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February 8 Famous Birthdays

February 8 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with famous people born on FEBRUARY 8, you are an extremely gifted Aquarian. You probably have hidden psychic abilities that need to be nurtured.

Being born on this date 8th February, famous people are given extra qualities and it can be challenging getting to know them. They are known to be tolerant but straightforward. They can also be stubborn as a mule. It’s not easy for this person to trust others but once it has been established, you could have a friend for life.


In the romance department, famous people born on February 8 may have had some upsets but this too shall pass. Learning to focus on one goal at a time will alleviate some stress related problems. Money matters to them but their freedom comes first.


As far as their health is concerned, if you share this February 8 famous birthday, you may need to look for an alternative lifestyle. Perhaps invest in a juicer and make your own protein shakes and prepare organic meals. And get some sleep!

Like other famous people, if your birthday is on FEBRUARY 8th, you can be creative, shy and gentle depending on what side of the Aquarian coin you toss. These famous people are unique and determined. What this February 8 famous birthdate says about you is that your past may have negative affects on you today. Most of you are difficult to know.


February 8th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8th February Good Traits:

  • Independent
  • Popular
  • Intuitive
  • Magnetic
  • Enterprising

8th February Bad Traits:

  • Difficult
  • Stubborn
  • Secretive
  • Whimsical

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February 8th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abi Titmuss, 1976, Reality Star
Abisha Uhl, 1982, Rock Singer
Adrian Santiago, 1984, Cinematographer
Aidy Boothroyd, 1971, Soccer Player
Aivars Gipslis, 1937, Chess Player
Alastair Mackenzie, 1970, TV Actor
Alec Connell, 1900, Hockey Player
Alex Okafor, 1991, Football Player
Alexander Julian, 1948, Fashion Designer
Alexondra Lee, 1975, TV Actress
Allan Rich, 1926, Movie Actor
Alonzo Mourning, 1970, Basketball Player
Alun Cochrane, 1975, Comedian
Alyssa Bridge, 1998, YouTube Star
Alyssa Redenti, 1992, Instagram Star
Amelia Zadro, 1995, Model

Anderson Paak, 1986, R&B Singer
Andre Segers, 1985, YouTube Star
Andrew Hemmings, 1966, Family Member
Andrievs Niedra, 1871, Novelist
Andrus Veerpalu, 1971, Skier
Angel Moreno, 1995, YouTube Star
Anna Hutchison, 1986, Movie Actress
April Stewart, 1968, Voice Actor
Ariana Braddom, 1999, Pop Singer
Artem Sitak, 1986, Tennis Player
Artur Balsam, 1906, Pianist
Ashley Mulheron, 1986, Movie Actress
Audrey Meadows, 1922, TV Actress
Austin Blair, 1818, Politician
Aylen Alvarez, 1987, Model
Baek Jin-hee, 1990, Movie Actress
Barbara Hesse-Bukowska, 1930, Pianist
Barry Hall, 1977, Australian Rules Footballer
Ben Schnetzer, 1990, Movie Actor
february-8-famous-birthdaysBenigno Aquino III, 1960, World Leader
Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, 1807, Sculptor
Bethany Hamilton, 1990, Surfer
Big Show, 1972, Wrestler
Bill Belton, 1993, Football Player
Bill Finger, 1914, Comic Book Author
Blake Feese, 1982, Race Car Driver
Bobby Johnson, 1951, Football Coach
Brendan Smith, 1989, Hockey Player
Bruce Timm, 1961, Cartoonist
Bruno Martins Indi, 1992, Soccer Player
Burke Badenhop, 1983, Baseball Player
Burt Mustin, 1884, TV Actor
Caleb Davis, 1985, Rock Singer
Capone, 1976, Rapper
Carl Jenkinson, 1992, Soccer Player
Carlene Aguilar, 1982, Model
Carolina Kostner, 1987, Figure Skater
Carolyn Pickles, 1952, TV Actress
Cecily Strong, 1984, TV Actress

Chad Gerber, 1982, Music Producer
Chai Romruen, 1989, TV Actor
Charles Ruggles, 1886, Movie Actor
Chase McQueen, 1995, Family Member
Chester Carlson, 1906, Entrepreneur
Christian Madsen, 1990, Movie Actor
Christian Vasquez, 1977, TV Actor
Christina Bianco, 1982, YouTube Star
Claudette Pace, 1968, Jazz Singer
Cliff Young, 1922, Runner
Codi Kaye, 1997, Pop Singer
Cory Jane, 1983, Rugby Player
Courtney Vandersloot, 1989, Basketball Player
Creed Bratton, 1943, TV Actor
Crystal Marie Denha, 1984, TV Show Host
Dan Seals, 1948, Country Singer
Dani Harmer, 1989, TV Actress
Daniel Bernoulli, 1700, Mathematician

