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July 21 Famous Birthdays

July 21 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 21 are born under the zodiac sign Cancer. This personality is filled with many qualities such as communication and observation skills which are accompanied with lots and lots of energy.

They look awesome… hair neat, nails done, skin clean and you smell great. Those of you born on this date can’t stand to be idle and unproductive. If you share this famous birthday on July 21, you could get a job based on how you carry yourself alone. So it’s safe to say that employers give you a chance when they would normally hire someone with more skills or education.


There are times when famous people born on July 21 are easily offended. It happens with most people who have artsy inclinations. However with their cantankerous disposition some may have the impression that they are not at all levelheaded.

When it comes to their loved ones, the July 21 famous celebrities will even try to prevent the rain from falling. They feel that they have to shelter them from hurt and pain but instead they just need to learn how to deal with the floods effectively and remember we are imperfect humans. Sometimes they can be extremely delicate and impractical.


Famous people born on July 21st can be temperamental and cantankerous! Additionally, this Crab can be particularly touchy and possibly, unstable. Yet, they have the ability to be open and show some signs of self-control.


July 21 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21 July Good Traits:

  • Observant
  • Expressive
  • Intuitive
  • Artistic
  • Protective
  • Inventive
  • Imaginative
  • Helpful

21 July Bad Traits:

  • Hypersensitive
  • Irritable
  • Moody
  • Grumpy
  • Unstable
  • Impractical

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July 21 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aashish Chaudhary, 1978, Movie Actor
Abrar-ul-Haq, 1968, Pop Singer
Adam Growe, 1967, Game Show Host
Aditya Shrivastava, 1968, TV Actor
Adrienne King, 1960, Movie Actress
Akameru Kawaii, 1989, YouTube Star
Akmal Saleh, 1964, Comedian
Alex Reid, 1975, MMA Fighter
Alexander Diaz, 1995, TV Show Host
Ali Landry, 1973, Model
Allison Wagner, 1977, Swimmer
Alysia Reiner, 1970, Movie Actress
Amar Singh Chamkila, 1961, World Music Singer
Anabelle Langlois, 1981, Figure Skater
Andrew Rayel, 1992, DJ
Anton Kuerti, 1938, Pianist
Ariel Meredith, 1986, Model
Arija Bareikis, 1966, Movie Actress
Art Hindle, 1948, Movie Actor
Arthur Marx, 1921, Non-Fiction Author
Austin Burke, 1995, Vine Star

B-Magic, 1986, Rapper
Baek Ho, 1995, Pop Singer
Bebsabe Duque, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
Bela Tarr, 1955, Director
Benjamin Brafman, 1948, Lawyer
Beppe Grillo, 1948, Comedian
Berhane Adere, 1973, Runner
Bharath, 1984, Movie Actor
Biannca Rose, 1994, Model
Bilel Mohsni, 1987, Soccer Player
Bill Pertwee, 1926, TV Actor
Bizzle, 1983, Rapper
Blake Lewis, 1981, Pop Singer
Bobby Gerhart, 1958, Race Car Driver
Bradley Janssen, 1995, YouTube Star

Brandi Chastain, 1968, Soccer Player
Brandon Heath, 1978, Country Singer
Brian Perk, 1989, Soccer Player
Bryiana Noelle, 1990, Instagram Star
Camilo Sanvezzo, 1988, Soccer Player
Cara Dillon, 1975, Folk Singer
Carly Wheeler, 1999, Cheerleader
Caroline Neron, 1973, TV Actress
Casino Chino, 1992, Rapper
Cat Stevens, 1948, Folk Singer
Catherine Ndereba, 1972, Runner
CC Sabathia, 1980, Baseball Player
Chancellor Olcott, 1858, Songwriter
Chandu Borde, 1934, Cricket Player

Charlotte Gainsbourg, 1971, Movie Actress
Chelsie Hightower, 1989, Dancer
Chetan Chauhan, 1947, Cricket Player
Chris Bisson, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Chris Duarte, 1994, eSports Player
Chris Gunter, 1989, Soccer Player
Chris Leben, 1980, MMA Fighter
Chris Noakes, 1985, Rugby Player
Chrishell Stause, 1981, Soap Opera Actress
Chrissy Hughes, 1990, Figure Skater
Christina Hart, 1949, Movie Actress
Christy Scott Cashman, 1966, Screenwriter

