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February 3 Famous Birthdays

February 3 Famous Birthdays

IF YOU ARE BORN ON FEBRUARY 3, you are extremely active my dear Aquarius… sometimes, too active. Famous people born on February 3 may need to slow down just long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

All work and no play can be stressful. It could be the reason they tend to have emotional outburst at times. It has been suggested that they are not the most sympathetic people in the world. Nonetheless, they are a loyal and supportive friend and family member.


When it comes to love and romance, famous people born on February 3 could learn to be a little more expressive. Instead of talking about their feelings, they love to shower their partner with gifts. They can’t buy love though.


If you share this February 3 famous birthday, you are probably afraid as you feel that you will compromise your freedom or your financial stability if you let someone get close to you. However, if you continue to think this way, you may be alone for a long time. Come on… give love a try.

If your birth is on the famous birthday of February 3rd, you can be a focused, down to earth, hard working Aquarian. Alternatively, they are likely to have a volatile famous birthday personality but devoted to loved ones. They want to settle down but don’t want to risk their freedom or power. When they decide on something, they put their all into it.


February 3rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3 February Good Traits:

  • Practical
  • Sensible
  • Original
  • Truthful
  • Loyal
  • Logical

3rd February Bad Traits:

  • Complicated
  • Cold
  • Brusque
  • Opportunist
  • Rebellious

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February 3rd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Olivo, 1998, YouTube Star
Abigail Hargrove, 1999, Movie Actress
Adam Reach, 1993, Soccer Player
Adama Traore, 1990, Soccer Player
Addison Moffett, 1998, Dancer
Adil Khan, 1983, Dancer
Adrian R’mante, 1978, TV Actor
Ales Vesely, 1935, Sculptor
Alex Ko, 1996, Stage Actor
Alex Osipczak, 1989, YouTube Star
Alexia Andreadis, 1990, YouTube Star
Alisa Reyes, 1981, TV Actress
Alvar Aalto, 1898, Architect
Amal Clooney, 1978, Lawyer
Anabelle Smith, 1993, Diver
Andre Ellington, 1989, Football Player

Andrew Henderson, 1980, Rugby Player
Andrey Andreev, 1974, Entrepreneur
Anna Jane Jackson, 2000, YouTube Star
Anna Puu, 1982, Pop Singer
Anne Davidson, 1937, Sculptor
Annika Larsson, 1972, Multimedia Artist
Ansel Briggs, 1806, Politician
Antoine T.c.d. Lundy, 1964, R&B Singer
Arthur Kane, 1949, Bassist
Artur Adson, 1889, Poet
Arvie Lowe Jr., 1978, Movie Actor
Aseefa Bhutto, 1993, Activist
Ashley Brown, 1982, Stage Actress
Beau Biden, 1969, Politician
Becca Fitzpatrick, 1979, Young Adult Author
february-3-famous-birthdaysBen Landis, 1986, Songwriter
Ben Sigmund, 1981, Soccer Player
Bhanu Pratap Singh, 1935, Politician
Bibi Osterwald, 1918, TV Actress
Blythe Danner, 1943, Movie Actress
Bo Beljaars, 1997, YouTube Star
Bob Griese, 1945, Football Player
Bon Blossman, 1970, Reality Star
Boom Gaspar, 1953, Pianist
Brad Thorn, 1975, Rugby Player
Brian Leonard, 1984, Football Player
Bridget Hanley, 1941, TV Actress
Bridget Regan, 1982, TV Actress
Brooke Kier, 2002, Star
Bryan Kearney, 1984, DJ
Bryn Hall, 1992, Rugby Player

Casey Swanson, 1998, YouTube Star
Chantelle Paige, 1988, Pop Singer
Charles Butt, 1938, Entrepreneur
Charles Follis, 1879, Football Player
Chloe Sutton, 1992, Swimmer
Cho Kyuhyun, 1988, Pop Singer
Chris Brown, 1991, Hockey Player
Chris Thompson, 1982, YouTube Star
Cliff Hodge, 1988, Basketball Player
Cornelia Grimsmo, 1992, YouTube Star
Daddy Yankee, 1977, World Music Singer
Dan Staley, 1963, TV Producer
Daniaal Malik, 2002, Family Member
Daniel Jacobs, 1987, Boxer
Darren Purchese, 1975, Chef
Dave Davies, 1947, Guitarist
Deepti Naval, 1957, Movie Actress
Dennis Edwards, 1943, Rock Singer

