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January 20 Famous Birthdays

January 20 Famous Birthdays

IF YOU ARE BORN ON JANUARY 20 like the other famous people born on January 20, you are an Aquarius with the temperament of a bull. Although they can be laid-back, they are not the one to be browbeaten. Sometimes they react rather than think about the consequences of their behavior.

Famous people born on January 20 speak their mind and will not back down from the opposing forces. This could be because of their background as they were not the same as the others and it may have affected them emotionally.


However, famous people born on January 20 are friendly. People love to be around them but when it comes to forming intimate relationships, they tend to be standoffish. Overall, they are reasonable people and have above average money making skills.


Famous birthdays of January 20 has its own charm. They like to live life slightly on the edge and they like their personal space. They don’t share their business and this makes them mysterious. To be honest, some people may feel a bit awkward by being in their presence.

If you have a birthday on the January 20th like those famous people, as a child you were an outcast. Who are born on this day have a friendly disposition. Famous Aquarius born on January 20 are respected and disciplined.


January 20th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20th January Good Traits:

  • Communicative
  • Caring
  • Logical
  • Liberal

20th January Bad Traits:

  • Intimidating
  • Rude
  • Secretive
  • Unfriendly

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January 20th Famous Birthday Personalities

Akshar Patel, 1994, Cricket Player
Akshat Chopra, 1994, Movie Actor
Alex Nicol, 1916, Movie Actor
Alex Prentice, 1993, YouTube Star
Alexander Hahn, 1993, Soccer Player
Allan Haines Loughead, 1889, Entrepreneur
Anastasia Volochkova, 1976, Dancer
Andre-marie Ampere, 1775, Mathematician
Andy Sheppard, 1957, Saxophonist
Angelica Jones, 1983, TV Actress
Ankit Mohan, 1988, TV Actor
Anson Jones, 1798, Politician
Antonio D’amico, 1959, Fashion Designer
Antony Coia, 1979, Composer

Aristotle Onassis, 1906, Entrepreneur
Arte Johnson, 1929, TV Actor
Ash Power, 1957, War Hero
Avery Phillips, 2005, TV Actress
Bailey Howell, 1937, Basketball Player
Becca Lammin, 1996, YouTube Star
Benjamin Biolay, 1973, Pop Singer
Bill Griffith, 1944, Cartoonist
Bill Maher, 1956, TV Show Host
Bill Owens, 1949, Politician
Blue Deckert, 1951, TV Actor
Bonnie McKee, 1984, Songwriter
Branka Katic, 1970, TV Actress
Brantley Gilbert, 1985, Country Singer
Brendan Fevola, 1981, Rugby Player
Brian Giles, 1971, Baseball Player
Bryan Lanning, 1990, YouTube Star
Buzz Aldrin, 1930, Astronaut
Calum Chambers, 1995, Soccer Player
january-20-famous-birthdaysCameron Lawrence, 1991, Football Player
Carl Gordon, 1932, TV Actor
Carlyle Blackwell, 1884, Movie Actor
Carol Heiss, 1940, Movie Actress
Carson Clark, 1989, Volleyball Player
Charlene Geisler, 1999, TV Actress
Charles White Whittlesey, 1884, War Hero
Christian Melendez, 1995, Instagram Star
Christopher Peterson, 1969, Criminal
Ciara Hanna, 1991, TV Actress
Cindy Prado, 1992, Model
Clarice Cliff, 1899,
Clayton Stanley, 1978, Volleyball Player
Colin Calderwood, 1965, Soccer Coach
Colleen Zenk, 1953, Soap Opera Actress
Crystal Lowe, 1981, Movie Actress
Cullen Jenkins, 1981, Football Player
Daniel Cudmore, 1981, Movie Actor
Daniel Gonthier, 1993, YouTube Star
Danny Barbosa, 1995, Instagram Star
Darren Chidgey, 1987, Model
Dave Fennoy, 1952, Voice Actor
Dave Hull, 1934, Radio Host
David Baszucki, 1963, Entrepreneur
David DeMaría, 1976, Pop Singer
David Eckstein, 1975, Baseball Player
David Lough, 1986, Baseball Player

David Lynch, 1946, Director
David Opatoshu, 1918, Screenwriter
David Tudor, 1926, Pianist
Davie Selke, 1995, Soccer Player
DeForest Kelley, 1920, TV Actor
Dena Kaplan, 1989, TV Actress
DeVante Parker, 1993, Football Player
Dilhani Ekanayake, 1973, Movie Actress
DJ Self, 1986, Reality Star
Dorothy Provine, 1935, TV Actress
Dougy Mandagi, 1980, Rock Singer
DraineoTV, 1994, YouTube Star
Eddie Kennison, 1973, Football Player
Edward Wilding, 1992, Model
Edwin McCain, 1970, Pop Singer
Ehsan Haddadi, 1985, Discus Thrower
Emil Newman, 1911, Composer
Emma Marie, 2004, YouTube Star

