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July 22 Famous Birthdays

July 22 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 22, being a Cancer, chances are they are an intelligent personality. They have a bright and cheery attitude that could infect others. They enjoy life. They’re a person with confidence and audacity. Being this way, they could attract or draw people to them.

When it comes to people, they feel that betrayal is intolerable. It may happen once but it won’t happen again. They speak their mind clearly and without fear.


The career choice for famous people born on July 22 may reflect that they are on their way up the ladder of success personally and professionally. Sometimes though they get so wrapped up in their work, they may forget what time it is and miss some important dates and appointments.

This is not good so they strive to have a balance between their family and work. Having wealth and a big house on the hill is not the same if they are all alone in it.


Famous people born on July 22nd light up a room with their smile. They are a Cancer who loves living. They can be adamant and pompous from time to time about people butting in their business. They feel confident in their own abilities and want to be appreciated.


July 22 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22 July Good Traits:

  • Sharp
  • Magnetic
  • Truthful
  • Bold
  • Confident
  • Loyalty
  • Adaptable
  • Adroit

22 July Bad Traits:

  • Procrastinating
  • Inconsistent
  • Inflexible
  • Unbalanced
  • Intrusive

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July 22 Famous Birthday Personalities

AA Millers, 1999, YouTube Star
Adam Cooper, 1971, Dancer
Adam Malik, 1917, Politician
Adrian Cole, 1949, Novelist
Aham Sharma, 1989, TV Actor
AJ Cook, 1978, TV Actress
Al Di Meola, 1954, Guitarist
Al Di Meola, 1954, Guitarist
Alain Tasso, 1962, Poet
Alan Cox, 1968,
Alan Menken, 1949, Composer
Albert Brooks, 1947, Movie Actor
Aldo De Nigris, 1983, Soccer Player
Aleksey Igudesman, 1973, Violinist
Alex Caskey, 1988, Soccer Player
Alex Fernandez, 1967, TV Actor
Alex Trebek, 1940, Game Show Host
Alexander Boghossian, 1937, Painter
Alexander Calder, 1898, Sculptor

Alice Temperley, 1975, Fashion Designer
Alicia Moffet, 1998, Pop Singer
Alisha Newton, 2001, TV Actress
Alvin Robertson, 1962, Basketball Player
Amber Beattie, 1993, TV Actress
Amy Paffrath, 1983, TV Show Host
Andreas Ulvo, 1983, Pianist
Andrew Holness, 1972, World Leader
Angel Chavez, 1981, Baseball Player
Anna Chicherova, 1982, High Jumper
Anthony James, 1942, TV Actor
Armaan Malik, 1995, World Music Singer
Arsenie Todiras, 1983, Pop Singer
Arthur Sales, 1991, Model
Ashla Soter, 1996, Movie Actress
Ashley Cain, 1995, Figure Skater
Azmi Bishara, 1956, Politician
Ben Barlow, 1994, Punk Singer

Ben Foden, 1985, Rugby Player
Ben Sharples, 1974, Movie Actor
Benjamin Hanby, 1833, Composer
Benny Boom, 1971, Director
Bob Dole, 1923, Politician
Bobby Sherman, 1943, Pop Singer
Bonnie Langford, 1964, Movie Actress
Brandon Bolmer, 1986, Rock Singer
Brennan Gilbert, 1997, Drummer
Brian Chippendale, 1973, Drummer
Brian Howe, 1953, Rock Singer
Camila Banus, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Camila Steckler, 2005, Reality Star
Candace Kroslak, 1978, TV Actress
Charlotte Kalla, 1987, Skier
Claire Falkenstein, 1908, Sculptor

Cliff Johnson, 1947, Baseball Player
Clive Standen, 1981, TV Actor
Colin Ferguson, 1972, TV Actor
Colt Kucker, 1994, Pop Singer
Curt Menefee, 1965, Sportscaster
Dan Bazuin, 1983, Football Player
Dan Kennedy, 1982, Soccer Player
Dan Rowan, 1922, TV Actor
Daniel C. Burbank, 1961, Astronaut
Daniel Carroll, 1730, Politician
Daniel Jones, 1973, Pop Singer
Daniel Mainwaring, 1902, Screenwriter
Danny Glover, 1946, Movie Actor
Daryl Janmaat, 1989, Soccer Player
Dave Stieb, 1957, Baseball Player
David Shuster, 1967, Journalist

