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January 21 Famous Birthdays

January 21 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birth with the famous birthday celebrities of January 21, chances are you are the popular one. They have the characteristics of being alluring and captivating.

Some people may have a different impression of famous people born on January 21. They may not want to completely understand as they may be jealous. Who wouldn’t though? The famous January 21 born have many outstanding qualities that set them apart from the rest of those born under the same zodiac sign of Aquarius.


Famous people born on January 21 are light hearted, hilarious and normally, extremely well groomed making them exceptionally good looking individuals. Besides that, they are unique and successful.

When it comes to relationships, famous people born on January 21 are confident and look for those who will compliment their life in a traditional setting. But, somehow, they seem to put up barriers between themselves and those they want to be emotionally involved with. So a relationship can end before it really begins to grow.


Famous people born on January 21 incredible but they need to relax a little more where love is concerned. They can be unconventional. Aquarius are smart and beautiful people. But famous birthdays traits for January 21 shows that they hold back many of their feelings so that nobody gets hurt.


January 21st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21st January Good Traits:

  • Magnetic
  • Fun Loving
  • Humorous
  • Lovable

21 January Bad Traits:

  • Emotional
  • Selfish
  • Resentful
  • Bitter

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January 21st Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdul Jolil, 1939, Politician
Adrian Lewis, 1985, Darts Player
Adrian Turner, 1977, Swimmer
Al Baxter, 1977, Rugby Player
Alanna Kennedy, 1995, Soccer Player
Alec Yoder, 1997, Gymnast
Alen Boksic, 1970, Soccer Player
Alex from Target, 1998, YouTube Star
Alex Koslov, 1984, Wrestler
Alex McLeish, 1959, Soccer Player
Alferd Packer, 1842, Criminal
Amin Asikainen, 1976, Boxer
Andre Martins, 1990, Soccer Player

Andy Hrovat, 1980, Wrestler
Ann Wedgeworth, 1934, TV Actress
Anthony Riley, 1987, Pop Singer
Ashton Eaton, 1988, Decathlete
Audrey Dalton, 1934, Movie Actress
Aura Dione, 1985, Pop Singer
Avery Clynes, 2003, Movie Actress
Ben Devine, 1994, Family Member
Ben Turner, 1988, Soccer Player
Benny Hill, 1924, Comedian
Bhuvan Bam, 1994, YouTube Star
Billy Ocean, 1950, R&B Singer
Booboo Stewart, 1994, Movie Actor
Brandon Bowen, 1998, Vine Star
Brandon Crawford, 1987, Baseball Player
Brayden McNabb, 1991, Hockey Player
Brian Bradley, 1965, Hockey Player
Brian O’Driscoll, 1979, Rugby Player
Brie Rippner, 1980, Tennis Player
Cat Power, 1972, Rock Singer
Catherine Siachoque, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Chad Vuitton, 1997, Instagram Star
Chanelle Peloso, 1994, TV Actress
Charles Aidman, 1925, TV Actor
Charles V of France, 1338, Royalty
Charlotte Parkes, 1994, Instagram Star
Charlotte Ross, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Chase Ross, 1991, YouTube Star
Cherith Baldry, 1947, Novelist
Chez Davis, 1993, Pop Singer
Chloe Adams, 1998, Pop Singer
Chris Hammond, 1966, Baseball Player
Christian Dior, 1905, Fashion Designer
Clementine Nzuji, 1944, Poet
Clive Churchill, 1927, Rugby Player
Cris Cab, 1993, Pop Singer
Cristobal Balenciaga, 1895, Fashion Designer
Dan Gronkowski, 1985, Football Player

Dany Heatley, 1981, Hockey Player
Darren Helm, 1987, Hockey Player
David Harris, 1984, Football Player
David Joerger, 1974, Basketball Coach
David Kitson, 1980, Soccer Player
Davis Gaines, 1959, Stage Actor
Dennise Lazaro, 1992, Volleyball Player
Detlef Schrempf, 1963, Basketball Player
Dixon Guido, 2000, Star
Dominic Smales, 1973, Business Executive
DooleyFunny, 1997, Instagram Star
Doug Weight, 1971, Hockey Player
Dylan Kussman, 1971, Movie Actor
Dymond Goods, 1996, YouTube Star
Edith Tolkien, 1889, Family Member
Edmund Lockyer, 1784, Explorer
Edson Barboza, 1986, MMA Fighter
Edvinas Krungolcas, 1973, Pentathlete
Edwin Starr, 1942, Soul Singer