Enoch Johnson, 1883, Criminal
Eric Stewart, 1945, Guitarist
Erin Wasson, 1982, Model
Ernesto Cardenal, 1925, Religious Leader
Eva Jessye, 1895, Composer
Evan Peters, 1987, TV Actor
Fareed Zakaria, 1964, Journalist
FaZe Enable, 1994, eSports Player
Fazle Hussain, 1943, Scientist
Federico Fellini, 1920, Director
Federico Miranda, 1976, Guitarist
Felicitas Woll, 1980, TV Actress
Franca Sozzani, 1950, Journalist
Frances Lewine, 1921, Journalist
Francesca Buller, 1964, TV Actress
Frank Kush, 1929, Football Player
Gary Barlow, 1971, Pop Singer
George Albright, 1956, Politician
George Burns, 1896, TV Actor
George Papp, 1916, Comic Book Artist
Geovany Soto, 1983, Baseball Player
Gianni Amelio, 1945, Director
Giovanni Velluti, 1969, Pianist
Glen Meadows, 1974, TV Actor
Gokhan Tore, 1992, Soccer Player
Greg Kriesel, 1965, Bassist
Guy Helminger, 1963, Playwright
Hampus Lindholm, 1994, Hockey Player
Hannah Blair, 2000, YouTube Star
Harold Gray, 1894, Cartoonist
Harvey Fergusson, 1890, Screenwriter
Hassan Ahmed, 1990, YouTube Star
Heather Small, 1965, Dancer
Hunter Klugkist, 1996, Instagram Star
Ian Hill, 1951, Bassist
Ira Newble, 1975, Basketball Player
Isaiah Jackson, 1945, Conductor
Isaiah Silva, 1985, Family Member
Ivan Fischer, 1951, Composer
Ivy Levan, 1987, Pop Singer
Jabari Johnson, 1987, YouTube Star
Jackie Flynn, 1961, Comedian
Jahn Lemieux, 1996, Star
James Denton, 1963, TV Actor
James Genus, 1966, Bassist
Janet Hsieh, 1980, TV Show Host
Janey Godley, 1961, Comedian
Jason Richardson, 1981, Basketball Player
Jean-Jacques Perrey, 1929, Film Producer
Jeffrey Epstein, 1953, Entrepreneur
Jeremiah Trotter, 1977, Football Player
Jessie T Williams, 1999, TV Actress
Jim Keefe, 1965, Cartoonist
Jimmy Cobb, 1929, Drummer
Joe Swash, 1982, TV Actor
Joel Rifkin, 1959, Criminal
Joey Bada$$, 1995, Rapper
John Baker, 1981, Baseball Player
John Hick, 1922, Philosopher
John Michael Montgomery, 1955, Country Singer
John Naber, 1956, Swimmer
John Rodriguez, 1978, Baseball Player
Jon Gordon, 1971, Self-Help Author
Jose James, 1978, Jazz Singer
Jose Maria Gimenez, 1995, Soccer Player
Josef Hofmann, 1876, Pianist
Joseph Duggar, 1995, Reality Star
Joy Giovanni, 1982, Wrestler
Julia Morgan, 1872, Architect
Karl Anderson, 1980, Wrestler
Ken Page, 1954, Stage Actor
Kerri Kenney-Silver, 1970, TV Actress
Kevin Andrews, 1924, Novelist
Kevin Parker, 1986, Rock Singer
Kirsty Gallacher, 1976, TV Show Host
Kody Brown, 1969, Reality Star
Krishnam Raju, 1940, Movie Actor
Lead Belly, 1888, Guitarist
Leon Ames, 1902, Movie Actor
Linda Moulton Howe, 1942, Journalist
Liza Goddard, 1950, TV Actress
Lola Rae, 1991, Pop Singer
Lorenzo Lamas, 1958, TV Actor
Lubos Kubik, 1964, Soccer Player
Lucas Piazon, 1994, Soccer Player
Lydia Bright, 1990, Reality Star
Lyla Grace, 2009, YouTube Star
Maddie Wilson, 1997, Country Singer
Madhur Mittal, 1987, Movie Actor
Malek Jaziri, 1984, Tennis Player
Marco Simoncelli, 1987, Race Car Driver
Margaret Avery, 1944, Movie Actress
Maria Bethany, 1997, YouTube Star
Marie-anne Pierrette Paulze, 1758, Scientist
Mark Gottfried, 1964, Basketball Coach
Mark Malkoff, 1977, Comedian
Mark Wright, 1987, Reality Star
Marvin Benard, 1970, Baseball Player
Mathieu Muyumba, 2000, Instagram Star
Matt Albers, 1983, Baseball Player
Matt G, 1990, YouTube Star
Matthew Tuck, 1980, Metal Singer
