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January 18 Famous Birthdays

January 18 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with famous people born on January 18, then it just may be hard for you to follow the rules. People may have a hard time understanding you as you can be painfully blunt and can be deceitful at times.

The famous Capricorn born on January 18 are not all bad. They are agreeable people when they want to be. They are particularly intelligent people who have some psychic abilities. They could be considered as eccentric individuals and are truly ambitious.


Famous people born on January 18 have an unlimited imagination that will take them far in life. They live by the rules for the most part and have a giving nature. Traditions are important to them but they are known to add a twist to things.


Additionally, because they like to plan things, this could be a good career choice. Whatever their friends and family may say, they know all the right people to put together a gala to be remembered for many years.

Famous Capricorns born on January 18 love their family. They are creative people who are law abiding, complex individuals. But they can make bad love decisions. Famous birthdays of January 28 are listed below.


January 18th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

18th January Good Traits:

  • Conformist
  • Practical
  • Delightful
  • Straightforward

18th January Bad Traits:

  • Narcissistic
  • Eccentric
  • Showy
  • Critical
  • Overemotional

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January 18th Famous Birthday Personalities

AA Milne, 1882, Children’s Author
Aadesh Bandekar, 1966, TV Show Host
Adam Holley, 1988, YouTube Star
Akim Ahmad, 1991, Rock Singer
Al Foster, 1943, Drummer
Albert Kivikas, 1898, Novelist
Alex Pietrangelo, 1990, Hockey Player
Alex Preston, 1979, Novelist
Alexander Khalifman, 1966, Chess Player
Alison Arngrim, 1962, TV Actress
Amber KwingsLetsPlays, 1984, YouTube Star
Amber Lily, 1997, Pop Singer
Amir Blumenfeld, 1983, TV Show Host

Angela Winbush, 1955, R&B Singer
Angelique Kerber, 1988, Tennis Player
Anthony Garcia, 1986, Instagram Star
Anthony Koutoufides, 1973, Australian Rules Footballer
Antje Traue, 1981, Movie Actress
Arai Hirofumi, 1979, Movie Actor
Arno Schmidt, 1914, Novelist
Arthur Howard, 1910, TV Actor
Ashleigh Brennan, 1991, Gymnast
Ashley Patching, 1994, YouTube Star
Becca Tobin, 1986, TV Actress
Ben Willbond, 1973, Comedian
Benji Schwimmer, 1984, Dancer
Betsy-Blue English, 1996, Pop Singer
Bill Keller, 1949, Journalist
Billy Bratayley, 1980, Family Member
january-18-famous-birthdaysBilly Tolley, 1973, Reality Star
Bo Farrington, 1936, Football Player
Bob Latchford, 1951, Soccer Player
Bob Peterson, 1961, Director
Bobby Goldsboro, 1941, Pop Singer
Brady Anderson, 1964, Baseball Player
Brett Hudson, 1953, Pop Singer
Brett Lawrie, 1990, Baseball Player
Brian Gionta, 1979, Hockey Player
Britt McKillip, 1991, Movie Actress
Bryce Alford, 1995, Basketball Player
Burnie Burns, 1973, Film Producer
Carl McCoy, 1963, Rock Singer
Carlos Borja, 1988, Soccer Player
Caroline Grace Winkler, 1993, Instagram Star
Cary Grant, 1904, Movie Actor
Cdot Honcho, 1996, Rapper
ChampChong, 1992, YouTube Star
Chen Long, 1989, Badminton Player

Chris Demarais, 1987, YouTube Star
Chris Snee, 1982, Football Player
Christian Burns, 1974, Pop Singer
Christian Fittipaldi, 1971, Race Car Driver
Claire Engler, 2001, TV Actress
Clancy Carlile, 1930, Screenwriter
Constance Moore, 1920, Movie Actress
Cory Marsh, 1988, Vine Star
Craig Whyte, 1971, Entrepreneur
Crispian Mills, 1973, Rock Singer
Curt Flood, 1938, Baseball Player
Dale Begg-smith, 1985, Skier
Dana Heitman, 1966, Trumpet Player
Daniel Hale Williams, 1856, Scientist
Daniel Joseph Bradley, 1928, Scientist
Daniel Webster, 1782, Politician
Danny Kaye, 1911, Movie Actor

