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January 12 Famous Birthdays

January 12 Famous Birthdays

If you are born like the famous people on January 12, you are a Capricorn that is able to inspire and encourage others. They have a way with people to say the least. People say that they are a seductive goat and have youthful ways. When it comes to choosing an intimate partner, they may have some difficulty.

Famous people born on January 12 are true romantics. They look for those who will bring stability and excitement in their life. However, they may have trust issues. So this may impede their efforts of finding a soul mate. At the same time, they may have some enigmas of your own, my friend.


The health of famous people born on January 12 may be of concern as well. Perhaps they would benefit from cleaning out their pantry and fridge of all of the bad stuff. Find a food pantry to donate those items to. Replace alcohol with healthy homemade juices and eat more fish.


Taking the barrel by the handle will improve the chances of success in their endeavors for the famous people born on January 12. The charismatic personality of famous born on January 12th proposes Capricorns have flirtatious ways. People are drawn to their charitable ways. This zodiac sign depicts many talents underneath. Read on to get the names of famous January 12 birthdays.


January 12th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

12th January Good Traits:

  • Charismatic
  • Amiable
  • Motivated
  • Interesting

12th January Bad Traits:

  • Mistrustful
  • Deceptive
  • Secretive
  • Suspicious

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January 12th Famous Birthday Personalities

A Lee Martinez, 1973, Novelist
Aaron Seltzer, 1974, Director
Adolf Jensen, 1837, Composer
Ahmad Faraz, 1931, Poet
Ai Hashimoto, 1996, Movie Actress
Alana Lee, 1997, Pop Singer
Alex Wood, 1991, Baseball Player
Alexandra Wentworth, 1965, TV Actress
Alfred Rosenberg, 1893, Criminal
Alfredo Moreno, 1980, Soccer Player
Allie Leggett, 1994, Model
Ally Valentine, 1989, YouTube Star
Amazing Kreskin, 1935, TV Actor
Amerie, 1980, R&B Singer
Andi Muise, 1987, Model
Andre De Shields, 1946, Stage Actor
Andrew Chan, 1984, Criminal
Andy Lawrence, 1988, TV Actor
Angelica Malin, 1991, Entrepreneur
Angie Davis, 1982, YouTube Star
Anthony Andrews, 1948, TV Actor
Arabella Goddard, 1836, Pianist
Arci Munoz, 1989, Rock Singer
Ashlee Rumfallo, 1980, Reality Star
Ashley Vee, 1987, Instagram Star
Axel Witsel, 1989, Soccer Player
Basil Wallace, 1972, TV Actor
Bernardine Dohrn, 1942, Teacher
Big Dick Dudley, 1968, Wrestler
Bill Burrud, 1925, Movie Actor
Bill Madlock, 1951, Baseball Player
Bill Reid, 1920, Sculptor
Blake Steven, 1993, YouTube Star

Blanchard Ryan, 1967, Movie Actress
Bobby Crosby, 1980, Baseball Player
Bobby Kim, 1973, R&B Singer
Bree Westbrooks, 1993, Instagram Star
Breno Cesar, 1997, Pop Singer
Brian Blair, 1957, Wrestler
Brian Culbertson, 1973, Pianist
Brian Scott, 1988, Race Car Driver
Bruce Lansbury, 1930, TV Producer
Bryson Conklin, 2000, Star
Cade McNown, 1977, Football Player
Carl G. Fisher, 1874, Entrepreneur
Carlos Villagran, 1944, Comedian
Chad Greenway, 1983, Football Player
Charisse Mills, 1988, Pop Singer
Charles Perrault, 1628, Children’s Author
Charyl Chappuis, 1992, Soccer Player
Chase Hampton, 1975, Pop Singer
Chaunte Lowe, 1984, High Jumper
Chimneyswift11, 1988, YouTube Star
Chris Bell, 1951, Pop Singer
Chris Chase, 1924, Movie Actress
Chris Ray, 1982, Baseball Player
Christiane Amanpour, 1958, Journalist
Clare Holman, 1964, TV Actress
Claude Giroux, 1988, Hockey Player
Craig Parry, 1966, Golfer
Cynthia Addai-Robinson, 1985, TV Actress
Cynthia Robinson, 1946, Trumpet Player
Dan Haseltine, 1973, Folk Singer
Dani Osvaldo, 1986, Soccer Player
Daryl Evans, 1961, Hockey Player
David Stephen Mitchell, 1969, Novelist
Dean Whitehead, 1982, Soccer Player
Debra Feuer, 1959, Movie Actress
Deena Nicole Cortese, 1987, Reality Star
january 12 famous birthdaysDes O’Connor, 1932, TV Show Host
Dexta Daps, 1986, Reggae Singer
DJ Maxwell, 1974, DJ
Do Kyungsoo, 1993, Pop Singer
Dominique Wilkins, 1960, Basketball Player
Dontrelle Willis, 1982, Baseball Player
Drew Pearson, 1951, Football Player
Edmund Burke, 1729, Politician
Edward Leedskalnin, 1887, Sculptor
Ella Henderson, 1996, Pop Singer
Emanuele Pirro, 1962, Race Car Driver
Emily Mason, 1932, Painter
Emmanuel Levinas, 1906, Philosopher
Emre Can, 1994, Soccer Player
Erich Barenfanger, 1915,
Erinn Westbrook, 1991, TV Actress
Etienne Lenoir, 1822, Entrepreneur
FaZe Jebasu, 1997, YouTube Star
Fred McDowell, 1904, Guitarist
George Duke, 1946, Composer
Georgia May Jagger, 1992, Model
Glenn Yarbrough, 1930, Folk Singer
Gordon Campbell, 1948, Politician
Gozde Mukavelat, 1985, TV Actress
Greg X. Volz, 1950, Rock Singer
Gunde Svan, 1962, Skier
Hadley Caliman, 1932, Saxophonist
Hamilton Ricard, 1974, Soccer Player
Hande Yener, 1973, Pop Singer
Hannah Gadsby, 1978, Comedian

