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January 27 Famous Birthdays

January 27 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with famous people born on January 27, it’s likely that you are an Aquarius who are inclined to be sensitive. It’s easy for someone to hurt your feelings but you still treat others with respect. You maintain your standards and value people.

Famous people born on January 27 know that life has its ups and downs and embrace either change. Normally, those born on this day are happy go lucky people. They are attractive with a sense of humor and who will likely succeed in their career.


When it comes down to it, they know how to stand their ground and make their voice be heard. Family ties are significant to them and a critical part of their reason to maintain a certain level of prosperity.


When it comes to love or to friendships, famous people born on January 27 do not like drama. This is one way to run them off. In matters where health is concerned, they may benefit from a natural resource rather than from prescription or over the counter medicines.

The famous birthday analysis for those born on January 27th states that they appear to be intellectually strong but actually, they are vulnerable. Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are ethical and prudent.


January 27th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

27th January Good Traits:

  • Polite
  • Grounded
  • Impeccable
  • Intelligent

27th January Bad Traits:

  • Adamant
  • Vulnerable
  • Unyielding
  • Suspicious

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January 27th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdoulie Mansally, 1989, Soccer Player
Adam Brand, 1970, Country Singer
Ahn Jung-hwan, 1976, Soccer Player
Ailes Gilmour, 1912, Dancer
Al Johnson, 1979, Football Player
Alan Cumming, 1965, TV Actor
Alan Gratz, 1972, Young Adult Author
Alex Hayes, 1998, Instagram Star
Alex Monner, 1995, TV Actor
Alex Norton, 1950, Movie Actor
Alexis Starr, 1998, Vine Star
Alice Burdeu, 1988, Model

Anais Gallagher, 2000, Family Member
Andi Osho, 1973, Comedian
Andrei Pavel, 1974, Tennis Player
Andres Gil, 1990, Model
Andrey Yanyuk, 1992, eSports Player
Andy Ackroyd, 1989, Drummer
Anna Russett, 1992, YouTube Star
Anthony Pettis, 1987, MMA Fighter
Arpad Busson, 1963, Entrepreneur
Art Rooney, 1901, Sports Executive
Ashley Molina, 1994, Model
Astrid Sartiasari, 1982, Pop Singer
Ben Baller, 1973, Music Producer
Ben Te’o, 1987, Rugby Player
Benay Venuta, 1910, Stage Actress

january-27-famous-birthdaysBethany Zion, 1987, YouTube Star
Bibi Gaytán, 1972, TV Actress
Billy Johnson, 1952, Football Player
Bob Mintzer, 1953, Saxophonist
Bobby Bland, 1930, Blues Singer
Bobby Deol, 1967, Movie Actor
Boris Shakhlin, 1932, Gymnast
Braeden Lemasters, 1996, Movie Actor
Brendan Dooling, 1990, TV Actor
Brian OLeary, 1940, Scientist
Brian OLeary, 1940, Scientist
Brian Rix, 1924, Movie Actor
Bridget Fonda, 1964, Movie Actress
Brittany Mullins, 1988, Family Member
Brooke Butler, 1989, TV Actress

Bruce Gradkowski, 1983, Football Player
Buddy DeSylva, 1895, Songwriter
Caroline Tucker, 1998, YouTube Star
Chaminda Vaas, 1974, Cricket Player
Chaz Bling, 1992, Rapper
Chris Rose, 1971, Sportscaster
Cris Collinsworth, 1959, Football Player
Daisy Lowe, 1989, Model
Dan Eckman, 1984, Screenwriter
Daniel Vettori, 1979, Cricket Player
Danielle Renaee, 1999, Star
Danny Le, 1993, Twitch Star
Darrin Bell, 1975, Cartoonist
Davetta Sherwood, 1984, TV Actress
David Juarez, 1998, YouNow Star
DC Heat, 2001, YouTube Star
Derek Acorah, 1950, TV Show Host

