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9 Fantastic Feng Shui Tips For Living With Pets

How Feng Shui Can Help You Live Happily With Your Pets

For some people, pets are an extension of their own families. It is  said that dogs are “man’s best friend.” In ancient Egypt, cats began to be indoor pets. Here are some Feng Shui tips for living with pets. In today’s world, pets have become very popular for people to have, and they come in all shapes and sizes, tiny goldfish, massive dogs, cats, hamsters, or even iguanas! Pets bring special joy and comfort to people’s lives.


So, people want them to have an extra companion or have some extra fun around the house. But pets sometimes live in a single person’s home, a married couple’s house, or even a home full of buzzing and busy children! But, there is a common theme. Pets can be messy and need a lot of care and care. Feng Shui can help create a healthy, happy, clean home with loving pets!


#What Is Chi?

But remember chi? The powerful life and energy force that runs throughout everyone and everything? This holds enormous importance in the area of pets. So pets can bring a lovely and warm Feng Shui to any space.

So pets represent the energy of the element fire, which is intense, passionate, and full of life! That is why pets are an excellent addition to help boost positive chi.

Before one considers purchasing a pet and making that kind of commitment, there are a few things to consider. Get a pet if there is space for it and the owner has the time to care for it. Do not neglect them.


Neglect brings a negative chi. Purchase a pet if the owner has the money and resources to care for the animal’s needs adequately. So please, Don’t purchase a pet on a quick whim without thinking long and deeply about it. Be realistic about the energy it takes to care for a pet.

Pets and Home

Pets are lovely, but they take time, and one needs to be motivated and give them all they need to thrive and do well in the home. So, don’t expect everything to be perfect or the pet to be well-behaved. Also, consider getting a pet if one is ready to create boundaries and guidelines.


Often, people let pets walk all over them, and in turn, their homes are disgusting messes of negative chi and stagnant energy. Also, they give up on time for themselves or even socializing because of a pet’s needs. Getting a pet is an important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Pros and cons should be weighed before “taking the plunge.”

Here are nine Feng Shui tips to help create a harmonious and loving relationship and pets environment.

Feng Shui for living with pets: How To Make The Most Of It

1. Create a space for them

A pet is a part of the family but needs its own space, too, so it understands it is not “in charge.” Giving a pet its own space also helps use the Feng Shui idea of avoiding clutter and keeping things organized in their section. Always keep this area clean.

2. Think of the smell

Pets are smelly! And, sometimes, we don’t always smell it if we’re still around it. Ask a friend to come to the house and give an honest answer about the potential odors. To avoid these and the negative chi they bring, consider getting an air purifier, use odor-eaters, or make time to air out the rooms by opening the windows and allowing fresh air in.

3. Don’t let them take over

Pets do not pay the bills, so they are under the owner’s charge and care. They should not sleep in the bed as the owner, but they need their place. Allowing them to sleep in the bed could put a stop to intimacy.

Establish limits. Pets should not be fed from the table or allowed on the countertops or the furniture. If limits are given, there will be a stress-free and loving environment.

4. Find the right place for the litter box

This is essential as it’s a high-odor object that can ruin the positive chi of the home. It shouldn’t be visible, but if it is, use an attractive cover or lid to make it seem like a part of the decorations.

5. Get a pet that fits the personality of the owner

If a homebody, it would make sense to get a pet that needs a lot of love, care, time, and affection. If constantly traveling or on business trips, try to get a more low-maintenance pet.

6. Enjoy putting together a color scheme

Because of the fur that can accrue when owning pets, pick furniture and rugs that match the animals’ color: darker animals, darker furniture! That way, the carpets don’t look dingy and dirty when covered in animal fur. They are easier to clean and less messy. Find pet beds that match the general color scheme of the room.

7. Expend time and energy

Pets take a lot of effort, so it’s essential to take the time to relax and play with pets. By connecting with one’s pet and creating a positive, loving relationship, there will be better chi in the home. Also, be sure to provide for the pet’s needs so that it is well cared for.

8. Provide a place for play

Pets need playtime as well as relaxation time. Dogs need to be allowed to go outside and the space for running and jumping around. Cats need a space to scratch, or they will tear up the owner’s furniture, bringing down the home’s energy and allowing them to “take over.”

9. Be realistic

Not only are pets fun, but they are also weird. So just like humans, they need love, compassion, and understanding. But be prepared for some adjustment time in the beginning as the owners establish limits and create an atmosphere of discipline.


Hence pets will always make mistakes, so be realistic about what annoying or frustrating things pets may or may not do throughout their lives! Like when raising children, it’s essential to learn to “pick the battles” worth the energy to fight.

But pets can be a lovely and heartwarming addition to any home; they are a lot of fun! Many pets bring joy and happiness to their owners, and Feng Shui can help increase the good and positive chi they bring to space and the family.


It is essential to keep Feng Shui principles in mind when buying a pet or when already living with a pet. In that way, pets will feel loved and well-cared for, the home will be clean, fresh, and organized, and the owners will feel relaxed and like they made the right decision in purchasing a furry friend. Even though the above tips relate more to dogs and cats, they can be applied to almost all pets.

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