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February 19 Famous Birthdays

February 19 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on February 19 are loved by many. They are simple people who could easily be taken advantage of. Pisces don’t like to face conflict and have been known to isolate themselves.

They may find peace in a dream world but this solves nothing. Being this way, they could find that their problems could only escalate. They need to find a way to handle their emotions effectively, my friend. Weeping is only good for a moment.


If you share this famous birthday, you like to have a good time, however and make a wonderful friend to those who are loyal to you. When it comes to love, the famous people born on February 19 want it. In fact, they could be addicted to the act of falling in love.


However, they could settle down with one person if they took the time to actually get to know someone. Meeting someone today doesn’t mean they should get married tomorrow. Slow down, stay rooted in the real world.

Famous birthday traits for FEBRUARY 19th show that they are kindhearted individuals. They dislike conflict and tend to bury their head when it comes to dealing with problems. This Pisces zodiac birthday people can be rebellious with short-term memory. In addition, they can be naive but very creative.


February 19th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

19th February Good Traits:

  • Kind
  • Soft
  • Gentle
  • Caring
  • Understanding

19th February Bad Traits:

  • Afraid
  • Forgetful
  • Dissenter
  • Unrealistic

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February 19th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abel Miller, 1991, R&B Singer
Adel Asha, 1996, Instagram Star
Adreian Payne, 1991, Basketball Player
Adrian Ross, 1975, Football Player
Alan Haynes, 1956, Guitarist
Alan Merrill, 1951, Rock Singer
Alex Mallari Jr, 1988, TV Actor
Alexander Konstantinopolsky, 1910, Chess Player
Alfredo Bryce, 1939, Novelist
Aljaz Skorjanec, 1990, Dancer
Allen Alvarado, 1996, TV Actor
Allie Gardiner, 1994, YouTube Star
Alya Kattan, 1973, Blogger
Amal Maher, 1985, Pop Singer
Amy Tan, 1952, Novelist
Andre Breton, 1896, Non-Fiction Author

Andrei Kirilenko, 1981, Basketball Player
Andrew Buchan, 1979, TV Actor
Andrew McNee, 1963, Movie Actor
Andy Powell, 1950, Guitarist
Ann Savage, 1921, Movie Actress
Antoine Ghonda, 1965, Politician
Aree Davis, 1991, TV Actress
Arielle Kebbel, 1985, Movie Actress
Art Binkowski, 1975, Boxer
Ashley Nguyen, 1987, Photographer
Assunta de Rossi, 1981, TV Actress
Audra Morrice, 1970, Chef
Ayoub Maach, 2000, Pop Singer
Azhar Ali, 1985, Cricket Player
Barbara Faith, 1921, Novelist
Beant Singh, 1922, Politician
Bellamy Young, 1970, TV Actress
Ben J. Pierce, 1999, YouTube Star
Benicio Del Toro, 1967, Movie Actor
february-19-famous-birthdaysBerat Djimsiti, 1993, Soccer Player
Bernie Constable, 1921, Cricket Player
Beth Ditto, 1981, Rock Singer
Big John Studd, 1948, Wrestler
Bill Bowerman, 1911, Entrepreneur
Bill Kirchenbauer, 1953, TV Actor
Bjorn Gustafsson, 1986, Comedian
BlackSen, 1989, YouTube Star
Bobby Rogers, 1940, Rock Singer
Brad Steiger, 1936, Non-Fiction Author
Bruce Carter, 1988, Football Player
Burton C. Bell, 1969, Metal Singer
Byron Lichtenberg, 1948, Astronaut
Caique Gama, 1995, Pop Singer
Caitlin Bell, 1993, YouNow Star
Caitlin Hale, 1991, Movie Actress
Caleb Grimm, 1988, Rock Singer
Camille Kostek, 1992, Model
Carl Stockdale, 1874, Movie Actor
Carlin Glynn, 1940, TV Actress
Carlota Garcia, 2000, TV Actress

