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January 14 Famous Birthdays

January 14 Famous Birthdays

Do you know of the January 14 famous birthdays that you share? IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON JANUARY 14, chances are you have an “S” on your chest. You are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Yes indeed… when it comes to managing the house, the job, the family and a social life, you do it. And when you mess up, you are usually the first one to admit it although you may not say it out loud.

Famous people born on January 14 have pride and it shows in the way they deal with most situations that could get out of hand. They stay focused on the issues at hand.


Being a Capricorn, famous people born on 14 January are resourceful but may have a hard time accepting the opinions of others or giving advice. It’s all about control. In many cases, they believe that their way is the best and only way.


When it comes to intimate relationships, they look for companions that may compliment their lifestyle but otherwise, they can attract some weird individuals. They may want to take a look at why they lure people that are so different from themselves.

The famous birthday personality of someone born on the January 14th is of a calm, imaginative and dependable Capricorn. They are funny people. They are magnetic for moneymaking. January 14 famous birthdays can be seen in detail below.


January 14th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14th January Good Traits:

  • Go-Getter
  • Enthusiastic
  • Shrewd
  • Imaginative

14th January Bad Traits:

  • Laid Back
  • Secretive
  • Difficult
  • Dominating

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January 14th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Brooks, 1985, Basketball Player
Abi Phillips, 1994, Soap Opera Actress
Adam Dell, 1970, Entrepreneur
Adam Goren, 1975, Punk Singer
Adjoa Andoh, 1963, TV Actress
Albert Schweitzer, 1875, Doctor
Alex Johnston, 1995, Rugby Player
Alex Jolig, 1963, Reality Star
Alfred Tarski, 1901, Philosopher
Algernon Sidney, 1653, Politician
Allen Toussaint, 1938, Composer
Anchee Min, 1957, Memoirist
Andy Rooney, 1919, Journalist
Angela Lindvall, 1979, Model
Ann E. Dunwoody, 1953, War Hero
Annie Lin, 1980, Songwriter
Antonios Nikopolidis, 1971, Soccer Player
Aron Szilagyi, 1990, Fencer
Arthur Holmes, 1890, Scientist
Austin Williams, 1992, Pop Singer
Avaree Jade, 2004, Dancer
Avery Blanchard, 1999, Model
Bebe Daniels, 1901, Movie Actress
Ben Heppner, 1956, Opera Singer
Benedict Arnold, 1741,
Berthe Morisot, 1841, Painter

Bev Perdue, 1947, Politician
Billie Joe Spears, 1937, Country Singer
Billy Butterfield, 1917, Trumpet Player
Billy Walker, 1929, Country Singer
Brandon Johnson, 1968, TV Actor
Brandon Meriweather, 1984, Football Player
Brodie Smith, 1992, Australian Rules Footballer
Brooke Ellen Miller, 1982, Rock Singer
Byron Leftwich, 1980, Football Player
Caleb Followill, 1982, Rock Singer
Carl Weathers, 1948, Movie Actor
Carla Facciolo, 1967, Reality Star
Carole Cook, 1924, Stage Actress
Carolina Cerezuela, 1980, TV Actress
Casey Askew, 1995, Dancer
Caterina Valente, 1931, Pop Singer
Cecil Beaton, 1904, Photographer
Charlie Siem, 1986, Violinist
Chelsea Diamondz, 1993, YouTube Star
Chris Albright, 1979, Soccer Player
Chris Slater, 1984, Soccer Player
Clara Beranger, 1886, Screenwriter
Clarence Carter, 1936, Blues Singer
january 14 famous birthdaysCosti Ionita, 1978, World Music Singer
Dan Schneider, 1966, TV Producer
Dana Chanel, 1994, Religious Leader
Dave Grohl, 1969, Rock Singer
David Flitcroft, 1974, Soccer Player
Dean Moxey, 1986, Soccer Player
Dian Pelangi, 1991, Fashion Designer
Divine Lee, 1982, Model
Don Garlits, 1932, Race Car Driver
Drew Anthony, 1969, Director
Dudley Randall, 1914, Poet
Edgar Hansen, 1971, Reality Star
Edgar Hovhannisyan, 1930, Composer
Edward McWade, 1865, Screenwriter
Ellis Paul, 1965, Folk Singer
Emayatzy Corinealdi, 1983, Movie Actress
Emily Hahn, 1905, Journalist
Emily Watson, 1967, Movie Actress
Emma Greenwell, 1989, TV Actress
Emma Lung, 1982, Movie Actress
Eric Alterman, 1960, Blogger
Erick Aybar, 1984, Baseball Player
Evelyn Braxton, 1948, Reality Star
Farrah Alyse, 1999, YouTube Star
Faye Dunaway, 1941, Movie Actress
Fazil Say, 1970, Composer