David Spade, 1964, TV Actor
David von Erich, 1958, Wrestler
Despina Vandi, 1969, Pop Singer
Diana Maria Riva, 1969, TV Actress
Dianne Houston, 1954, Screenwriter
Dirk Kuyt, 1980, Soccer Player
Doc Eason, 1947, Magician
Don Henley, 1947, Rock Singer
Don Van Natta Jr., 1964, Journalist
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 1993, Criminal
Edward Dahlberg, 1900, Novelist
Edward Hopper, 1882, Painter
Elizabeth Wurst, 1998, Vine Star
Emilio Butragueno, 1963, Soccer Player
Emily Saliers, 1963, Folk Singer
Emma Lazarus, 1849, Poet
Eric del Castillo, 1934, TV Actor
Erica Gavin, 1947, Movie Actress
Erica Gluck, 1998, TV Actress
Ernest Ball, 1878, Composer
Estelle Bennett, 1941, Pop Singer
Evan Brinkman, 2002, Movie Actor
Fandango, 1981, Wrestler
Fergus Riordan, 1997, Movie Actor
Field Cate, 1997, TV Actor
Frank Edwards, 1990, Gospel Singer
Franka Potente, 1974, Movie Actress
Genecia Stinson, 1991, YouTube Star
GenuisMe, 1999, Vine Star
Geoffrey Durham, 1949, Magician
George Alexander Louis, 2013, Royalty
George Clinton, 1941, Funk Singer
George Dockrell, 1992, Cricket Player
Gerald Di Pego, 1941, Screenwriter
Gila Almagor, 1939, Movie Actress
Gilles Duceppe, 1947, Politician
Gordon C. Stewart, 1939, Screenwriter
Greg West, 1994, Pop Singer
Guillermo Ungo, 1931, Politician
Gurney Norman, 1937, Novelist
Gustav Ludwig Hertz, 1887, Scientist
Hannah Mae Dugmore, 2002, Star
Hannah Waterman, 1975, TV Actress
Harold Rhodes, 1936, Cricket Player
Hayden Williams, 1991, Fashion Designer
Helen Lasichanh, 1980, Model
Hella Wuolijoki, 1886, Novelist
HeyThereImShannon, 1997, YouTube Star
iDubbbzTV, 1991, YouTube Star
Igor Lolo, 1982, Soccer Player
Irene Bedard, 1967, Voice Actor
Iva Bittova, 1958, Violinist
Jack Matthews, 1925, Novelist
Jaime Camil, 1973, Movie Actor
Jake Angeles, 1999, Scooter Rider
Jakob Hurt, 1839, Philosopher
James Arnold Taylor, 1969, Voice Actor
James Harris, 1984, Reality Star
James Whale, 1889, Director
Jane Oineza, 1996, TV Actress
Jason Becker, 1969, Guitarist
Jaz Sinclair, 1994, Movie Actress
Jeffrey Gettleman, 1971, Journalist
Jenni Barber, 1983, Stage Actress
Jeremiah Collins, 1994, YouTube Star
Jeremy Lloyd, 1930, Screenwriter
Jesse Haines, 1893, Baseball Player
Jimmy Bruno, 1953, Guitarist
Joakim Gomez, 1988, Radio Host
Joanna Going, 1963, TV Actress
Jodi Albert, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
John B. Larson, 1948, Politician
John Leguizamo, 1964, Movie Actor
John Stallings, 1935, Scientist
Jordan Sasser, 1988, Pop Singer
Josh Lawson, 1981, TV Actor
Karen Cliche, 1976, TV Actress
Karl Menninger, 1893, Scientist
Kate Marshall, 1959, Politician
Kay Bailey Hutchison, 1943, Politician
Keegan Allen, 1989, TV Actor
Keenan Tracey, 1991, TV Actor
Keith Sweat, 1961, R&B Singer
Kenny King, 1981, Wrestler
Keter Betts, 1928, Bassist
Keyshawn Johnson, 1972, Football Player
Kiara Johnson, 1993, Rapper
Kristine Lilly, 1971, Soccer Player
Kyle Mac, 1988, TV Actor
L’Okhna Suttantaprija ind, 1859, Religious Leader
Larry Merritt, 1998, Vine Star
Lasse Viren, 1949, Runner
Lauren Booth, 1967, Activist
Lauren Morelli, 1982, Screenwriter
Leah Jung, 1981, Model
Leandro Damiao, 1989, Soccer Player
Lerato Kganyago, 1982, TV Show Host
Lonette McKee, 1954, Jazz Singer
Louis Harvey, 1820, Politician
Louise Fletcher, 1934, Movie Actress
Luis Morrison, 1994, Reality Star
Madison Pettis, 1998, Movie Actress
