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January 13 Famous Birthdays

January 13 Famous Birthdays

Are you born on the same day as the famous people born on January 13? They are Capricorns who are true to themselves. They have a zest for life even when things are not going their way. They keep themselves up. So no one can tell if things are troubling them or if they are going through some hard times or rough patches in life.


As an adult, they remember what they were taught as a child and hold dear those values and teachings. On the other hand, they can be naïve. However, famous people born on January 13 know what they want and go for it.


Usually, famous people born on January 13 take commitment seriously. They could settle down with one partner at an early age. As a career choice, they will need something to hold their interest and challenge them. Otherwise, they will look for it in another place.

Money is no big thing to famous people born on January 13. But having more of it will make life more comfortable in the long run. Those born on January 13th are of zodiac sign Capricorn. They make awesome parents. They are likely to marry young with a desire to live comfortably. Get a list of the January 13 famous birthdays below.


January 13th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13th January Good Traits:

  • Fierce
  • Intuitive
  • Energetic
  • Confident

13th January Bad Traits:

  • Unstable
  • Hasty
  • Controlling
  • Irate

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January 13th Famous Birthday Personalities

Ab Guthrie Jr., 1901, Novelist
ACTennisAC, 2001, Twitch Star
Adhyayan Suman, 1988, Movie Actor
Alaa Wardi, 1987, World Music Singer
Alex Costello, 1995, Pop Singer
Alex Libby, 1993, Model
Alex Mary, 1997, Country Singer
Alexia Ioannides, 1998, TV Actress
Aley Rose, 1997, Blogger
Amanda Cross, 1926, Novelist
Amata Chittasenee, 1990, Makeup Artist
Amath Dansokho, 1937, Politician
Amber Borzotra, 1988, Model
Anders Eriksson, 1988, YouTube Star
Andy Allo, 1989, Soul Singer
Angelita Lind, 1959, Runner
Army Archerd, 1922, Journalist
Art Ross, 1886, Hockey Player
Ashley Sarmiento, 2007, TV Actress
Ashmit Patel, 1978, Movie Actor
Ashton Locklear, 1998, Gymnast
Austin Watson, 1992, Hockey Player
Beau Mirchoff, 1989, TV Actor
Bernard Loiseau, 1951, Chef
Bic Runga, 1976, Pop Singer
Bill Bailey, 1965, Comedian
Billy Gray, 1938, TV Actor
Bipolar Sunshine, 1984, Pop Singer
Boom Boom Kid, 1972, Punk Singer

Brad Hawkins, 1976, TV Actor
Brad Williams, 1984, Comedian
Bret Bielema, 1970, Football Coach
Brock Adams, 1927, Politician
Brooke Evers, 1985, DJ
Brooklyn Asterino, 2006, Pop Singer
Brooklyn Danielle Combs, 1997, Star
Bryan Arguez, 1989, Soccer Player
Carl Adolph Agardh, 1785, Religious Leader
Carol Cleveland, 1942, Movie Actress
Caroline Atkins, 1981, Cricket Player
Carolyn See, 1934, Non-Fiction Author
Catherine Breshkovsky, 1844, Politician
Cayetano Rivera Ordonez, 1977,
Charles Nelson Reilly, 1931, TV Actor
Charles Nelson Reilly, 1931, TV Actor
Charles Prince, 1950, Entrepreneur
Chris Thomas, 1947, Music Producer
Chris Wiggins, 1931, Movie Actor
Christopher Boykin, 1972, Reality Star
Clark Ashton Smith, 1893, Poet
Claudia Emerson, 1957, Poet
Connor McDavid, 1997, Hockey Player
Curtis Conway, 1971, Football Player
Daniel Gunther, 1969, War Hero
Darren Percival, 1972, Soul Singer
Denise Burse, 1952, TV Actress
Dennis Siver, 1979, MMA Fighter

january 13 famous birthdays
Des Clarke, 1981, Comedian
Diana Melison, 1993, Model
Diana Perez, 1981, News Anchor
Doug Martin, 1989, Football Player
Down AKA Kilo, 1985, Rapper
Drew Abbott, 1947, Guitarist
Dwight H. Little, 1956, Director
Earle Wheeler, 1908, War Hero
Edmund White, 1940, Novelist
Elisa Bonaparte, 1777, Royalty
Ella Williams, 1995, Surfer
Ellen Wong, 1985, TV Actress
Elliot Giles, 1997, Vine Star
Emily Grace Reaves, 2001, Movie Actress
Eric Betzig, 1960, Scientist
Ernest De Koven Leffingwell, 1875, Explorer
Ernie Irvan, 1959, Race Car Driver
Eros Vlahos, 1995, TV Actor
Errol Spence, 1990, Boxer
Essington Lewis, 1881, Entrepreneur
Eugenia Silva, 1976, Model
Felix Gottwald, 1976, Runner
Fetchinq Flo, 2001, YouTube Star