Frankie Sandford, 1989, Pop Singer
Fred Arbanas, 1939, Football Player
Gabriel Rosado, 1986, Boxer
Gail Matthius, 1953, Comedian
Garry Winogrand, 1928, Photographer
Gary Brolsma, 1986, YouTube Star
Gene Snitsky, 1970, Wrestler
Geoff Tate, 1959, Metal Singer
Geoff Tate, 1959, Metal Singer
George Hampson, 1860, Scientist
George Herman, 1920, News Anchor
Georgina Cates, 1975, Movie Actress
Giancarlo Fisichella, 1973, Race Car Driver
Gina Gaston, 1966, TV Show Host
Gosia Andrzejewicz, 1984, Pop Singer
Grady Tate, 1932, Drummer
Grant Gustin, 1990, TV Actor
Guy Williams, 1924, TV Actor
Hakeem Nicks, 1988, Football Player
Hal Roach, 1892, Director
HappyConsoleGamer, 1974, YouTube Star
Harold Shipman, 1946, Criminal
Henry Baldwin, 1780, Supreme Court Justice

Henry Saari, 1964, Movie Actor
Henry Weekes, 1807, Sculptor
Holden Nowell, 1989, Model
Holland Taylor, 1943, TV Actress
Horace Julian Bond, 1940, Politician
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, 1965, Chef
Hugh Lofting, 1886, Children’s Author
IndigoChildRick, 1996, Music Producer
J.F. Archibald, 1856, Entrepreneur
Jack DePew, 1993, TV Actor
Jack Jones, 1938, Jazz Singer
Jack P. Shepherd, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Jacob Rowan, 1990, Rugby Player
James Scott, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
James Vincent McMorrow, 1983, Folk Singer
Janay Palmer, 1988, Family Member
Jason Abalos, 1985, Movie Actor
Jason Bateman, 1969, TV Actor
Jeanine Mason, 1991, Dancer
Jemma Redgrave, 1965, TV Actress
Jenna Valenzuela, 2003, Dancer
Jeremy Jones, 1975, Snowboarder
Jermaine Taylor, 1985, Soccer Player
Jim Duggan, 1954, Wrestler
Joe Seneca, 1919, Movie Actor
Joey Luthman, 1997, TV Actor
John Dos Passos, 1896, Novelist
John Lescroart, 1948, Novelist
John Reuben, 1979, Rock Singer
John Rousakis, 1929, Politician
Johnny Grande, 1930, Pianist
Johnny Stimson, 1989, Pop Singer
Jon Beason, 1985, Football Player
Jordan Ladd, 1975, Movie Actress
Jordan Murphy, 1988, TV Actor
Jordy, 1988, Pop Singer
Jose Luis Rodriguez, 1943, Pop Singer
Joseph Losey, 1909, Director
Joseph Perez, 1931, Novelist
Josh Kloss, 1981, Model
Joshua Micah, 1992, Vine Star
Josy Braun, 1938, Poet
Juan Pablo Raba, 1977, TV Actor
Julia Murney, 1969, Stage Actress
Julian Bond, 1940, Civil Rights Leader
Jung Woo, 1981, Movie Actor
Justin Tinucci, 1999, Movie Actor
Kacey Barnfield, 1988, TV Actress
Kacy Catanzaro, 1990, Gymnast
Kai, 1994, Pop Singer
Karen Ficarelli, 1967, Model
Keith Michael, 1972, Fashion Designer
Kelsey Calemine, 1999, Instagram Star
Ken Higgs, 1937, Cricket Player
Kenny Wheeler, 1930, Trumpet Player
Kerri Green, 1967, TV Actress
Kevin Durand, 1974, Movie Actor
Kiran Rai, 1990, YouTube Star
Koh Gabriel Kameda, 1975, Violinist
Kuno Becker, 1978, Movie Actor
Lawrence Kasdan, 1949, Film Producer
Lenny Hayes, 1980, Australian Rules Footballer
Lenore Kandel, 1932, Poet
Lindsay Vrckovnik, 1997, Model
LL Cool J, 1968, Rapper
Luke Ski, 1974, Comedian
Mandy Kay, 1996,
Marc Broussard, 1982, Blues Singer
Marco Hietala, 1966, Metal Singer
Maria Nina Ricci, 1883, Fashion Designer
Mariss Jansons, 1943, Conductor