Dave Attell, 1965, Comedian
Dave Batista, 1969, Wrestler
David Ayer, 1968, Screenwriter
David Bellamy, 1933, Scientist
David Marvin Blake, 1970, Rapper
David Ruffin, 1941, Pop Singer
Demo Storm, 1994, YouTube Star
Denitsa Ikonomova, 1987, Dancer
Derek Richardson, 1976, Movie Actor
Devon Battilega, 1993, YouTube Star
Devon Odessa, 1974, TV Actress
Diego Soldano, 1969, TV Actor
Don Klosterman, 1930, Sports Executive
Don Thompson, 1940, Pianist
Dragana Mirkovic, 1968, Folk Singer
Edmund Barton, 1849, Politician
Eillen Vent, 1979, Model
Elena Genevinne, 1999, YouTube Star
Elizabeth Rudisill, 2001, Dancer
Ella Cole, 1993, Model
Elsa Einstein, 1876, Family Member
Estelle, 1980, Rapper
Eugene Lee Yang, 1986, YouTube Star
Evgenia Obraztsova, 1984, Dancer
Fabio Gurgel, 1970, MMA Fighter
Ferdinando Valencia, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Foxtrot44, 1991, Instagram Star
Frankie Knuckles, 1955, DJ
G18, 1988, YouTube Star
Gilles Deleuze, 1925, Philosopher
Gilles Villeneuve, 1950, Race Car Driver
Glen Templeton, 1977, Country Singer
Gorgui Dieng, 1990, Basketball Player
Grace Nichols, 1950, Poet
Grigor Parlichev, 1830, Poet
Hannah Michalak, 1989, YouTube Star
Heather Payne, 1970, Rock Singer
Heather Traska, 1994, YouTube Star
Henry Austin Dobson, 1840, Poet
Irene Cercado, 1990, Pop Singer
Ismael Sosa, 1987, Soccer Player
Ivan Zamorano, 1967, Soccer Player
Jack Miller, 1995, Motorcycle Racer
Jack Sherman, 1956, Guitarist
Jacques Rouvier, 1947, Pianist
Jake Hamilton, 1988, TV Producer
James Christian Charters, 1988, Rapper
James Coppinger, 1981, Soccer Player
Jane Horrocks, 1964, TV Actress
Jang Joon-hwan, 1970, Director
Jani Golob, 1948, Composer
Jason Gray, 1972, Rock Singer
Jason Segel, 1980, TV Actor
Jay Chou, 1979, World Music Singer
Jay Maisel, 1931, Photographer
Jeff Monson, 1971, MMA Fighter
Jeffrey Golladay, 1979, Dancer
Jesse L. Martin, 1969, TV Actor
Joan Carroll, 1932, Movie Actress
Joanna Newsom, 1982, Folk Singer
Joel Julio, 1985, Boxer
Johan Djourou, 1987, Soccer Player
Johanna Salomaa, 1984, Pop Singer
John Boorman, 1933, Director
John Hume, 1937, Politician
John Luc, 1991, YouTube Star
John O’Conor, 1947, Pianist
John Vanderbilt, 1819, Politician
Jojo Mayer, 1963, Drummer
Jon Stallworthy, 1935, Poet
Jonathan Davis, 1971, Rock Singer
Jorge Guillen, 1893, Poet
Jose Fernandez, 1990, Soccer Player
Jose Luis Perales, 1945, Composer
Josep Guardiola, 1971, Soccer Player
Joseph Bonanno, 1905, Entrepreneur
Juan Fernando Quintero, 1993, Soccer Player
Julius Peppers, 1980, Football Player
Jung Yu-mi, 1983, Movie Actress
Kait DiBenedetto, 1992, Rock Singer
Kang Dong-won, 1981, Movie Actor
Kang Ji-young, 1994, Pop Singer
Karan Brar, 1999, Movie Actor
Karlis Milenbahs, 1853, Novelist
Katie White, 1983, Rock Singer
Kay Pea, 1989, Twitch Star
Kellee Maize, 1980, Rapper
Kelly Rohrbach, 1990, Model
Kevin Costner, 1955, Movie Actor
Kevin Lavell, 1997, YouTube Star
Khari Stephenson, 1981, Soccer Player
Kiki Smith, 1954, Sculptor
Kitano Takeshi, 1947, Movie Actor
Kristen Ledlow, 1988, Sportscaster
Kristy Lee Cook, 1984, Pop Singer
Latavius Murray, 1990, Football Player
Laura Cassai, 1995, Chef
Lawrence Hunter, 1961, Scientist
