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January 28 Famous Birthdays

January 28 Famous Birthdays

Do you know of other famous January 28 birthdays? IF YOU ARE BORN ON JANUARY 28, you could be an Aquarian who is temperamental. When you feel that your freedom may be restricted, you find ways to break free of those chains.

Normally, famous people born on January 28 have their mind on money and have a quest to secure immediate and future success. Conflicts only disturb their peace of mind but no worries, they will be okay. When this happens, they are known to withdraw momentarily but bounce back quickly.


Famous people born on January 28 are progressive people who believe that time waits for no one. Some traditions have not changed but they don’t let that bother them as they dance to a separate and unique blend of music. They are youthful and outgoing so it is easy for most people to take a liking to them.


However, the famous birthday personality of those born on January 28 is addictive. So beware of those things that are not supportive of your dreams. Additionally, they are perhaps moody and these swings could be contagious. Be careful not to overextend mentally, physically or financially.

The famous birthday characteristics for Aquarians born on the January 28th find you to be honest, enjoyable and extremely self-assured. They exhibit signs of determination and enthusiasm.


January 28th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

28th January Good Traits:

  • Successful
  • Respectful
  • Confident
  • Enthusiastic

28th January Bad Traits:

  • Quick Tempered
  • Hostile
  • Oversensitive
  • Hasty

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January 28th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Burns, 1985, Film Producer
Abbey Scott, 1985, TV Actress
Adam Bartley, 1979, TV Actor
Adekunle Gold, 1980, R&B Singer
Adelaine Morin, 1998, YouTube Star
Adi Bielski, 1982, Movie Actress
AdrianaTeaCat, 2001, YouTube Star
Aisha Jade, 1992, Reality Star
Aka, 1988, Rapper
Alan Alda, 1936, TV Actor
Alexandra Krosney, 1988, TV Actress
Alice Neel, 1900, Painter
Andre Iguodala, 1984, Basketball Player
Andrea Berg, 1966, World Music Singer
Andrew Jack, 1944, Voice Actor

Angelique Cabral, 1979, TV Actress
Anna Gordy Gaye, 1922, Business Executive
Anthony Hamilton, 1971, Soul Singer
Anton Starkman, 2003, TV Actor
Ariel Winter, 1998, TV Actress
Arnold Mvuemba, 1985, Soccer Player
Arthur Rubinstein, 1887, Pianist
Ashley Purdy, 1984, Bassist
Athina Onassis Roussel, 1985, Family Member
Auguste Piccard, 1884, Scientist
Barbi Benton, 1950, Model
Becca Rose, 1995, YouTube Star
Benjamin Sharp, 2000, YouTube Star
Bernie Matthew, 1988, Activist
Big Freedia, 1981, Rapper

BigRedNY, 1989, YouTube Star
Billy Brownless, 1967, Australian Rules Footballer
Bob Hilliard, 1918, Songwriter
Bob Sutton, 1951, Football Coach
Brandon Guyer, 1986, Baseball Player
Brian Bilbray, 1951, Politician
Brian Fallon, 1980, Punk Singer
Calum Worthy, 1991, TV Actor
Camila Alves, 1982, Model
Carlos Slim, 1940, Entrepreneur
Carly Cristman, 1988, YouTube Star
Caroline Berg Eriksen, 1987, Blogger
Chandler Carter, 1994, Pop Singer
Chandler Crockett, 2001, YouTube Star
Charles Taylor, 1948, Politician
Charles Williams Nash, 1864, Entrepreneur
Charlie Gasparino, 1962, Journalist
Chase Miller, 1987, Race Car Driver
Chelsea Brummet, 1987, TV Actress

Chris Pfaff, 1988, Reality Star
Chris Wondolowski, 1983, Soccer Player
Claes Oldenburg, 1929, Sculptor
Colette, 1873, Novelist
Colin Campbell, 1953, Hockey Player
Connor Manning, 1993, YouTube Star
Courtney Zablocki, 1981, Luger
Creflo Dollar, 1962, Religious Leader
Cullen King, 1997, Pop Singer
Cynthia Olavarria, 1986, TV Actress
Daisy Trinidad, 1997, Instagram Star
Dan Spitz, 1963, Guitarist
Daniel Carcillo, 1985, Hockey Player
Daniel Fernandez, 1994, Magician
Daniel Manche, 1993, Soap Opera Actor

