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February 4 Famous Birthdays

February 4 Famous Birthdays

Do you share your birthday with famous people born on February 4? IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON FEBRUARY 4, then you are an Aquarius who pays attention to the small print. It’s hard to get anything over on you. You like to have everything in place.

Famous people born on February 4 are just a little different than most. They are just ahead of the times, my dear. They have the self-control of a brick wall but they are a rational person. They tend to form relationships that last but they are not very close with most people. They keep their life hidden from the outside world. This can also make it hard for them to find a soul mate.


If you share this February 4 famous birthday, then when you do find a companion, you tend to be a bit over zealous and this can push people away. When it comes to their health, they take this seriously but they are not immune to illness. Do as mother says and remember to eat your veggies and take your vitamins, dear.


IF YOU ARE BORN ON FEBRUARY 4th, the famous birthdate horoscope predicts that you are an Aquarius that is honest and straightforward. These famous people are innovative and sensible but private. Their worse fear is losing control but they can be jealous sometimes. They need to take time out of their busy schedule to relax. They love making money but use it make others happy.


February 4th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4th February Good Traits:

  • Determined
  • Organized
  • Meticulous
  • Innovative
  • Disciplined
  • Sensible
  • Reasonable

4th February Bad Traits:

  • Possessive
  • Blunt
  • Superficial
  • Isolated
  • Harsh

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February 4th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Burriss, 1989, YouTube Star
Alberto Joao Jardim, 1943, Politician
Alessia Marietti, 1999, Model
Alex Carleton, 1964, Fashion Designer
Alexander Imich, 1903,
Alexia Putellas, 1994, Soccer Player
Alexis Soyer, 1810, Chef
Alfons Gabriel, 1894, Explorer
Alfred Andersch, 1914, Essayist
Alice Cooper, 1948, Rock Singer
Allen Forrest, 1981, Rapper
Almeida Garrett, 1799, Poet
Alondra Santos, 2003, World Music Singer
Amanda Misquez, 1999, TV Actress
Ameerah Falzon-Ojo, 2002, TV Actress
Andre Benz, 1997, Entrepreneur

Andrei Arlovski, 1979, MMA Fighter
Andrew Gray, 1987, TV Actor
Ani Yeranyan, 1991, Movie Actress
Arnau Marin, 1999, Instagram Star
Arthur A. Ross, 1920, Film Producer
Ashley Mardell, 1992, YouTube Star
Barry Beckett, 1943, Pianist
Bashy, 1985, Rapper
Ben Lerner, 1979, Poet
Benji Shuler, 1997, Gospel Singer
Betty Friedan, 1921, Novelist
Bhimsen Joshi, 1922, World Music Singer
Bill Haywood, 1869,
Birju Maharaj, 1938, Choreographer
Bobby Tickle, 2010, Family Member
Brandy Ledford, 1969, Model
Brogan Burnside, 1995, Pop Singer
february-4-famous-birthdaysBryan Mantia, 1963, Drummer
Bug Hall, 1985, Movie Actor
Byron Nelson, 1912, Golfer
Calvin Abueva, 1988, Basketball Player
Cam’ron, 1976, Rapper
Cameron Muncey, 1980, Guitarist
Candace Seguin, 1995, Family Member
Carlos Marco, 1991, Pop Singer
Carly Patterson, 1988, Gymnast
Chad Peralta, 1985, Pop Singer
Chae Gwang-jin, 1994, eSports Player
Chang Jung-Koo, 1963, Boxer
Charles Lindbergh, 1902, Pilot
Chen Kun, 1976, Movie Actor
Chris Nervegna, 1995, YouTube Star

Chris Reinacher, 1988, Comedian
Chris Sabin, 1982, Wrestler
Christian Ledesma, 1976, Race Car Driver
Christina Hattler, 1978, Fashion Designer
Christopher Laguna, 2002, Star
Claude Nobs, 1936, Entrepreneur
Clayton Johnson, 1989, Guitarist
Clint Black, 1962, Country Singer
Clyde Tombaugh, 1906, Scientist
Conrad Bain, 1923, TV Actor
Craig Dillon, 1994, YouTube Star
Curtis Salgado, 1954, Soul Singer
Dallas Lovato, 1988, Movie Actress
Dan Quayle, 1947, Politician
Dani Leigh, 1985, Photographer
Daniel Peter, 1997, Pop Singer
Danielle Vega, 1986, TV Actress
Danna Garcia, 1978, TV Actress
Dara O Briain, 1972, Comedian