Claudette Ortiz, 1981, R&B Singer
Cole Taylor, 1991, Country Singer
Cyrus Kouandjio, 1993, Football Player
Dalton Cyr, 2000, Pop Singer
Damian Marley, 1978, Reggae Singer
Dannel Malloy, 1955, Politician
Dariani Belle, 1998, TV Actress
Darien Dash, 1992, Rapper
Dave Henderson, 1958, Baseball Player
David Burliuk, 1882, Illustrator
David Carr, 1979, Football Player
David Dastmalchian, 1984, Movie Actor
David Ervine, 1953, Politician
Dawn Riley, 1964, Sailor
DeAndre Jordan, 1988, Basketball Player
Diane Guerrero, 1986, TV Actress
Dominic Barnes, 1988, TV Actor
Don Knotts, 1924, TV Actor
Don Murray, 1931, Movie Actor
Earl Reibel, 1930, Hockey Player
Edward Herrmann, 1943, Movie Actor
Edwin Castro, 1991, YouTube Star
Emerson Hart, 1969, Rock Singer
Emily Rollins, 2003, Dancer
Eric Bazilian, 1953, Guitarist
Ernest Hemingway, 1899, Novelist
Flavio Chumbipuma, 1994, Vine Star
Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston, 1864, Political Wife
Freddie Davies, 1937, Comedian
Freitas Do Amaral, 1941, Politician
Garry Trudeau, 1948, Cartoonist
Gary Teale, 1978, Soccer Player
Gene Fullmer, 1931, Boxer
Gene Littler, 1930, Golfer
Geoff Jenkins, 1974, Baseball Player
Giant Silva, 1963, Wrestler
Godfrey, 1969, Comedian
Greg Behrendt, 1963, Comedian
Hans Fischer, 1881, Scientist
Harold McSpaden, 1908, Golfer
Harry Hudson-Taylor, 1992, Folk Singer
Hart Crane, 1899, Poet
Hatty Jones, 1988, Movie Actress
Heath Scotland, 1980, Australian Rules Footballer
Heinrich Brussow, 1986, Rugby Player
Helmut Haller, 1939, Soccer Player
Howie Epstein, 1955, Bassist
Ian Craney, 1982, Soccer Player
Ike Eisenmann, 1962, Voice Actor
Iris Strubegger, 1984, Model
Isaac Stern, 1920, Violinist
Jackie Castro, 1995, Pop Singer
Jaime Murray, 1977, TV Actress
Jamaal Franklin, 1991, Basketball Player
James Lowe, 1989, Instagram Star
Jamie Nicholls, 1993, Snowboarder
Jamie Waylett, 1989, Movie Actor
Janet Reno, 1938, Politician
Janie Brawley, 1999, Vine Star
Jasmine Cephas Jones, 1989, Stage Actress
Jason Roy, 1990, Cricket Player
Jason Thompson, 1986, Basketball Player
Jeff Fatt, 1953, Pop Singer
Jeff Phillips, 1948, TV Show Host
Jene Morris, 1987, Basketball Player
Jens Weissflog, 1964, Skier
Jentezen Franklin, 1962, Religious Leader
Jessica Barden, 1992, TV Actress
Jessica King, 1975, Politician
Jesus Zavala, 1987, Soccer Player
Jim Clyburn, 1940, Politician
Jim Martin, 1961, Guitarist
Joey Bragg, 1996, TV Actor
John Atta Mills, 1944, Politician
John B. Keane, 1928, Playwright
John Barrasso, 1952, Politician
John Cleves Symmes, 1742, Politician
John Gardner, 1933, Novelist
John Klarner, 1998, TV Actor
John Lowe, 1945, Darts Player
John Paul Young, 1950, Rock Singer
John Scarce, 1997, YouTube Star
Johnny Acosta, 1983, Soccer Player
Johnny Evers, 1881, Baseball Player
Jon Asamoah, 1988, Football Player
Jon Dorenbos, 1980, Football Player
Jon Lovitz, 1957, TV Actor
Jonathan Miller, 1934, Non-Fiction Author
Jordan Clarke, 1950, Soap Opera Actor
Joseph Cannata, 1983, Model
Josephine Premice, 1926, Stage Actress
Josh Dorr, 1988, Country Singer
Josh Hartnett, 1978, Movie Actor
Juno Temple, 1989, Movie Actress
Justin Bartha, 1978, Movie Actor
Karel Reisz, 1926, Director
Kass Morgan, 1984, Young Adult Author
Katy Sexton, 1982, Swimmer
Kay Starr, 1922, Pop Singer
Kaye Stevens, 1932, Pop Singer
Kaylee Halko, 2003,
Kellen Michael, 2004, TV Actor
Kellen Winslow II, 1983, Football Player
Kenneth Starr, 1946, Lawyer
Kevin Burgess, 1988, Rapper
Kevin Poole, 1963, Soccer Player
Kierstin Koppel, 1989, Movie Actress
Kim Fowley, 1939, Music Producer
Klaus Graf, 1969, Race Car Driver
Korey Cooper, 1972, Guitarist
Kyle Hanagami, 1986, Choreographer
Lance Guest, 1960, Movie Actor
Laurel Rothamel, 1995, YouTube Star
Lee Aaron, 1962, Rock Singer
Lenore Ulric, 1892, Movie Actress
Les Aspin, 1938, Politician
Liam Ridgewell, 1984, Soccer Player
