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February 22 Famous Birthdays

February 22 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born FEBRUARY 22 are not as simple as the other Pisces. They typically are busy individuals who come to the aid of others. They are sympathetic to the needs of others and could very well be voted Humanitarian of the Year.

There’s no better friend than a famous person born on February 22. They are absolutely a clear air kind of person. They love the country and find peace of mind in an open field of green grass.


As a downfall, famous people born on February 22 tend to not remember a lot of things… sometimes important things. This could be problematic as people then become upset with them and well, their feelings are easily hurt. They should learn to laugh at themselves more and to find ways to remember things.


If you share this famous birthday, you don’t have many health issues. But you should rid your body of the bad stuff that lays dormant in your intestines every once in a while. You will feel much better.

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 22nd are complicated but sympathetic Pisceans. They are likely the go-to person that makes sacrifices for loved ones. They are not afraid to show affection and find it gratifying to help other people. They tend not to be judgmental but suffer in silence with their troubles. Get a list of famous birthdays for February 22 below.


February 22nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22nd February Good Traits:

  • Lovable
  • Gentle
  • Realistic
  • Committed
  • Sympathetic
  • Charismatic

22 February Bad Traits:

  • Complicated
  • Miserable
  • Forgetful
  • Touchy

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February 22nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Keefe, 1970, Basketball Player
Adam Kronshagen, 1985, Drummer
Adele Marcus, 1906, Pianist
Adil Mirza, 1999, YouTube Star
Aiden Shaw, 1966, Autobiographer
Akira Takasaki, 1961, Guitarist
Al Calderon, 1995, Pop Singer
Alan Short, 1920, Politician
Alanzinho, 1983, Soccer Player
Alexander Merkel, 1992, Soccer Player
Alfie Hudson-Taylor, 1994, Folk Singer
Ana Paula Martinez, 2007, Soap Opera Actress
Ana Rodriguez, 1974, World Music Singer

Andrew Bisante, 1991, YouTube Star
Andrew Trischitta, 1995, Soap Opera Actor
Anna Sundstrand, 1989, Pop Singer
Arshad Sharif, 1973, Journalist
Arthur Schopenhauer, 1788, Philosopher
Baby Kaely, 2005, Rapper
Barry Dennen, 1938, TV Actor
Barry Robinson, 1932, Cricket Player
Ben Sasse, 1972, Politician
Ben Zorn, 1989, Reality Star
Benno Moiseiwitsch, 1890, Pianist
Bentley Mitchum, 1967, Movie Actor
Brad Nowell, 1968, Reggae Singer
Branislav Ivanovic, 1984, Soccer Player
Brian Choper, 1965, Drummer
february-22-famous-birthdaysBrian Duensing, 1983, Baseball Player
Brian Laudrup, 1969, Soccer Player
Bruce Forsyth, 1928, Game Show Host
Bud Yorkin, 1926, Director
Bugra Gulsoy, 1982, Movie Actor
Casey Kotchman, 1983, Baseball Player
Charles Cullen, 1960, Criminal
Charles Owens, 1930, Golfer
Charles VII of France, 1403, Royalty
Charli Beard, 1998, Soul Singer
Charlie Finley, 1918, Business Executive
Cho Chung-kwon, 1949, Poet
Chris Dudley, 1965, Basketball Player
Chris Herbert, 1971, Music Producer
Chris Moyles, 1974, TV Show Host
Chuck Bown, 1954, Race Car Driver
Claire Marshall, 1984, YouTube Star
Claudia Pechstein, 1972, Speed Skater
Clint McKay, 1983, Cricket Player

Clinton Kelly, 1969, Reality Star
CodFlaws, 1998, YouTube Star
Cole Pendery, 1996, Pop Singer
Cole Whittle, 1992, Bassist
Crudes, 1998, YouTube Star
Cyrinda Foxe, 1952, Movie Actress
Dan Madesclaire, 1993, eSports Player
Dan Millman, 1946, Self-Help Author
Daniel Nava, 1983, Baseball Player
Daniel Owino Misiani, 1940, World Music Singer
Danilo Kis, 1935, Poet
David Axelrod, 1955, Politician
David Devant, 1868, Magician
David Dubinsky, 1892, Politician
David Paulson, 1989, Football Player
Debora Falabella, 1979, TV Actress
DeGoBooM, 1996, YouTube Star

