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February 2 Famous Birthdays

February 2 Famous Birthdays

IF YOU HAVE A 2 FEBRUARY BIRTHDAY that you share with some famous people, then chances are you are a cheerful Aquarian. You bring out the best in people with your attitude and zest for life.

Famous people born on February 2 like to have their freedom to think and to be a self-regulating character. Everyone says that they are fabulous and clever but a little different. They take their job seriously as they do your family ties. They have great interactions with others as they listen to their inner self.


However, if you share this famous February 2 birthday you may have two people living inside of you. This could make it hard for people to get to know you. Trying to find a soul mate is extra tough for famous people born on February 2 as they put their career first. They keep people at bay by placing them in categories.


Before deciding on a family of their own, they should make some internal changes. The baggage from their past may be heavier than they think.

Being born like some famous people on February 2nd, you are flexible and like your freedom. You dislike clocking in. This Aquarius famous birthday people take special care of themselves to reach full potential physically, mentally and financially. They are naturally attentive, creative and honest. Their family and career are equally important to them.


February 2nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

2nd February Good Traits:

  • Unique
  • Vibrant
  • Independent
  • Progressive
  • Unconventional

2 February Bad Traits:

  •  Eccentric
  • Obstinate
  • Unstable
  • Unapproachable

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February 2nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Homoki, 1990, Skateboarder
Abba Eban, 1915, Politician
Abel Resino, 1960, Soccer Player
Adam Christopher, 1978, Novelist
Adam Ferrara, 1966, Comedian
Al McKay, 1948, Guitarist
Albert Sidney Johnston, 1803, War Hero
Aleksander Tammert, 1973, Discus Thrower
Alena Rose Jonas, 2014, Family Member
Alex Kennedy, 1992, Race Car Driver
Alex Sharp, 1989, Stage Actor
Alex Westaway, 1983, Guitarist
Alexander Uninsky, 1910, Pianist
Alphonso Johnson, 1951, Bassist
Amira McCarthy, 1996, Pop Singer

Andy Fordham, 1962, Darts Player
AnimeBroMii, 1992, YouTube Star
Anne Fogarty, 1919, Fashion Designer
Anthony Faingaa, 1987, Rugby Player
Arefin Shuvo, 1982, Movie Actor
Arturs Irbe, 1967, Hockey Player
Ashley Cleveland, 1957, Gospel Singer
Ayn Rand, 1905, Novelist
Balys Sruoga, 1896, Poet
Barbara Mori, 1978, Model
Barry Ferguson, 1978, Soccer Player
Billy Kennedy, 1964, Basketball Coach
Blaine Larsen, 1986, Country Singer
Blair Tindall, 1960, Journalist
Blake Clark, 1946, Movie Actor
Bo Hopkins, 1942, Movie Actor
february-2-famous-birthdaysBonita Granville, 1923, Movie Actress
Brad Sewell, 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Brent Spiner, 1949, TV Actor
Brian Cage, 1984, Wrestler
Bright Dike, 1987, Soccer Player
Brooklyn Elbert, 2001, Pop Singer
Burton Lane, 1912, Songwriter
C Ernst Harth, 1970, TV Actor
Cady Huffman, 1965, Stage Actress
CaELiKe, 1990, YouTube Star
Callum Robinson, 1995, Soccer Player
Carl Wright, 1932, Movie Actor
Carlos Munoz, 1992, Race Car Driver
Carol Ann Susi, 1952, TV Actress
Carole MacNeil, 1964, Journalist

Carolina Kluft, 1983,
Cass Phang, 1969, Pop Singer
Chalene Johnson, 1969, Entrepreneur
Charles Maurice De Talleyrand-Perigord, 1754, Politician
Christie Brinkley, 1954, Model
Christine Bleakley, 1979, TV Show Host
Christine Harnos, 1968, TV Actress
Connie Gilchrist, 1901, Movie Actress
Connor Gibbs, 2001, TV Actor
Connor Kelly, 1970, Movie Actor
Conor Hourihane, 1991, Soccer Player
Cortland Finnegan, 1984, Football Player
Craig Breen, 1990, Race Car Driver
Curtis Lazar, 1995, Hockey Player
Dana International, 1972, Pop Singer
Dane Bjornson, 2000, Pop Singer
Danielle White, 1992, Pop Singer
Darin Young, 1973, Darts Player