Carole Eastman, 1934, Screenwriter
Carolina Cartell, 1990, DJ
Caroline Chikezie, 1974, TV Actress
Carson McCullers, 1917, Novelist
Cecilia Ekelundh, 1978, Golfer
Cecilia Hart, 1948, TV Actress
Cedric Hardwicke, 1893, Stage Actor
Charles Blakey Morris, 1964, Family Member
Charlie Hernandez, 1965, Politician
Choekyi Gyaltsen, 10th Panchen La, 1938, Philosopher
Chris Richardson, 1984, Pop Singer
Chris Stewart, 1982, Baseball Player
Christian VanBuskirk, 1997, Guitarist
Christine Rowland, 1978, Family Member
Christoph Kramer, 1991, Soccer Player
Chuck Love, 1964, DJ
Clark Hunt, 1965, Entrepreneur
Claudia Sulewski, 1996, YouTube Star
Claudia Tihan, 1997, Instagram Star
Clinton Loomis, 1988, eSports Player
Cody Parkey, 1992, Football Player
Constantin Brancusi, 1876, Sculptor
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, 1953, World Leader

Cynthia Bailey, 1968, Reality Star
Daewon Song, 1979, Skateboarder
Daigo Kobayashi, 1983, Soccer Player
Daisy Watts, 1991, Model
Dani Martin, 1977, Pop Singer
Daniel Adair, 1975, Drummer
Danielle Adams, 1989, Basketball Player
Dave Amerman, 1983, Reality Star
Dave Niehaus, 1935, Sportscaster
Dave Stewart, 1957, Baseball Player
David Bamberg, 1904, Magician
David Bronstein, 1924, Chess Player
David Fischer, 1988, Hockey Player
David Gandy, 1980, Model
David Garrick, 1717, Playwright
David Mazouz, 2001, TV Actor
David Murray, 1955, Saxophonist
Destery Moore, 1991, YouTube Star
Donald Glut, 1944, Screenwriter
Dorothy Janis, 1912, Movie Actress
Doug Aldrich, 1964, Guitarist
Drea Dominique, 1985, Reality Star
Drew Davis, 2004, TV Actor
Drew Dorsey, 1994, Journalist
Duke Roufus, 1970, MMA Fighter
Dwight Freeney, 1980, Football Player
Eddie Arcaro, 1916, Horse Jockey
Eduardo Xol, 1966, Reality Star
Edwin Burgos, 1998, YouNow Star
Elijah Brown, 1995, Basketball Player
Elisabeth Welch, 1904, Stage Actress
Elizabeth Jane Bishop, 1996, Instagram Star
Elvis Perkins, 1976, Rock Singer
Empress Schuck, 1993, TV Actress
Enzo Scifo, 1966, Soccer Player
Eric Lange, 1973, TV Actor
Falco, 1957, Pop Singer
Fay McKenzie, 1918, Movie Actress
Felipe Gonçalves, 1991, eSports Player
Florence Green, 1901,
Francine Fournier, 1972, Wrestler
Francis Buchholz, 1954, Bassist
Frank Glazer, 1915, Pianist
Fredell Lack, 1922, Violinist
Gabrielle Epstein, 1994, Instagram Star
Gary Leeman, 1964, Hockey Player
Geoffrey Arend, 1978, Movie Actor
George Melford, 1877, Screenwriter
George Rose, 1920, Stage Actor
Gianluca Zambrotta, 1977, Soccer Player
Gil Shaham, 1971, Violinist
Gilbert Hodgkinson, 1913, Cricket Player
Grace Williams, 1906, Composer
Greg Fishel, 1957, TV Show Host
Hannah Witton, 1992, YouTube Star
Harriet Bosse, 1878, Movie Actress
Hayden Tree, 1993, Bassist
Haylie Duff, 1985, Movie Actress
Heydon Prowse, 1981, TV Show Host
Homer Hickam, 1943, Memoirist
Hope Hampton, 1897, Movie Actress
Hovhannes Tumanyan, 1869, Poet
Howard Stringer, 1942, Entrepreneur
Hugh Panaro, 1964, Stage Actor