Dariush Eghbali, 1951, World Music Singer
Darren O’Dea, 1987, Soccer Player
David Brenner, 1936, Comedian
David Estrada, 1988, Soccer Player
David Peoples, 1940, Screenwriter
Denis Savard, 1961, Hockey Player
Derron Smith, 1992, Football Player
Desmond Elliot, 1974, Movie Actor
Dez Skinn, 1951, Comic Book Author
Diana Diamond, 1937, Journalist
Dianna Dahlgren, 1990, Model
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1906, Philosopher
Don Davis, 1957, Composer
Doug Fister, 1984, Baseball Player
Duncan Coutts, 1969, Bassist
Ed Bassmaster, 1973, YouTube Star
Eddie Cochems, 1877, Football Coach
Eddie Foy Jr., 1905, Stage Actor
Eddie Foy Jr., 1905, Stage Actor
Edsta, 1993, Instagram Star
Edward Kitsis, 1971, TV Producer
EJ Pratt, 1882, Poet
Elliot Bastien Carroza-Oyarce, 1991, eSports Player
Emery Eyssen, 1999, YouTube Star
Eric Garcetti, 1971, Politician
Fernand Leger, 1881, Sculptor
Florence Larue, 1944, Pop Singer
Frank Bunce, 1962, Rugby Player
Frank Wills, 1948,
Frankie Gomez, 1992, Boxer
Fuka Haruna, 2001, TV Actress
Gabriel Santos, 1996, eSports Player
Gabrielle Anwar, 1970, TV Actress
Gabrielle Roth, 1941, Dancer
Gary Conway, 1936, TV Actor
Gary Kikaya, 1980, Runner
Gavin DeGraw, 1977, Pop Singer
George A Romero, 1940, Director
George Argyros, 1937, Entrepreneur
Gotse Delchev, 1872, War Hero
Gustave Tassell, 1926, Fashion Designer
Hannah Stocking, 1992, Vine Star
Hannibal Buress, 1983, Comedian
Hunter Biden, 1970, Business Executive
Ian Meadows, 1983, TV Actor
Ida Lupino, 1918, Movie Actress
IHatePink, 1995, YouTube Star
Ines Helene, 1992, Instagram Star
iRaphahell, 1996, YouTube Star
Isabel Martinez Deperon, 1931, Politician
Isolda Dychauk, 1993, TV Actress
Ivan Davis, 1932, Pianist
Ivan Rabb, 1997, Basketball Player
Jacko Hooper, 1992, Pop Singer
Jacques Prevert, 1900, Screenwriter
Jake Kean, 1991, Soccer Player
James Craig, 1912, Movie Actor
James G. Birney, 1792, Politician
James Hird, 1973, Australian Rules Footballer
James Murphy, 1970, Music Producer
Janet Waldo, 1924, Voice Actor
Jason Kapono, 1981, Basketball Player
Jean-claude Falmagne, 1934, Scientist
Jeff Dye, 1983, Comedian
Jeff Schroeder, 1979, Guitarist
Jerome Brown, 1965, Football Player
Jerome Simpson, 1986, Football Player
Jerry Adler, 1929, TV Actor
Jerry Shirley, 1952, Drummer
Jim O’Heir, 1962, TV Actor
Joan Vollmer, 1923, Family Member
Joanna Quinn, 1962, Director
Joel Adams, 1750, War Hero
John Schuck, 1940, TV Actor
John Steel, 1941, Drummer
Johnathan Larson, 1960, Playwright
Jonathan Carlin, 1988, YouTube Star
Jonathan D. Gray, 1970, Entrepreneur
Jonathan Larson, 1960, Playwright
Jordyn Yarker, 2001, Pop Singer
Jorvorskie Lane, 1987, Football Player
Josh Perry, 1981, Rugby Player
Josip Juraj Strossmayer, 1814, Religious Leader
Julianne Buescher, 1965, Voice Actor
Jutta Hipp, 1925, Pianist
Keller Williams, 1970, Guitarist
Kellie Caniff, 1989, Family Member
Kevin Amarillo, 1997, YouTube Star
Kevin Wasserman, 1963, Guitarist
Khaseem Greene, 1989, Football Player
Kiana Jones, 1989, YouTube Star
Kimberly Wyatt, 1982, Pop Singer
Krept, 1990, Rapper
Kyla Kenedy, 2003, TV Actress
Kyoko Koizumi, 1966, Pop Singer
Laisenia Qarase, 1941, Politician
LaTonya Swann, 1991, Dancer
Lauren Ash, 1983, TV Actress
Lavoy Allen, 1989, Basketball Player