Derrick Levasseur, 1984, Reality Star
Doris Speed, 1899, Soap Opera Actress
Dory Funk Jr., 1941, Wrestler
Doug Marshall, 1977, MMA Fighter
Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 14th Duke of Ha, 1903, Entrepreneur
Elisa Donovan, 1971, Movie Actress
Elisabeth Tracy, 1999, Dancer
Eliza Schneider, 1978, Voice Actor
Elizabeth Blackwell, 1821, Doctor
Ellen Brooks, 1946, Photographer
Elvana Gjata, 1987, Pop Singer
Emil Griffith, 1938, Boxer
Emile Griffith, 1938, Boxer
Erik Kynard Jr., 1991,
Felix Mendelssohn, 1809, Composer
Ferzan Ozpetek, 1959, Director
Fran Tarkenton, 1940, Football Player
Frank Coraci, 1966, Director
Frankie Vaughan, 1928, Pop Singer
Fred Lynn, 1952, Baseball Player
Gabriel Blondet, 2001, Vine Star
Gavin Escobar, 1991, Football Player
Gemma Correll, 1984, Cartoonist
Georg Trakl, 1887, Poet
Gertrude Stein, 1874, Novelist
Getter Jaani, 1993, Pop Singer
Gillian Ayres, 1930, Painter
Glenn Keith Bidmead, 1962, Rock Singer
Glenn McCuen, 1991, TV Actor
Gregory van der Wiel, 1988, Soccer Player
Guy Trosper, 1911, Screenwriter
Hashimoto Kanna, 1999, Pop Singer
Hassoun Camara, 1984, Soccer Player
Heather Williams, 1976, Rock Singer
Helen Anderson, 1991, YouTube Star
Helen Stephens, 1918, Runner
Henry Heimlich, 1920, Doctor
Horace Greeley, 1811, Journalist
Hugo Junkers, 1859, Pilot
Ignacy Krasicki, 1735, Poet
India Westbrooks, 1996, Blogger
Indrek Tarand, 1964, Politician
Ira Cohen, 1935, Poet
Isla Fisher, 1976, Movie Actress
Jack Fleming, 1924, Sportscaster
Jake Cooper, 1995, Soccer Player
Jalal Hosseini, 1982, Soccer Player
James Clark McReynolds, 1862, Supreme Court Justice
James Degale, 1986, Boxer
James Michener, 1907, Novelist
Jay Adams, 1961, Skateboarder
Jennifer Candy, 1980, TV Producer
Jesper Kyd, 1972, Composer
Jessica Harp, 1982, Country Singer
Jessica Polsky, 1978, TV Actress
Jimmy Starr, 1904, Screenwriter
Jimmy Thunder, 1966, Boxer
Joachim Low, 1960, Soccer Player
Joe Bennett, 1968, Cartoonist
Joey Bishop, 1918, Comedian
John Dumelo, 1984, Movie Actor
John Fiedler, 1925, TV Actor
John Handy, 1933, Saxophonist
John Jefferson, 1956, Football Player
John Nichols, 1959, Journalist
John Schlitt, 1950, Rock Singer
Johnny White, 1988, Football Player
Jordan Frye, 1991, YouTube Star
Jose Antonio Vargas, 1981, Journalist
Judith Viorst, 1931, Children’s Author
Julie Gold, 1956, Pop Singer
Julio Jones, 1989, Football Player
Karen Alexander, 1980, Model
Karim Martinez, 1991, Boxer
Kaylan Morgan, 1985, Model
Keith Elias, 1972, Football Player
Keith Gordon, 1961, Movie Actor
Kelly Sullivan, 1978, TV Actress
Kenneth Anger, 1927, Director
Kerry Von Erich, 1960, Wrestler
Kid Thomas Valentine, 1896, Trumpet Player
Kim Dong-joo, 1976, Baseball Player
Kirsty Wark, 1955, TV Show Host
Lane Turner, 1967, Country Singer
Lauren Evans, 1983, R&B Singer
Laurence Tolhurst, 1959, Drummer
Lee Ranaldo, 1956, Guitarist
Lewis Cook, 1997, Soccer Player
Lil Hardin Armstrong, 1898, Jazz Singer
Lima Sopoaga, 1991, Rugby Player
Linda Eder, 1961, Stage Actress
Liskula Cohen, 1972, Model
Liza Anne, 1994, Folk Singer
Lou Criger, 1872, Baseball Player
Lucas Duda, 1986, Baseball Player
Luis Angel Mendoza, 1990, Soccer Player
Luis Coronel, 1996, World Music Singer
Luke Keary, 1992, Rugby Player
Maitland Ward, 1977, TV Actress
Malcolm Martineau, 1960, Pianist
