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Is God Being Replaced By Psychics?

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Is God being replaced by Psychics in our lives? That’s the question I asked myself recently after hearing a mother tell her tales of woe involving her consternation-provoking children. While listening to the case of the Powdered Sugar Party, I thought, “If there were ever a time for a mom to read the minds of her child or see into the future, this was it.” If she could have had psychic forewarning, I’m sure she would have stopped it from happening.

But then I wondered, would that have been the best thing? Are we wise enough to know what is best for us in the long run? Hence my question: would God end up being replaced if we were to have authentic help from absolutely free online psychics?


God replaced by psychics

#1. Mom’s Perspective

And then there are days that I want to tear my hair out when I go upstairs to the kitchen and there is a terrible mess to clean up. Like the day that my son got a hold of a jumbo bag of popcorn and dumped it all over the living room. Or the time that we were visiting Grandma’s and my two children took a bag of powdered sugar and dumped it all over her bedroom and then locked the door.


James and Sally are the ones who locked themselves in Grandma’s room with a full bag of powdered sugar which they dumped EVERYWHERE. When my Mom finally got them to open the door it was like a sugar cloud it was all over her bedroom.


It was so bad that she had to tear out the carpeting (which she said wasn’t a bad thing because she hated the old carpet) But I have never seen so much sugar spread all over an entire room.

Powdered sugar is very fine, I remember it even smelled sweet when you took a breath you knew it was in the air. We had a hard time not laughing at them because it was pretty funny. I am sure they had a great time locking us out and then having fun.

What do you think? Do you think that this mom should have known what was going to happen so she could have stopped it? Do you feel she should have the foreknowledge from free online psychics to control such episodes in her life?

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