Huiyi Hew, 1990, Instagram Star
Igor Mitreski, 1979, Soccer Player
Immortal Technique, 1978, Rapper
Isyraf Danish, 2001, Instagram Star
Ivey Meeks, 2002, YouTube Star
Jaan Kross, 1920, Novelist
Jack Howarth, 1896, Soap Opera Actor
Jackie Curtis, 1947, Movie Actor
Jackie Moore, 1939, Baseball Player
Jackson Pace, 1999, TV Actor
Jaime Bayly, 1965, TV Show Host
James Greenhalgh, 1975, Tennis Player
Janet Echelman, 1966, Sculptor
Jasmina King, 1990, Pop Singer
Jawad Williams, 1983, Basketball Player
Jayde Nicole, 1986, Model
Jeff Daniels, 1955, Movie Actor
Jeff Kinney, 1971, Children’s Author
Jeff White, 1977, Australian Rules Footballer
Jeffrey Cyrus, 1987, Vine Star
Jeremiah Murphy, 1835, Politician
Jessica Tuck, 1963, TV Actress
Jim McInally, 1964, Soccer Player
Joe Marshall, 1876, Baseball Player
Joe Maw, 1997, TV Actor
Joey Cimorelli, 2005, Family Member
John Christ, 1965, Guitarist
John Paul Jr., 1960, Race Car Driver
John Stanton, 1980, Journalist
John W. Bubbles, 1902, Stage Actor
Johnny Dunn, 1897, Trumpet Player
Jon Fishman, 1965, Drummer
Jonathan Hensleigh, 1959, Screenwriter
Jonathan Lethem, 1964, Novelist
Jonathan Tropper, 1970, Teacher
Joseph Kerwin, 1932, Astronaut
Josh Reddick, 1987, Baseball Player
Josh Trank, 1984, Director
Juan Bautista Azopardo, 1772, War Hero
June Jones, 1953, Football Coach
Justin Fashanu, 1961, Soccer Player
Justine Bateman, 1966, TV Actress
Kaasinathuni Viswanath, 1930, Sound Designer
Kaili Thorne, 1992, Family Member
Kasia Pilewicz, 1984, Model
Katelyn Jae, 1993, Pop Singer
Kathleen Beller, 1956, Movie Actress
Kay Boyle, 1902, Non-Fiction Author
Kenneth Moore, 1985, Football Player
Kevin Bryant, 1967, Politician
Kirk Morrison, 1982, Football Player
Kosta Barbarouses, 1990, Soccer Player
Kristen Doute, 1983, Reality Star
Kurt Darren, 1970, Pop Singer
Kyle Martino, 1981, Sportscaster
Laurell K. Hamilton, 1963, Novelist
Lee Chun-hee, 1979, Movie Actor
Lee Marvin, 1924, Movie Actor
LeJuan James, 1990, Vine Star
Leroy Jenkins, 1937, Religious Leader
Leroy Miller, 1965, Rock Singer
Leslie Ash, 1960, TV Actress
Leslie David Baker, 1958, TV Actor
Lexii Alijai, 1998, Rapper
Lisa Faulkner, 1972, TV Show Host
Lisa McCune, 1971, TV Actress
Logan Stephenson, 1986, Hockey Player
Lord Finesse, 1970, Rapper
Lorianne Crook, 1957, TV Show Host
Lou Christie, 1943, Pop Singer
Louis Calhern, 1895, Movie Actor
Luigi Boccherini, 1743, Composer
Luis Puenzo, 1946, Director
Luke Newberry, 1990, Movie Actor
Luke Pasqualino, 1990, TV Actor
Lydia Thompson, 1838, Dancer
Malky Mackay, 1972, Soccer Coach
Maria Mena, 1986, Pop Singer
Marilyn Adams, 1943, Philosopher
Marissa Meyer, 1984, Novelist
Marta, 1986, Soccer Player
Mary Ping, 1978, Fashion Designer
Mascarita Dorada, 1982, Wrestler
Matt Schaefer, 1998, YouTube Star
Mauro Icardi, 1993, Soccer Player
Megan Henderson, 1975, Journalist
Megan Jean Morris, 1982, Tattoo Artist
Merle Oberon, 1911, Movie Actress