Deric Ruttan, 1972, Country Singer
Diamond White, 1990, Reality Star
Dillon Juarez, 1998, YouNow Star
DJ Shiftee, 1986, Music Producer
Donna Reed, 1921, Movie Actress
Dorothy Wang, 1988, Reality Star
Duraid Lahham, 1934, Comedian
Ed Schultz, 1954, Radio Host
Edouard Lalo, 1823, Composer
Edward Smith, 1850,
Elmore James, 1918, Guitarist
Emmanuel Pahud, 1970, Flute Player
Eos Counsell, 1976, Violinist
Eric Ochoa, 1986, YouTube Star
Eric Radford, 1985, Figure Skater
Esteban Edward Torres, 1930, Politician
Ethan Burgess, 1983, Figure Skater
Fabian Orellana, 1986, Soccer Player
Fann Wong, 1971, Movie Actress
Felix Candela, 1910, Architect
Fiorella Migliore, 1989, Model
Florin Piersic, 1936, Movie Actor
Francis Drake, 1540, Explorer
Frank Miller, 1957, Cartoonist
Frank Nitti, 1886, Criminal
Frankie Albert, 1920, Football Player
Fred Taylor, 1976, Football Player
Fritz Pollard, 1894, Football Coach
Gavin Floyd, 1983, Baseball Player
GE Smith, 1952, Guitarist
Gerry Day, 1922, Screenwriter
Gillian Gilbert, 1961, Guitarist
Glenn Taranto, 1959, Movie Actor
Greg Klazura, 1989, Soccer Player
Guillermo Rodriguez, 1971, TV Actor
Hailey Stitz, 1997, Family Member
Haley Wight, 1996, YouTube Star
Hannah Teter, 1987, Snowboarder
Hans Berliner, 1929, Chess Player
Harrison Reed, 1995, Soccer Player
Harry Hurwitz, 1938, Screenwriter
Harry Mattison, 1948, Photographer
Harry Ruby, 1895, screenwriter
Heather Nauert, 1970, TV Show Host
Heather Parisi, 1960, Dancer
Hesham Selim, 1958, Movie Actor
Howard McNear, 1905, TV Actor
Hyman G. Rickover, 1900, Scientist
Iain Stirling, 1988, Comedian
Ian Morris, 1960, Teacher
Igor Kluvanek, 1931, Scientist
Ilya Ehrenburg, 1891, Journalist
Isabella Tena, 2007, TV Actress
Jack Brymer, 1915, Clarinet Player
Jacob Peterson, 1986, Soccer Player
Jake Pavelka, 1978, Reality Star
James Cromwell, 1940, Movie Actor
James Ehnes, 1976, Violinist
James Nolan, 1977, Runner
Janick Gers, 1957, Guitarist
Jean-Philippe Collard, 1948, Pianist
Jeannie Epper, 1941, Movie Actress
Jennifer LB Leese, 1970, Children’s Author
Jeremy Hansen, 1976, Astronaut
Jerome Kern, 1885, Composer
Jerry Buss, 1933, Entrepreneur
Jessica Dime, 1986, Reality Star
Joe Sirois, 1972, Drummer
Johan Petro, 1986, Basketball Player
John Buccigross, 1966, Sportscaster
John Mica, 1943, Politician
John Ogdon, 1937, Pianist
John Roberts, 1955, Supreme Court Justice
John Witherspoon, 1942, TV Actor
Joseph Birdsong, 1988, YouTube Star
Josh Randall, 1972, TV Actor
Joyce Compton, 1907, Movie Actress
Juan Alvarez, 1790, War Hero
Julian Goins, 1993, Rapper
Julian Reed, 1936, Politician
Julio Teheran, 1991, Baseball Player
Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1859, Royalty
Kate Wolf, 1942, Folk Singer
Kathleen Fuentes, 1992, YouTube Star
Katie Waissel, 1986, Pop Singer
Katrina Gamo, 1993, Model
Keith Olbermann, 1959, TV Show Host
Keith Wood, 1972, Rugby Player
Ken Sugimori, 1966, Game Designer
Kevin Denney, 1978, Country Singer
Kristi Toliver, 1987, Basketball Player
Kylie Sparks, 1987, TV Actress
Lauren Stoner, 1984, Reality Star
Learned Hand, 1872, Politician
Ledger Gibbs, 1996, YouTube Star
Lewis Carroll, 1832, Novelist
Lil Flash, 1996, Rapper
Lily Donaldson, 1987, Model
Liu Wen, 1988, Model
LobosJR, 1987, Twitch Star
Logan Moreau, 2012, TV Actor
Lukijan Musicki, 1777, Poet
Lupe Fuentes, 1987, DJ
Mackenzie Johnson, 1993, YouTube Star
Mairead Maguire, 1944, Civil Rights Leader