Dave Casper, 1952, Football Player
Dave Logan, 1954, Football Player
David Chabala, 1960, Soccer Player
David Jason, 1940, TV Actor
David Pakman, 1984, TV Show Host
David Sharpe, 1910, Movie Actor
Dean Wethers, 1998, Rapper
Dennis Oliech, 1985, Soccer Player
Dexter Manley, 1959, Football Player
Dinesh Lal Yadav, 1979, Movie Actor
Doc Hammer, 1967, Screenwriter
Donald Driver, 1975, Football Player
Douglas McGrath, 1958, Screenwriter
Duane Chapman, 1953, Reality Star
Duane Jones, 1937, Movie Actor
Duncan Bannatyne, 1949, Entrepreneur
Duncan Pain, 1985, YouTube Star
E Gordon Gee, 1944, Teacher
Eden Espinosa, 1978, Stage Actress
Elaine Stritch, 1925, Stage Actress
Ellie Bamber, 1997, Movie Actress
Emily Rose, 1981, TV Actress
Emily Zeck, 1996, Instagram Star
Emre Aydin, 1981, Rock Singer
Erica Alfridi, 1968, Race Walker
Eva Cassidy, 1963, Soul Singer
Fani Chalkia, 1979, Runner
Farrah Fawcett, 1947, Movie Actress
Faydee, 1987, Pop Singer
Faye White, 1978, Soccer Player
Filippo Magnini, 1982, Swimmer
Fozzy Whittaker, 1989, Football Player
Francis Saili, 1991, Rugby Player
Frank Albertson, 1909, Movie Actor
Frank Lloyd, 1886, Director
Frank McGrath, 1903, TV Actor
Fraser Aird, 1995, Soccer Player
Fred Daguiar, 1960, Novelist
Gamal Hamdan, 1928, Non-Fiction Author
Gary Clayton, 1963, Soccer Player
Gary Radnich, 1950, Sportscaster
Gemma Arterton, 1986, Movie Actress
Gemma Collins, 1981, Reality Star
Geoffrey Hughes, 1944, TV Actor
George Halas, 1895, Football Player
Gerard Pique, 1987, Soccer Player
Glenda McKay, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Glynn Edwards, 1931, TV Actor
Graham Nash, 1942, Folk Singer
Hana, 1990, Rapper
Hannah More, 1745, Novelist
Harrison Smith, 1989, Football Player
Harry Nathan, 1889, Politician
Harry Winks, 1996, Soccer Player
Heather Sanders, 1990, Business Executive
Hector Lombard, 1978, MMA Fighter
HeroBrineSkull, 2001, YouTube Star
Herotic, 2001, YouTube Star
Hong Jong-hyun, 1990, TV Actor
Howard Deering Johnson, 1897, Entrepreneur
Hughie Green, 1920, Game Show Host
iBeaturscore, 2001, YouTube Star
Ibrahim Sarsur, 1959, Politician
Ina Garten, 1948, Chef
Ingrid Nilsen, 1989, YouTube Star
Irene Scharrer, 1888, Pianist
Isaias Afwerki, 1946, World Leader
Ittybittyannie, 1993, YouTube Star
Ivan Perisic, 1989, Soccer Player
Jack McGee, 1949, TV Actor
Jackie Burroughs, 1939, Movie Actress
Jake Luhrs, 1990, Metal Singer
James Dickey, 1923, Poet
James Franklin, 1972, Basketball Coach
James Joyce, 1882, Novelist
James L. Usry, 1922, Politician
Jan Chiapusso, 1890, Pianist
Janisse Ray, 1962, Memoirist
Jascha Heifetz, 1901, Violinist
Jason Vargas, 1983, Baseball Player
Javon Ringer, 1987, Football Player
Jazmyn Foberg, 2000, Gymnast
