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February 23 Famous Birthdays

February 23 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 23 are truly a Pisces who are enthusiastic and reasonable. But they are unusually impatient. Things that happen as a routine seem to drag them down. However, having a friend who is on their level to talk to makes their day.

If you share the February 23 famous birthdays, you have the talent of being able to accomplish more than one task at a time. A career in a field that serves others or deals with money management could be most suitable. Famous people born on February 23rd like to have fun but they do so on a budget. People born on this day, look forward to a life which will be financially comfortable at an old age.


A famous Pisces born on February 23 and who is in love will generally look for a partner who is understanding and complimentary to his or her lifestyle and environment. They love being in the comfort of their own home. They love cooking and inviting people over which can be fun and relaxing.


Famous people born on FEBRUARY 23rd are quick multi-taskers who love to exchange ideas. These famous Pisces born like variety and have an optimistic outlook. However, they can suffer from mood swings and should learn to relax. They are likely to enjoy nutritious foods and have a balanced checkbook.


February 23rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23 February Good Traits:

  • Gentle
  • Realistic
  • Committed
  • Sympathetic
  • Charismatic

23rd February Bad Traits:

  • Complicated
  • Miserable
  • Forgetful
  • Touchy

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February 23rd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Aziz, 1976, Movie Actor
Aaron Pease, 1992, YouTube Star
Ab-Soul, 1987, Rapper
Addison Powell, 1921, TV Actor
Adele Schober, 1979, TV Actress
Agnes Smedley, 1892, Autobiographer
Ahmed Hossam, 1983, Soccer Coach
Alan Ford, 1938, Movie Actor
Amazon Eve, 1980, Model
Andre Ward, 1984, Boxer
Andrew Fowler, 1910, Religious Leader
Andrew Wiggins, 1995, Basketball Player
Aziz Ansari, 1983, TV Actor
Azzyland, 1991, Instagram Star
Bear Pascoe, 1986, Football Player

Becky Sheeran, 1989, YouTube Star
Bede Durbidge, 1983, Surfer
Bertrand Baguette, 1986, Race Car Driver
Bob Mountford, 1952, Soccer Player
Bob Nilsson, 1960, Baseball Player
Bobby Bonilla, 1963, Baseball Player
Brad Corey, 1996, YouTube Star
Brad Whitford, 1952, Guitarist
Brandon Pettigrew, 1985, Football Player
Byron Evans, 1964, Football Player
Byron Maxwell, 1988, Football Player
Caleb Jobe, 1990, Drummer
Cameron Palatas, 1994, TV Actor
Camilaa Inc, 1992, YouTube Star
Carlos Casimiro, 1992, Soccer Player
Cedric Makiadi, 1984, Soccer Player
Charles Tillman, 1981, Football Player
Chris Conte, 1989, Football Player
Chris Vrenna, 1967, Drummer
Christian Martyn, 2000, Movie Actor
Chuck Nelson, 1960, Football Player
Cillian Sheridan, 1989, Soccer Player
Claude Sautet, 1924, Director
Clay LaBrant, 2000, Vine Star
Clayton Anderson, 1959, Astronaut
Corey Lowery, 1970, Bassist
Courtney Lawes, 1989, Rugby Player
D’Angelo Russell, 1996, Basketball Player
Da’Quan Bowers, 1990, Football Player
Dakota Fanning, 1994, Movie Actress
Daniel Braid, 1981, Rugby Player
Danielle Caesar, 1993, Instagram Star
Dante Lavelli, 1923, Football Player

Darian Orlando, 1998, YouTube Star
David Meister, 1962, Fashion Designer
David Sylvian, 1958, Pop Singer
Daymond John, 1969, Entrepreneur
Diane Varsi, 1938, Movie Actress
Donna J. Stone, 1933, Poet
Dot Major, 1991, Pianist
Dusty Drake, 1965, Country Singer
Dylan Ryder, 1981,
Ed Jones, 1951, Football Player
Edouard Risler, 1873, Pianist
Eduardo Kingman, 1913, Painter
EJ Gaines, 1992, Football Player
Elizabeth McKay, 1975, Fashion Designer
Elle Liberachi, 1986, Model
Elston Howard, 1929, Baseball Player
Emilia Jones, 2002, TV Actress
Emily Blunt, 1983, Movie Actress

