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chinese horoscope august 2020

August 2020 Chinese Horoscope Predictions

August 2020 Chinese Monthly Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Welcome to Sunsigns.Org’s August (Month 8)2020 Chinese monthly horoscopes. This is a period of enjoyment and bonding with family and friends. Chinese August Horoscope 2020 gives you a good idea of how this month will turn out for the 12 Chinese zodiacs. Take a look at how career, finance, love, social relationships and health will turn out.


2020 Chinese Monthly Horoscopes (August 19, 2020 – September 16, 2020)

Rat Monthly Prediction for August 2020

rat august 2020

Rat will have diverse fortunes for different areas of life this month. Love relationships will be good while finances and health will face obstacles.

Career prospects are not promising. Relationship with colleagues and seniors will be quite turbulent and you will have problems achieving your targets at the workplace. You should continue to work hard and wait for good things in the future. All conflicts should be avoided.

Money flow will be good, but expenses will be more than the income.

Love relationships will be encouraging. Singles will have many opportunities to get partners of their choice.

Health will be delicate. You should focus on right diet and good relaxation to remain healthy. Read Full 2020 Rat Yearly Prediction


Ox Monthly Prediction for August 2020

ox august 2020

Ox individuals will have an average horoscope during the eighth month.

Career growth can be achieved by having good relationship with associates and seniors at the workplace. All obstacles should be overcome with patience.

On the financial front, income will be encouraging. Still you will end up with losses due to expenses and bad investments.

Relationship with your spouse will be quite volatile. Harmony can be achieved through communication and compromise.

Predictions for health are not very cheerful. You should seek prompt medical attention to remain fit. Read Full 2020 Ox Chinese Zodiac


Tiger Monthly Prediction for August 2020

tiger august 2020

Forecast for Tigers indicate a positive trend this month.

Professionals can progress well in their careers by overcoming the hurdles they face. Businessmen will succeed in their foreign ventures. Travel for professional or business purposes will be highly profitable.

Finances will be encouraging. You can expect money from unexpected sources in addition to the professional remunerations. Surplus money can be invested in business projects.

Relationships will face a few problems. You should sort out the conflicts with your spouse to keep the marriage alive.

Health can be maintained with a good fitness and diet routine. Read Full Yearly 2020 Tiger Prediction


Rabbit Monthly Prediction for August 2020

rabbit august 2020

Rabbits can expect to have an average luck during the month.

Career development will have many obstacles. It is necessary to have a harmonious working relationship with colleagues to face these challenges.

Finances will be sufficient and income from profession will be the main source. Without surplus income, investments will have to be postponed. Money can be saved by reducing the expenses.

Relationship horoscope will be wonderful. Single persons will have many opportunities to forge romantic partnerships. If you are in a committed partnership, you can move to the next level.

Health can be improved by having sufficient rest and relaxation. Read Full 2020 Yearly Rabbit Astrology

Dragon Monthly Prediction for August 2020

dragon august 2020

Fortunes for the Dragon individuals show gradual improvement during the month.

Career prospects can be improved through hard work and dedication. You should avoid all types of controversies and have pleasant relationship with colleagues at the workplace.

Finances are good and money from career will be the main source. In the absence of surplus money, there will be no possibility of savings or investments. You should avoid getting into debts.

Love relationships will face hurdles. Better relationship with your spouse can be achieved through better communication and avoiding all types of confrontations.

Health can be maintained with enough relaxation and through good food habits. Read Full 2020 Dragon Zodiac

Snake Monthly Prediction for August 2020

snake august 2020

Predictions for Snake persons indicate that the prospects for the month are not very much encouraging. Things can improve by controlling your mental stability.

Professionals can achieve excellent growth by formulating right strategies. You should try to overcome whatever obstacles you will come across through diplomacy and determination. Focus on your objectives and the results can be exceptional.

Financial horoscope is quite beneficial. Money flow will be fabulous. You can invest excess money in sound savings instruments and profitable projects. Read Full Yearly 2020 Snake Fortune

Horse Monthly Prediction for August 2020

horse august 2020

Horse persons can expect to have better luck in financial matters and love relationships during the month.

Businessmen will do well in their ventures and can generate large amount of profits. New ventures will add to the wealth. You will be able to develop a reliable customer base.

Horses will be able to mend the volatile relationships this month through better communication. You will be able to further strengthen the partnership through tact and endurance.

You should also focus on improving your social circle.

Health will be impacted by the stressful situations. Relaxation and rigorous exercise will improve your physical and mental well-being. Read Full 2020 Horse Luck Predictions

Sheep Monthly Prediction for August 2020

sheep august 2020

The forecast for Sheep individuals promises improving fortunes during the month.

Sheep persons will reach their pinnacle in career during the month with exceptional growth. You will be able to tackle the challenges with ease and will have abundant chances for growth. You should make use of these opportunities through good planning and hard work.

Finances present a rosy picture. Your income will surpass your expenses. The surplus money can be used for savings and investments.

Life with your spouse will be delightful provided you do not indulge in extra marital flings.

Health requires more care and right food habits will help immensely. Read Full 2020 Sheep Chinese Predictions

Monkey Monthly Prediction for August 2020

monkey august 2020

The future is looking up for Monkey persons during the month and you will have the support of friends and family members in your progress.

Businessmen will have many opportunities to expand their ventures and improve profits. They should focus on running their projects efficiently.

Financial horoscope predicts good income, but expenses will rise proportionately. There will not be any money left for savings or speculations.

Marital relationships will face minor hiccups due to conflicts between partners. You should not allow others to meddle in your personal life.

Health can be maintained through rest and relaxation. Read Full Yearly 2020 Chinese Monkey Zodiac

Rooster Monthly Prediction for August 2020

rooster august 2020

Roosters will have varying luck in different areas of life. Social contacts will help personal growth.

Finances will be excellent. Surplus money can be generated by cutting down the expenses. Investments will be extremely profitable and improve your wealth. Financial acumen will be wonderful and you can turn into gold whatever you touch.

Health will be delicate and you are prone to accidents. Business trips can be stressful and may impact your health considerably. Read Full Yearly 2020 Rooster Forecasts

Dog Monthly Prediction for August 2020

dog august 2020

Dogs can expect better luck in general this month.

On the professional front, they will be able to take up challenges and come out successful. They should be ready to face stiff competition at the workplace. Travel for professional as well business purposes will prove to be highly profitable. There will be promotions and financial rewards.

Singles will have good chances of getting into relationship. They may find their partners in foreign countries while on a business trip.

People in committed relationships will have good chances of getting married.

Health horoscope is excellent and no major ailments are expected.  Read Full Yearly 2020 Dog Chinese Zodiac

Pig Monthly Prediction for August 2020

pig august 2020

The overall prospects for the Pig this month promises a positive and rising trend.

Career growth will be wonderful. You are able to face the challenges efficiently and successfully. It requires hard work and optimum use of your capabilities. You will be rewarded handsomely for your success with promotions and financial rewards.

Businessmen should be wary of challenges to growth from others.

Health horoscope is particularly bad for the Pigs. You should be prepared to face all types of serious health problems. Diet and exercise will play a major role in improving your health. Read Full 2020 Pig Prediction

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