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chinese horoscope january_2020

January 2020 Chinese Horoscope Predictions

January 2020 Chinese Monthly Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Sunsigns.Org is presenting the January Chinese Monthly Horoscope for the year 2020. The predictions cover all the twelve Chinese zodiacs starting from Rat to Pig. They cover the different facets of life, such as career, finance, relationships, and health.


2020 Chinese Monthly Horoscopes (January 25, 2020 – February 22, 2020)

Rat Monthly Prediction for January 2020

rat january 2020

Rat people should be ready to face many challenges during the month as fate is not in favor of you. Professionally oriented people will have a tough time. Aged persons will not be able to withstand the pressure of work, and their health will be undermined.

Financial prospects are also under threat. Medical expenses will mount, and this will affect your financial budget negatively. You have to work harder to generate more money, and all unnecessary expenses will have to be cut. The rat will be lucky in matters of affection. They will be able to meet the right partners. Read Full 2020 Rat Yearly Prediction


Ox Monthly Prediction for January 2020

ox january 2020The Month promises to be an exceptional one for Ox persons. In matters of love, you will be fortunate. Your charisma will be great and, you will have no problem getting into love relationships with members of the opposite sex. People in confirmed relationships and married persons should avoid relationships with new persons.

Professional growth can be excellent, provided you try to have a harmonious relationship with colleagues at the workplace. Diligence will also help. You must have a plan of action for a career and follow it with concrete action. Finances will not pose any problems. Health can be tricky, and you may be prone to accidents. Read Full 2020 Ox Chinese Zodiac

Tiger Monthly Prediction for January 2020

tiger january 2020Tigers will face a lot of problems as destiny is not in their favor this month. Professional people will face a lot of hurdles in the execution of their projects. You should be prepared to face the hardships and the opposition with composure.

The financial situation will also be under stress and you cannot expect any profits from investments. In the matter of relationships, finances will play an important role. Health prospects are tentative and you should be prepared to face mishaps. Read Full Yearly 2020 Tiger Prediction


Rabbit Monthly Prediction for January 2020

rabbit january 2020Stars are extremely favorable for Rabbit individuals this month. Career professionals will get fabulous opportunities to progress in their careers. They should grab the opportunity to reach the pinnacle of success. You should try to enlist the support of your colleagues and seniors at the workplace.

Also, avoid all types of conflicts and confrontations. Finances will be exceptional. Money flow comes from the profession and other sources. You can expect salary raises on account of promotions. Rabbit s will be extremely lucky in matter of relationships. Single persons will be able to forge love relationships with persons of their choice. Health will be fantastic and there will not be any hiccups. Read Full 2020 Yearly Rabbit Astrology


Dragon Monthly Prediction for January 2020

dragon january 2020The Month of January 2020 will bring plenty of good fortune for Dragon persons in all the areas of life. Career prospects are excellent. Whatever challenges you are likely to face can be handled easily and there will be no obstruction to career growth. Financials are presenting a rosy picture and you will have plenty of money to invest in savings and shares. Returns from your investments will be handsome.

You will have plenty of opportunities to get into love relationships. Married people should avoid extra-marital flings if they want their married lives to be happy. Health will be delightful, provided you do not exert yourself too much. Read Full 2020 Dragon Zodiac

Snake Monthly Prediction for January 2020

snake january 2020Snake people can expect a month of good fortune during January 2020. Professional growth can be achieved if you have a future plan in place. Right actions will help you to achieve your dreams. Money flow will be copious and you will have surplus money to invest. However, you should not be too greedy and limit your expectations.

The month is encouraging for love relationships. People in confirmed relationships can move to the next level. The month is auspicious for marriages. Health will be quite cheerful. Read Full Yearly 2020 Snake Fortune

Horse Monthly Prediction for January 2020

horse january 2020The month of January promises to be a highly turbulent one for the Horses. Career people will fail to get the support of their colleagues and seniors at the workplace. Hence, you will have a problem executing your projects. This may affect your self-assurance and result in a health break down.

Finances are miserable, and your expenses will overtake your income. Investments will go awry and there will be large financial losses. Relationships do not present a good picture. Married people and people in relationships tend to stray. This will result in unnecessary problems and create emotional imbalance. The only thing that will help the Horse to survive is patience. Read Full 2020 Horse Luck Predictions

Sheep Monthly Prediction for January 2020

sheep january 2020Sheep individuals should brace themselves for a tough month of January 2020. All aspects of life are under the weather except relationships. Career people will face plenty of challenges in the workplace. There will be no support from the management circles and colleagues are ready to create hurdles at every step.

Financial prospects are not encouraging and you should avoid all types of speculations and investments. This is a lucky month for married persons. Single Goats will have no problem getting into love alliances. Health issues are not promising and there is a possibility of physical injuries. Read Full 2020 Sheep Chinese Predictions

Monkey Monthly Prediction for January 2020

monkey january 2020The month of January 2020 promises to be quite propitious for Monkey zodiac persons. Professional prospects are extremely good and you can expect to progress in your career. You should maintain cordial relationships with your associates and seniors. Do not get into serious confrontations and this will help you to achieve your targets.

The money flow will be generous. You should avoid risky investments to avoid financial losses. Single Monkeys will easily form love relationships. Health will be wonderful and can be enhanced with a good exercise regime. Read Full Yearly 2020 Chinese Monkey Zodiac

Rooster Monthly Prediction for January 2020

rooster january 2020Rooster people should not expect great things in the month of January 2020. Professional people will have to face many obstacles to their careers. Finances will be quite good. You will have surplus money to save and invest.

The charisma of Rooster individuals will be great. This will help single persons to charm the opposite sex easily into love relationships. Marriages can face dangers if extra-marital affairs are on the cards. Health can be maintained with proper diet and good exercise. Read Full Yearly 2020 Rooster Forecasts

Dog Monthly Prediction for January 2020

dog january 2020The month of January 2020 promises to be an excellent month for Dog individuals. Professional people will be able to impress the management with their diligence and accomplishments. This will naturally lead to promotions and pay raises.

Financial prospects are excellent and all surplus money should be invested after thorough analysis. The month is lucky for single people in matters of affection. Singles will have many chances if they look around. They may find love at the workplace or in their social circles. Health will not pose any problems this month. Read Full Yearly 2020 Dog Chinese Zodiac

Pig Monthly Prediction for January 2020

pig january 2020The month of January 2020 will be quite chaotic for Pig persons. Career prospects will be average and nothing much is expected on this front. The relationship with your spouse will be highly turbulent. You tend to spar with your partner frequently and this will affect the harmony of the family environment.

Finances will be under stress due to your extravagance. The boars should try to live within your budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. Health requires more attention and it is necessary to maintain your health with a good diet and regular exercise. Read Full 2020 Pig Prediction

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