Floral Sophia, 2002, YouTube Star
Frances Sternhagen, 1930, Stage Actress
Frank E Peretti, 1951, Novelist
Franz Lauska, 1764, Pianist
Fuzz Rico, 1994, Rapper
Gabriella Skory, 1995, YouTube Star
Gabrielle Daleman, 1998, Figure Skater
Galen Gering, 1971, TV Actor
Geoffrey Canada, 1952, Activist
Gianni Morbidelli, 1968, Race Car Driver
Ginger Zee, 1981, TV Show Host
Glenn Whelan, 1984, Soccer Player
Goo Hara, 1991, Pop Singer
Guillermo Sebastian Coria, 1982, Tennis Player
Gwen Verdon, 1925, Movie Actress
Hannah Jane Fox, 1976, Stage Actress
Harold Azuara, 1997, YouTube Star
Holly Julian, 1983, Reality Star
Horatio Alger Jr., 1832, Children’s Author
Horatio C. Wood Jr., 1841, Doctor
Howard Unwin Moffat, 1869, Politician
Imran Khan, 1983, Movie Actor
Ivan Provorov, 1997, Hockey Player
Jack Baran, 1997, YouTube Star

Jack R. Gage, 1899, Politician
Jake Canuso, 1970, TV Actor
Jalen Brooks, 2002, Star
James Lomenzo, 1959, Bassist
James Posey, 1977, Basketball Player
James V. Monaco, 1885, Composer
Jan Brogger, 1936, Teacher
Janet Hubert, 1956, TV Actress
Jason Ayers, 1982, Referee
Jason James, 1981, Bassist
Jason Stuart, 1959, Comedian
Jay McInerney, 1955, Novelist
Jed Lee, 1993, Vine Star
Jenny Boom Boom, 1975, Radio Host
Jerome Murphy, 1987, Football Player
Jesse Macht, 1983, Pop Singer
Jill Wagner, 1979, TV Actress
Joannie Rochette, 1986, Figure Skater
Joe Fontana, 1950, Politician
Joe Pass, 1929, Guitarist
Joel Andre, 1981, Novelist
Johanna Rosaly, 1948, TV Show Host
John Asher, 1971, TV Actor
John Kronus, 1969, Wrestler
John McNaughton, 1950, Director
John Orloff, 1967, Screenwriter
Jon Cypher, 1932, Movie Actor
Jon Worsnop, 1983, Soccer Player
Jonathan Antoine, 1995, Opera Singer
Josefine Preuss, 1986, TV Actress
Joseph Nawahi, 1842, Politician
Josh Freeman, 1988, Football Player
Joshua Benoliel, 1873, Photographer
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, 1961, TV Actress
Julian Morris, 1983, Movie Actor
Julian Perretta, 1991, Soul Singer
Julio Baghy, 1891, Poet
Juri Uluots, 1890, Politician
Kaj Munk, 1898, Religious Leader
Kamran Akmal, 1982, Cricket Player
Katy Brand, 1979, TV Show Host
Kay Francis, 1905, Movie Actress
Keith Coogan, 1970, TV Actor
Kelly Hrudey, 1961, Hockey Player
Kevin Frank, 1957, TV Show Host
Kevin McClatchy, 1963, Entrepreneur
Kevin Mitchell, 1962, Baseball Player
Kim Manners, 1951, Director
Kristine Sloth, 1999, YouTube Star
LaKisha Jones, 1980, Pop Singer
Larry King, 1993,
Lauren Hudson, 1991, Dancer
Lauren Sanderson, 1996, Rapper
Lee Seung-gi, 1987, Pop Singer
Leon Hendrix, 1948, Guitarist
Liam Hemsworth, 1990, Movie Actor
Lindsey Bell, 1986, YouTube Star
Lore’l, 1988, Rapper
Lori Harvey, 1997, Family Member
Lorrie Moore, 1957, Self-Help Author
Marc Staal, 1987, Hockey Player
Marco Pantani, 1970, Cyclist
Mario Yepes, 1976, Soccer Player
Mark Fox, 1969, Basketball Coach
Mark O’Meara, 1957, Golfer
Marnick Vermijl, 1992, Soccer Player
Mason Ryan, 1982, Wrestler
Mathias Lauridsen, 1984, Model
Matt Stokoe, 1989, TV Actor
Matthew Bourne, 1960, Dancer