Jennifer Westfeldt, 1970, Movie Actress
Jens Jorgen Thorsen, 1932, Jazz Singer
Jessica Cox, 1983, Pilot
Ji-li Jiang, 1954, Memoirist
Joao Cesar Monteiro, 1939, Director
Joe Roberts, 1871, Movie Actor
Joel Bruyere, 1978, Bassist
John Bridgeman, 1916, Sculptor
John Cornyn, 1952, Politician
John Saunders, 1955, Sportscaster
Johnston McCulley, 1883, Screenwriter
Jordan Carlos, 1979, Comedian
Jordin Tootoo, 1983, Hockey Player
Jose Guadalupe Posada, 1852, Painter
Josephine Humphreys, 1945, Novelist
Jozef Turczynski, 1884, Pianist
Judy Travis, 1986, YouTube Star
JuJu Chan, 1989, Movie Actress
Julio Sosa, 1926, Pop Singer
Jung Hana, 1990, Rapper
Kali Stallman, 1995, Instagram Star
Kan Mi-youn, 1982, Pop Singer
Katie Geneva Cannon, 1949, Religious Leader
Kawann Short, 1989, Football Player
Keith Allen Vanke, 1988, Vine Star
Kelly Crapa, 1997, Pop Singer
Ken Bruce, 1951, TV Show Host
Kenny Albert, 1968, Sportscaster
Kevin Caron, 1960, Sculptor
Kevin Symons, 1971, TV Actor
Khushwant Singh, 1915, Novelist
Kim Zimmer, 1955, Soap Opera Actress
King Paul, 1998, Vine Star
Lauren Bushnell, 1990, Reality Star
Lauren Lane, 1961, TV Actress
Laurent Nkunda, 1967, War Hero
Leah Rose, 1991, Model
Leah Wright, 1979, Reality Star
Les Dawson, 1931, Comedian
Lil Debbie, 1990, Rapper
Liz Smith, 1923, Journalist
Lolyou, 1995, YouTube Star
Lori Beth Denberg, 1976, TV Actress
Lydia Taft, 1712, Activist
Lyle Wheeler, 1905, Director
Macarena Gomez, 1978, TV Actress
Madison Nicole Robinson, 1998, Fashion Designer
Margarita Fischer, 1886, Movie Actress
Maria Clara Alonso, 1990, TV Actress
Maria Manedo, 1932, Movie Actress
Marie-Claude Pietragalla, 1963, Dancer
Marissa Jaret Winokur, 1973, Movie Actress
Mark Parrish, 1977, Hockey Player
Martin Spanjers, 1987, TV Actor
Martina Arroyo, 1937, Opera Singer
Matt Hamilton, 1990, Race Car Driver
Matt Wilhelm, 1981, Football Player
Matti Baybee, 1998, Rapper
Max Jalal, 1996, Facebook Star
Mayer Hawthorne, 1979, Rapper
Mekeli Wesley, 1979, Basketball Player
Melo Trimble, 1995, Basketball Player
Melody Gardot, 1985, Blues Singer
Melvin Mora, 1972, Baseball Player
Messiah Harris, 2000, Family Member
Michael Kay, 1961, Sportscaster
Michael T. Weiss, 1962, TV Actor
Michelle Gayle, 1971, R&B Singer
Mike Tice, 1959, Football Coach
Milania Giudice, 2006, Family Member
Millvina Dean, 1912,
Mimi Page, 1987, Music Producer
Mitchell Cauchi, 1993, Dancer
Naheed Nenshi, 1972, Politician
Nailah Thorbourne, 1980, Reggae Singer
Nathan Barnatt, 1981, Comedian
Nathan Delfouneso, 1991, Soccer Player
Nathan Fielder, 1983, Comedian
Nell Gwynn, 1650, Royalty
Olga Preobrajenska, 1871, Dancer
Oskar Kaufmann, 1873, Architect
Oz Perkins, 1974, Movie Actor
Paias Wingti, 1951, Politician
