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February 25 Famous Birthdays

February 25 Famous Birthdays

It could be in the best interest of famous people born on February 25 to do things on a Monday or Thursday. These are your lucky days. As a Pisces, they have a lot of potential. They have this way with people and generally, bring out the best in everyone around them.

February 25 famous birthdays are special. Famous people born on February 25 are naturally inclined to have psychic gifts. If they decide to use them, they should do extremely well in the field of social work. Actually, they are inspirational so a profession as a motivational speaker could be in line as a lucrative career choice.


Personally, famous people born on February 25 like to stay to themselves but have friendships that last a long time. In love, they are known to be the passionate one. They like things that bring a sense of mystery to the table or bedroom.


When it comes to their health, they need to tone it up a bit. Ballroom dancing has become popular. It could be something enjoyable for them to do with their partner.

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 25th may have the perfect marriage and find comfort in a small group of friends. They are loyal and inspiring. The February 25 famous birthday personality know the value of money and use it wisely. Nonetheless, they could take better care of themselves. They would benefit from exercising.


February 25th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25th February Good Traits:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Romantic
  • Genuine
  • Positive
  • Imaginative
  • Optimistic

25th February Bad Traits:

  • Introvert
  • Frugal
  • Disgruntled
  • Moody

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February 25th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Wilde, 1989, TV Actress
Abdul Wahid Nazari, 1953, Director
Adelle Davis, 1904, Self-Help Author
Alan Navarro, 1995, Pop Singer
Alexei Rykov, 1881, Politician
Alexis Denisof, 1966, Movie Actor
Allan Cotterill, 1985, Metal Singer
Allan Fung, 1970, Politician
Amanda Keller, 1962, Journalist
Amy Ruffle, 1992, TV Actress
Andrea Kremer, 1959, Sportscaster
Andy Pafko, 1921, Baseball Player
Angelina Wahler, 2000, Voice Actor
Anna Petry, 1998, Cheerleader
Anson Mount, 1973, Movie Actor
Anthony Burgess, 1917, Novelist
Anton Volchenkov, 1982, Hockey Player

Antonio Damasio, 1944, Scientist
Armand-louis Couperin, 1727, Composer
Art Powell, 1937, Football Player
Audrey Quock, 1977, Model
August Wilhelm Hupel, 1737, Non-Fiction Author
Augusto Polo Campos, 1930, Composer
Barclay Hope, 1958, TV Actor
Beatrice Bouchard, 1994, Family Member
Benji Marshall, 1985, Rugby Player
Bernard Bresslaw, 1934, Movie Actor
Bert Bell, 1895, Business Executive
Bert McCracken, 1982, Rock Singer
Billy Packer, 1940, Sportscaster
Birgit Fischer, 1962, Kayaker
Bob Schieffer, 1937, TV Show Host
Bobby Riggs, 1918, Tennis Player
february-25-famous-birthdaysBrenda Joyce, 1917, Movie Actress
Brendan King, 1990, Soccer Player
Brian Arnold, 1979, Reality Star
Brian Baker, 1965, Guitarist
Brielle Biermann, 1997, Family Member
Brynklie Brown, 2001, Dancer
Carrot Top, 1965, Comedian
Cesar Cedeno, 1951, Baseball Player
Chad Barson, 1991, Soccer Player
Charmaine Olivia, 1988, Painter
Chelsea Handler, 1975, Comedian
Chrescendo, 1992, YouTube Star
Chris Baird, 1982, Soccer Player
Chris Barnes, 1970, Bowler
Chris Madsen, 1851, War Hero

Chris Pitman, 1961, Rock Singer
Christian Bright, 1994, YouTube Star
Christian Ponder, 1988, Football Player
Christien Anholt, 1971, TV Actor
Christopher George, 1931, TV Actor
Christy Knowings, 1980, TV Actress
Craig Mackail-Smith, 1984, Soccer Player
Dane Swan, 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Daniel Benoit, 2000,
Daniel Powter, 1971, Rock Singer
Danny Denzongpa, 1948, Movie Actor
Danny Hylton, 1989, Soccer Player
Danny Saucedo, 1986, Pop Singer
Danuta Walesa, 1949, Political Wife
Davey Allison, 1961, Race Car Driver
David Hoflin, 1979, TV Actor
Davie Cooper, 1956, Soccer Player
Dennis Basso, 1954, Fashion Designer
Denzel Chisolm, 1991, Dancer