Daniel Levy, 1962, Sports Executive
Danny Tamberelli, 1982, TV Actor
Danny Tamberelli, 1982, TV Actor
Daphne Joy, 1987, Instagram Star
Darrel Walls, 1990, Gospel Singer
DatOwl, 2001, Twitch Star
David Farrell, 1977, Bassist
David Yarrow, 1966, Photographer
Dawn Olivieri, 1981, TV Actress
Deng Chao, 1979, Movie Actor
Dhwani Bhatt, 1994, YouTube Star
Dicky Cheung, 1965, TV Actor
Dino Ciccarelli, 1960, Hockey Player
Dmitri Mendeleev, 1834, Scientist
Donnell Blaylock Jr., 1992, Instagram Star
E Robert Schmitz, 1889, Pianist
Edith Evans, 1888, Movie Actress
Edward Vilderman, 1986, YouTube Star
Edwin Keith Thomson, 1919, Politician
Eleanor King, 1906, Dancer
Eliphas Levi, 1810, Magician
Elisabetta Gregoraci, 1980, Model
Elizabeth Bishop, 1911, Poet
Elsa Garcia, 1990, Gymnast
Ethan Phillips, 1955, TV Actor
Fanny Lu, 1973, Pop Singer
Felix Moscheles, 1833, Painter
Felix Pie, 1985, Baseball Player
Florin Niculescu, 1967, Violinist
Florinda Meza, 1949, TV Actress
Francis Webb, 1925, Poet
FrankJavCee, 1992, YouTube Star
Franz Marc, 1880, Painter
Fred Pye, 1997, YouTube Star
Freddie Blassie, 1918, Wrestler
Gabe Stevens, 1977, Instagram Star
Gahan Wilson, 1930, artist
Gary Coleman, 1968, TV Actor
Gaston Arizaga, 1974, Cricket Player
Gene Steratore, 1963, Referee
Genzebe Dibaba, 1991, Runner
George W. George, 1920, Film Producer
Georges Guetary, 1915, Movie Actor
Gia Long, 1762, Royalty
Giancarlo Gonzalez, 1988, Soccer Player
Guy W.S. Castle, 1879, War Hero
Hakan Calhanoglu, 1994, Soccer Player
Hans Albert, 1921, Philosopher
Henri Giffard, 1825, Scientist
Henry Czerny, 1959, TV Actor
Henry Roth, 1906, Novelist
Henry Walter Bates, 1825, Explorer
Hristo Stoichkov, 1966, Soccer Player
Ignacio Nayar, 1991, YouTube Star
Ishita Sharma, 1988, Movie Actress
Ivan Skobrev, 1983, Speed Skater
Ivan Tisov, 1870, Painter
Jack Davey, 1907, Radio Host
Jack Larson, 1928, TV Actor
Jack Lemmon, 1925, TV Actor
Jagjit Singh, 1941, Gospel Singer
Jahlil Beats, 1988, Music Producer
James Dean, 1931, Movie Actor
Jamie Martin, 1970, Football Player
Jamie Strachan, 1981, Model
Jarrett Frizzell, 1995,
Javi Garcia, 1987, Soccer Player
Jenny Miller, 1980, TV Actress
Jeremy Davis, 1985, Bassist
Jim Eno, 1966, Drummer
Jim Parrack, 1981, TV Actor
Jim Verraros, 1983, Pop Singer
Jobe Watson, 1985, Australian Rules Footballer
Jodie Stimpson, 1989, Triathlete
Joe Black, 1924, Baseball Player
Joe Maddon, 1954, Baseball Manager
Joe Martinek, 1989, Football Player
Joey Gase, 1993, Race Car Driver
John Fox, 1955, Football Coach
John Grisham, 1955, Novelist
John Marburger, 1941, Scientist
John Ruskin, 1819, Novelist
John Williams, 1932, Composer
Johnny Hekker, 1990, Football Player
Jordan Todosey, 1995, TV Actress
Jorge Vargas Gonzalez, 1967, Politician
Joseph Schumpeter, 1883, Scientist
Josh Keaton, 1979, Voice Actor
Joshua Morrow, 1974, TV Actor
Joy Fawcett, 1968, Soccer Player
Jules Verne, 1828, Novelist
Julia Barr, 1949, Soap Opera Actress
Kansai Yamamoto, 1944, Fashion Designer
Karina Garcia, 1994, YouTube Star
Karle Warren, 1992, TV Actress
Karoly Alexy, 1823, Sculptor
Kat O’Keeffe, 1988, YouTube Star
Kate Chopin, 1850, Novelist
Kathryn Newton, 1997, Movie Actress
Katie Silverman, 2005, TV Actress
Kimbo Slice, 1974, MMA Fighter
King Vidor, 1894, Director
King Vidor, 1894, Director
Kirk Muller, 1966, Hockey Player
Klay Thompson, 1990, Basketball Player
Kortney Wilson, 1979, Country Singer
Lana Turner, 1921, Movie Actress
Laurence Mark Wythe, 1974, Playwright
Lester J. Maitland, 1899, Pilot
Liam McIntyre, 1982, TV Actor