Denyque, 1995, Reggae Singer
Devin Corwin, 2000, YouNow Star
Devon Malcolm, 1963, Cricket Player
Dhani Jones, 1978, Football Player
Dichen Lachman, 1982, Soap Opera Actress
Dizzy Callard, 2000, YouTube Star
Dominic Tracy, 2004, YouTube Star
Don Pardo, 1918, Voice Actor
Don Wakamatsu, 1963, Baseball Manager
Donald Braswell II, 1963, Opera Singer
Donna Vivino, 1978, Stage Actress
Drew Barrymore, 1975, Movie Actress
Drew Darby, 1947, Politician
Dwight Frye, 1899, Movie Actor
Ed Boon, 1964, Game Designer
Edgar Johan Kuusik, 1888, Architect
Edgar Lopez, 1963, Sportscaster
Edna St.vincent Millay, 1892, Poet
Edward Gorey, 1925, Illustrator
Efrain Juarez, 1988, Soccer Player
EJ Peaker, 1944, TV Actress
Elfrid Payton, 1994, Basketball Player
Elizabeth Earl, 1987, Movie Actress
Ellen Greene, 1951, Movie Actress
Ellen Marlow, 1994, Movie Actress
Elliott Morgan, 1987, YouTube Star
Elodie Yung, 1986, Movie Actress
Emily Carson, 1993, YouTube Star
Enzo Perez, 1986, Soccer Player
Eric Gill, 1882, Sculptor
Eric Jacobsen, 1960, Scientist
Eric Lemming, 1880, Javelin Thrower
Ernie K-doe, 1936, R&B Singer
Ethan Wayne, 1962, Movie Actor
Federico Rossi, 1994, Pop Singer
Francis Pharcellus Church, 1839, Journalist
Frank P. Ramsey, 1903, Philosopher
Gabriel C Brown, 1990, YouTube Star
Genesis P-Orridge, 1950, Rock Singer
Genneya Walton, 1999, Dancer
George O’Hara, 1899, Movie Actor
George Washington, 1732, US President
George Younce, 1930, Gospel Singer
Georgios Printezis, 1985, Basketball Player
Gerald Stern, 1925, Poet
Gigi Fernandez, 1964, Tennis Player
Gil Noble, 1932, TV Show Host
Gloria Govan, 1985, Reality Star
Gordon Kennedy, 1958, TV Actor
Gurmeet Choudhary, 1983, TV Actor
Gus Sorola, 1978, TV Actor
Guy Mitchell, 1927, Pop Singer
Haim Revivo, 1972, Soccer Player
Han Hyo-joo, 1987, TV Actress
Hans Klok, 1969, Magician
Haris Seferovic, 1992, Soccer Player
Heinrich Hertz, 1857, Scientist
Henry Reed, 1914, Poet
Hipolito Mejia, 1941, World Leader
Horace Pippin, 1888, Painter
Hristo Uzunov, 1878, War Hero
Hugh Hewitt, 1956, Radio Host
Hugo Ball, 1886, Poet
Iliza Shlesinger, 1984, Comedian
Ishaq Williams, 1993, Football Player
Ishmael Reed, 1938, Poet
Izzy Judd, 1984, Family Member
Jack McMullen, 1991, TV Actor
Jack Parow, 1982, Rapper
Jake Bass, 1991,
Jalil Mammadguluzadeh, 1866, Novelist
James Blunt, 1974, Pop Singer
James G. Maguire, 1853, Politician
James Hong, 1929, Movie Actor
James Russell Lowell, 1819, Poet
James Wlcek, 1964, TV Actor
Jamie Pierre, 1973, Skier
Jane Bowles, 1917, Playwright
Jay Harris, 1965, Sportscaster
Jay Taj, 1991, YouTube Star
Jean-Christophe Novelli, 1961, Chef
Jeanette Biedermann, 1980, Pop Singer
Jenna Haze, 1982,
Jennifer Ketcham, 1983, Memoirist
