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February 26 Famous Birthdays

February 26 Famous Birthdays

Did you know that you share your birthday with many famous birthdays of February 26. If you are born on February 26, you would probably enjoy a good romance novel. As a Pisces, famous people born on this day like to take mini vacations and get involved in a good book is an excellent way to escape from reality for a while.

However, being in love brings them joy and they prefer to take their time as opposed to jumping into a relationship. Pisces’ partners should be strong and resourceful.


The famous person born on this day February 26 are usually expressive. But they should be careful of people before they share their inner feelings. As a career choice, they have many options. However, if they wish to perform, they could be successful in their endeavors.


If you share this famous birthday, you may need to have someone handle your financial affairs for you as this is not your strong suit. Famous people born on February 26 love to see new places and being on tour would give them this opportunity. However, be careful not to party too hard. Drinking can have many side effects that one can do without.

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 26th are compassionate and emotional Pisces. Some of them possess spiritual qualities but can be dreamy. In love, they may find themselves vulnerable and make need to fix any personal faults. However, they could be musically talented.


February 26th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26th February Good Traits:

  • Sympathetic
  • Supportive
  • Kind
  • Gallant
  • Spiritual
  • Romantic
  • Affectionate

26th February Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Moody
  • Ambitious
  • Jealous
  • Proud

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February 26th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdoulaye Faye, 1978, Soccer Player
Adi Putra, 1981, Movie Actor
Ah Xiang, 1981, Drummer
Ahmed Zewail, 1946, Scientist
Aidan Gould, 1997, TV Actor
Al Bridge, 1891, Movie Actor
Alan Wittels, 1999, YouTube Star
Alba Rico, 1989, TV Actress
Aleksandras Stulginskis, 1885, Politician
Alex Heartman, 1990, TV Actor
Alex Perrault, 1988, YouTube Star
Alexa Ilacad, 2000, TV Actress
Alexandria Mills, 1992, Model
Alfredo Martinez, 1997, YouNow Star
AllThatsAidan, 2002, Star

Ally Hilfiger, 1985, Reality Star
Amanda Loncar, 1982, TV Actress
Anders Bjorler, 1973, Guitarist
Angelo Mangiarotti, 1929, Architect
Annie Williams, 1985, Reality Star
Anthony Watson, 1994, Rugby Player
Antonella Roccuzzo, 1988, Family Member
Ariel Sharon, 1928, World Leader
Arthur Brough, 1905, TV Actor
Ashley Adee, 2001, Family Member
ATB, 1973, DJ
Barbara Niven, 1953, Soap Opera Actress
Ben Dickenson, 1993, Soccer Player
Beren Saat, 1984, TV Actress
Betty Hutton, 1921, Movie Actress
Bill Duke, 1943, Movie Actor
february-26-famous-birthdaysBilly Steinberg, 1950, Pop Singer
Bjorn Bergmann Siguroarson, 1991, Soccer Player
Bob Frank, 1944, Folk Singer
Brad Coleman, 1988, Race Car Driver
Brian Gibbons, 1988, Hockey Player
Britt Scholte, 1997, YouTube Star
Brittany Renner, 1992, Instagram Star
Brooke Kosinski, 2004, Dancer
Buffalo Bill Cody, 1846,
Carl Conrads, 1839, Sculptor
Carlos Esparza, 1990, TV Actor
Cathrine Lindahl, 1970, Curler
Chad Urmston, 1976, Guitarist
Chandler Catanzaro, 1991, Football Player
Charley Webb, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Chase Masterson, 1963, TV Actress
Chris Anderson, 1926, Pianist

Chris Draft, 1976, Football Player
Christopher Maleki, 1964, Soap Opera Actor
Chuck Wepner, 1939, Boxer
CL, 1991, Rapper
Clark Coolidge, 1939, Poet
Clay Patten, 1997, Vine Star
Cliff Osmond, 1937, Movie Actor
Colin Bell, 1946, Soccer Player
Connie Carpenter-phinney, 1957, Cyclist
Corinne Bailey Rae, 1979, R&B Singer
Cory Weissman, 1990, Basketball Player
Courtney Trop, 1987, Blogger
Crystal Kay, 1986, Pop Singer
Currie Graham, 1967, TV Actor
damali ayo, 1972, Performance Artist
Daniel Geale, 1981, Boxer
Daniele Vicari, 1967, Director
Danny Mac, 1988, Soap Opera Actor