Hans Henning Atrott, 1944, Philosopher
Haruki Murakami, 1949, Novelist
Heather Mills, 1968, Reality Star
Henry Hodge, 1944, Lawyer
Herman Goring, 1893, Politician
Hilary Weston, 1942, Politician
Holden Roberto, 1923, Politician
House Peters Jr., 1916, TV Actor
Howard Stern, 1954, Radio Host
Ikuhisa Minowa, 1976, MMA Fighter
Ingrid Jensen, 1966, Trumpet Player
Ira Hayes, 1923, War Hero
Isaac Del Real, 2008, Family Member
Isabella Day, 2004, TV Actress
Issa Rae, 1985, YouTube Star
Ivan B, 1996, Rapper
Ivan Nova, 1987, Baseball Player
Jack Knight, 1895, Baseball Player
Jack London, 1876, Novelist
Jake Mitchell, 2000, YouTube Star
Jakob Oftebro, 1986, Movie Actor
James Fergason, 1934, Inventor
James L Farmer Jr., 1920, Civil Rights Leader
Jana Duggar, 1990, Reality Star
Jason Freese, 1975, Saxophonist
Jason Sklar, 1972, Comedian
Jay McShann, 1916, Blues Singer
Jeff Bezos, 1964, Entrepreneur
Jena Rose Raphael, 2001, Pop Singer
Jeremy Camp, 1978, Rock Singer

