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February 24 Famous Birthdays

February 24 Famous Birthdays

The lucky colors for famous people born on February 24 are pink and turquoise. As a Pisces, the best partner match up for them is Cancer the Crab. Makes sense as both are water signs. Together, they can conquer the world.

However, by yourself, if you share the famous birthdays of February 24, you have many desirable qualities. Famous people born on February 24 are easy to please and have a heart of gold. They are likely to work in the field of social services as they know there are many changes to be made if we are to progress. This may due to the fact that they know everybody.


Famous birthdays on February 24 are many. People born on this day have friends from many different backgrounds. They are respected and their opinion is valued.

They need to take care of themselves though, mentally and physically. It is an ongoing process not a random act. They need to stop putting themselves last. They cannot be of any good to people they care about if they are sick.


If you are born like other famous people on FEBRUARY 24th, you make friends easily from all backgrounds. The famous birthday personality profile for February 24 shows that they will do well in social careers. Pisceans born on this day know how to ball on a budget and please their partners. They may take a back seat and make sacrifices for their loved ones.


February 24th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24th February Good Traits:

  • Charitable
  • Inspired
  • Attractive
  • Liberal
  • Helpful
  • Loving

24th February Bad Traits:

  • Confused
  • Selfish
  • Egotistical
  • Indecisive

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February 24th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abe Vigoda, 1921, Movie Actor
Adam Slack, 1991, Guitarist
Alain Prost, 1955, Race Car Driver
Alan David Lee, 1943, TV Actor
Aleksandar Prokopiev, 1953, Essayist
Alesana Tuilagi, 1981, Rugby Player
Alexander Koch, 1988, TV Actor
Alexei Kovalev, 1973, Hockey Player
Alexys Fleming, 1993, YouTube Star
Alice Kristiansen, 1996, Pop Singer
Andrew Cooper, 1981, Model
Andrew Jacobs, 1932, Politician
Andy Berman, 1968, TV Actor
Andy Crane, 1964, TV Show Host

Andy Richardson, 1978, Rock Singer
Antonio Richardson, 1992, Football Player
Arcadi Volodos, 1972, Pianist
Arthur Hazlerigg, 1910, Cricket Player
Ashley Dye, 1990, Reality Star
Ashley Walker, 1987, Basketball Player
August Derleth, 1909, Novelist
Ayub Daud, 1990, Soccer Player
Bailey Sok, 2004, Dancer
Barry Bostwick, 1945, Movie Actor
Bas Rutten, 1965, MMA Fighter
Behzad Leito, 1992, Rapper
Ben Miller, 1966, Comedian
Beth Broderick, 1959, TV Actress
Bettino Craxi, 1934, Politician
Billy Bestwick, 1875, Cricket Player
february-24-famous-birthdaysBilly Zane, 1966, Movie Actor
Bob Sanders, 1981, Football Player
Bonnie Somerville, 1974, TV Actress
Brian Close, 1931, Cricket Player
Brian Schmidt, 1967, Scientist
Brittany Bowe, 1988, Speed Skater
Brittany Perille, 1989, Instagram Star
Brittany Raymond, 1995, Dancer
Bronson Arroyo, 1977, Baseball Player
Bryan Mouque, 1994, Pop Singer
Bryan Talbot, 1952, Comic Book Artist
Bryce Papenbrook, 1986, Voice Actor
Bryson Garcia, 2000, Instagram Star
Caesar Cardini, 1896, Chef
Callan Mulvey, 1975, Movie Actor

Callum Swan, 1993, eSports Player
Candice Kumai, 1983, TV Show Host
Celia Kaye, 1942, TV Actress
Chad Hugo, 1974, Music Producer
Cham, 1979, Reggae Singer
Charles V, 1500, Royalty
Chester W. Nimitz, 1885, War Hero
Chris Fehn, 1973, Bassist
Clyde Best, 1951, Soccer Player
Corey Graves, 1984, Wrestler
Craig Gazey, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Craig L. Hill, 1949, Scientist
Crista Flanagan, 1976, TV Actress
Curtis Hadzicki, 1990, Reality Star
Daniel Payne, 1811, Religious Leader
Daniela Kosan, 1974, TV Show Host
Danny Kennedy, 1971, Entrepreneur