Michael Gira, 1954, Rock Singer
Michalis Konstantinou, 1978, Soccer Player
Mika Nakashima, 1983, Pop Singer
Mike Johnston, 1957, Hockey Coach
Mike Miller, 1980, Basketball Player
Muhammad Tahir-ul-qadri, 1951, Politician
Nicky Shorey, 1981, Soccer Player
Nicolaus Copernicus, 1473, Scientist
Nicole Pillman, 1987, World Music Singer
Ophelia Lovibond, 1986, TV Actress
Paddy Johns, 1968, Rugby Player
Patrick Seleka, 1992, Soap Opera Actor
Paul Dean, 1946, Guitarist
Paul Krause, 1942, Football Player
Paul Terry, 1987, Movie Actor
Peter Holsapple, 1956, Rock Singer
Phil Coulter, 1942, Film Producer
Phoenix Brown, 1999, Family Member
Prince Andrew, Duke of York, 1960, Royalty
Quinn Lord, 1999, Movie Actor
Raul Grijalva, 1948, Politician
Ray Winstone, 1957, Movie Actor
Rebecca Lin, 1974, TV Actress
Richard Blais, 1972, Chef
Rika Zarai, 1938, World Music Singer
RK Artista, 1996, World Music Singer
Robert Sullivan, 1963, Non-Fiction Author
Robin Reid, 1971, Boxer
Roderick MacKinnon, 1956, Scientist
Rodolfo Neri Vela, 1952, Astronaut
Roger Goodell, 1959, Business Executive
Romina Belluscio, 1979, TV Show Host
Ross Thomas, 1926, Novelist
Russ Howard, 1956, Curler
Ryad Boudebouz, 1990, Soccer Player
Sam Bettley, 1991, Bassist
Sam Reid, 1987, Movie Actor
Sam Ruddock, 1990, Paralympian
Sandy Becker, 1922, TV Actor
Sanya Richards, 1985, Runner
Sanya Richards, 1985, Runner
Sara Moulton, 1952, Chef
Sarah Schleper, 1979, Skier
Saul Chaplin, 1912, Composer
Savannah Maddison, 2001, Pop Singer
Scott Conant, 1971, Chef
Scott Paulin, 1950, Movie Actor
Seal, 1963, Rock Singer
Selden Rodman, 1909, Poet
Seth Morrison, 1988, Guitarist
Shawn Matthias, 1988, Hockey Player
Shawn Spears, 1981, Wrestler
Siri Hustvedt, 1955, Novelist
Slawomir Peszko, 1985, Soccer Player
Smokey Robinson, 1940, Rock Singer
Sone Aluko, 1989, Soccer Player
Sonia Ben Ammar, 1999, Model
Sonu Walia, 1964, Movie Actress
Sophie Beaton, 1996, Model
Stephanie Waring, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Stephen Dobyns, 1941, Poet
Stephen Nichols, 1951, TV Actor
Steve Negus, 1952, Drummer
Steve Poltz, 1960, Rock Singer
Steven Furtick, 1980, Religious Leader
Susan Fleming, 1908, Movie Actress
Svante Arrhenius, 1859, Scientist
Sven Hedin, 1865, Explorer
Techhzzz, 1996, YouTube Star
Theresa Rebeck, 1958, Playwright
Tim Hunt, 1943, Scientist
Tom Hane, 1990, Drummer
Tony Iommi, 1948, Guitarist
Tori Caro, 2001, Dancer
Tray Rush, 1989, YouTube Star
Trevor Bayne, 1991, Race Car Driver
Trevor McClung, 1991, Skateboarder
Twan Kuyper, 1996, Vine Star
Veno Taufer, 1933, Poet
Victoria Justice, 1993, TV Actress
Vitas, 1981, World Music Singer
Vladimir Guerrero, 1975, Baseball Player
Walter Jordan, 1956, Basketball Player
Wayne Munn, 1896, Wrestler
Wendy Kaplan, 1966, TV Actress
William Henderson, 1971, Football Player
Wissam Joubran, 1983, Composer
Xu Bin, 1989, TV Actor
Yutaka Ishinabe, 1948, Chef


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