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chinese horoscope april 2020

April 2020 Chinese Horoscope Predictions

Monthly April 2020 Chinese Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

Sunsigns.Org is pleased to offer you the Chinese monthly predictions for April 2020. The forecasts cover the different areas of life such as profession, wealth, relationships and health. Get your April 2020 Chinese horoscope right away!


2020 Chinese Monthly Horoscopes (April 23, 2020 – May 22, 2020)

Rat Monthly Prediction for April 2020

rat april 2020

The month of April 2020 brings good fortune to the Rat persons. The future of health and relationships will be especially delightful during the month.

Singles will have plenty of opportunities to form romantic alliances and they may find a suitable partner. Love can be found among friends and in your social circles if you look around. Life with spouse and children can be made enjoyable if you spend time together. You should leave your office behind and focus on the requirements of the family.

Health will be excellent. But there are chances of injuries due to a mishap. Read Full 2020 Rat Yearly Prediction


Ox Monthly Prediction for April 2020

ox april 2020

Ox individuals will have a better month of April, 2020. You will have many opportunities to grow in life and it is up to you to grab the chances.

Professionals will do exceedingly well in their careers and can expect promotions and financial rewards.

Financial horoscope is excellent. In addition to income from salary, you can expect money from unanticipated sources. You will have extra money to invest as well as save.

Relationship with your spouse can be tricky. You should try to build up a good rapport by giving more time to your partner. This will make your married life more blissful. Singles will have good chances of getting into love relationships. Read Full 2020 Ox Chinese Zodiac


Tiger Monthly Prediction for April 2020

tiger april 2020

The prospects for the Tiger for the month of April, 2020 will turn out to be better. The areas of progress will be profession, health and finance.

Career growth will be good if you work hard and have good relationships at the workplace. People looking for a job change will do well to study the prospects of the new job.

Money flow will be excellent. Surplus money can be invested in short term deposits.

Life with your spouse can be enhanced with better communication and by giving quality time.

Health will be quite good. Any minor ailment can be treated with routine medical attention. Read Full Yearly 2020 Tiger Prediction


Rabbit Monthly Prediction for April 2020

rabbit april 2020

The forecast for Rabbit individuals is excellent for the month of April 2020. If they are meticulous, they can achieve all their goals easily.

Professionals can accomplish their objectives easily if they can have good relationships with associates and seniors. You should avoid all types of conflicts and focus on your work. This will give rich dividends.

Financial horoscope is excellent. You will make money from profession as well as from investments. Excess money should be invested in secured deposits and all risky ventures should be avoided.

Love relationships will be promising. Health will be good and you will have a positive and cheerful disposition. Read Full 2020 Yearly Rabbit Astrology

Dragon Monthly Prediction for April 2020

dragon april 2020

The month of April 2020 promises to be a superlative month for the year.

Professional people will make excellent progress in their careers with the cooperation of seniors and colleagues. You should maintain a cordial relationship with your associates.

Finances will be wonderful and money flow will be copious. All surplus money should be invested in profitable financial instruments.

Love horoscope does not promise great things. Singles will have to look for better opportunities. Marital life requires more attention. Read Full 2020 Dragon Zodiac

Snake Monthly Prediction for April 2020

snake april 2020

The snake will have a lucky month in April 2020. Professional life will be hectic and you have to put your best foot forward to accomplish your goals. In the end, you will be blessed with promotions and financial rewards.

Businessmen can improve their prospects with travel activities. Money will come easily and the surplus money should be invested wisely. Windfalls will add to the extra income.

Singles will have excellent opportunities to form love alliances. They should make extra effort to nurture the relationship. Read Full Yearly 2020 Snake Fortune

Horse Monthly Prediction for April 2020

horse april 2020

Horse individuals will be subjected to fluctuation of moods this month. This will have a damaging effect on personal relationships and will hurt your advancement in life.

Career horoscope presents a bleak picture. Your emotional outbursts will make the environment at the workplace highly unpleasant. This will affect your career development. Marketing professionals should exercise more care while dealing with customers.

Love relationships will require more care and attention.

You will be prone to injuries and hence more caution should be exercised during physical training. Read Full 2020 Horse Luck Predictions

Sheep Monthly Prediction for April 2020

sheep april 2020

Sheep persons will have problems in their relationships and this will make them more mature. They will try to focus on excelling in other areas.

Professional life will be full of challenges and tension for the Goats. You should try to have cordial relationships with colleagues and seniors. This will help you to make considerable progress on the career front.

The month is not auspicious for getting into romantic partnerships.

Health can be improved through relaxation. Holidaying in a scenic place and taking rest will prove beneficial. Read Full 2020 Sheep Chinese Predictions

Monkey Monthly Prediction for April 2020

monkey april 2020

Stars are extremely favorable for the prospects of Monkey individuals this month. They will make remarkable progress in their lives. You are able to achieve things easily with the cooperation of others.

The unemployed will have good opportunities to get into jobs. They should use these opportunities to improve their skills.

Finances will improve drastically and you will have abundant money for investment. You should avoid legal hassles if you want to remain wealthy.

The month is very beneficial for students and for their academic development.

Health will be good, but you should focus on eating good food. Read Full Yearly 2020 Chinese Monkey Zodiac

Rooster Monthly Prediction for April 2020

rooster april 2020

The predictions for the Rooster suggest a normal month. Roosters tend to be adamant and tense and this will affect their progress.

Professionals will fail to make good progress in their careers. They should be prepared to accept some major alterations at the workplace. Life will be hectic and they will have a problem in discharging their duties. However, with more determination and hard work, they will succeed.

Finances will be wonderful this month. Money can be made through marketing and property deals. Your income will take care of all your expenses and there will be surplus money left for investment. Read Full Yearly 2020 Rooster Forecasts

Dog Monthly Prediction for April 2020

dog april 2020

Dog Horoscope promises to be a steady month without many changes and challenges. They should focus on doing new things to progress in life.

Professionals will have an excellent month. Their work will be appreciated by the management. Relationships with colleagues and seniors will be cordial. This will help you to excel in whatever you do. Consequently, you can expect promotions and financial remunerations.

Businessmen can expect a highly profitable month. Your wealth will see phenomenal growth. You can start new ventures and make much more money. However, career-oriented people should be just happy by balancing their incomes and expenses. Read Full Yearly 2020 Dog Chinese Zodiac

Pig Monthly Prediction for April 2020

pig april 2020

The month of April, 2020 will prove to be lucky for Pig in matters of affections and finance.

Career people will face challenges at the workplace. Relationship with associates and the management will be tentative. You will not be able to complete your targets in time.

Financial horoscope for Pig promises a beneficial month. You should use the excess money for charitable purposes.

Singles will have very good opportunities for forming romantic partnerships. You will attract people with your humility and kind nature.

Health can be improved with rest and relaxation for the boars. Read Full 2020 Pig Prediction

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