Marc Robinson, 1964, Movie Actor
Marek Zidlicky, 1977, Hockey Player
Mariah Buzolin, 1991, TV Actress
Marjatta Kajosmaa, 1938, Skier
Marjo Matikainen-Kallstrom, 1965, Skier
Markus Schulz, 1975, DJ
Mart Poom, 1972, Soccer Player
Marty Jannetty, 1960, Wrestler
Marwan Khoury, 1968, Songwriter
Mary Carlisle, 1914, Movie Actress
Matraca Berg, 1964, Country Singer
Matt Charles, 1977, Voice Actor
Matthew Moy, 1984, TV Actor
Maura Tierney, 1965, TV Actress
Melanie Safka, 1947, Folk Singer
Melanie Velez, 1992, Reality Star
Melissa Sarah Wee, 1984, Bodybuilder
Meng Jia, 1989, Pop Singer
MGH, 1993, YouTube Star
Michael Cimino, 1939, Director
Michael Valentine Doonican, 1928, Pop Singer
Michel Thomas, 1914, Teacher
Michele Greene, 1962, TV Actress
Michelle Laine, 1987, Fashion Designer
Mike Scocozza, 1986, Model
Milo, 1992, Rapper
Mishon Ratliff, 1993, TV Actor
Morgan Fairchild, 1950, Movie Actress
Nasir Hussain, 1931, Director
Nate Kane, 1986, Rapper
Nathan Grisdale, 1995, Pop Singer
Nathan Hirschaut, 2000, Dancer
Nathan Lane, 1956, Stage Actor
Neil Bogart, 1943, Entrepreneur
Norman Rockwell, 1894, Painter
Orla Gartland, 1995, Folk Singer
Oscar Cordoba, 1970, Soccer Player
Pamela Franklin, 1950, Movie Actress
Paolo Roberto, 1969, Boxer
Paul Auster, 1947, Novelist
Paul Scherrer, 1890, Scientist
Peggy Ann Garner, 1932, Movie Actress
Peter Pawlett, 1991, Soccer Player
Phillipe Nover, 1984, MMA Fighter
Pretty Boy Floyd, 1904, Criminal
Pumpkin Jenn, 1994, YouTube Star
Raghuram Rajan, 1963, Economist
Raul Sanguineti, 1933, Chess Player
Retief Goosen, 1969, Golfer
Richard Yates, 1926, Novelist
Richie Kotzen, 1970, Guitarist
Rick Reilly, 1958, Journalist
Rob Bagg, 1985, Football Player
Robbie Paul, 1976, Rugby Player
Robert Earl Jones, 1910, Movie Actor
Robert Pack, 1969, Basketball Player
Rodrigo Damm, 1980, MMA Fighter
Ron Woodroof, 1950,
Roscoe Duhop, 1979, YouTube Star
Roy Chubby Brown, 1945, Comedian
Ryne Sanborn, 1989, Movie Actor
Ryne Sanborn, 1989, TV Actor
Sara Carbonero, 1984, TV Show Host
Sarah Kane, 1971, Playwright
Sean Kingston, 1990, Pop Singer
Shawn Phillips, 1943, Guitarist
Shelley Berman, 1925, TV Actor
Sidney Lanier, 1842, Poet
Silambarasan, 1983, Movie Actor
Simon Hall, 1969, Novelist
Simone Weil, 1909, Philosopher
Skeery Jones, 1974, Music Producer
Skip Schumaker, 1980, Baseball Player
Sophie Newton, 1992, YouTube Star
Stephen McHattie, 1947, Movie Actor
Steve Pink, 1966, Director
Stuart Hall, 1932, Novelist
Tallulah Willis, 1994, Family Member
Tavi Castro, 1990, Bodybuilder
Taylor Caniff, 1996, Vine Star
TheRealSMA, 1997, YouTube Star
Thomas Calabro, 1959, Movie Actor
Tiger Williams, 1954, Hockey Player
Tim Heidecker, 1976, Comedian
Tonea Stewart, 1947, TV Actress
Tonga Fifita, 1959, Wrestler
Travis Atreo, 1987, Pop Singer
Trisha Noble, 1944, TV Actress
Val Doonican, 1928, Pop Singer
Vania King, 1989, Tennis Player
Victor Buono, 1938, TV Actor
Victor Hobson, 1980, Football Player
Victor Ricci, 1995, Vine Star
Victor Rojas, 1968, Sportscaster
Vincent Ross, 1992, Vine Star
Vinko Bresan, 1964, Director
Vlade Divac, 1968, Basketball Player
Warwick Davis, 1970, Movie Actor
William Cornelius Van Horne, 1843, Entrepreneur
Younis Mahmoud, 1983, Soccer Player
Youssef El-Arabi, 1987, Soccer Player
Zarko Potocnjak, 1946, TV Actor


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