Marco Benevento, 1977, Pianist
Margaret Whiting, 1924, Country Singer
Maria GentleWhispering, 1986, YouTube Star
Mark Hominick, 1982, MMA Fighter
Matt Done, 1988, Soccer Player
Matty James, 1991, Soccer Player
Maxine McKew, 1953, Politician
Mazhar Kaleem, 1942, Novelist
Melanie Maher, 1987, Pop Singer
Meredith Marakovits, 1983, Journalist
Mireille Mathieu, 1946, Pop Singer
Mukesh, 1923, World Music Singer
Nancy Dow, 1936, Family Member
Neil Welliver, 1929, Painter
Nia Amey, 1983, Family Member
Nia Riley, 1989, Reality Star
Nikki Boyer, 1975, TV Show Host
Nikki Lilly, 2004, YouTube Star
Nikolai Krogius, 1930, Chess Player
Nikos Ganos, 1985, R&B Singer
Nina Moric, 1976, Model
Nova Rockafeller, 1988, Pop Singer
Olivia Herdt, 2000, Model
Orson Bean, 1928, Movie Actor
Oscar de la Renta, 1932, Fashion Designer
Otto Waalkes, 1948, Comedian
Pancho Barnes, 1901, Pilot
Parker Schnabel, 1994, Reality Star
Pat Badger, 1967, Bassist
Patrick Labyorteaux, 1965, TV Actor
Paul Moer, 1916, Pianist
Paul Schrader, 1946, Director
Pauline Pfeiffer, 1895, Journalist
Petey Pablo, 1973, Rapper
PL Cloutier, 1990, YouTube Star
Quincy Troupe, 1939, Poet
Raja Syahiran, 1993, Instagram Star
Rena Owen, 1962, Movie Actress
Rhys Ifans, 1967, Movie Actor
Richard Bennett, 1951, Guitarist
Richard Bey, 1951, TV Show Host
Rob Estes, 1963, TV Actor
Rob Johnson, 1982, Baseball Player
Roger Aderholt, 1965, Politician
Romualdas Marcinkus, 1907, Pilot
Ron Turcotte, 1941, Horse Jockey
Ronny Weller, 1969, Weight Lifter
Rose Kennedy, 1890, Politician
Rufus Wainwright, 1973, Opera Singer
Ryan Dolan, 1985, Pop Singer
Ryan Vogelsong, 1977, Baseball Player
Ryen Lung, 1988, YouTube Star
Sam Bowden, 1993, Guitarist
Sarina Jassy, 2000, Dancer
Scott Dixon, 1980, Race Car Driver
SE Hinton, 1948, Young Adult Author
Sean Lee, 1986, Football Player
Selena Gomez, 1992, Pop Singer
Selman Waksman, 1888, Scientist
Sergei Zubov, 1970, Hockey Player
Sevadus, 1987, Twitch Star
Shafer Tasso, 1996, Guitarist
Sharni Vinson, 1983, Movie Actress
Shawn Chrystopher, 1986, Rapper
Shawn Michaels, 1965, Wrestler
Skyler Gisondo, 1996, TV Actor
Soargaming, 1995, YouTube Star
Sonija Kwok, 1974, TV Actress
Sonya Isaacs, 1974, Country Singer
Stanley Amor, 1887, Cricket Player
Stephen Mangan, 1972, Movie Actor
Stephen Vincent Benet, 1898, Novelist
Steve Albini, 1962, Guitarist
Steven Jackson, 1983, Football Player
Stevie Johnson, 1986, Football Player
Stewart Downing, 1984, Soccer Player
Stewart St. John, 1956, Screenwriter
Tablo, 1980, Rapper
Terence Stamp, 1938, Movie Actor
Terence Stamp, 1938, Movie Actor
Terrell Tilford, 1969, TV Actor
The Fabulous Moolah, 1923, Wrestler
The Fabulous Moolah, 1923, Wrestler
Tia London, 1988, R&B Singer
Tiger Lily Hutchence, 1996, Family Member
Tim Brown, 1966, Football Player
Tom Robbins, 1932, Novelist
Tom Wallisch, 1987, Skier
Tony Jannus, 1889, Pilot
Torben Grael, 1960, Sailor
Toya, 1983, R&B Singer
Trent Boult, 1989, Cricket Player
Tyler Latham, 1993, eSports Player
Tyler White, 1998, YouNow Star
Ursula Askham Fanthorpe, 1929, Poet
Vernetta Lopez, 1973, TV Actress
Vivien Merchant, 1929, Stage Actress
Willem Dafoe, 1955, Movie Actor
Yasuei Yakushiji, 1968, Boxer
Yazmin Cantu, 1995, Soccer Player
Yukiko Ueno, 1982, Softball Player
Yusuke Fujimoto, 1975, Boxer
Zubir Said, 1907, Composer


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