Mazen Moadam, 1976, TV Actor
Meg Imperial, 1993, TV Actress
Melissa Rippon, 1981, Water Polo Player
Melissa Rivers, 1968, TV Actress
Michael Costello, 1983, Fashion Designer
Michael Qualls, 1994, Basketball Player
Mike Singer, 2000, Pop Singer
Mohammad Farid, 1868, Politician
Nadira Babbar, 1948, Stage Actress
Naresh, 1960, Movie Actor
Nathan Connolly, 1981, Guitarist
Nathan Strong, 1976, Rugby Player
Nia Moore, 1989, Reality Star
Nic Westaway, 1989, Soap Opera Actor
Nick Anderson, 1968, Basketball Player
Nick Foles, 1989, Football Player
Nicky Wire, 1969, Rock Singer
Nicola White, 1988, Field Hockey Player
Nigel Williams, 1948, Screenwriter
Nikki Haley, 1972, Politician
Ninjaman, 1966, DJ
Notlim Taylor, 2002, TV Actress
Olivia Hallinan, 1984, TV Actress
Omar Sy, 1978, Movie Actor
Oscar Dronjak, 1972, Guitarist
Owen Hargreaves, 1981, Soccer Player
Ozzie Guillen, 1964, Baseball Manager
Patricia Neal, 1926, Movie Actress
Paul Braddy, 1939, Politician
Paul Stanley, 1952, Guitarist
Paula Taylor, 1983, Movie Actress
Pavel Bartos, 1975, TV Actor
Peter Gregson, 1987, Composer
Pierre Aymeric, 1987, YouTube Star
Pierre Lalonde, 1941, TV Show Host
Pixie McKenna, 1971, Doctor
Prudence Farrow, 1948, Family Member
Questlove, 1971, Drummer
RA Salvatore, 1959, Novelist
Rachel Perry, 1976, TV Show Host
Rae Carruth, 1974, Criminal
Rainn Wilson, 1966, TV Actor
Rake Yohn, 1975, Reality Star
Ray Anthony, 1922, Songwriter
Renato Ibarra, 1991, Soccer Player
Reno Wilson, 1970, TV Actor
Rey Maualuga, 1987, Football Player
Richard Henry Lee, 1732, Politician
Rob Bourdon, 1979, Drummer
Robert Olen Butler, 1945, Novelist
Ron Harper, 1964, Basketball Player
Ronnie Henry, 1984, Soccer Player
Roscoe Ates, 1895, Movie Actor
Roxee B, 1985, TV Actress
Rusty Anderson, 1959, Guitarist
Ruth St. Denis, 1879, Dancer
Ryan Lindell, 1977, Football Player
Ryan Reaves, 1987, Hockey Player
Ryan Sullivan, 1975, Race Car Driver
Saadi Yacef, 1928, Civil Rights Leader
Sam Nicholson, 1995, Soccer Player
Samuel Patrick Chu, 1994, TV Actor
Sarah Webster Fabio, 1928, Poet
Scott Frerichs, 1987, Voice Actor
Serena Miller, 1950, Novelist
Shana Wilson, 1985, Gospel Singer
Shannon Tavarez, 1999, Stage Actress
Sharon Rivas, 1998, Star
Shilpa Saklani, 1982, TV Actress
Sid Wilson, 1977, DJ
Simon Stawski, 1983, YouTube Star
Skeet Ulrich, 1970, Movie Actor
Slim Whitman, 1924, Pop Singer
Sophie Countess-of-wessex, 1965, Royalty
Sophie Thompson, 1962, Movie Actress
Stacey Dash, 1967, TV Actress
Stephen Moore, 1983, Rugby Player
Tami Hoag, 1959, Novelist
Taylor J Burt, 1985, Reality Star
Tedd Arnold, 1949, Young Adult Author
Teren Mabry, 1995, Instagram Star
Teresa Bordeaux, 1991, Reality Star
Thomas Beatie, 1974, Activist
Timi Dakolo, 1981, Pop Singer
Timmy Connors, 1998, YouNow Star
Tom Baker, 1934, TV Actor
Tom Cairney, 1991, Soccer Player
Toni Gonzaga, 1984, Pop Singer
Tony Kaldas, 1984, Opera Singer
Tracii Guns, 1966, Guitarist
Tyler Knight, 1995, YouNow Star
Uncle John, 1955, YouTube Star
Victoria Asher, 1984, Pianist
Violetta Komyshan, 1996, Instagram Star
Walter Briggs Jr., 1912, Entrepreneur
Walter Piston, 1894, Composer
Wesley Fofana, 1988, Rugby Player
Will Wright, 1960, Game Designer
Will Young, 1979, Pop Singer
Xande Ribeiro, 1981, MMA Fighter
Zac Goldsmith, 1975, Politician


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