Ephraim Ellis, 1985, TV Actor
Eric England, 1988, Director
Erich Kastner, 1899, Poet
Esteban Jordan, 1939, World Music Singer
Fernando Villapol, 1953, Sculptor
Flip Saunders, 1955, Basketball Coach
Francesca Simon, 1955, Children’s Author
Fred Biletnikoff, 1943, Football Player
G Mennen Williams, 1911, Politician
Gareth Barry, 1981, Soccer Player
George Frederic Watts, 1817, Sculptor
George Frideric Handel, 1685, Composer
George Schmitz, 1990, Drummer
Gonzaa Fonseca, 1995, YouTube Star
Grieves, 1984, Rapper
Guadalupe Pineda, 1955, World Music Singer
Haki R. Madhubuti, 1942, Poet
Helene Darroze, 1967, Chef
Hendry Thomas, 1985, Soccer Player
Henoc Muamba, 1989, Football Player
Herschelle Gibbs, 1974, Cricket Player
Holly Deacon, 1991, Instagram Star
Howard Jones, 1955, Pop Singer
Isaac Davis, 1745, War Hero
Isabel Bigley, 1926, Stage Actress
Jaan Einasto, 1929, Scientist
Jae Curtis, 1993, Guitarist
Jake Ingram, 1985, Football Player
Jamal Murray, 1997, Basketball Player
James Bye, 1984, Soap Opera Actor
James McCourt, 1974, TV Show Host
Jeniffer Morel, 1990, Dancer
Jenna Arend, 2000, YouTube Star
Jeong Yu-mi, 1984, TV Actress
Jerod Mayo, 1986, Football Player
Jesper Wecksell, 1995, eSports Player
Jillian Ward, 2005, TV Actress
Jim Anderson, 1957, Baseball Player
Jimmie Bernal, 1962, TV Actor
Joe Hanson, 1983, YouTube Star
John Latham, 1921, Conceptual Artist
John Maus, 1980, Pop Singer
John Norum, 1964, Guitarist
John Pielmeier, 1949, Screenwriter
John Sandford, 1944, Novelist
John Shelby, 1958, Baseball Player
Johnny Carey, 1919, Soccer Player
Johnny Winter, 1944, Guitarist
Jon Hall, 1915, Movie Actor
Jonathan Higgs, 1985, Rock Singer
Jordan Scarrott, 1998, Vine Star
Josh Gad, 1981, Stage Actor
Julian Martel, 2000, Pop Singer
Julian Valentin, 1987, Soccer Player
Kamenashi Kazuya, 1986, TV Actor
Karan Singh Grover, 1982, TV Actor
Kasey McKellar, 1997, TV Actor
Kazimir Malevich, 1879, Painter
Kazuya Kamenashi, 1986, Pop Singer
Kelly Macdonald, 1976, Movie Actress
Konstantin Pats, 1874, Politician
Krista Lichtner, 1998, Instagram Star
Kristina Smigun-vahi, 1977, Skier
Kyriakos Papadopoulos, 1992, Soccer Player
Laura Coleman, 1986, Model
Laurence Beveridge, 1989, Rock Singer
Lee Calhoun, 1933, Hurdler
Leila Forouhar, 1959, Pop Singer
Linda Cristal, 1934, Movie Actress
Linda Nolan, 1959, World Music Singer
Linda Ulvaeus, 1973, TV Actress
Lisa Borud, 1996, Pop Singer
Little Simz, 1994, Rapper
Liza Emanuele, 1973, Fashion Designer
Lorenzo Morelli, 1992, YouTube Star
Lorne Balfe, 1976, Composer
Louise Wilson, 1962, Fashion Designer
Luigi Grosu, 1999, Pop Singer
Majel Barrett, 1932, TV Actress
Marc Garneau, 1949, Politician
Margaret Deland, 1857, Novelist
Marie-josee Croze, 1970, Movie Actress
Mario Mola, 1990, Triathlete
Marissa Milele, 1995, Dancer
Mark Nepo, 1951, Self-Help Author
Marshall Herskovitz, 1952, Director