Daunte Culpepper, 1977, Football Player
Dave McClain, 1938, Football Coach
David Green, 1958, Race Car Driver
David Hilmers, 1950, Astronaut
Dick Taylor, 1943, Bassist
Diego Barrueco, 1991, Model
DJ Muggs, 1968, DJ
Donna Hay, 1971, TV Show Host
Ducky Holmes, 1869, Baseball Player
Eden Black, 1981, Wrestler
Edmund Jaeger, 1887, Scientist
Eldar Djangirov, 1987, Pianist
Electra Mustaine, 1998, Country Singer
Elijah Wood, 1981, Movie Actor
Elrey Borge Jeppesen, 1907, Pilot
Emile Habibi, 1922, Politician
Emily Piriz, 1996, Pop Singer
Ernst Lubitsch, 1892, Director
Felicia Temple, 1988, R&B Singer
Frank Darabont, 1959, Director
Frank Skinner, 1957, Comedian
Frederic Lamond, 1868, Pianist
Fredi Gonzalez, 1964, Baseball Player
Gabby Gabreski, 1919, War Hero
Gabuscus, 1986, YouTube Star
Garrett Noonan, 1991, Hockey Player
Gianluigi Buffon, 1978, Soccer Player
Gillian Vigman, 1972, TV Actress
Gregg Popovich, 1949, Basketball Coach
Guude, 1981, YouTube Star
Haila Mompie, 1974, World Music Singer
Hal Lieberman, 1947, Film Producer
Harry Corbett, 1918, Puppeteer
Harvey Cantwell, 1999, R&B Singer
Henry Brevard Davidson, 1831, War Hero
Henry Morton Stanley, 1841, Explorer
Henry VII, 1457, Royalty
Hiroshi Kamiya, 1975, Voice Actor
Hollow Da Don, 1984, Rapper
Hunter Renfroe, 1992, Baseball Player
Idris Sultan, 1993, Reality Star
J Cole, 1985, Rapper
Jack Hill, 1933, Director
Jackson Pollock, 1912, Painter
Jamie Carragher, 1978, Soccer Player
Jan Lamb, 1967, Pop Singer
Jean Piccard, 1884, Pilot
Jeanne Shaheen, 1947, Politician
Jeffrey Johnson, 1970, Movie Actor
Jennifer Ross, 1983, YouTube Star
Jeremiah Neil, 1990, Pop Singer
Jermaine Dye, 1974, Baseball Player
Jerry Andrus, 1918, Magician
Jessica Ennis-Hill, 1986, Runner
Joe Moore, 1991, Pop Singer
Joey Fatone Jr., 1977, Pop Singer
Johan Van Hulst, 1911, Politician
John Anthony Brooks, 1993, Soccer Player
John Banner, 1910, TV Actor
John Barclay, 1582, Poet
John Fabian, 1939, Astronaut
John Perkins, 1945, Non-Fiction Author
John Tavener, 1944, Composer
Jordan Harvey, 1984, Soccer Player
Jose Marti, 1853, Journalist
Josh Bredl, 1991, Wrestler
Justin Fox, 1964, Journalist
Kamil Rustam, 1962, Guitarist
Karen Lynn Gorney, 1945, Movie Actress
Kari Traa, 1974, Skier
Kathryn Morris, 1969, TV Actress
Katie Nolan, 1987, TV Show Host
Keith Hamilton Cobb, 1962, TV Actor
Keltie Knight, 1982, TV Show Host
Kill The Noise, 1981, DJ
King Tubby, 1941, Engineer
Kyle Sharp, 2000, Guitarist
Lala Lajpat Rai, 1865, Civil Rights Leader
Lee Ingleby, 1976, TV Actor
Lee Latchford-evans, 1975, Pop Singer
Leonid Kadeniuk, 1951, Astronaut
Lewis Wilson, 1920, Movie Actor
Libby Trickett, 1985, Swimmer
Linda Sanchez, 1969, Politician
Luann Lee, 1961, TV Actress
Lucas Dobre, 1999, Vine Star
Luis de Pablo, 1930, Composer
Luther Creek, 1972, Stage Actor
Lyle Overbay, 1977, Baseball Player
Magglio Ordonez, 1974, Baseball Player
Magno, 1989, Rapper
Maluma, 1994, Pop Singer
Manfred Kielnhofer, 1967, Painter
Marcus Dobre, 1999, Vine Star
Mark Madsen, 1976, Basketball Player
Mark Regan, 1972, Rugby Player
