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Mayan Galactic Tone 6: Uac – Balance

Mayan Name: Uac

Maya Day Number: Six – Rhythmic

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Balance, Flow

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are community, home, family, change, focus, humanity and thanks.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The sixth Mayan galactic tone is called Balance, Flow or Uac. It is known as the “rhythmic tone” and the tone of equality and balance.The sixth Mayan galactic tone is called Balance, Flow or Uac.

The energy of this day is for balance that comes from the energy of the earth. It keeps the energy grounded enough to allow for the highest self expression.


Positive Traits

People born under the Maya day number six energy know and understand all about change. They realize that change is a part of life and use it to grow and learn. They are always trying to use their life experiences to grow into a better person.


They are focused on their home and family life. They are responsible, committed, loving and active in their community. Their goal in life isn’t so much of a personal goal as it is to make sure the people they care about are well taken care of.

The Mayan galactic tone 6 people make great providers and wonderful parents. The job they feel is the most important is taking care of the home and many will choose to be a stay at home parent.


They are people who are comfortable taking charge. If they are in positions where they aren’t in charge they tend to be very critical of those that are. They are great at positions like director, manager, or foreman.

They should remember that sometimes it’s OK to let others take the lead. If they can, they should avoid positions where they have to report to anybody. Working independently or by themselves is the best way to avoid professional and inner conflicts.

They enjoy being active in their communities and want to be the one others rely on to find solutions to problems. They will use their charm and outlook on life to attract whatever they need. People are drawn to their magnetic personalities.

One of their favorite past times is dancing or something that resembles dancing. They love things that have a rhythmic motion such as dancing or playing sports. Because of their problem solving abilities many people will be drawn to them especially if they are in leadership roles.

Negative Traits

People with Mayan galactic six energy can become very critical of others, even if they aren’t aware of it. As critical as they are, they are also very giving. Their generous nature could lead them to being taken advantage of by those that only want to use them. They have a naturally helpful spirit and always want to help others in need.

They can cross the line between being helpful and imposing their desires on others. Other people may also become too dependent on the kindness of six people. They could unknowingly hinder the growth of the person they are trying to help. This could lead them to excessive worrying and stress related to trying to “rescue” everyone and not taking care of themselves.

The Maya day number 6 can be overly critical of themselves. When they find themselves in a negative situation they can scold themselves and fall into self pity. They should remember not to be too critical of themselves.

Uac / Balance Days

The energy of this Maya galactic number 6 day is good to seek out balance. It is also a good day to be thankful for the closeness of those you love. Give thanks for your home and your ability to care for it and your loved ones. Meditate on ways you can give back to your community and humanity.

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