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July 20 Famous Birthdays

July 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on July 20, the Cancer personality usually is a fair person and he or she wants to be treated fairly as well especially when it comes to a job or occupation. Money is a great source of survival. While this is true, they would prefer a job that gives them stability and a good feeling when they go home at night.

July 20 famous celebrities are determined to earn the respect of their peers and make a name for themselves. Normally, they like nice things… very nice things. Just because they are the way they are, people like their flexible attitude. They are generous beyond expectations.


But as a downfall, they can be pig headed. They hold to some things and won’t let go of them. In order for any plant to grow, you have to attend to its roots and soil. They are no different. Don’t be timid. However, famous people born on July 20th also could be accused of being an obsessive individual. This could be a bad trait or a good one.


July 20th famous born are a Cancer zodiac person who would prefer a professional and stimulating position. As a stimulus, they look for personal gratification rather than salary in a career. Above all, they want privacy and respect.


July 20th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 July Good Traits:

  • Generous
  • Cooperative
  • Admirable
  • Persistent
  • Sensitive
  • Adaptable
  • Practical
  • Consistent

20 July Bad Traits:

  • Obstinate
  • Obsessive
  • Fixated
  • Clingy
  • Extravagant
  • Stressed
  • Awkward

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July 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aanysa, 1999, Pop Singer
Aaron Simpson, 1974, MMA Fighter
Abdul Jerri, 1932, Scientist
Adam Godley, 1964, Movie Actor
Adam Rose, 1979, Wrestler
Agam Darshi, 1982, TV Actress
Agneta Sjodin, 1967, TV Show Host
Aimee Mullins, 1976, Model
Akihiro Hino, 1968, Entrepreneur
Alan Stephenson Boyd, 1922, Lawyer
Alberto Santos Dumont, 1873, Pilot
Alec Burks, 1991, Basketball Player
Alex Evans, 1989, Model
Alex Yoong, 1976, Race Car Driver
Alexis Simone, 2000, YouNow Star
Aliki Vougiouklaki, 1933, Movie Actress
Alison Fernandez, 2005, TV Actress

Alycia Debnam-Carey, 1993, TV Actress
Amado Vargas, 2000, Boxer
Amphol Lumpoon, 1963, Movie Actor
Andrea Phillips, 1974, Game Designer
Andreas Krieger, 1966, Shot Putter
Andrew Shaw, 1991, Hockey Player
Andrew Stockdale, 1976, Guitarist
Annalia Carole, 2002, YouTube Star
Annie Jaffrey, 1989, YouTube Star
Annie Lederman, 1983, Comedian
Anthony Robles, 1988, Wrestler
Anthony Shriver, 1965, Activist
Antoine Vermette, 1982, Hockey Player
Anton Du Beke, 1966, Dancer
Arnold Fishkind, 1919, Bassist
Artur Taymazov, 1979, Wrestler

Audrey Goh, 1991, YouTube Star
Barbara Mikulski, 1936, Politician
Ben Cockayne, 1983, Rugby Player
Ben Simmons, 1996, Basketball Player
Bengie Molina, 1974, Baseball Player
Billy Mays, 1958, Entrepreneur
BJ Anthony, 1988, Basketball Player
Bradley Mitchell, 1988, Reality Star
Brent Wilson, 1987, Bassist
Brian Carroll, 1981, Soccer Player
Brian Falkner, 1962, Young Adult Author
Brooke Candy, 1989, Rapper
Buddy Knox, 1933, Rock Singer
Butch Baird, 1936, Golfer
Carl Dean, 1942, Family Member
Carlos Alazraqui, 1962, Comedian
Carlos Santana, 1947, Guitarist
Caroline Corinth, 1994, Model
Casey Wiegmann, 1973, Football Player
Chance Combs, 2006, Family Member
Charlie Korsmo, 1978, Movie Actor
Charlie Magri, 1956, Boxer
Chris Cornell, 1964, Rock Singer

Chuck Daly, 1930, Basketball Coach
Cindy Walker, 1918, Country Singer
Clarendon Worrell, 1853, Religious Leader
Claudine Barretto, 1979, TV Actress
Claudio Reyna, 1973, Soccer Player
Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick, 1972, Pop Singer
Colton Glenn, 2001, YouTube Star
Corey Bonalewicz, 1988, DJ
Corey Smith, 1979, Country Singer
Cormac McCarthy, 1933, Novelist
Courtney Knox, 1996, Model
Courtney Taylor-Taylor, 1967, Rock Singer
Damian Sanders, 1988, YouTube Star
Damien Delaney, 1981, Soccer Player
Dan Rooney, 1932, Politician
Dan Shaughnessy, 1953, Journalist
Dannion Brinkley, 1950, Autobiographer
Dave Revsine, 1969, Sportscaster