Jessica Marie, 1991, Model
Jessie Graff, 1984, TV Actress
Jim Gray, 1944, Scientist
Jodi Bird, 1998, Pop Singer
Joe E. Lewis, 1902, Comedian
Joe Frazier, 1944, Boxer
Joe Hauser, 1899, Baseball Player
Joe Talamo, 1990, Horse Jockey
Johannes Vares, 1890, Politician
John Etheridge, 1948, Guitarist
John Lasseter, 1957, Animator
John Seru, 1964, TV Actor
John Singer Sargent, 1856, Painter
John Walker, 1952, Runner
John Winthrop, 1587, Politician
John-David Duggar, 1990, Reality Star
Jon Spaihts, 1950, Screenwriter
Jonathan Moyo, 1957, Politician
Jose Limon, 1908, Choreographer
Joseph Talamo, 1990, Horse Jockey
Junichi Masuda, 1968, Game Designer
Jusepe De Ribera, 1591, Painter
Katherine Macgregor, 1925, TV Actress
Keith Anderson, 1968, Country Singer
KellHitEmUp, 1994, YouTube Star
Kev Nish, 1984, Rapper
Kieron Richardson, 1986, Soap Opera Actor
Kim Sa-Rang, 1978, TV Actress
Kirstie Alley, 1951, TV Actress
Kortney Jamaal Pollard, 1988, Gospel Singer
Kreskin, 1935, Magician
LaWanda Lindsey, 1953, Country Singer
Lee Bo-young, 1979, TV Actress
Lee Tomlin, 1989, Soccer Player
Leo Smit, 1921, Composer
Linda Jamison, 1965,
Lisa Rieffel, 1975, TV Actress
Logan Rae Hill, 1995, Photographer
Luis Ignacio Ayala, 1978, Baseball Player
Luise Rainer, 1910, Movie Actress
Luna Vachon, 1962, Wrestler
Madison Bertini, 1994, Instagram Star
Mane González, 1989, Reality Star
Maria Jose, 1976, Pop Singer
Marian Hossa, 1979, Hockey Player
Mario Preskar, 1984, Boxer
Mark Allen, 1958, Triathlete
Mary Harron, 1953, Director
Matt Greenfield, 1965, Entrepreneur
Matt Molloy, 1947, Flute Player
Maverick Vinales, 1995, Motorcycle Racer
Melanie Chisholm, 1974, Pop Singer
Michael Aspel, 1933, TV Show Host
Michael J Pagan, 1985, Movie Actor
Mig Ayesa, 1970, Rock Singer
Mohamed El Shorbagy, 1991, Squash Player
Nathalie Tresya, 2004, Instagram Star
Nathan Doyle, 1987, Soccer Player
Nathan Gamble, 1998, Movie Actor
Naya Rivera, 1987, TV Actress
Nick Grinde, 1893, Director
Niklas Kronwall, 1981, Hockey Player
Noel Blake, 1962, Soccer Coach
Oliver Platt, 1960, Movie Actor
Olivier Martinez, 1966, Movie Actor
Oribe Peralta, 1984, Soccer Player
owTreyalP, 1994, YouTube Star
Oyo Boy Sotto, 1984, TV Actor
Patsy Kelly, 1910, Movie Actress
Patty Lin, 1980, Screenwriter
Paul Jarrico, 1915, Screenwriter
Per Gessle, 1959, Pop Singer
Phil Perry, 1952, R&B Singer
Piolo Pascual, 1977, Movie Actor
Pixie Lott, 1991, Pop Singer
Plymouth J Cliffords, 1980, Comedian
Priyanka Gandhi, 1972, Family Member
Priyanka Vadra, 1972, Politician
Rachael Harris, 1968, TV Actress
Raekwon, 1970, Rapper
Raf Simons, 1968, Fashion Designer
Raimonds Pauls, 1936, Composer
Ralf Moller, 1959, TV Actor
Randy Sklar, 1972, Comedian
Randy Wright, 1961, Football Player
Ray Price, 1926, Country Singer
Reese Cates, 1989, Bull Rider
Rich Wilkes, 1966, Screenwriter
Richard Rufus, 1975, Soccer Player
Ricky Harun, 1987, Soap Opera Actor
Ricky Van Shelton, 1952, Country Singer
Rob Zombie, 1965, Metal Singer
Roger Ewing, 1942, TV Actor
Romi Rain, 1988,
Rush Limbaugh, 1951, Radio Host
Russ Dugger, 1975, Race Car Driver
Ruth Benerito, 1916, Inventor
Ruth Brown, 1928, R&B Singer
Sakshi Tanwar, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Salah Choudhury, 1965, Journalist
Salvatore Sirigu, 1987, Soccer Player
Sarah Utterback, 1982, TV Actress
Sergei Revin, 1966, Astronaut
Sergey Karjakin, 1990, Chess Player
Sergey Korolyov, 1907, Scientist
Shawn Desman, 1982, Pop Singer
Sheila Jackson Lee, 1950, Politician
Shirley Eaton, 1937, Movie Actress
Sid Owen, 1972, Soap Opera Actor
Simon Halls, 1964, Family Member
Simon Russell Beale, 1961, TV Actor
Spyridon Louis, 1873, Runner
Stephanie Schmahl, 2004, Soap Opera Actress
Stephen Parry, 1986, Cricket Player
Steve Fiorilla, 1961, Illustrator
Subir Chowdhury, 1967, Novelist
Swami Vivekananda, 1863, Religious Leader
Symphani Soto, 1993, YouTube Star
Teoberto Maler, 1842, Explorer
Teresa Yaw, 1959, Family Member
Terry Jamison, 1965,
Tex Ritter, 1905, Country Singer
Texas Guinan, 1884, Stage Actress
Thomas Campion, 1567, Composer
Tiler Peck, 1989, Dancer
Tim Horton, 1930, Hockey Player
Tom Dempsey, 1947, Football Player
Toto Wolff, 1972, Race Car Driver
Tyler Baltierra, 1992, Reality Star
Tzeni Karezi, 1932, Movie Actress
Vendela Kirsebom, 1967, Model
Veniamin Margolin, 1922, Trumpet Player
Vernon Forrest, 1971, Boxer
Walter Mosley, 1952, Novelist
Wayne Wang, 1949, Director
Will Rothhaar, 1987, TV Actor
William Lee Golden, 1939, Country Singer
William Nicholson, 1948, Playwright
Zack de la Rocha, 1970, Rapper
Zayn Malik, 1993, Pop Singer
Zaytoven, 1988, DJ


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