Mary Pat Gleason, 1950, TV Actress
Maryke Hendrikse, 1979, Voice Actor
Matreya Scarrwener, 1998, TV Actress
Matthias Corvinus, 1443, Royalty
Mau Hernandez Corona, 1996, Vine Star
Melinda Messenger, 1971, Model
Melody Low, 1993, Model
Mia Michaels, 1966, Choreographer
Michael Angelo Batio, 1956, Guitarist
Michael Campbell, 1969, Golfer
Michael Dell, 1965, Entrepreneur
Michael Wilton, 1962, Guitarist
Mike Sydal, 1984, Wrestler
Mirtha Legrand, 1927, TV Actress
Moe Othman, 1993, YouTube Star
Nia Dennis, 1999, Gymnast
Nick Crawford, 1990, Hockey Player
Nicolas Gaitan, 1988, Soccer Player
Niecy Nash, 1970, TV Actress
Nikki Blackketter, 1992, YouTube Star
Norman Taurog, 1899, Director
Nukaaka Coster-Waldau, 1971, Movie Actress
Oksana Grigorieva, 1970, Pop Singer
Oleg Yankovsky, 1944, Movie Actor
Oliver Kirby, 1995, Guitarist
Patricia Richardson, 1951, TV Actress
Paul Tibbets, 1915, Pilot
Paul W. Schroeder, 1927, Teacher
Paul West, 1930, Novelist
PC Sorcar, 1913, Magician
Pete McLeod, 1984, Pilot
Peter Fonda, 1940, Movie Actor
Petronel Malan, 1976, Pianist
Pia Kjaersgaard, 1947, Politician
Prince Naruhito, 1960, Royalty
Princess Estelle, 2012, Royalty
Ralph Earnhardt, 1928, Race Car Driver
Rebecca Goldstein, 1950, Novelist
Residente, 1978, Reggae Singer
Richard Brookhiser, 1955, Journalist
Rick Moonen, 1977, Chef
Robert Ebersohn, 1989, Rugby Player
Robert Lopez, 1975, Songwriter
Ronald K. Hoeflin, 1944, Philosopher
Rondell White, 1972, Baseball Player
Roy D. Chapin, 1880, Entrepreneur
Roy Johnson, 1903, Baseball Player
Rusty Young, 1946, Guitarist
Ryan Powell, 1978, Lacrosse Player
Sadok Chaabane, 1950, Teacher
Samara Weaving, 1992, TV Actress
Samuel Pepys, 1633, Politician
Sanjana Singh, 1986, Movie Actress
Sarah Urie, 1987, Family Member
Scott Elarton, 1976, Baseball Player
SE Cupp, 1979, TV Show Host
Seth Gold, 1981, Reality Star
Shakira Caine, 1947, Model
Sias Ebersohn, 1989, Rugby Player
Simone Whitmore, 1967, Doctor
Skylar Grey, 1986, Pop Singer
Sophia Abraham, 2009, Family Member
Steve Holy, 1972, Country Singer
Steve Priest, 1948, Bassist
Steve Stricker, 1967, Golfer
Tabitha Nauser, 1992, Pop Singer
Theophilus London, 1987, Rapper
Thom Bresh, 1948, Country Singer
Titus Brandsma, 1881, Religious Leader
Tom Bodett, 1955, Voice Actor
Tom Howard, 1950, Rock Singer
Tom Osborne, 1937, Football Coach
Tom Prydie, 1992, Rugby Player
Tom Wesselmann, 1931, Pop Artist
Tommy McCarthy, 1980, Pop Singer
Tyson Wahl, 1984, Soccer Player
Veronica Webb, 1965, Model
Victor Fleming, 1889, Director
Victor Yushchenko, 1954, World Leader
Virginia Lamp Thomas, 1957, Politician
Wagner, 1956, Pop Singer
Wayne Escoffery, 1975, Saxophonist
WEB DuBois, 1868, Non-Fiction Author
Wilin Rosario, 1989, Baseball Player
William McMahon, 1908, Politician
Wooh Da Kid, 1985, Rapper
Zain Saidin, 1984, TV Actor


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