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February 5 Famous Birthdays

February 5 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 5 are Aquarius who are generally restless. They have a strong desire to be self-regulating and morally correct.

They believe in telling the truth no matter how hard it is to hear it. They have great intuition and an open mind. They are highly creative and can provide much incentive to others.

However, if you share this famous February 5 birthday, you can be a bit of a drama king or queen. You just can’t leave well enough alone. There are some individuals who think that you feel that you are superior. Then there are those that love you for who you are. As a rule, you like giving importance to yourself.


When searching for the perfect career, famous people born on February 5 would do well in those jobs that require little supervision or little interaction with others. In love, they may have set their sights above reason. It could be a safety net as they may have issues relating to trust.


If you share this famous birthday of February 5th, you can be a pigheaded Aquarius. These famous people want their independence but live up to certain standards. They actually inspire other people. They are an egotistical people’s person that can talk to anyone. They take care of their home but can be frivolous.


February 5th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

5th February Good Traits:

  • Disciplined
  • Equality
  • Honest
  • Instinctive
  • Artistic
  • Friendly

5th February Bad Traits:

  • Headstrong
  • Loner
  • Fickle
  • Stubborn
  • Indulgent

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February 5th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abhishek Bachchan, 1976, Movie Actor
Adam Carson, 1975, Drummer
Adam Everett, 1977, Baseball Player
Adam Shahz, 1982, TV Actor
Adam Tichopad, 1996, YouTube Star
Adlai E. Stevenson Jr., 1900, Politician
Adnan Januzaj, 1995, Soccer Player
Al Kooper, 1944, Blues Singer
Alba Riquelme, 1991, Model
Aleen Leslie, 1908, Screenwriter
Alex Brightman, 1987, Stage Actor
Alex Harvey, 1935, Blues Singer
Alex McKinnon, 1992, Rugby Player
Alex Pardee, 1976, Illustrator
Alison Hammond, 1975, Reality Star

Allan Seager , 1906, Novelist
Alvaro de Miranda Neto, 1973, Equestrian
Amo Chidi, 1991, TV Actress
Andreas Papandreou, 1919, Politician
Andrew Ferrer, 1995, YouTube Star
Andrew Greeley, 1928, Novelist
Andrew Trends, 2001, YouNow Star
Andy Baldwin, 1977, Reality Star
Andy Cowley, 1991, YouTube Star
Anna Sloan, 1991, Skier
Anthony Ingruber, 1990, Movie Actor
Antonio Briseno, 1994, Soccer Player
Arabella Field, 1970, Movie Actress
Art Lande, 1947, Pianist
february-5-famous-birthdaysArthur Ochs Sulzberger, 1926, Journalist
Arthur Sheekman, 1901, Director
Baby K, 1983, Rapper
Barbara Hershey, 1948, Movie Actress
Barnett O’Hara, 1984, TV Actor
Barrett Strong, 1941, Songwriter
Batuhan Karacakaya, 1997, TV Actor
Belle Starr, 1848, Criminal
Ben Ainslie, 1977, Sailor
Beth Williams, 1987, Model
Betty Ong, 1956,
Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 1990, Cricket Player
Bill Mays, 1944, Pianist
Billy Sharp, 1986, Soccer Player
BlueDeww, 1999, YouTube Star
Bob Dunn, 1908, Guitarist
Bobby Brown, 1969, R&B Singer

Brian Moorman, 1976, Football Player
Brian Russell, 1978, Football Player
Brittany Allen, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Bronislaw Kaper, 1902, Composer
Bruce Marchiano, 1956, Movie Actor
Bryant Butler Brooks, 1861, Politician
Bryce Alderson, 1994, Soccer Player
Caitlin Bea, 1994, YouTube Star
Calum Woods, 1987, Soccer Player
Carlos Tevez, 1984, Soccer Player
Chad Taylor DuBois, 1995, YouTube Star
Charles Devoe, 1982, Model
Charlotte Rampling, 1946, Movie Actress
Chelsea Karabin, 1993, YouTube Star
Chelsea Snow Cain, 1972, Novelist
Chris Barron, 1968, Rock Singer
Chris Fairbanks, 1975, Comedian
Chris Parnell, 1967, TV Actor
Chris Trott, 1988, YouTube Star
Christen Dominique, 1987, YouTube Star
Christopher Guest, 1948, Director