Max Whitlock, 1993, Gymnast
Meinhard Nehmer, 1941, Bobsledder
Michael Bond, 1926, Novelist
Michael McCullers, 1971, Screenwriter
Michael Pena, 1976, Movie Actor
Michael Rupp, 1980, Hockey Player
Mike Pedicone, 1982, Drummer
Milos Bikovic, 1988, TV Actor
Mitch Green, 1957, Boxer
Morgan Burnett, 1989, Football Player
Mounir Mourad, 1922, World Music Singer
Naomi Kyle, 1986, TV Show Host
Nate Silver, 1978, Journalist
Nathaniel Motte, 1984, Pop Singer
Nicholas Art, 1999, TV Actor
Nick Clooney, 1934, Game Show Host
Nick Mangold, 1984, Football Player
Nick Scarpino, 1981, YouTube Star
Nicole Eggert, 1972, TV Actress
Nika Kljun, 1988, Choreographer
Nikolai Khabibulin, 1973, Hockey Player
Orlando Bloom, 1977, Movie Actor
Orlando Miller, 1969, Baseball Player
Park Jin-Young, 1972, Pop Singer
Parker Croft, 1987, Screenwriter
Pat Onstad, 1968, Soccer Player
Patrick Dempsey, 1966, TV Actor
Paul Feyerabend, 1924, Philosopher
Pawel Szajda, 1982, Movie Actor
Penelope Ann Miller, 1964, Movie Actress
Peter Schmalfuss, 1937, Pianist
Qaasim Middleton, 1995, TV Actor
Radoslaw Wojtaszek, 1987, Chess Player
Rafael Limon, 1954, Boxer
Rakesh Sharma, 1949, Astronaut
Raquel Sanchez-Silva, 1973, TV Show Host
Ray Gaddis, 1990, Soccer Player
Remy Maaddi, 1984, Reality Star
Rene Farrell, 1987, Cricket Player
Richard Moll, 1943, TV Actor
Rip Taylor, 1934, Movie Actor
Robert R. Sokal, 1926, Scientist
Robert Stack, 1919, Movie Actor
Rod Parsley, 1957, Religious Leader
Roger Clyne, 1968, Rock Singer
Ron Goulart, 1933, Novelist
Ron Hornaday Sr., 1931, Race Car Driver
Ronan Rafferty, 1964, Golfer
Ronny Turiaf, 1983, Basketball Player
Ross McCall, 1976, Movie Actor
Ruth Wilson, 1982, TV Actress
Salmon P. Chase, 1808, Supreme Court Justice
Samuel Woodworth, 1784, Poet
Santiago Arias, 1992, Soccer Player
Shad Gaspard, 1981, Wrestler
Shakti Samanta, 1926, Director
Sharon Gabet, 1952, Soap Opera Actress
Shonda Rhimes, 1970, Screenwriter
Sierra Sandeen, 1998, YouNow Star
Silvana Gallardo, 1953, TV Actress
Silvia Gasparovicova, 1941, Political Wife
Sol Bamba, 1985, Soccer Player
Sophie Tucker, 1887, Stage Actress
Stephen Hendry, 1969, Snooker Player
Steven Porter, 1988, Tattoo Artist
Suggs, 1961, Pop Singer
Suzanne Rossell Cryer, 1967, TV Actress
Svetlana Bilyalova, 1992, Instagram Star
Tatev Abrahamyan, 1988, Chess Player
Tayvion Power, 2001, Vine Star
Tim Matavz, 1989, Soccer Player
Tim Smith, 1985, Rugby Player
Tom Thorpe, 1993, Soccer Player
Tomas Rincon, 1988, Soccer Player
Tony Diaz, 1988, Guitarist
Trace Adkins, 1962, Country Singer
Traci Bingham, 1968, TV Actress
Tre Brooks, 2002, Star
Trevor Rabin, 1954, Guitarist
Trina Michaels, 1983,
Tyler Henry, 1996, Reality Star
V Manikandan, 1968, Cinematographer
Vasily Kalinnikov, 1866, Composer
Victoria Fiorenze, 1989, Twitch Star
Vitaly Scherbo, 1972, Gymnast
Wayne Coyne, 1961, Rock Singer
William Ash, 1977, TV Actor
William B. Davis, 1938, TV Actor
William Hung, 1983, Pop Singer
William M. Hoge, 1894, War Hero
xLinkTijger, 1996, YouTube Star


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