Malina Joshi, 1988, Model
Marat Safin, 1980, Tennis Player
Margo Timmins, 1961, Rock Singer
Mark Moraghan, 1963, TV Actor
Mark Owen, 1972, Pop Singer
Matt Perry, 1977, Rugby Player
Matt Sanchez, 1986, Drummer
Matt Stover, 1968, Football Player
Matthew Stark, 1930, Civil Rights Leader
Megan Abrigo, 1988, Model
Megan Drust, 1985, Movie Actress
Melissa Walton, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Michael Craig, 1928, Movie Actor
Michael McKillop, 1990, Runner
Mike Angelo Perez, 1990, Boxer
Mike Patton, 1968, Metal Singer
Mikhail Baryshnikov, 1948, Dancer
Mimi Rogers, 1956, Movie Actress
Minnesota, 1989, DJ
Mirjam Ott, 1972, Curler
Moana Carcasses Kalosil, 1963, World Leader
Mohamed Al-Fayed, 1929, Entrepreneur
Mordecai Richler, 1931, Screenwriter
Narciso Rodriguez, 1961, Fashion Designer
Niana Guerrero, 2006, Dancer
Nick Mason, 1944, Drummer
Nicole Skyes, 1993, YouTube Star
Nicole Warne, 1987, Blogger
Noah Schnacky, 1997, TV Actor
Ole Einar Bjorndalen, 1974, Biathlete
Patrice Brisebois, 1971, Hockey Player
Patton Oswalt, 1969, TV Actor
Paul Mitchell, 1936,
Paul Murphy, 1989, Hurler
Pedro Juan Gutierrez, 1950, Novelist
Penny Chenery, 1922, Horse Jockey
Petar Grgec, 1933, Painter
Peter Haggstrom, 1976, Long Jumper
Peter Laird, 1954, Cartoonist
Phil Stong, 1899, Novelist
Philip Caldwell, 1920, Entrepreneur
Philip Rosenthal, 1960, Screenwriter
Phillip Wampler, 1999, TV Actor
Ralph Modjeski, 1861, Engineer
Rashidah Ali, 1984, Reality Star
Raz Fresco, 1995, Rapper
Rebecca Judd, 1983, Model
Renaud Capucon, 1976, Violinist
Rhys Evans, 1982, Soccer Player
Richard Bentley, 1662, Teacher
Richard Bremmer, 1953, Movie Actor
Ricky van Wolfswinkel, 1989, Soccer Player
Robbie Earle, 1965, Soccer Player
Robert Trehy, 1921, Opera Singer
Robert Yates, 1738, Politician
Rosamund Pike, 1979, Movie Actress
Ross Bagdasarian Sr., 1919, Pianist
Roxane Duran, 1993, Movie Actress
Roy Fegan, 1961, Movie Actor
Ruben Amorim, 1985, Soccer Player
Ruby Lin, 1976, TV Actress
Rucka Rucka Ali, 1987, Pop Singer
Rupert Boneham, 1964, Reality Star
Ryan McLoughlin, 1994, Pop Singer
Sabu Dastagir, 1924, Movie Actor
Sameer Dattani, 1982, Movie Actor
Samuel Palmer, 1805, Painter
Sean Phillips, 1965, Comic Book Artist
Seth Russell, 1994, Football Player
Shreyas Talpade, 1976, Movie Actor
Skitch Henderson, 1918, Pop Singer
Soong Ching-ling, 1893, Politician
Squeezie, 1996, YouTube Star
Stevan Ridley, 1989, Football Player
Steve Wynn, 1942, Entrepreneur
Steven Chevrin, 1993, Model
Stewart Raffill, 1942, Screenwriter
Susan Aglukark, 1967, World Music Singer
Susanna Thompson, 1958, TV Actress
Susanne Blakeslee, 1956, Voice Actor
Tam Oshaughnessy, 1952, Teacher
Tamera Foster, 1997, Pop Singer
Tamlyn Tomita, 1966, Movie Actress
Tony Friend, 1986, DJ
Tony Woodcock, 1981, Rugby Player
Tracy Lawrence, 1968, Country Singer
Tricky, 1968, Music Producer
Troy Donahue, 1936, Movie Actor
Vern Cotter, 1962, Rugby Player
Viet Pham, 1979, Chef
Vikram Bhatt, 1969, Director
Vincent Herbert, 1969, Music Producer
Vincent M. Ward, 1971, TV Actor
William Davies Evans, 1790, Chess Player
Willie Revillame, 1961, TV Show Host
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 1756, Composer
Woody Austin, 1964, Golfer
Wynne Evans, 1972, Opera Singer
Xyriel Manabat, 2004, TV Actress
Yaya Sanogo, 1993, Soccer Player
Zbigniew Rybczynski, 1949, Director


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