David Langdon, 1914, Cartoonist
Debra Jo Rupp, 1951, TV Actress
Denis Law, 1940, Soccer Player
Dennis Waterman, 1948, TV Actor
Derek Randall, 1951, Cricket Player
Derek Wolfe, 1990, Football Player
Dick Goddard, 1931, TV Show Host
Dimple Jhangiani, 1988, TV Actress
DJ Smith, 1989, Football Player
Dominic Chianese, 1931, TV Actor
Donald Freed, 1933, Playwright
Douglass Watson, 1921, TV Actor
Dre Davis, 1986, TV Actress
Dwayne Allen, 1990, Football Player
Earl Sweatshirt, 1994, Rapper
Ebube Nwagbo, 1983, Movie Actress
Eddie McGee, 1979, Movie Actor
Eddie Murray, 1956, Baseball Player
Edward James Olmos, 1947, Movie Actor
Eli Guttman, 1958, Soccer Coach
Emanuel Villa, 1982, Soccer Player
Emilia Uggla, 1819, Pianist
Emilio Rivera, 1961, Movie Actor
Emily Didonato, 1991, Model
Emily Rudd, 1993, Model
Emmanuelle Riva, 1927, Movie Actress
Eric Heitmann, 1980, Football Player
Erna Solberg, 1961, World Leader
Eva Shaw, 1990, DJ
Ewa Chodakowska, 1982, Bodybuilder
Fala Chen, 1982, TV Actress
Felipe Baloy, 1981, Soccer Player
Floyd Mayweather Jr., 1977, Boxer
Gary, 1978, Rapper
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, 1942, Philosopher
George Moore, 1852, Poet
George Thorogood, 1950, Blues Singer
Gigi D’Alessio, 1967, Pop Singer
Gillian Flynn, 1971, Novelist
Gladys Aylward, 1902, Religious Leader
Gwilym Simcock, 1981, Pianist
Heather Whitestone, 1973, Model
Helen Farr Sloan, 1911, Family Member
Helen Shaver, 1951, Movie Actress
Herman Teirlinck, 1879, Novelist
Honus Wagner, 1874, Baseball Player
Hubert Van Innis, 1866, Archer
Hubert Van Innis, 1866, Archer
Inguna Butane, 1986, Model
Isa Gambar, 1957, Politician
Istvan Ferenczy, 1792, Sculptor
Jack Howe, 1911, Architect
Jacy Jordan, 1997, Dancer
Jamal Islam, 1939, Scientist
James Bachman, 1972, Comedian
James Farentino, 1938, TV Actor
Jan Blachowicz, 1983, MMA Fighter
Jane Hirshfield, 1953, Poet
Jane Swift, 1965, Politician
Jason Akermanis, 1977, Australian Rules Footballer
Jay Kenneth Johnson, 1977, Soap Opera Actor
Jay Sandrich, 1932, Director
Jayalalithaa, 1948, Politician
Jayg3r, 1995, YouTube Star
Jayme, 1997, YouTube Star
Jaymi Hensley, 1990, Pop Singer
Jean Alexander, 1926, Soap Opera Actress
Jean de Villiers, 1981, Rugby Player
Jean-pierre Vidal, 1977, Skier
Jeff Garcia, 1970, Football Player
Jenny O’Hara, 1942, TV Actress
Jerry Nachman, 1946, Journalist
Jessica Jane Clement, 1985, TV Show Host
Jim Ferrier, 1915, Golfer
Jimmy Ellis, 1940, Boxer
Joan Diener, 1930, Stage Actress
Joe Lieberman, 1942, Politician
Johann Baptist Cramer, 1771, Pianist
John Burgoyne, 1722, War Hero
John Lever, 1949, Cricket Player
John McKinly, 1721, Politician
John Nolan, 1978, Guitarist
John Stapleton, 1946, TV Show Host
John Vernon, 1932, Movie Actor
Jon Fitch, 1978, MMA Fighter
Jonathan Bailey, 1940, Religious Leader
Jose Matias Delgado, 1767, World Leader
Josh Bernstein, 1971, TV Show Host
Josh Murphy, 1995, Soccer Player
Joslyn Perez, 2002, Instagram Star
Joy Mukherjee, 1939, Movie Actor
Judith Butler, 1956, Philosopher
Judith Collins, 1959, Politician
Judith Ortiz Cofer, 1952, Essayist
JuicyTuesday, 1981, YouTube Star
Justin Coggins, 2000, Musical.ly Star
Kate Thorne, 1994, Entrepreneur
Keith Wallen, 1980, Guitarist
Kelly Berger, 1985, Lacrosse Player
Kendall Cross, 1968, Wrestler
Kent Haruf, 1943, Novelist
Kim Kyu-jong, 1987, Pop Singer
Kosta Koufos, 1989, Basketball Player
Kristin Davis, 1965, TV Actress
Kurt Tank, 1898, Pilot
Kyle Bykiv, 1991, Guitarist
Lance Reventlow, 1936, Race Car Driver
Landon Falgoust, 1988, Instagram Star
Lauren Bonnell, 1997, Pop Singer
Lauren Brant, 1989, TV Actress
Laurent Ruquier, 1963, Radio Host
Laurie Kynaston, 1994, TV Actor
Lil Troy, 1966, Rapper
Lleyton Hewitt, 1981, Tennis Player
Louis Tomeo, 2002, TV Actor
Mackenzie Green, 1990, Dancer