Marthe Keller, 1945, Movie Actress
Marvin Sapp, 1967, Gospel Singer
Mary Boland, 1880, Movie Actress
Mat Fraser, 1962, TV Actor
Matt Devries, 1977, Bassist
Matt Heafy, 1986, Guitarist
Max Gilardi, 1988, YouTube Star
Melody Perkins, 1974, TV Actress
Merlyn Mantle, 1932, Family Member
Michael Hastings, 1980, Journalist
Michael Head, 1900, Composer
Mihkel Veske, 1843, Poet
Mike Holoway, 1961, Drummer
Miki Sugimoto, 1953, Movie Actress
Mirjana Karanovic, 1957, Movie Actress
Misha Crosby, 1987, TV Actor
Miya George, 1992, Movie Actress
Mo Rocca, 1969, Comedian
Molly Soda, 1989, Multimedia Artist
Monifah, 1971, R&B Singer
Nadia Almada, 1977, Reality Star
Nancy Denise, 1991, Reality Star
Nick Carter, 1980, Pop Singer
Nick Murphy, 1983, YouTube Star
Nick Price, 1957, Golfer
Nicolas Sarkozy, 1955, World Leader
Omar Cook, 1982, Basketball Player
Papa Bouba Diop, 1978, Soccer Player
Patrice Motsepe, 1962, Entrepreneur
Paul Jolley, 1990, Pop Singer
Paula Diaz, 1989, Model
Pedro Mendonça Pinto, 1975, News Anchor
Peter McDonald, 1972, Movie Actor
Peter Youngblood Hills, 1978, TV Actor
Pierce Brown, 1988, Novelist
R Nicholas Burns, 1956, Teacher
Rachel Butera, 1972, Comedian
Rakim, 1968, Rapper
Rennie Harris, 1964, Dancer
Richard Glatzer, 1952, Screenwriter
Richardt Strauss, 1986, Rugby Player
Rick Ross, 1976, Rapper
Rick Warren, 1954, Novelist
Rimmel Daniel, 1991, Soccer Player
Robert Stroud, 1890, Criminal
Robert Wyatt, 1945, Drummer
Roman Kemp, 1993, Radio Host
Ronnie Scott, 1927, Saxophonist
Rosalia Mera, 1944, Entrepreneur
Rose Gray, 1939, Chef
Rowan Alexander, 1961, Soccer Player
Rudolph Van Veen, 1967, Chef
Sam McDaniel, 1886, TV Actor
Sammi Sanchez, 1998, YouTube Star
Sandy, 1983, Pop Singer
Sarah McLachlan, 1968, Pop Singer
Sarah McLachlan, 1968, Pop Singer
Seth Sinovic, 1987, Soccer Player
Shark Boy, 1975, Wrestler
Sheamus, 1978, Wrestler
Shorelle Hepkin, 1990, TV Actress
Shruti Haasan, 1986, Movie Actress
Shruti Haasan, 1986, Movie Actress
Siem de Jong, 1989, Soccer Player
Sister Souljah, 1964, Novelist
Slavica Cukteras, 1985, Pop Singer
Sonja Nuttall, 1973, Fashion Designer
Soyunpezazul, 1995, Instagram Star
Stephanie Gilmore, 1988, Surfer
Stephen Gostkowski, 1984, Football Player
Suman Kalyanpur, 1937, World Music Singer
Susan Howard, 1944, TV Actress
Takuma Sato, 1977, Race Car Driver
Terrance West, 1991, Football Player
Terri Conn, 1975, Soap Opera Actress
Tim Boetsch, 1981, MMA Fighter
Tim Flannery, 1956, Scientist
Tim Heald, 1944, Novelist
Tim Montgomery, 1975, Runner
Tom Hopper, 1985, TV Actor
Tom Neal, 1914, Movie Actor
Tom Youngs, 1987, Rugby Player
Tomokazu Miura, 1952, Movie Actor
Ty Olsson, 1974, TV Actor
Tyra Ferrell, 1962, TV Actress
Vanessa Villela, 1978, TV Actress
Vinod Khosla, 1955, Entrepreneur
Wan Zack Haikal, 1991, Soccer Player
Warrick Brownlow-Pike, 1985, Puppeteer
Will Poulter, 1993, Movie Actor
William T. Redmond, 1954, Politician
Ximena Duque, 1985, TV Actress
Ya Boy, 1984, Rapper
Yuri Sardarov, 1988, TV Actor


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