Marjoe Gortner, 1944, Religious Leader
Mark Addy, 1964, TV Actor
Mark Egan, 1951, Bassist
Mark Keller, 1954, Politician
Mary Robison, 1949, Novelist
Matthew Fontaine Maury, 1806, Scientist
Matthew Timmons, 1993, TV Actor
Maureen Dowd, 1952, Journalist
Max Thompson, 1985, Photographer
Mia Martina, 1984, Pop Singer
Michael Turchin, 1987, Family Member
Michelle Wu, 1985, Lawyer
Mike Pelfrey, 1984, Baseball Player
Milan Kučan, 1941, Politician
Murray Bookchin, 1921, Philosopher
Nadezhda Kosintseva, 1985, Chess Player
Narain Karthikeyan, 1977, Race Car Driver
Nicholas Joseph, 1994, Vine Star
Nick Boynton, 1979, Hockey Player
Nick Romeo Reimann, 1998, Movie Actor
Nicole Chilelli, 1984, Reality Star
Noah Miller, 1999, YouTube Star
Pau Maso, 1986, Movie Actor
Paul Hoffmann, 1970, Cricket Player
Paul Tisdale, 1973, Soccer Coach
Peter Holland, 1991, Hockey Player
Peter Winch, 1926, Philosopher
R Brandon Johnson, 1968, TV Actor
Rachel Parcell, 1991, Blogger
Ray Cash, 1980, Rapper
Raymond G Murphy, 1930, War Hero
Rhoda Abbott, 1873,
Richard Briers, 1934, TV Actor
Rob Hall, 1961, Mountain Climber
Robbie Brady, 1992, Soccer Player
Robert Edward Chambliss, 1904, Criminal
Rodney H. Banks, 1953, Scientist
Rosa Lopez, 1981, R&B Singer
Rosina Lippi, 1956, Novelist
Ross Murdoch, 1994, Swimmer
Ruben Olivares, 1947, Boxer
Ruco Chan, 1977, TV Actor
Russ Columbo, 1908, Country Singer
Ryleigh Ledford, 2001, YouTube Star
Sade Malone, 1997, TV Actress
Sage Brocklebank, 1978, TV Actor
Sailor Jerry, 1911, Tattoo Artist
Sebastian Rincon, 1994, Soccer Player
Seema Biswas, 1965, Movie Actress
Shannon Lucid, 1943, Astronaut
Shantel Angela Vailloo, 1997, Dancer
Shaun Duke, 1953, Movie Actor
Shawn Crawford, 1978, Runner
Shawn Sawyer, 1985, Figure Skater
Shelly Moore, 1970, Reality Star
Shepard Smith, 1964, News Anchor
Slick Rick, 1965, Rapper
Soprano, 1979, Rapper
Stan Brakhage, 1933, Director
Stephen Piscotty, 1991, Baseball Player
Steve Jordan, 1957, Drummer
Steven Soderbergh, 1963, Director
Stevie Hendrix, 1990, Instagram Star
T-Bone Burnett, 1948, Songwriter
Talena Atfield, 1983, Bassist
Tatum Miranda, 1987, Model
Taylor Branch, 1947, Non-Fiction Author
Taylor Hayes, 1975,
Thomas R. Norris, 1944, War Hero
Tom Rosenthal, 1988, Comedian
Tom Tryon, 1926, TV Actor
Tony Demarco, 1932, Boxer
Travis Williams, 1946, Football Player
Trevor Nunn, 1940, Director
Trieste Kelly Dunn, 1981, TV Actress
Tucker Martine, 1972, Music Producer
Tyrone Georgiadis, 1995, Pop Singer
Valeri Kharlamov, 1948, Hockey Player
Vernee Watson-johnson, 1954, TV Actress
Victor Valdes, 1982, Soccer Player
Vincent Bennett, 1982, Rock Singer
Vincent Jackson, 1983, Football Player
Vonetta McGee, 1945, Movie Actress
Ward Horton, 1976, Movie Actor
Warren Mitchell, 1926, TV Actor
Wes Foderingham, 1991, Soccer Player
Will Todd, 1970, Composer
William Bendix, 1906, Movie Actor
William Whipple, 1730, Politician
Yandel, 1977, World Music Singer
Yohan Cabaye, 1986, Soccer Player
Yukio Mishima, 1925, Playwright
Zach Gilford, 1982, TV Actor
Zakk Wylde, 1967, Metal Singer

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