Mahbub Ul Haq, 1934, Economist
Manon Rheaume, 1972, Hockey Player
Marco Campos, 1976, Race Car Driver
Marian Call, 1982, Pop Singer
Mario Herrera, 1985, YouTube Star
Marjorie Main, 1890, Movie Actress
Mark Lane, 1927, Non-Fiction Author
Mark Moses, 1958, TV Actor
Marshall W. Mason, 1940, Director
Matt Skiba, 1976, Guitarist
Mauro Rosales, 1981, Soccer Player
Max Black, 1909, Philosopher
Melody, 1982, Pop Singer
Michael Radford, 1946, Director
Michael Ritch, 1973, Race Car Driver
Michel Legrand, 1932, Composer
Michelle Sanchez, 1988, Instagram Star
Michelle Shocked, 1962, Folk Singer
Mihailo Markovic, 1923, Philosopher
Mihkel Klaassen, 1880, Politician
Mikael Salomon, 1945, Cinematographer
Mike Fratello, 1947, Basketball Coach
Mike Lowell, 1974, Baseball Player
Mike Vernon, 1963, Hockey Player
Mike Whitney, 1959, Game Show Host
Millbee, 1990, YouTube Star
Mircea Badea, 1974, TV Show Host
Mitch Hedberg, 1968, Comedian
Nellie Connally, 1919, Political Wife
Nicholas Saputra, 1984, Movie Actor
Nick Blackburn, 1982, Baseball Player
Nick Esasky, 1960, Baseball Player
Nicky Hambleton-Jones, 1971, TV Show Host
Nicky Hopkins, 1944, Pianist
Nicole Lyn, 1978, TV Actress
Nikolaos Karelis, 1992, Soccer Player
Noah Bernardo, 1974, Drummer
O’Shea Jackson Jr., 1991, Movie Actor
Oliver Cheatham, 1948, R&B Singer
Oscar Molander, 1997, Pop Singer
Patricia Zipprodt, 1925, Fashion Designer
Paul Jones, 1942, Blues Singer
Paula Zahn, 1956, News Anchor
Pedro de la Rosa, 1971, Race Car Driver
Pete Duel, 1940, TV Actor
Peter Frenette, 1992, Skier
Phil Knight, 1938, Entrepreneur
Phil Roberts, 1950, Soccer Player
Pooja Bhatt, 1972, Movie Actress
Prince Khalid, 1940, Politician
Priscilla Chan, 1985, Family Member
Rachel Levin, 1995, YouTube Star
Rachel Whitehurst, 1992, YouTube Star
Rainbow Rowell, 1973, Young Adult Author
Ramona Marquez, 2001, Movie Actress
Ray Cokes, 1958, TV Show Host
Richard Bandler, 1950, Self-Help Author
Richard Jewels, 1984, Fashion Designer
Richard Southgate, 1990, TV Actor
Rob Fox, 1986, Director
Rodrigue Beaubois, 1988, Basketball Player
Roy Choi, 1970, Chef
Royce Freeman, 1996, Football Player
Rupert Holmes, 1947, Playwright
Russell Ingall, 1964, Race Car Driver
Salah Shehade, 1953, Politician
Sammy Kershaw, 1958, Country Singer
Samuel Wesley, 1766, Composer
Sanjay Leela Bhansali, 1963, Director
Shania Fillmore, 1996, Pop Singer
Shinsuke Nakamura, 1980, Wrestler
Sid Meier, 1954, Game Designer
Snckpck, 1993, YouTube Star
Sri Srinivasan, 1967, Lawyer
Stella Young, 1982, Comedian
Steve Jobs, 1955, Entrepreneur
Stig Rasta, 1980, Rock Singer
Surya Shekhar Ganguly, 1983, Chess Player
Surya Shekhar Ganguly, 1983, Chess Player
Tanner Maloney, 2000, YouTube Star
Taralyn Eschberger, 2004, Reality Star
Teddy Campbell, 1975, Drummer
Terry Semel, 1943, Business Executive
Theodore Saidden, 1988, YouTube Star
Tim Carpenter, 1960, Politician
Tim Erixon, 1991, Hockey Player
Tim Staffell, 1948, Rock Singer
Timo Bernhard, 1981, Race Car Driver
Todd Field, 1964, Director
Todd Fisher, 1958, Engineer
Tom Atkin, 1985, Rock Singer
Tom Nugent, 1913, Football Coach
Trace Cyrus, 1989, Pop Singer
Tyanna Jones, 1998, Pop Singer
Tyler Bryant, 1991, Guitarist
Tyler Rich, 1986, Country Singer
Victor Moore, 1876, Stage Actor
Walter O’Brien, 1975, Entrepreneur
Walter Smith, 1948, Soccer Coach
Weldon Kees, 1914, Poet
Wilbur Cooper, 1892, Baseball Player
Wilhelm Grimm, 1786, Novelist
William Dobson, 1611, Painter
William H. Crawford, 1772, Politician
William Klein, 2000, Reality Star
William Sheats, 2000, YouTube Star
Wilson Bethel, 1984, TV Actor
Winslow Homer, 1836, Painter
Yordan Yovchev, 1973, Gymnast
Yothatsbrett, 2000, Musical.ly Star
Young Guru, 1974, Music Producer
Zach Johnson, 1976, Golfer
Zak Longo, 1989, Reality Star


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