Diana Hopper, 1993, Movie Actress
Diane Baker, 1938, TV Actress
Divya Bharti, 1974, Movie Actress
DJ Steph Floss, 1985, DJ
Douglas Hodge, 1960, Stage Actor
Dutchess Lattimore, 1984, Tattoo Artist
E’twaun Moore, 1989, Basketball Player
Ed Balls, 1967, Politician
Edgar Wilson, 1861, Politician
Eduardo Da Silva, 1983, Soccer Player
Ehsan Hajsafi, 1990, Soccer Player
Elkie Brooks, 1945, Pop Singer
Ellie H, 1995, YouTube Star
Emma Embury, 1806, Novelist
Enric Miralles, 1955, Architect
Enrico Caruso, 1873, Opera Singer
Eric Osborne, 1997, TV Actor
Eugenie Bouchard, 1994, Tennis Player
Eva Avila, 1987, Pop Singer
Faron Young, 1932, Country Singer
Flavia Pennetta, 1982, Tennis Player
Francesca Michielin, 1995, Pop Singer
Francis Heaulme, 1959, Criminal
Frank E. Butler, 1852,
Frank Slaughter, 1908, Autobiographer
Fred VanVleet, 1994, Basketball Player
Frederick McCubbin, 1855, Painter
Gabriela Platas, 1974, TV Actress
Gary Forbes, 1985, Basketball Player
George Harrison, 1943, Guitarist
Gerald McCoy, 1988, Football Player
Gerran Howell, 1991, TV Actor
Gert Frobe, 1913, Movie Actor
Gianluigi Donnarumma, 1999, Soccer Player
Gilbert Temmerman, 1928, Politician
Graham Ward, 1983, Soccer Player
Han Ga-in, 1982, TV Actress
Harry Rabinger, 1895, Painter
Heba Elsisy, 1983, Model
Herita Ilunga, 1982, Soccer Player
Hogan McLaughlin, 1989, Fashion Designer
iCandy Davis, 1996, Rapper
Ichikawa Utaemon, 1907, Movie Actor
Isabelle Fuhrman, 1997, Movie Actress
Jaak Tamm, 1950, Politician
Jack Concannon, 1943, Football Player
Jacob Ellison, 1985, Rugby Player
Jacob McClintock, 1988, MMA Fighter
Jameela Jamil, 1986, TV Show Host
James C. Burns, 1959, Voice Actor
James Phelps, 1986, Movie Actor
James Starks, 1986, Football Player
Jamie Williams, 1960, Football Player
Jason Byrne, 1972, Comedian
Jean Bruce Scott, 1956, TV Actress
Jean Todt, 1946, Sports Executive
Jeff Fisher, 1958, Football Coach
Jennifer Ferrin, 1979, TV Actress
Jenny Bindon, 1973, Soccer Player
Jerry Reinsdorf, 1936, Sports Executive
Jesse Daley, 1987, TV Actor
Jim Backus, 1913, TV Actor
Jimmer Fredette, 1989, Basketball Player
Joakim Noah, 1985, Basketball Player
Joao Pereira, 1984, Soccer Player
Jocelin Zuckerman, 1999, TV Actress
Joe Elouassi, 1994, eSports Player
Joe Santagato, 1992, YouTube Star
Joey Dunlop, 1952, Motorcycle Racer
Joey Massey, 2000, Movie Actor
John Doe, 1954, Punk Singer
John Foster Dulles, 1888, Politician
John Leonard, 1939, Journalist
John Pearce, 1991, Dancer
John Saul, 1942, Novelist
Jonathan Freedland, 1967, Journalist
Jorge Soler, 1992, Baseball Player
Jose de San martin, 1778, World Leader
Jose Maria Aznar, 1953, Politician
Joseph E. Duncan III, 1963, Criminal
Josh Wolff, 1977, Soccer Player
Julie Hesmondhalgh, 1970, Soap Opera Actress
Julio Iglesias Jr., 1973, Pop Singer
Justin Abdelkader, 1987, Hockey Player
Justin Berfield, 1986, TV Actor
Justin Jeffre, 1973, Pop Singer
Justin Labonte, 1981, Race Car Driver
Kamryn Beck, 2000, Dancer
Kana Hanazawa, 1989, Voice Actor
Karen Grassle, 1942, TV Actress
Karl Hughes, 1995, Movie Actor
Karl May, 1842, Novelist
Kaskade, 1971, DJ
Kata Dobo, 1974, TV Actress
Kendyl Fay, 2008, Dancer
Kevin Gray, 1958, Stage Actor
Kevin Skinner, 1974, Country Singer
Kim Hee-Sun, 1977, Movie Actress
Kimberly Caldwell, 1982, Pop Singer
King Yella, 1990, Rapper
Kitaw Ejigu, 1948, Engineer
Kristie Mewis, 1991, Soccer Player
Kurt Rambis, 1958, Basketball Coach
Kurt Welter, 1916, Pilot
Kyle Dake, 1991, Wrestler
Kylie Palmer, 1990, Swimmer
Larry Gelbart, 1928, Screenwriter