Dayang Nurfaizah, 1981, R&B Singer
Dean Winters, 1964, TV Actor
Dee Roscioli, 1977, Stage Actress
Denzel Harris, 1995, Vine Star
Diana Rigg, 1938, Movie Actress
Dino, 1963, Rock Singer
DJ Delz, 1982, YouTube Star
DJ Screw, 1971, DJ
DJ Williams, 1982, Football Player
Doc Cramer, 1905, Baseball Player
Dominic Roque, 1990, TV Actor
Donna Dixon, 1957, TV Actress
Dwayne Wayans, 1956, Composer
Dwight E. Beach, 1908, War Hero
Dylan Davis, 1993, Baseball Player
Ed Henry, 1971, News Anchor
Elijah Connor, 1988, Pop Singer
Ella Ballentine, 2001, TV Actress
Elle Walker, 1981, YouTube Star
Ellie Downie, 1999, Gymnast
Elliott Yamin, 1978, Pop Singer
Enrique Peña Nieto, 1966, World Leader
Erica Hill, 1976, News Anchor
Ernest Giles, 1835, Explorer
Ernie Wilkins, 1919, Saxophonist
Filthy Frank, 1995, YouTube Star
Floyd Collins, 1887, Explorer
Frank Whaley, 1963, Movie Actor
Frantz Fanon, 1925, Philosopher
Gamer55561, 1993, YouTube Star
Genna Florence, 2012, Family Member
George Landerkin, 1839, Doctor
Gerd Binnig, 1947, Scientist
Giorgio Morandi, 1890, Painter
Gisele Bundchen, 1980, Model
Gregor Mendel, 1822, Scientist
Haakon Crown Prince of Norway, 1973, Royalty
Harley Morenstein, 1985, YouTube Star
Hazel Hawke, 1929, Political Wife
Heinie Manush, 1901, Baseball Player
Henry Dumas, 1934, Poet
Howard Thurston, 1869, Magician
Ishibashi Ryo, 1956, Movie Actor
Jack Glasscock, 1857, Baseball Player
Jaclyn Hill, 1990, YouTube Star
Jacob Ford, 1983, Football Player
Jacob Fu, 1983, YouTube Star
Jacquian Williams, 1988, Football Player
Jake Fox, 1982, Baseball Player
Jake Scott, 1945, Football Player
James Harris, 1947, Football Player
James Mackay, 1984, Movie Actor
Jan Meyers, 1928, Politician
Jared Connaughton, 1985, Runner
Jay Barker, 1972, Football Player
Jay Jay French, 1952, Guitarist
Jeff Carlson, 1953, Hockey Player
Jeff Rawle, 1951, TV Actor
Jeffrey M. Friedman, 1954, Scientist
Jerome Preston Bates, 1954, TV Actor
Jerry Desmonde, 1908, Movie Actor
Jimmy Carson, 1968, Hockey Player
Jimmy Kennedy, 1902, Songwriter
Jin Goo, 1980, Movie Actor
John Davis, 1954, Film Producer
John Francis Daley, 1985, TV Actor
John Moustis, 1992, Reality Star
John Reith, 1889, Entrepreneur
John Steadman, 1909, Movie Actor
John Swift, 1994, Instagram Star
Joon Park, 1969, Pop Singer
Jordan Gross, 1980, Football Player
Jose Erick Correa, 1992, Soccer Player
Joseph Bathanti, 1953, Poet
Josh Abbott, 1969, Country Singer
Josh Holloway, 1969, TV Actor
Josh Macintyre, 1994, Drummer
Joshua Clayton, 1744, Politician
Jovani Jara, 1999, YouNow Star
Juan Vucetich, 1858, Law Enforcement Officer
Judy Greer, 1975, Movie Actress
Julian Jara, 1999, YouNow Star
Julian Rhind-tutt, 1968, TV Actor
Julianne Hough, 1988, Dancer
Kate Ryan, 1980, Pop Singer
Katie Sky, 1989, Pop Singer
Katrina Pierson, 1976, Activist
Kayla TheSkype111, 1999, YouTube Star
Keaton Simons, 1978, Pop Singer
Keiko Matsuzaka, 1952, Movie Actress
Keith Scott, 1954, Guitarist
Kelley Baker, 1956, Screenwriter
Ken Todd, 1945, Reality Star
Kiki Musampa, 1977, Soccer Player
Kim Carnes, 1945, Pop Singer
Kira Kazantsev, 1991, Model
Kool G Rap, 1968, Rapper
Kyra Sundance, 1970, Non-Fiction Author
Landon Jacobs, 1990, Pop Singer
Larry Craig, 1945, Politician
Larry Levan, 1954, DJ
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1895, Painter
Laura Keene, 1826, Business Executive
Lauren Suthers, 2000, Pop Singer
Leah Miller, 1981, TV Show Host