Lillias White, 1951, Stage Actress
Linda Gray Sexton, 1953, Novelist
Liv Shumbres, 2004, Gymnast
Livia Brito, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Louis Meyer, 1904, Race Car Driver
Lucy Spraggan, 1991, Pop Singer
Luis Ernesto Michel, 1989, Soccer Player
Mack Baker, 1988, Rapper
Maggie Lindemann, 1998, Pop Singer
Marco Fabian, 1989, Soccer Player
Mark O’Hare, 1970, Cartoonist
Mark Youngblood, 1963, Wrestler
Marshall McLuhan, 1911, Novelist
McCrae Olson, 1989, Reality Star
Michael Caton, 1943, TV Actor
Michael Connelly, 1956, Novelist
Michael Fitzpatrick, 1970, Soul Singer
Michael Rangamiz, 2012, Instagram Star
Michael Viruet, 1989, Movie Actor
Mike Ávila, 1994, Vine Star
Mike Bordick, 1965, Baseball Player
Mike Deleasa, 1988, Pop Singer
Milan Rastislav Stefanik, 1880, Politician
Milyn Jensen, 1989, Reality Star
Mollie Sugden, 1922, TV Actress
Molly Sue Horn, 2000, Pop Singer
Mostafa Sheshtawy, 1988, Photographer
Narcissa Wright, 1989, Twitch Star
Nathan Pearson, 1997, Vine Star
Nicolay, 1973, Music Producer
Norman Jewison, 1926, Director
Nuno Markl, 1971, Comedian
Olof Kajbjer, 1992, eSports Player
Omar Rasheed, 2002, YouTube Star
Oscar Millard, 1908, Screenwriter
Paloma Faith, 1981, Soul Singer
Paloma Guzman, 1991, TV Actress
Patricia Elliott, 1942, Soap Opera Actress
Paul Baumgartner, 1903, Pianist
Paul Brandt, 1972, Country Singer
Paul Burke, 1926, TV Actor
Paul Casey, 1977, Golfer
Paul Davis, 1984, Basketball Player
Paul Reuter, 1816, Entrepreneur
Paul Vautin, 1959, Sportscaster
Paul Wellstone, 1944, Politician
Paulina Char, 1995, Family Member
Pedro Calungsod, 1654, Religious Leader
Peter Doocy, 1987, News Anchor
Phyllis Povah, 1893, Movie Actress
Plas Johnson, 1931, Saxophonist
Rachael Flatt, 1992, Figure Skater
Rachel Petladwala, 1993, TV Actress
Rebecca Ferguson, 1986, Pop Singer
Remy Allure, 1991, Director
Rich Froning Jr., 1987,
Robert Gamez, 1968, Golfer
Robert Mizzell, 1971, Country Singer
Robert Roldan, 1990, Dancer
Robin Williams, 1951, Movie Actor
Romeo Santos, 1981, World Music Singer
Rory Culkin, 1989, Movie Actor
Ross Kemp, 1964, Soap Opera Actor
Roy Genders, 1913, Cricket Player
Roy Neuberger, 1903, Entrepreneur
Rudolph Marcus, 1923, Scientist
Ryley Walker, 1989, Folk Singer
Samuli Edelmann, 1968, Movie Actor
Sanford Grossman, 1953, Economist
Sara Carter, 1898, Country Singer
Sara Kate, 1993, Twitch Star
Sara Sampaio, 1991, Model
Sarah Good, 1653,
Sarah Waters, 1966, Novelist
Sasha Gloria, 2000, Instagram Star
Savannah Brown, 1996, YouTube Star
Shane Crump, 1987, Bassist
Shawn Stasiak, 1970, Wrestler
Simon Easterby, 1975, Rugby Player
Sircharles Aubrey Smith, 1863, Movie Actor
Sky Low Low, 1928, Wrestler
Sprague Grayden, 1980, TV Actress
Stefan Lofven, 1957, World Leader
Stephen McCarthy, 1988, Soccer Player
Steve Byrne, 1974, Comedian
Steve Collins, 1964, Boxer
Talitha Minnis, 1992, Reality Star
Tamika Catchings, 1979, Basketball Player
Tara Campbell, 1983, Water Polo Player
Tatyana Lebedeva, 1976, Long Jumper
Taylor Lewan, 1991, Football Player
Tess Gallagher, 1943, Poet
Thomas Nelstrop, 1980, TV Actor
Tom Hawkins, 1988, Australian Rules Footballer
Tomislav Krizman, 1882, Painter
TwiistedPandora, 1995, YouTube Star
Tyler Pratt, 1990, Reality Star
Tyler Pratt, 1990, Reality Star
Vahid Hashemian, 1976, Soccer Player
Vanessa Born, 1992, TV Actress
Vanessa Lengies, 1985, TV Actress
Vasile Alecsandri, 1821, Poet
Victor Hanescu, 1981, Tennis Player
Vladimir Malaniuk, 1957, Chess Player
Vytautas Lalas, 1982, Bodybuilder
W Brian Arthur, 1946, Economist
Wei-yin Chen, 1985, Baseball Player
Wendy Cope, 1945, Poet
Wesley Woodyard, 1986, Football Player
WickEr10, 1998, YouTube Star
William Malone, 1953, Director
Yolanda Gampp, 1984, YouTube Star
Zawe Ashton, 1984, Movie Actress


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