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Mayan Galactic Tone 1: Hun – Unity

Mayan Name: Hun

Maya Day Number: One – Magnetic

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Unity

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are beginning, creation, create, awakening, wisdom, attraction, unity, love and purpose.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The first number of the Mayan Galactic Tones is 1 and is also known as Unity or Hun. Unity is known as “the initiator”. In the Mayan calendar, Unity is considered the magnetic tone of purpose and attraction.The first number of the Mayan Galactic Tones is 1 and is also known as Unity or Hun.

They are the people who open the path for all others. Once they understand the depth of their wisdom, they will be the creators of great things that massively benefit all of humanity.


Positive Traits

Unity Maya day number symbolizes new beginnings. It represents something new. Unity people open up the path so that others who come after will see the trail already set forth.

They are the pioneers and they set forth in motion a period where new ideas, technology, thought, spirituality and business can be realized into the physical world. Unity people are intelligent leaders who know how to get people motivated to do what needs to be done.


Those born under the Maya number 1 energy are born to start new projects. They are able to create the energy they need out of nowhere to start new tasks. They are very in tune with their creative energy.

They will work hard to achieve their goals and will thrive if they own their own business. They will be the inventors of many new innovations and they will even set forth to give new ideas and new ways of doing things to society. They are good in careers as political leaders, spiritual leaders, scientists or business CEO’s.


They prefer to work on their own vs. working in a group. When they are focused on a cause they want to support, they will put all of their energy into supporting that cause. They are big believers in love and giving back to their community.

The Mayan Galactic Tone 1 people stay away from mundane routines and prefer to live more spontaneously. They thrive on variety and love to experience new things.

They have probably thought about becoming a missionary at some point in their lives. It combines their two favorite things which are traveling and helping others.

Negative Traits

People born under the Maya number 1 energy can be very aggressive. They feel strongly about their beliefs and opinions. This may make it difficult for them to maintain good relationships with others. They will be loyal friends and strive to be good partners in romantic relationships.

When the negative side of their energy comes out it can make them overly domineering and controlling. They are used to being the one in control and taking charge when need be, but other people will not like their overbearing style.

In order to stay on their loved one’s positive side, they should remember that they don’t always have to be in charge or even take charge. Sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

Hun / Unity Days

The Maya Hun day energy is a good time to be at one with who you are. Seek to combine your natural artistic ability with teaching others about self love and growth. Seek to love those you care about unconditionally.

Look for ways that you can improve yourself and be a better person to your community, your family, and those around you. Meditate on ways that you can help others without making them feel self conscious or controlled. Focus your energy on balance of mind and communication.

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