Elessa Jade, 1981, YouTube Star
Eli Lewis, 1985,
Eliza R. Snow, 1804, Poet
Emma Bunton, 1976, Pop Singer
Eric Himpton Holder Jr., 1951, Politician
Eric Matheny, 1964, Movie Actor
Eric Secharia, 1992, Pop Singer
Ernst Gustav Kuhnert, 1885, Architect
Ethan Allen, 1738, Philosopher
Eva Ibbotson, 1925, Children’s Author
Fadhil Shas, 1991, Soccer Player
Felipe Neto, 1988, YouTube Star
Felix Hoffmann, 1868, Entrepreneur
Frank Ticheli, 1958, Composer
Freddie Tomlinson, 2016, Family Member
Frederick Smith, 1874, Religious Leader
Gary Locke, 1950, Politician
Geena Davis, 1956, Movie Actress
Gennaro Contaldo, 1949, Chef
George Finn, 1990, Movie Actor
George Van Biesbroeck, 1880, Scientist
George Whitcombe, 1902, Soccer Player
Gian Paolo Chiti, 1939, Composer
Gil Dobie, 1879, Football Coach
Giles Potter, 1997, Pop Singer
Gillian Chung, 1981, Pop Singer
Glaiza de Castro, 1988, Pop Singer
Goro Miyazaki, 1967, Director
Grayson Null, 1991, YouTube Star
Greg Laughlin, 1942, Politician
Gretel Ehrlich, 1946, Essayist
Grigori Rasputin, 1869, Politician
Gunnar Johansen, 1906, Pianist
Gunter Nooke, 1959, Politician
Hakeem Olajuwon, 1963, Basketball Player
Haloti Ngata, 1984, Football Player
Hazel Hayes, 1985, YouTube Star
Heather Catania, 1987, Fashion Designer
Henrikh Mkhitaryan, 1989, Soccer Player
Hugo Gonzalez, 1986, eSports Player
Ian McMillan, 1956, Poet
Ivan Putski, 1941, Wrestler
Izabella Miko, 1981, Movie Actress
J Carrol Naish, 1896, Movie Actor
Jack Nicklaus, 1940, Golfer
Jackson Brundage, 2001, TV Actor
Jacob Smith, 1990, Movie Actor
Jake Diekman, 1987, Baseball Player
Jake Irigoyen, 2004, Family Member
Jake Rudock, 1993, Football Player
Jam Master Jay, 1965, Music Producer
Jamie Ryan Dee, 1995, YouTube Star
Jared Polin, 1981, YouTube Star
Jason Moran, 1975, Pianist
Javier Calvo, 1991, TV Actor
Je’Niece McCullough, 1978, Family Member
Jeff Franklin, 1946, TV Producer
Jeff Koons, 1955, Pop Artist
Jennifer Rae Daykin, 1995, Movie Actress
Jeremy Shada, 1997, TV Actor
Jerry Trainor, 1977, TV Actor
Jill Eikenberry, 1947, TV Actress
Jim Cassidy, 1963, Horse Jockey
Jinx Falkenburg, 1919, Model
Joana Benedek, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Joe Spurgeon, 1986, Drummer
John Batman, 1801, Explorer
John C Fremont, 1813, Explorer
John DeSantis, 1977, TV Actor
John Ducey, 1969, TV Actor
John Savident, 1938, Soap Opera Actor
Jon Lundin, 1991, Drummer
Jonathan Quick, 1986, Hockey Player
Jose Ramirez, 1990, Baseball Player
Joseph Tanner, 1950, Astronaut
Jussi Selo, 1985, Rock Singer
Justin Houston, 1989, Football Player
Kalani Ahmad, 1987, Vine Star
Kang Seung-yoon, 1994, Pop Singer
Karina Lombard, 1969, Movie Actress
Karl Wallenda, 1905, Daredevil
Ken Leung, 1970, TV Actor
Kennedi Clements, 2007, Movie Actress
Kim Dotcom, 1974, Entrepreneur
Kitty Katrina, 1987, Instagram Star
Kris Stephens, 1987, Songwriter
Laura Reid, 1993, YouTube Star
Laura Robson, 1994, Tennis Player
Lee Habeeb, 1961, Music Producer
Lee Hardcastle, 1985, Animator
Lim Kim, 1994, Pop Singer
Lindsey Lamer, 2007, TV Actress
Line Brems, 1997, Model
Lola Flores, 1923, World Music Singer
Lorraine Warren, 1927,
