
Nicolas Simoes, 1989, Model
Nicole Briscoe, 1980, Sportscaster
Nneka Ogwumike, 1990, Basketball Player
Olivia Kay, 2003, Pop Singer
Onur Tuna, 1985, TV Actor
Owain Yeoman, 1978, TV Actor
Patrice Lumumba, 1925, World Leader
Paul Meany, 1976, Pop Singer
Peter Kay, 1973, Comedian
Peter Popoff, 1946, Religious Leader
Pierre Cardin, 1922, Entrepreneur
Polly Holliday, 1937, TV Actress
Porta, 1988, Rapper
Presley Gerber, 1999, Family Member
Purvis Short, 1957, Basketball Player
Rachel Brown Finnis, 1980, Soccer Player
Randy Holden, 1945, Guitarist
Ray Boudreaux, 1988, Soul Singer
Reese Hatala, 2006, Dancer
Rene Lacoste, 1904, Tennis Player
Rex Burkhead, 1990, Football Player
Richard Axel, 1946, Scientist
Richard Petty, 1937, Race Car Driver
Robert Zuppke, 1879, Football Player
Rocky Gray, 1974, Drummer
Ron Silver, 1946, Movie Actor
Ronald Goldman, 1968,
Roy Boulter, 1964, Drummer
Ruslana Korshunova, 1987, Model
Russell Taylor, 1980, Pop Singer
Ruth B, 1995, Vine Star
Ryan Longson, 1996, YouTube Star
Ryan Serhant, 1986, Reality Star
Sailor Brinkley Cook, 1998, Model
Sam Hornish Jr., 1979, Race Car Driver
Samantha Giles, 1971, TV Actress
Sami Naceri, 1961, Movie Actor
Sammy J, 1983, Comedian
Saul Rubinek, 1948, Movie Actor
Scott Aukerman, 1970, Screenwriter
Scott Garland, 1973, Wrestler
Sean Casey, 1974, Baseball Player
Sebastian Olzanski, 1999, Pop Singer
Sharifah Aini, 1953, Pop Singer
Sheikh Imam, 1918, Composer
Shirley Setia, 1995, Pop Singer
Sinday Auvity, 1995, Pop Singer
Sophie Clough, 2001, YouTube Star
Sophie Harris, 1900,
Soren Bowie, 1983, Blogger
Stefan Richter, 1972, Chef
Stephen Bye, 1999, Vine Star
Stephen Kay, 1963, Director
Steve Sims, 1957, Soccer Player
Sue Rose, 1954, Cartoonist
Sulivan Gwed, 2000, Instagram Star
SunBeamsJess, 1994, YouTube Star
Tanya Stephens, 1973, Reggae Singer
Tao Lin, 1983, Novelist
Tasha Green, 1991, YouTube Star
Theo Mitchell, 1938, Politician
Thomas Cranmer, 1489, Religious Leader
Thurgood Marshall, 1908, Supreme Court Justice
Tim Christensen, 1974, Rock Singer
Tim Rodber, 1969, Rugby Player
Tim Sullivan, 1964, Director
Tom Zanetti, 1989, DJ
Tomas Vokoun, 1976, Hockey Player
Tomasz Starzewski, 1961, Fashion Designer
Tony Armas, 1953, Baseball Player
Tony Horton, 1958,
Troy Brown, 1971, Football Player
Urwa Hocane, 1991, Soap Opera Actress
Vanessa Lee Chester, 1984, Movie Actress
Vicente Fox, 1942, World Leader
Vince Espinoza, 1995, YouNow Star
Vince Staples, 1993, Rapper
Vincenzo Maltempo, 1985, Pianist
Vinny Magalhaes, 1984, MMA Fighter
Wendy Lawrence, 1959, Astronaut
Wendy Schaal, 1954, Voice Actor
William Singe, 1992, Pop Singer
Wislawa Szymborska, 1923, Poet
Yam Ah Mee, 1957, Civil Rights Leader
Yancy Butler, 1970, TV Actress
Zach Scott, 1980, Soccer Player
Zaid Ali, 1995, YouTube Star


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