Lee Garlington, 1953, TV Actress
Leighanne Littrell, 1969, Movie Actress
Linda Mertens, 1978, Rock Singer
Lisa Oz, 1963, Non-Fiction Author
Logan Guleff, 2002, Chef
Lola Albright, 1925, Movie Actress
Lovemore Madhuku, 1966, Politician
Lucas Digne, 1993, Soccer Player
Lucien Goldmann, 1913, Philosopher
Maia Shibutani, 1994, Figure Skater
Marcus Adams, 1979, Football Player
Marko Arapovic, 1996, Basketball Player
Mathilde Goehler, 1993, Model
May Chidiac, 1964, TV Show Host
Michael Park, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Mike Ilitch, 1929, Entrepreneur
Mike Kennerty, 1980, Guitarist
Mike Sweeney, 1973, Baseball Player
Miklos Feher, 1979, Soccer Player
Miranda Ibanez, 1994, YouTube Star
Moira Harris, 1954, Movie Actress
Mr. Polska, 1989, Rapper
Muse Watson, 1948, Movie Actor
Nam June Paik, 1932, Multimedia Artist
Naseeruddin Shah, 1950, Movie Actor
Natalie Wood, 1938, Movie Actress
Niall McGinn, 1987, Soccer Player
Nick Falcon, 1968, Guitarist
Olcay Gulsen, 1980, Fashion Designer
Omar Epps, 1973, TV Actor
Osric Chau, 1986, TV Actor
Paddy Graham, 1995, R&B Singer
Paige Hurd, 1992, TV Actress
Paola Longoria, 1989,
Pat Healy, 1983, MMA Fighter
Pat Neely, 1964, TV Show Host
Paul Cook, 1956, Drummer
Paulette Bourgeois, 1951, Children’s Author
Pavel Datsyuk, 1978, Hockey Player
Percy Daggs III, 1982, TV Actor
Peter Forsberg, 1973, Hockey Player
Petrarch, 1304, Poet
Pierre Vogel, 1978, Boxer
Quinton Carter, 1988, Football Player
Radney Foster, 1959, Country Singer
Rajendra Kumar, 1929, Movie Actor
Randal Kleiser, 1946, Director
Ray Allen, 1975, Basketball Player
Raymart Santiago, 1976, Movie Actor
Rayver Cruz, 1989, TV Actor
Reed Diamond, 1967, TV Actor
Riky Rick, 1987, Rapper
Roberto Orci, 1973, Screenwriter
Rodney Roldan, 1977, TV Actor
Roger Hunt, 1938, Soccer Player
Rory Jennings, 1983, TV Actor
Rory Macdonald, 1989, MMA Fighter
Rosie Smith, 1983, Rock Singer
Roy Skelton, 1931, Voice Actor
Ryan Decenzo, 1986, Skateboarder
Sally Ann Howes, 1930, Movie Actress
Sandra Oh, 1971, TV Actress
Sara Snow, 1976, TV Show Host
Scott Fisher, 1963, Basketball Player
Scout LaRue Willis, 1991, Movie Actress
Sebastiano Rossi, 1964, Soccer Player
Simon Rex, 1974, Movie Actor
Simone Vaturi, 1988, Figure Skater
Sinead Michael, 1998, TV Actress
Sir Edmund Hillary, 1919, Mountain Climber
Skyler Maxon, 1989, TV Actor
Solenn Heussaff, 1985, TV Show Host
Solomon March, 1994, Soccer Player
Sophia Black, 1995, Pop Singer
Stephen Strasburg, 1988, Baseball Player
Steve Cotterill, 1964, Soccer Player
Steven Adams, 1993, Basketball Player
Stone Gossard, 1966, Guitarist
Sue Ramirez, 1996, TV Actress
Susan Morgan, 1957, Novelist
Susana Werner, 1977, TV Actress
Tantoo Cardinal, 1950, Movie Actress
Taryne Renee, 1987, YouTube Star
Terri Irwin, 1964, Family Member
TG Sheppard, 1944, Country Singer
Thomas Berger, 1924, Novelist
Thomas Crean, 1877, Explorer
Thomas Friedman, 1953, Journalist
Thomas Smagge, 1991, YouTube Star
Timothy Ferriss, 1977, Entrepreneur
Tobi Vail, 1969, Drummer
Tomas Johansson, 1962, Wrestler
Tommy Prothro, 1920, Football Coach
Tony Oliva, 1938, Baseball Player
Troy Smith, 1984, Football Player
Valentin Brunn, 1994, DJ
Verna Felton, 1890, Voice Actor
Vic, 1987, Rapper
Victoria Stilwell, 1969, TV Show Host
Wendy Richard, 1943, Soap Opera Actress
Wiley Blount Rutledge, 1894, Supreme Court Justice
Zyra Banez, 1995, Illustrator


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