Laura Kesling, 2000, Movie Actress
Leann Hunley, 1955, TV Actress
Lee Evans, 1964, Movie Actor
Lee Sang-hwa, 1989, Speed Skater
Lenny Pearce, 1991, Dancer
Leslie Alvarado, 1992, YouTube Star
Levi Benton, 1991, Metal Singer
Lisa Kirk, 1925, Stage Actress
Loryn Powell, 1987, Comedian
Luisa Hanae Matsushita, 1984, Rock Singer
Manjo Patalinghug, 1995, Pop Singer
Manu del Moral, 1984, Soccer Player
Marcel Pagnol, 1895, Playwright
Maria Kanellis, 1982, Wrestler
Maricel Soriano, 1965, Movie Actress
Mario Hezonja, 1995, Basketball Player
Mary Chase, 1906, Playwright
Matt Doherty, 1962, Basketball Coach
Max Aaron, 1992, Figure Skater
Meher Baba, 1894, Religious Leader
Meiko, 1982, Pop Singer
Mia Moretti, 1984, DJ
Michael Fairman, 1934, Soap Opera Actor
Michelle Lewin, 1986, Instagram Star
Micky Dumoulin, 1989, Pop Singer
Mikael Gabriel, 1990, Rapper
Mike Peters, 1959, Pop Singer
Milan Badelj, 1989, Soccer Player
Millicent Fenwick, 1910, Politician
Minnesotaburns, 1986, YouTube Star
Mireya Luis, 1967, Volleyball Player
Myra Hess, 1890, Pianist
Naga Munchetty, 1975, Journalist
Nagwa Fouad, 1936, Dancer
Nancy O’Dell, 1966, TV Show Host
Napoleon Harris, 1979, Politician
Natalie Dreyfuss, 1987, TV Actress
Neil Jordan, 1950, Director
Nicole Nogrady, 1983, Pop Singer
Oliver Campbell, 1871, Tennis Player
Oliver Phelps, 1986, Movie Actor
Paisley Thomas, 1993, Reality Star
Park Ji-Sung, 1981, Soccer Player
Pat White, 1986, Football Player
Paul Elvstrom, 1928,
Paul O’neill, 1963, Baseball Player
Paul O’neill, 1963, Baseball Player
Perry Miller, 1905, Teacher
Peter Ndlovu, 1973, Soccer Player
Philip Graves, 1876, Journalist
Pia Maiocco, 1962, Bassist
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1841, Painter
Pontus Winnberg, 1976, Music Producer
Ralph Stanley, 1927, Folk Singer
Rashida Jones, 1976, Movie Actress
Reshad Jones, 1988, Football Player
Ric Flair, 1949, Wrestler
Ricardo Gomez, 1994, TV Actor
Richard G. Stern, 1928, Novelist
Ricky Dillard, 1965, Gospel Singer
Rizky Febian, 1998, World Music Singer
Robert Topala, 1987, Game Designer
Ron Santo, 1940, Baseball Player
Ross Patterson, 1977, Movie Actor
Russell Mark, 1964, Sports Shooter
Ryan Greenspan, 1982,
Sadie Miller, 1985, Family Member
Sally Jessy Raphael, 1935, TV Show Host
Samantha Phillips, 1966, Model
Sarah Patterson, 1986, Reality Star
Sean Astin, 1971, Movie Actor
Sean O’Haire, 1971, Wrestler
Shahid Kapoor, 1981, Movie Actor
Shane Peacock, 1957, Young Adult Author
Shannon Stewart, 1974, Baseball Player
Shawna Thompson, 1978, Country Singer
Shehu Shagari, 1925, World Leader
Shirin Oskooi, 1983, Business Executive
Showtaro Morikubo, 1974, Voice Actor
Steven Hill, 1922, TV Actor
Steven Lewington, 1983, Wrestler
Sun Myung Moon, 1920, Religious Leader
Sylvie Guillem, 1965, Dancer
Tea Leoni, 1966, Movie Actress
Thon Maker, 1997, Basketball Player
Timmy Hill, 1993, Race Car Driver
Todd Blackledge, 1961, Football Player
Tom Courtenay, 1937, Movie Actor
Tony Brooks, 1932, Race Car Driver
Tony Lema, 1934, Golfer
Tony Oller, 1991, TV Actor
Tony Perry, 1986, Guitarist
Topi Latukka, 1994, Rock Singer
Tsi-Tsi-Ki Felix, 1979, News Anchor
Tucker Albrizzi, 2000, TV Actor
Tunde Adebimpe, 1975, Rock Singer
Urvashi Rautela, 1994, Model
Vedo, 1993, Pop Singer
Vicky Hall, 1977, TV Actress
Wikus van Heerden, 1979, Rugby Player
Yuji Nakazawa, 1978, Soccer Player
Yves Nunez, 1976, Bodybuilder
Zahia Dehar, 1992, Fashion Designer
Zeppo Marx, 1901, Movie Actor
Zou Kai, 1988, Gymnast


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