Darrius Heyward-Bey, 1987, Football Player
Dave Pell, 1925, Saxophonist
David Eyres, 1964, Soccer Player
Demet Ozdemir, 1992, TV Actress
Don Narcisse, 1965, Football Player
Donal Hord, 1902, Sculptor
Drew Goddard, 1975, Screenwriter
Dub Taylor, 1907, TV Actor
Dustin Ackley, 1988, Baseball Player
Ed Quinn, 1968, TV Actor
Edyta Herbus, 1981, Dancer
Elizabeth George, 1949, Novelist
Emma Dunn, 1875, Movie Actress
Emmanuel Adebayor, 1984, Soccer Player
Erin McLeod, 1983, Soccer Player
Erinn Bartlett, 1973, Model
Erykah Badu, 1971, R&B Singer
Fanny Cradock, 1909, Chef
Fats Domino, 1928, Pianist
Fay Ripley, 1966, Movie Actress
Ferdinand I Of Bulgaria, 1861, Royalty
Fernando Llorente, 1985, Soccer Player
Gabriel Obertan, 1989, Soccer Player
Gee Atherton, 1985, Motorcycle Racer
Gene Principe, 1967, Journalist
George Barker, 1913, Poet
George Kunda, 1956, Politician
George Morris, 1938, Equestrian
Georgia Taylor, 1980, TV Actress
Giannis Ioannidis, 1945, Basketball Coach
Giulio Natta, 1903, Scientist
Godfrey Cambridge, 1933, Movie Actor
Gorgi Kolozov, 1948, TV Actor
Greg Germann, 1958, TV Actor
Greg Rikaart, 1977, Soap Opera Actor
Grover Cleveland Alexander, 1887, Baseball Player
Hannah Kearney, 1986, Skier
Hannah Meloche, 2001, YouTube Star
Harold Matson, 1898,
Helen Clark, 1950, Politician
Helene Ségara, 1971, Pop Singer
Herbert Henry Dow, 1866, Entrepreneur
Horace Harmon Lurton, 1844, Supreme Court Justice
Husband E. Kimmel, 1882,
Iga Victoria, 2002, Songwriter
Imbribtw, 1997, Instagram Star
Infameezy, 1993, Music Producer
Isaac Durnford, 1998, TV Actor
It’s Just Luke, 2000, Vine Star
Jackie Gleason, 1916, TV Actor
Jacob Trouba, 1994, Hockey Player
Jahmene Douglas, 1991, Pop Singer
James Allodi, 1967, TV Actor
James Goldsmith, 1933, Politician
James Wan, 1977, Director
Jane Wagner, 1935, Comedian
Jayce Bartok, 1974, Movie Actor
Jenna Wolfe, 1974, News Anchor
Jennifer Grant, 1966, Family Member
Jese, 1993, Soccer Player
Joe Mullen, 1957, Hockey Player
John Campea, 1972, Blogger
Johnny Cash, 1932, Country Singer
Jonathan Cain, 1950, Pop Singer
Jonny Quinn, 1972, Drummer
Jose Luis Cuevas, 1934, Painter
Joseph Clarkson Maddison, 1850, Architect
Josephine Tewson, 1939, TV Actress
JT Snow, 1968, Baseball Player
Juliet Simms, 1986, Pop Singer
Kara Monaco, 1983, Reality Star
Katerina Pisetsky, 1986, Gymnast
Kayla Davis, 1988, Instagram Star
Kazimira Prunskiene, 1943, Politician
Kazuyoshi Miura, 1967, Soccer Player
Keisuke Kuwata, 1956, Rock Singer
Keitaro Harada, 1985, Saxophonist
Keith Carter, 1967, DJ
Keith Ferguson, 1972, Voice Actor
Kendra Herrin, 2002,
Kepler Pepe, 1983, Soccer Player
Kertus Davis, 1981, Race Car Driver
Kevontay Jackson, 1982, Rapper
Khaled Ali, 1972, Lawyer
Ky-Mani Marley, 1976, Reggae Singer
Kyle Norman, 1976, R&B Singer
Kylie Watkins, 1996, YouTube Star
Lazar Berman, 1930, Pianist
Leah Roga, 2001, Dancer
Lee Chang Sub, 1991, Pop Singer
Leila Lopes, 1986, Model
Leonard Borwick, 1868, Pianist
Levi Strauss, 1829, Entrepreneur
Lex I, 1998, YouTube Star
Li Na, 1982, Tennis Player
Linda Brava, 1970, Violinist
Maas Bronkhuyzen, 2001, Movie Actor
Madeleine Carroll, 1906, Movie Actress
Maile O’Keefe, 2002, Gymnast
Maliyah Herrin, 2002,
Marco Esparza, 1990, TV Actor
Marco Valastro, 2007, Family Member
Marcos Castro, 1986, YouTube Star
Margaret Leighton, 1922, TV Actress
Maria Ehrich, 1993, Movie Actress
Maria Sansone, 1981, TV Show Host
Maria Victoria, 1933, TV Actress
Marilyn Michaels, 1943, Comedian