Christopher Shea, 1958, Movie Actor
ClashJTM, 1993, YouTube Star
Claude King, 1923, Country Singer
Cliff Martinez, 1954, Composer
CodeNamePizza, 1993, YouTube Star
Coleen Sexton, 1979, Stage Actress
Cory Wells, 1942, Rock Singer
Craig Morton, 1943, Football Player
Cristiano Ronaldo, 1985, Soccer Player
Cristine Reyes, 1989, TV Actress
Crystal Hunt, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Crystle Lightning, 1981, Pop Singer
Daisy and Violet Hilton, 1908,
dAMBit, 1996, Vine Star
Darrell Waltrip, 1947, Race Car Driver
Darren Criss, 1987, TV Actor
Darren Lehmann, 1970, Cricket Player
Daryll Clark, 1986, Football Player
David Denton, 1990, Rugby Player
David Huynh, 1983, Movie Actor
David Ladd, 1947, TV Actor
David Selby, 1941, TV Actor
Davis Cleveland, 2002, TV Actor
Deidra Dionne, 1982, Skier
Deng Yaping, 1973, Table Tennis Player
Dick Warlock, 1940, Movie Actor
Diego Serrano, 1973, TV Actor
Dirk Koetter, 1959, Football Coach
Dirk Stikker, 1897, Entrepreneur
Divinity Roxx, 1976, Rapper
DMBrandon, 1986, Twitch Star
Don Cherry, 1934, Sportscaster
Douglas Hogg, 1945, Politician
Duff McKagan, 1964, Bassist
Ellie Gonsalves, 1990, Instagram Star
Eric Michael Zee, 1966, Movie Actor
Erin Stern, 1980, Bodybuilder
Errol Morris, 1948, Director
Eugene Roddenberry, 1974, TV Producer
Felicia Bergström, 1994, YouTube Star
Francoise Abanda, 1997, Tennis Player
Gabriel Vargas, 1915, Cartoonist
Gabriel Voisin, 1880, Entrepreneur
George R. Evans, 1920, Cartoonist
Gerhard Oppitz, 1953, Pianist
Gheorghe Hagi, 1965, Soccer Player
Gia Marie, 1980, Model
Giannina Braschi, 1953, Novelist
Gil McKinney, 1979, TV Actor
Giovanni van Bronckhorst, 1975, Soccer Player
Graham Sierota, 1999, Drummer
Grant Harvey, 1966, Director
Hal Blaine, 1929, Drummer
Hank Aaron, 1934, Baseball Player
Hannah Herrmann, 2002, YouTube Star
Henfil, 1944, Cartoonist
Hiram Maxim, 1840, Entrepreneur
HR Giger, 1940, Painter
Ian Willmer, 1995, Bassist
Ignacio Carrera Pinto, 1848, War Hero
Isuzu Yamada, 1917, Movie Actress
Jack Findlay, 1935, Race Car Driver
Jackie Woodburne, 1956, Soap Opera Actress
Jackson Showalter, 1860, Chess Player
James Otis Jr., 1725, Lawyer
James Tedesco III, 1953, Politician
Jamie Brewer, 1985, TV Actress
Jamie Dick, 1989, Race Car Driver
Jason Zimmerman, 1989, eSports Player
Jaytekz, 1994, Rapper
JB Bernstein, 1968, Business Executive
Jenn Suhr, 1982, Pole Vaulter
Jennifer Granholm, 1959, Politician
Jennifer Jason Leigh, 1962, Movie Actress
Jeremy Sumpter, 1989, TV Actor
Jim Pugh, 1964, Tennis Player
Jimmy Gownley, 1972, Cartoonist
Joakim Andersson, 1989, Hockey Player
Jock MO’Nocc, 1993, Fashion Designer
Joel Connable, 1973, News Anchor
John Beilein, 1953, Basketball Coach
John Carradine, 1906, Movie Actor
John Haven Emerson, 1906, Entrepreneur
John Iadarola, 1983, YouTube Star
John Lingard, 1771, Historian
John Vesely, 1982, Rock Singer
Jonathan Freeman, 1950, Stage Actor
Jonathan Paula, 1986, YouTube Star
Jordan Nagai, 2000, Voice Actor
Jordan Rhodes, 1990, Soccer Player
Jose Maria Olazabal, 1966, Golfer
Juan Karlos Labajo, 2001, World Music Singer
Jung Eun-ran, 1986, TV Actress
Jussi Bjorling, 1911, Opera Singer
Kamal Addararachchi, 1962, Movie Actor
Keith Ingham, 1942, Pianist
Kelia Moniz, 1993, Surfer
Kelvin Benjamin, 1991, Football Player
Kennedy Meeks, 1995, Basketball Player
Kevin Gates, 1986, Rapper
Kevin Stadler, 1980, Golfer