Luke Grimes, 1984, TV Actor
Mac Davis, 1942, Country Singer
Mackenzie Clynes, 2003, Movie Actress
Mainza Chona, 1930, Politician
Marie Trintignant, 1962, Movie Actress
Marny Kennedy, 1994, TV Actress
Maroun Bagdadi, 1950, Director
Martin Bailey, 1967, Photographer
Martin Shaw, 1945, TV Actor
Maryse Ouellet, 1983, Wrestler
Matt Salmon, 1958, Politician
Matt Willig, 1969, TV Actor
Matthew Eriksson, 1994, Model
Maxime Weygand, 1867, War Hero
Melendi, 1979, Pop Singer
Michael Ricketts, 1965, Guitarist
Michael Wincott, 1958, Movie Actor
Michel Telo, 1981, World Music Singer
Miguel Luz, 1998, YouTube Star
Mike Krukow, 1952, Baseball Player
Mike Medavoy, 1941, Film Producer
Mike Taylor, 1986, Basketball Player
Ming Lee Simmons, 2000, Family Member
Mohd. Amri Yahyah, 1981, Soccer Player
Mustang Wanted, 1987, YouTube Star
Nabila Ebeid, 1945, Movie Actress
Nana Mizuki, 1980, Pop Singer
Nera Stipicevic, 1983, Pop Singer
Nick Gehlfuss, 1989, TV Actor
Nicky Butt, 1975, Soccer Player
Nicolas Mahut, 1982, Tennis Player
Nicole Janigail, 1999, Instagram Star
Nokio The N-Tity, 1979, R&B Singer
OprahSide, 1995, YouTube Star
Oren Peli, 1970, Director
Paul Allen, 1953, Entrepreneur
Paul Anthony, 1975, Movie Actor
Paul Elaisa, 1994, Swimmer
Paul Leeman, 1978, Soccer Player
Paul Scofield, 1922, Stage Actor
Peyton Hillis, 1986, Football Player
Phil Neville, 1977, Soccer Player
Phil Stacey, 1978, Country Singer
Placido Domingo, 1941, Opera Singer
Prima Vikinga, 1997, YouTube Star
Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 2004, Royalty
Rapsody, 1988, Rapper
Rein van Duivenboden, 1999, Pop Singer
Rene Iche, 1897, Sculptor
Ricardo Zamora, 1901, Soccer Player
Richard Gutierrez, 1984, TV Actor
Richard Winters, 1918, War Hero
Richie Havens, 1941, Folk Singer
Robby Benson, 1956, Voice Actor
Roger Tallibert, 1926, Architect
Rosemary Shrager, 1951, Chef
Ross Abbey, 1953, Australian Rules Footballer
Rove McManus, 1974, TV Show Host
Ryan Suter, 1985, Hockey Player
Samuel Tilden Norton, 1877, Architect
Santhanam, 1980, Comedian
Sasha Pivovarova, 1985, Model
Sean Van Der Wilt, 1988, Pop Singer
Shawn Redhage, 1981, Basketball Player
Sidney Lowe, 1960, Basketball Coach
Simon Rolfes, 1982, Soccer Player
Sinjai Plengpanich, 1965, TV Actress
Smillaminator, 1997, YouTube Star
Smith Ballew, 1902, Movie Actor
Stanley F. Schmidt, 1926, Scientist
Stephen Most, 1943, Screenwriter
Steve Reeves, 1926, Movie Actor
Sue Williamson, 1941, Photographer
Susan Moonsie, 1964, Soul Singer
Sushant Singh Rajput, 1986, Movie Actor
Taylor Metzner, 1995, Vine Star
Telly Savalas, 1922, Movie Actor
Thomas Stonewall Jackson, 1824, War Hero
Toby McDonough, 1998, Pop Singer
Tony Blankley, 1948, Activist
Travis Bryant, 1987, YouTube Star
Trey Wilson, 1948, Movie Actor
Truong Tan Sang, 1949, World Leader
Tyler Cowen, 1962, Entrepreneur
Umberto Nobile, 1885, Explorer
Vanessa Hessler, 1988, Model
Victor, 1983, Soccer Player
Viet Tran, 1992, YouTube Star
William Woodfield, 1928, Photographer
Wolfman Jack, 1938, DJ
Zach Helm, 1975, Screenwriter
Zachary Ansley, 1972, TV Actor
Zoey Diaz, 2005, TV Actress


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