Marina Romero, 1997, Instagram Star
Mark Dacascos, 1964, Movie Actor
Mark Wiens, 1986, YouTube Star
Marshall Faulk, 1973, Football Player
Marta Kristen, 1945, TV Actress
Martha Munizzi, 1968, Gospel Singer
Martins Karsums, 1986, Hockey Player
Matt Easton, 1991, Rapper
Matt Patlan, 1993, Drummer
Max Lloyd-Jones, 1991, TV Actor
Max Martin, 1971, Music Producer
Maz Jobrani, 1972, Comedian
Meeno Peluce, 1970, Photographer
Mert Alas, 1971, Photographer
Michael Bolton, 1953, Rock Singer
Michael Cumpsty, 1960, Stage Actor
Michael Holley, 1970, Sportscaster
Michael Mann, 1993, Drummer
Michael McCrudden, 1986, TV Show Host
Michelle Hardwick, 1976, TV Actress
Mikael Granlund, 1992, Hockey Player
Mike Murphy, 1860,
Mike Richmond, 1948, Bassist
Mikey Fusco, 1999, Dancer
Milko Gjurovski, 1963, Soccer Player
Miroslava, 1925, Movie Actress
Mitch Ryder, 1945, Rock Singer
Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina, 1934, Director
Mohammed Noor, 1978, Soccer Player
Morgan Brian, 1993, Soccer Player
Nacho Monreal, 1986, Soccer Player
Nadezhda Krupskaya, 1869, Political Wife
Najwa Karam, 1966, World Music Singer
Naoto Ohshima, 1964, Game Designer
Natalia Lafourcade, 1984, Rock Singer
Nate Ruess, 1982, Pop Singer
Nathan Sharpe, 1978, Rugby Player
Nestor MVL, 1992, Rapper
Ngo Thanh Van, 1979, Pop Singer
Nikolai Orlov, 1892, Pianist
Nikolaos Siranidi, 1976, Diver
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, 1973, Soccer Player
Olga Kent, 1988, Model
Paul Cotton, 1943, Rock Singer
Paulina Macias, 1999, Dancer
Pete Evans, 1973, Chef
Peter Brock, 1945, Race Car Driver
Phil Nilsen, 1985, Rugby Player
PJ Bianco, 1981, Film Producer
Rajiv Dhall, 1992, Vine Star
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 1954, Politician
Reid Flair, 1998, Wrestler
Reza Khodadadi, 1961, Painter
Rico Gear, 1978, Rugby Player
Robert Alda, 1914, Movie Actor
Robert Mathis, 1981, Football Player
Robert Novak, 1931, Journalist
Rolando Blackman, 1959, Basketball Player
SamanthasTV, 2000, YouTube Star
Sandie Shaw, 1947, Pop Singer
Sara Storer, 1974, Country Singer
Sebastien Loeb, 1974, Race Car Driver
Shalim Ortiz, 1979, TV Actor
Shane Williams, 1977, Rugby Player
Sharon Van Etten, 1981, Folk Singer
Sharyn McCrumb, 1948, Novelist
Shenny Kaplan, 1999, YouNow Star
Shiloh Fernandez, 1985, TV Actor
Sincere Show, 1988, Reality Star
Stacey Brennan, 1987, YouTube Star
Steve Bell, 1951, Cartoonist
Steve Blake, 1980, Basketball Player
Steve Evans, 1979, Soccer Player
Steven Blakeley, 1982, TV Actor
Susan Combs, 1945, Politician
Susan Helms, 1958, Astronaut
Talal Of Jordan, 1909, World Leader
Tara Long, 1985, TV Show Host
Taylor Dooley, 1993, Movie Actress
Taylor O’Lear, 2001, Reality Star
Teresa Palmer, 1986, Movie Actress
Terry Cook, 1968, Race Car Driver
Tex Avery, 1908, Cartoonist
Theodore Sturgeon, 1918, Novelist
Tim Commerford, 1968, Bassist
Tim Kaine, 1958, Politician
TJ Grant, 1984, MMA Fighter
Tom Kennedy, 1927, Game Show Host
Tony Randall, 1920, TV Actor
Tristam, 1995, DJ
Veena Malik, 1987, Movie Actress
Verne Gagne, 1926, Wrestler
Vic Janowicz, 1930, Football Player
Victor Hugo, 1802, Novelist
Violet Nash, 2010, Family Member
Vytautas Beliajus, 1908, Dancer
Wasim Khan, 1971, Cricket Player
Waterflame, 1989, Music Producer
Will Darbyshire, 1993, YouTube Star
William Baumol, 1922, Teacher
William Frawley, 1887, TV Actor
William Stratton, 1914, Politician
Yehuda Gruenfeld, 1956, Chess Player


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