Liam Morgan, 1995, Skateboarder
Lin Tucci, 1960, Movie Actress
Lindsay Rose, 1992, Soccer Player
Lisa P. Jackson, 1962, Politician
Lisel Mueller, 1924, Poet
Liz Uy, 1982, Fashion Designer
Lonnie Johnson, 1899, Guitarist
LosPollosTV, 1995, Twitch Star
Louise Glover, 1983, Model
Lucas Machado, 1993, Model
Lyle Talbot, 1902, Movie Actor
Madiha Shah, 1966, Movie Actress
Mae Street Kidd, 1904, Civil Rights Leader
Malorie Blackman, 1962, Young Adult Author
Mar Contreras, 1981, Soap Opera Actress
Marc Wootton, 1975, Comedian
Marques Johnson, 1956, Basketball Player
Martin Buber, 1878, Philosopher
Mary McCormack, 1969, TV Actress
Mary Steenburgen, 1953, Movie Actress
Mauricio Macri, 1959, World Leader
Mayra Isabel, 1994, YouTube Star
MC Sniper, 1979, Rapper
Megan Willis, 1985, Softball Player
Megz, 1989, YouTube Star
Michael Boulding, 1976, Soccer Player
Miguel Revelo, 1991, TV Actor
Mika Francis, 1996, YouTube Star
Mike Olsen, 1968, Race Car Driver
Mohammad Azharuddin, 1963, Cricket Player
Morgan Stuart, 1989, Softball Player
Myron McCormick, 1908, Stage Actor
Nam Woo-hyun, 1991, Pop Singer
Nathalie Odzierejko, 1985, YouTube Star
Neal Cassady, 1926, Novelist
Nick Nolte, 1941, Movie Actor
Nikki Yanofsky, 1994, Jazz Singer
Olga Syahputra, 1983, TV Show Host
Paige Mackenzie, 1983, Golfer
Pamela Jean Bryant, 1959, Model
Panagiotis Vasilopoulos, 1984, Basketball Player
Pappy Daily, 1902, Music Producer
Paul Barker, 1959, Bassist
Pauly Fuemana, 1969, Pop Singer
Peter Wichers, 1979, Guitarist
Philip D. Appleman, 1926, Poet
Pooch Hall, 1977, TV Actor
Project Pat, 1973, Rapper
Raleigh McKenzie, 1963, Football Player
Ralf Little, 1980, TV Actor
Ralph Chubb, 1892, Poet
Ralph Steiner, 1899, Photographer
Ramiro Nayar, 1991, YouTube Star
Ranveer Brar, 1978, Chef
Ray Middleton, 1907, TV Actor
Reggie McKenzie, 1963, Football Player
Reginald Baker, 1884, Boxer
Richard Lemon Lander, 1804, Explorer
Rl Grime, 1991, Music Producer
Robert Burton, 1577, Teacher
Robert Klein, 1942, Comedian
Roger Byrne, 1929, Soccer Player
Roger Lloyd-Pack, 1944, TV Actor
Romell Henry, 1995, YouTube Star
Ron Tyson, 1948, Soul Singer
Ryan Pinkston, 1988, Movie Actor
Sak Sutsakhan, 1928, Politician
Samuel Krost, 1993, Instagram Star
Santosh Sivan, 1964, Director
Sarah Mae, 1980, Blogger
Sebastiao Salgado, 1944, Photographer
Semih Varol, 1996, YouTube Star
Seth Green, 1974, Movie Actor
Shadia, 1934, Movie Actress
Shereen Jenkins, 1996, Vine Star
Sherie Rene Scott, 1967, Stage Actress
Sherri Martel, 1958, Wrestler
Song Yunhyeong, 1995, Pop Singer
Sonia Deol, 1973, TV Show Host
Sophie Bennett, 1989, TV Actress
Sophie Choudry, 1982, Pop Singer
Stephanie Courtney, 1970, TV Actress
Suede Brooks, 2001, YouTube Star
Susan McFadden, 1983, Stage Actress
Susan Misner, 1971, TV Actress
Syatilla Melvin, 1991, TV Actress
Takaoka Sousuke, 1982, Movie Actor
Ted Koppel, 1940, TV Show Host
Terry Melcher, 1942, Music Producer
Thomas Hickey, 1989, Hockey Player
Tim Lester, 1977, Football Player
Tom Rush, 1941, Folk Singer
Tunku Abdul Rahman, 1903, Politician
Turk, 1981, Rapper
Vahid Gold, 1992, TV Actor
Venus Palermo, 1997, YouTube Star
Vince Neil, 1961, Metal Singer
Vladas Garastas, 1932, Basketball Coach
Walter Fullwood, 1907, Cricket Player
William Orlando Darby, 1911, War Hero
William Tecumseh Sherman, 1820, Politician
Yacine Brahimi, 1990, Soccer Player
Yang Wei, 1980, Gymnast
Yao Ziyi, 1995, Gymnast
Yuri Averbakh, 1922, Chess Player
Zac Guildford, 1989, Rugby Player
Zaire Johnson, 1978, YouTube Star


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