Kily Alvarez, 1984, Soccer Player
Kim Hidalgo, 1989, TV Actress
Kyle Simmons, 1988, Pianist
Laura Linney, 1964, Movie Actress
Laurence Maroney, 1985, Football Player
Leonie Coleman, 1979, Cricket Player
Linus Omark, 1987, Hockey Player
Lisa Williamson, 1980, Novelist
Lloyd Johansson, 1985, Rugby Player
Loukas Vyntra, 1981, Soccer Player
Luc Ferrari, 1929, Composer
Lyle Beerbohm, 1979, MMA Fighter
Madison Rayne, 1986, Wrestler
Mahlon Pitney, 1858, Supreme Court Justice
Marc Kennedy, 1982, Curler
Mark Fuhrman, 1995, Non-Fiction Author
Mark Turgeon, 1965, Basketball Coach
Marlon Samuels, 1981, Cricket Player
Martha Fiennes, 1964, Director
Martin Nievera, 1962, Pop Singer
Mary Crown Princess of Denmark, 1972, Royalty
Matt Testro, 1996, TV Actor
Matt Watson, 1996, Entrepreneur
Maya Michelle Rew, 1987, Model
Michael Mann, 1943, Director
Michael Sheen, 1969, Movie Actor
Miguel Descoto Brockmann, 1933, Politician
Mihai Bisericanu, 1962, TV Actor
Mitchell Stephens, 1997, Hockey Player
Monica Pinette, 1977, Pentathlete
Monica Veloz, 1992, YouTube Star
Mr Hotspot, 1997, YouTube Star
Nabilla Benattia, 1992, Model
Nah-Shon Burrell, 1990, MMA Fighter
Nancy Lincoln, 1784, Family Member
Neymar, 1992, Soccer Player
Nick Palmer, 1950, Politician
Nolan Bushnell, 1943, Entrepreneur
Nora Zehetner, 1981, TV Actress
Park Gun-tae, 1996, TV Actor
Patrick Mullins, 1992, Soccer Player
Patrick Roberts, 1997, Soccer Player
Peg Entwistle, 1908, Stage Actress
Peter Lalor, 1827, Politician
Ralph McGill, 1898, Activist
Raymond Lee, 1987, Stage Actor
Red Buttons, 1919, Movie Actor
Reed Sorenson, 1986, Race Car Driver
Ric Fazeres, 1999, YouTube Star
Richard Rawson, 1987, Rapper
Robert Hofstadter, 1915, Scientist
Robert Peel, 1788, Politician
Roberto Alomar, 1968, Baseball Player
Robin Sachs, 1951, TV Actor
Rodrigo Palacio, 1982, Soccer Player
Roger Snipes, 1979, Bodybuilder
Roger Staubach, 1942, Football Player
Ronnie Baxter, 1961, Darts Player
Russell Grant, 1951, Scientist
Ruth Fertel, 1927, Entrepreneur
Ryan Webb, 1986, Baseball Player
S Dot, 1995, Rapper
Sakari Momoi, 1903,
Sam Ryan, 1969, Sportscaster
Samuel Sanchez, 1978, Cyclist
Sara Evans, 1971, Country Singer
Sara Foster, 1981, TV Actress
Sarah Goodridge, 1788, Painter
Sarai Meza, 2001, TV Actress
Sean Bankhead, 1989, Choreographer
Sean Forbes, 1982, Rapper
Sekope Kepu, 1986, Rugby Player
Sidney Starr, 1989, Instagram Star
SoaR Phasm, 1998, YouTube Star
Sorsha Morava, 1996, YouTube Star
Stefan de Vrij, 1992, Soccer Player
Stephanie Salas, 1970, World Music Singer
Stephen J. Cannell, 1941, TV Producer
Steve Purdy, 1985, Soccer Player
Stuart Damon, 1937, Soap Opera Actor
Susan Hill, 1942, Novelist
Sven-goran Eriksson, 1948, Soccer Coach
Tatiana Silva, 1985, Model
Terrence Ross, 1991, Basketball Player
TheCampingRusher, 1997, YouTube Star
Tiffany Williams, 1983, Hurdler
Tim Borrmann, 1991, Model
Tim Meadows, 1961, TV Actor
Tiwa Savage, 1980, R&B Singer
Todd Monken, 1966, Football Coach
Tom Lovell, 1909, Painter
Tomas Kopecky, 1982, Hockey Player
Tony Jaa, 1976, Movie Actor
Toya Delazy, 1990, Pop Singer
Trayvon Martin, 1995,
Ty Rattie, 1993, Hockey Player
Vanessa Rousso, 1983,
Vedran Corluka, 1986, Soccer Player
Victor Beer, 1992, YouTube Star
Vinnie Colaiuta, 1956, Drummer
WE Johns, 1893, Pilot
Will Furrer, 1968, Football Player
William S. Burroughs, 1914, Poet


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