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How To Remove A Psychic Block?

How To Remove A Psychic Block?

You noticed that your talents haven’t been working very clearly recently, haven’t you? And that’s something you’d like to fix, on the double. Find out how to fix your psychic block in this article.

Anyone with any kind of psychic talent knows that there are periods wherein those talents seem to shrink, weaken, or even go dormant. It is possible for this to happen based solely on biorhythms and celestial positioning.

But it’s also possible for the cause to be something internally or externally applied to you. Here are some signs that your psychic energy is being thinned, and how you can lift those blocks.

Suppose your clairvoyant talents have gradually been waning, getting weaker or more spread-thin in recent past, and there’s no major celestial events you know of. Your ability is still there, but you find it difficult to summon up, or to maintain, or to keep at a steady rate. You may even notice it getting more difficult to concentrate in general in your life. This could be from an energy block in you.

Energy blockages are sort of like kitchen sinks. Every bit of energy that passes through you goes into this sink, and down the drain. The energy might be leaving deposits of latent charge or memory or just increasing entropy in general, little by little, until the sink won’t drain any more because the pipes are full of energy deposits. To remedy this, you need to find a way to cleanse your body’s natural energy channels.

A day of simple-diet food and rest and mind-blanking meditation might be able to clear it, but the best way to unstop your energy channels is a period of asceticism and meditation in a quiet, natural place. Take a weekend vacation in a cabin in the woods, or camp on a mountain for a few nights. Meditate. Don’t concentrate on clearing yourself – concentrate on letting yourself be cleared by the natural energy that you attract to yourself. Nature’s energy is the best Drain-o.

If, on the other hand, your talent suddenly and abruptly stops, becoming either weak and feeble or straight-up unusable, you’ve probably been the subject of an outside blockage. These can happen in plenty of different ways, but the classic “someone put a hex on you” is one of the least probable causes.

In reality, it could be that the energy of your surroundings has shifted to a frequency you aren’t used to because of construction or development in the area. Anything that disturbs the natural layout of the land will inevitably disrupt the natural flow of energy therein. Nature will fix its own flow, but it will take some time.

It could also be caused by a change in diet or lifestyle. Becoming unhealthy in your habits or daily doings will definitely cause a blockage in your body, as it is your psychic mind’s protest of your mistreatment of your body.

Eat healthy, exercise, and don’t consume poisons like drugs and alcohol, at least for a while. Your body will reset itself once it reaches a proper standard of health. Proper nutrition is way more important in mystic matters than many people realize.

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