Park Geun-hye, 1952, World Leader
Pat Tabler, 1958, Baseball Player
Paul Rhoads, 1967, Football Coach
Peggy Hsu, 1981, Rock Singer
Pip3r Games, 2002, YouTube Star
Po, 1993, Rapper
Quique Sanchez Flores, 1965, Soccer Player
R Scott Bakker, 1967, Novelist
Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria, 1964, Entrepreneur
Ramon Franco, 1896, Pilot
Ravel Morrison, 1993, Soccer Player
Rebecca Caudill, 1899, Children’s Author
Rebecca Tobey, 1948, Sculptor
Red Schoendienst, 1923, Baseball Player
Rich Sommer, 1978, Movie Actor
Richard Okane, 1911, War Hero
Rick Dufay, 1952, Guitarist
Robert Deleo, 1966, Bassist
Robert Mandan, 1932, Soap Opera Actor
Ronny Cedeno, 1983, Baseball Player
Roxy James, 1991, YouTube Star
Ruben Gundersen, 1990, Pop Singer
Rudi Wulf, 1984, Rugby Player
Saia Fainga’a, 1987, Rugby Player
Sam Collins, 1996, YouNow Star
Sam De Brito, 1969, Blogger
Santa Montefiore, 1970, Novelist
Sarah Stone, 1994, Pop Singer
Scott Erickson, 1968, Baseball Player
Scott McLeod, 1973, Rugby Player
Sean Elliott, 1968, Basketball Player
Sergi Canos, 1997, Soccer Player
Serhiy Kandaurov, 1972, Soccer Player
Shakira, 1977, Pop Singer
Shamita Shetty, 1979, Movie Actress
Shannon Barker, 1995, Instagram Star
Silvestre Varela, 1985, Soccer Player
Simon Wilkinson, 1972, Composer
Sofia Productions, 2004, YouTube Star
Soni Bringas, 2002, TV Actress
Sonny Stitt, 1924, Saxophonist
Sonora Webster Carver, 1904, Memoirist
Spencer Elmer, 2000, YouTube Star
Spencer Obrien, 1988, Snowboarder
Stan Getz, 1927, Saxophonist
Stephen McGann, 1963, TV Actor
Stephen Oscar, 1999, YouTube Star
Steve Faber, 1960, Screenwriter
Stoyanka Mutafova, 1922, Movie Actress
Sumita Devi, 1936, Movie Actress
Susan Hanson, 1943, Soap Opera Actress
Svetozar Gligorić, 1923, Chess Player
Tadhg Foden, 2015, Family Member
Taryn Davidson, 1991, Model
Taylor Freeman, 1992, Comedian
Teddy Hart, 1980, Wrestler
Thomas M. Disch, 1940, Novelist
Todd Bertuzzi, 1975, Hockey Player
Tom Smothers, 1937, Pop Singer
Tomas Dimsa, 1994, Basketball Player
Tonomura Hisashi, 1972, Guitarist
Tony Jay, 1933, Voice Actor
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, 1536, Politician
Travis Snider, 1988, Baseball Player
Tylerxbrown, 2002, Star
Universal Sam, 2003, Star
Vera Chytilova, 1929, Director
Victoria Song, 1987, World Music Singer
Vigleik Storaas, 1963, Pianist
Walter Charleton, 1619, Philosopher
Wayne Fontes, 1940, Football Coach
Will Shahan, 1987, YouTube Star
William Dufty, 1916, Novelist
William Rose Benet, 1888, Poet
Willie Fleming, 1939, Football Player
Wuzzam Supa, 1988, Vine Star
Xuan Dieu, 1916, Poet
Zosia Mamet, 1988, TV Actress


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