Lawrence Taylor, 1959, Football Player
Lee Stempniak, 1983, Hockey Player
Leslie McDonald, 1991, Basketball Player
Lisa Donahue, 1976, Reality Star
Lisa Eichhorn, 1952, Movie Actress
Lotfi A Zadeh, 1921, Scientist
Lucie Safarova, 1987, Tennis Player
Lucky West, 1989, Drummer
Ludwig Prandtl, 1875, Engineer
Luke Roskell, 1997, Soap Opera Actor
Maddy Newton, 1996, YouTube Star
Manny Klein, 1908, Trumpet Player
Marcelo Camelo, 1978, Guitarist
Marie Masters, 1941, Soap Opera Actress
Mark Dawson, 1960, Entrepreneur
Mark Letestu, 1985, Hockey Player
Marko Matvere, 1968, Movie Actor
Mathew Leckie, 1991, Soccer Player
Megan Davis, 1989, Movie Actress
Michael Beck, 1949, Movie Actor
Michael Goorjian, 1971, Screenwriter
Michael Riley, 1962, TV Actor
Michael Saylor, 1965, Entrepreneur
Michael Simkins, 1956, TV Actor
Mikhila McDaid, 1986, Blogger
Mikulas Dzurinda, 1955, Politician
Millie-Belle Diamond, 2014, Instagram Star
Nahko Bear, 1986, Folk Singer
Nairo Quintana, 1990, Cyclist
Natalie Imbruglia, 1975, Pop Singer
Nicolle Wallace, 1972, Novelist
Nixon Knowles, 2010, Family Member
Norman Wisdom, 1915, Movie Actor
Oliver Strohhacker, 1994, Instagram Star
Oscar De La Hoya, 1973, Boxer
Padma Subramaniam, 1943, Dancer
Pamelyn Ferdin, 1959, Voice Actor
Patricia Bright, 1987, YouTube Star
Patrick Whitesell, 1965, Business Executive
Phil Ehart, 1950, Drummer
Pisith Pilika, 1965, Movie Actress
Rafaella Hutchinson, 1995, TV Actress
Ralph W. Babb Jr., 1949, Business Executive
Ray Evans, 1915, Composer
Reggie Lambe, 1991, Soccer Player
Ricardo Baldin, 1987, Instagram Star
Richard Seaman, 1913, Race Car Driver
Rob Corddry, 1971, TV Actor
Robert Coover, 1932, Novelist
Robert E. Park, 1864, Scientist
Robert Malone, 1988, Football Player
Robert Page, 1765, Politician
Ron Cerrudo, 1945, Golfer
Rosa Parks, 1913, Civil Rights Leader
Russell Hoban, 1925, Novelist
Rusty Kuntz, 1955, Baseball Player
Sabrina Sato, 1981, Comedian
Sam Hoskins, 1993, Soccer Player
Sammie Rimando, 1998, Star
Sandra Martin, 1962, Reality Star
Sanford Bishop, 1947, Politician
Saul Nanni, 1999, TV Actor
Sean Emmett, 1970, Motorcycle Racer
Sergei Grinkov, 1967, Figure Skater
Shahab Hosseini, 1974, Movie Actor
Shedrack Anderson III, 1977, TV Actor
Smooth Fuego, 1986, DJ
Sophie Milzink, 1997, YouTube Star
Stan Pilecki, 1947, Rugby Player
Steven Amstrup, 1950, Scientist
Stewart O’nan, 1961, Novelist
Tabitha Lupien, 1988, Movie Actress
Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 1746, War Hero
Ted White, 1938, Novelist
Tim Booth, 1960, Rock Singer
Tommy Muniz, 1922, TV Actor
Tony Haygarth, 1945, Movie Actor
Toshi Ichiyanagi, 1933, Composer
Trent Dawson, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Urmila Matondkar, 1974, Movie Actress
Valdo Randpere, 1958, Business Executive
Varun Sharma, 1990, Movie Actor
Viera Schottertova, 1977, Model
Walter Catlett, 1889, Movie Actor
Will Conabere, 2000, YouTube Star
William Harrison Ainsworth, 1805, Novelist
William Phipps, 1922, Movie Actor
William Talman Jr., 1915, TV Actor
Zach King, 1991, Vine Star
Zahoor Ul Akhlaq, 1941, Painter
Zaire Wade, 2002, Family Member
Zeina, 1981, Movie Actress
Zenani Mandela-dlamini, 1959, Politician


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