Jenny Frost, 1978, Pop Singer
Jeremy McConnell, 1990, Reality Star
Jeri Ryan, 1968, TV Actress
Jessica Kiper, 1979, TV Actress
JJ Engelbrecht, 1989, Rugby Player
Joanna Russ, 1937, Novelist
Joaquin Cortes, 1969, Dancer
Jodie-Amy Rivera, 1984, YouTube Star
Joe Cortese, 1949, Movie Actor
Joe Hottinger, 1982, Guitarist
Joe Labarbera, 1948, Drummer
John Ashton, 1948, Movie Actor
John George Vlazny, 1937, Religious Leader
John Leslie, 1965, Game Show Host
John Mills, 1908, Movie Actor
John Richardson, 1924, Novelist
Jonathan Demme, 1944, Director
Jorge Ferreira Chaves, 1920, Architect
Jose Pedro Fuenzalida, 1985, Soccer Player
Joseph Young Bergen, 1851, Scientist
Josh Helman, 1986, TV Actor
Juanisha Johnson, 1997, Rapper
Judy Cornwell, 1940, TV Actress
Jules Munshin, 1915, Stage Actor
Julie Walters, 1950, Movie Actress
Julius Erving, 1950, Basketball Player
Juninho Paulista, 1973, Soccer Player
Kara Marshall, 1992, Model
Katy McAllister, 1991, Pop Singer
Kelly Johnson, 1982, Baseball Player
Ken G. Hall, 1901, Director
Kenneth Williams, 1926, Comedian
Ketaki Mategaonkar, 1994, Movie Actress
Kevin McFarlane, 1996, YouTube Star
Khalil Mack, 1991, Football Player
Kidus Henok, 1990, Movie Actor
Kortney Grinwis, 1994, Drummer
Kyle MacLachlan, 1959, TV Actor
Larissa Riquelme, 1985, Model
Laura Gilinsky, 1994, Family Member
Lauren McKinnon, 1998, YouTube Star
Lea Salonga, 1971, Stage Actress
Lee Na-young, 1979, Movie Actress
Lenda Murray, 1962, Bodybuilder
Les Wallace, 1962, Darts Player
Leslie Charleson, 1945, Soap Opera Actress
Leslie Sabo, 1948, War Hero
Lexa, 1995, Pop Singer
Lilly Ahlberg, 1996, YouTube Star
Lisa Fernandez, 1971, Softball Player
Liza Huber, 1975, Soap Opera Actress
Lord Baden-Powell, 1857, War Hero
Lowell Liebermann, 1961, Composer
Lucy Kyselica, 1993, YouTube Star
Luis Bunuel, 1900, Director
Maddie GW, 2002, Star
Marc Cayeux, 1978, Golfer
Marc Wilmots, 1969, Soccer Player
Marguerite Clark, 1883, Movie Actress
Markus Ruhl, 1972, Bodybuilder
Marni Nixon, 1930, World Music Singer
Marshall Teague, 1921, Race Car Driver
Matheus Lima, 1996, Twitch Star
Mathicious, 1998, YouTube Star
Maurice Costello, 1877, Movie Actor
Max Burlingame, 1990, Vine Star
Maximiliano Urruti, 1991, Soccer Player
Maxx Danziger, 1990, Drummer
Meridel Lesueur, 1900, Children’s Author
Mia Ahmad, 1988, Movie Actress
Michael Chang, 1972, Tennis Player
Michael Hernandez, 1999, Instagram Star
Michael Johnston, 1995, TV Actor
Miguel de León, 1962, Soap Opera Actor
Miko Hughes, 1986, Movie Actor
Mimi Michaels, 1983, Movie Actress
Mookie Jones, 1990, Basketball Player
Morley Callaghan, 1903, Novelist
Nacio Herb Brown, 1896, Composer
Nader Khalili, 1936, Architect
Nagmeldin Ali Abubakr, 1986, Runner