Leona Graham, 1971, Radio Host
Leonard Fournette, 1995, Football Player
Lillian Bond, 1908, Movie Actress
Linnea Sanazaro, 1990, Pop Singer
Loni Jane, 1988, Instagram Star
Makoto Hasebe, 1984, Soccer Player
Mark Collie, 1956, Country Singer
Mark Messier, 1961, Hockey Player
Mark Rylance, 1960, Stage Actor
Martin Omalley, 1963, Politician
Mason Fulp, 1998, Vine Star
Mateus Ward, 1999, TV Actor
Matthew Kane, 1991, TV Actor
Maulik Pancholy, 1974, TV Actor
MC Gainey, 1948, Movie Actor
Michael Pineda, 1989, Baseball Player
Michael Richard Dobson, 1966, Voice Actor
Michele Miscavige, 1961, Family Member
Miguel Torres, 1981, MMA Fighter
Mihkel Raud, 1969, DJ
Mike Blaisdell, 1960, Hockey Player
Mike Gentile, 1988, Guitarist
Mike Lieberthal, 1972, Baseball Player
Minzy, 1994, Pop Singer
Monica Bedi, 1975, Movie Actress
Montana Tucker, 1993, Pop Singer
Montesquieu, 1689, Philosopher
Morgan York, 1993, Movie Actress
Mumzy Stranger, 1984, Rapper
Nathaniel Simonsen, 2001, Instagram Star
Nick Daniels, 1999, Dancer
Oliver Hardy, 1892, Movie Actor
Olivier Rochus, 1981, Tennis Player
Paigey Cakey, 1993, Rapper
PaperBatVG, 1993, YouTube Star
Pat Sullivan, 1950, Football Coach
Patrick Towles, 1994, Football Player
Paudge Behan, 1965, TV Actor
Paul Freeman, 1943, Movie Actor
Paul Keating, 1944, Politician
Paulo Ferreira, 1979, Soccer Player
Paydin Lopachin, 1988, Movie Actress
Pedro Rodriguez, 1940, Race Car Driver
Pep Guardiola, 1971, Soccer Player
Perro Aguayo, 1946, Wrestler
Peta Evans-Taylor, 1987, Rock Singer
Peter Beardsley, 1961, Soccer Player
Peter Golding, 1967, Fashion Designer
Petra Yared, 1979, TV Actress
Phillippe Starck, 1949,
Quinn Allman, 1982, Guitarist
Rafael Moreira, 1997, YouTube Star
Ray Dolby, 1933, Entrepreneur
Raymond Briggs, 1934, Cartoonist
Rich Balchan, 1989, Soccer Player
Rick Sullivan, 1959, Politician
Robert Anton Wilson, 1932, Novelist
Robert Green, 1980, Soccer Player
Rodrigo Guirao, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Romy Weltman, 2000, TV Actress
Ronnie Day, 1988, Songwriter
Ruben Dario, 1867, Poet
Ruslan Fedotenko, 1979, Hockey Player
Sam Strike, 1994, TV Actor
Sam Zemurray, 1877, Entrepreneur
Samantha Mumba, 1983, Pop Singer
Samuel Joslin, 2002, Movie Actor
Sarah Gilman, 1996, TV Actress
Sean Keenan, 1993, TV Actor
Sebastian Gallegos, 1992, Soccer Player
Seung-Hui Cho, 1984, Criminal
Shawna Howson, 1990, YouTube Star
Shelby Hearon, 1931, Novelist
Shinobu Nakayama, 1973, Movie Actress
Sophia Umansky, 2000, Family Member
Swagg Dinero, 1994, Rapper
Takeshi Kitano, 1947, Director
Tamir Goodman, 1982, Basketball Player
Tareq Al Ali, 1966, Comedian
Ted DiBiase, 1954, Wrestler
Thomas Astruc, 1975, Director
Thomas G. Stemberg, 1949, Entrepreneur
Thomas Sopwith, 1888, Pilot
Thor Hushovd, 1978, Cyclist
Tom Bailey, 1954, Pop Singer
Toots Mondt, 1894, Wrestler
Valerie Morales, 1976, World Music Singer
Ville Ritola, 1896, Runner
Vinod Kambli, 1972, Cricket Player
Violet Summersby, 1999, Star
Virgil Hill, 1964, Boxer
Wandy Rodriguez, 1979, Baseball Player
Wang Yung-ching, 1917, Entrepreneur
WH Weeks, 1864, Architect
WhyBeAre, 1994, YouTube Star
Zane Holtz, 1987, Movie Actor


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