Naguib el-Rihani, 1889, Movie Actor
Nam Joo-hyuk, 1994, TV Actor
Nashaly, 1997, Instagram Star
Natalie Hershberger, 2004, MMA Fighter
Nicholas Martinez, 1996, YouTube Star
Nicholas Pileggi, 1933, Novelist
Nicole Oliver, 1970, Voice Actor
Nicolette Fusco, 1997, Family Member
Niels Gade, 1817, Composer
Nigel Planer, 1953, TV Actor
Niki Lauda, 1949, Race Car Driver
Nina Flowers, 1974, Reality Star
Norman Smith, 1923, Rock Singer
Olave Baden-Powell, 1889, Family Member
Paige Lawrence, 1990, Figure Skater
Pat LaFontaine, 1965, Hockey Player
Paul Abbott, 1960, TV Producer
Paul Dooley, 1928, Movie Actor
Paul Lieberstein, 1967, TV Actor
Pete Mickeal, 1978, Basketball Player
Philip Kerr, 1956, Novelist
Rachael Leahcar, 1994, Pop Singer
Rachel Dratch, 1966, TV Actress
Rafael Inclan, 1941, TV Actor
Rajon Rondo, 1986, Basketball Player
Rebecca Schull, 1929, TV Actress
Reggie Kelly, 1977, Football Player
Rex Stewart, 1907, Trumpet Player
RG Collingwood, 1889, Philosopher
Ricardo Ferretti, 1954, Soccer Player
Richard Greenberg, 1958, Playwright
Richard Landstrom, 1991, eSports Player
Robert Baden Powell, 1857, Entrepreneur
Robert Kardashian, 1944, Lawyer
Robert Wadlow, 1918,
Robert Young, 1907, TV Actor
Robin Stjernberg, 1991, Pop Singer
Ryne Duren, 1929, Baseball Player
Sandy Roberts, 1950, TV Show Host
Sarah Flower Adams, 1805, Poet
Scott Lowell, 1965, TV Actor
Scott Phillips, 1973, Drummer
Sergio Romero, 1987, Soccer Player
Shamari Fears, 1980, R&B Singer
Sheila Hancock, 1933, TV Actress
Sheldon Leonard, 1907, TV Producer
Shiva Shankar, 1932, Composer
Sid Abel, 1918, Hockey Player
Siena Mirabella, 1998, YouTube Star
Simone Kelly, 1990, Reality Star
SJ Tucker, 1980, Rock Singer
Sparky Anderson, 1934, Baseball Manager
Spencer Sotelo, 1987, Metal Singer
Starflow, 1991, Vine Star
Steve Irwin, 1962, Reality Star
Steve Speirs, 1965, TV Actor
SunKissAlba, 1988, Instagram Star
Taheyya Kariokka, 1919, Movie Actress
Tamara Mello, 1976, TV Actress
Taniya Nayak, 1973, TV Show Host
Tanya Callau, 1976, Reality Star
Ted Kennedy, 1932, Politician
Thomas Jane, 1969, Movie Actor
Thomas Jay Hudson, 1834, Lawyer
Thomas Szekely, 1993, YouTube Star
Thorsten Kaye, 1966, Soap Opera Actor
TJ Smith, 1988, YouTube Star
Tom Higgenson, 1979, Pop Singer
Tom Okker, 1944, Tennis Player
Tommy Bowe, 1984, Rugby Player
Tree Ma, 1991, YouTube Star
Tucker Smallwood, 1944, Movie Actor
Tyler Bates, 1977, Composer
Victoria Lomba, 1979, Instagram Star
Vijay Singh, 1963, Golfer
Wayne Levi, 1952, Golfer
William Barnes, 1801, Poet
Ximena Navarrete, 1988, Model
Yan2295, 1995, Vine Star
York Bowen, 1884, Composer
Zach Roerig, 1985, TV Actor


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