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February 20 Famous Birthdays

February 20 Famous Birthdays

Do you share your birthday with famous people born on February 20? IF YOUR BIRTHDATE IS FEBRUARY 20, then you are a Pisces who is full of awesomeness. You are attractive, loving, and you like doing things on the spur-of-the-moment.

However, when traveling famous people born on February 20 don’t like to be bogged down with the details. They would prefer to have a buddy to come along with them. They have a great mind for inventions. They can turn an empty aluminum can into a piece of art. Not many have this talent.


Like the famous birthdays celebrated today you are truly something to be desired and as it stands, a lot of people do. Nonetheless, they are a romantic at heart and would never cheat on their lover. They do have a negative quality though.


Famous people born on February 20 tend to latch on to their partner and this could be a turn off. In addition to that, they can be a wee bit too jealous. They need to cut that out as this is not a good thing.

If you are born on the same day as famous people on February 20th, you are down-to-earth. People are attracted to you. Today’s birthday horoscope shows that these Pisceans are dreamers and are extremely romantic.

They find fun and excitement in their dreams. They also are likely to be musically inclined but are insecure. Nevertheless, they know how to handle their money efficiently. Take a look at a comprehensive list of famous birthdays for February 20.


February 20th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20th February Good Traits:

  • Modest
  • Gentle
  • Affectionate
  • Romantic
  • Intuitive

20th February Bad Traits:

  • Rash
  • Outspoken
  • Jealous
  • Spendthrift
  • Insecure

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February 20th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Fresh, 1993, World Music Singer
Adam Kovic, 1985, YouTube Star
AdrianaHeartsBeauty, 1999, YouTube Star
AJ3Fifa, 1993, YouTube Star
Akona Ndungane, 1981, Rugby Player
Alan Furst, 1941, Novelist
Alexandra Markina, 1993, Instagram Star
Alma Richards, 1890, High Jumper
Amal Hijazi, 1967, Pop Singer
Amanda Blake, 1929, TV Actress
Andrew Shue, 1967, TV Actor
Andy Sidaris, 1931, TV Show Host
Angelika Mucha, 1996, YouTube Star
Angelina Grimke, 1805, Civil Rights Leader
Anjli Mohindra, 1990, TV Actress
Ansel Adams, 1902, Photographer
Anthony Head, 1954, TV Actor

Antonio Inoki, 1943, Wrestler
Arnold Denker, 1914, Chess Player
Arthur Abraham, 1980, Boxer
Artur Boruc, 1980, Soccer Player
Athena Ripka, 1998, Pop Singer
Audra Mae, 1984, Rock Singer
Barbara Nicolosi, 1964, Screenwriter
Benedict Wong, 1970, Movie Actor
Bobby Unser, 1934, Race Car Driver
Brenda Blethyn, 1946, Movie Actress
Brian Falduto, 1992, Movie Actor
Brian Littrell, 1975, Pop Singer
Brian McCann, 1984, Baseball Player
Brion James, 1945, Movie Actor
Bronson Webb, 1983, Movie Actor
Buck Farmer, 1991, Baseball Player
Bud Lane, 1989, YouTube Star
february-20-famous-birthdaysBuddy Tate, 1913, Saxophonist
Buffy Sainte-Marie, 1941, World Music Singer
Calpernia Addams, 1971, TV Actress
Carl Westman, 1866, Architect
Carlos, 1943, World Music Singer
Carrie Murray, 1993, YouTube Star
Charles Barkley, 1963, Basketball Player
Charlie Kimball, 1985, Race Car Driver
Chelsea Peretti, 1978, Comedian
Chet Walker, 1940, Basketball Player
Chico Bean, 1985, Comedian
Chris Cillizza, 1976, Journalist
Chris Thile, 1981, Folk Singer
Christian Guzman, 1993, YouTube Star
Christian Zamora, 1991, Journalist
Christoph Eschenbach, 1940, Pianist
Cindy Crawford, 1966, Model

Cindy McTee, 1953, Composer
Ciro Immobile, 1990, Soccer Player
Claude Miller, 1942, Director
ColeLep, 1998, Twitch Star
Colin Petierre, 1999, TV Actor
Cory Spinks, 1978, Boxer
Craig Taborn, 1970, Pianist
Cristiana Frixione, 1984, Model
Cruz Beckham, 2005, Family Member
Daly Cherry-Evans, 1989, Rugby Player
Daniella Pineda, 1987, TV Actress
Danis Tanovic, 1969, Director
Danyiom Mesmer, 1999, Pop Singer
Datra Hicks, 1968, Stage Actress
David Hall, 1997, Entrepreneur
David Herman, 1967, TV Actor
De’Laila Johnson, 1996, YouTube Star

Denawaka Hamine, 1906, Movie Actress
Dennis Mitchell, 1966, Runner
Ed Graham, 1977, Drummer
Edward Albert, 1951, Movie Actor
EH Harriman, 1848, Entrepreneur
Eilidh Child, 1987, Runner
Elena Malova, 1982, YouTube Star
Ellen Gilchrist, 1935, Poet
Erika Harold, 1980, Politician
ExplodingTNT, 1997, YouTube Star
Fleur Shomo, 1985, Family Member
Forbes Burnham, 1923, Politician
Frank Herbert Mason, 1921, Painter
Fred Jackson, 1981, Football Player
Fred Machetanz, 1908, Painter
French Stewart, 1964, TV Actor
Gabe Guzman, 2001, Dancer
Gail Kim, 1977, Wrestler
Gale Gordon, 1906, TV Actor
Geoff Gustafson, 1974, TV Actor
George Braithwaite, 1998, YouTube Star
George Devol, 1912, Entrepreneur
George Grant Elmslie, 1869, Architect
George Smoot, 1945, Scientist
Gino Marley, 1990, Rapper
Gloria Vanderbilt, 1924, Entrepreneur
Gordon Bottomley, 1874, Poet
Gordon Brown, 1951, World Leader
Gwen Currant, 2005, TV Actress
Henry Eyring, 1901, Scientist
Ian Brown, 1963, Rock Singer
Imogen Stubbs, 1961, Movie Actress
Ismael Miranda, 1950, World Music Singer
Ivan Albright, 1897, Painter
Ivana Trump, 1949, Entrepreneur
J. Geils, 1946, Guitarist
Jack Falahee, 1989, TV Actor
Jaime Mendez, 1971, Football Player
Jake Richardson, 1985, TV Actor
Jake Warden, 2002, YouTube Star
Jakki Degg, 1978, Model
James Bonham, 1807, War Hero
James Johnson, 1987, Basketball Player
James Wilby, 1958, Movie Actor
Janis Balodis, 1881, Politician
Jari Litmanen, 1971, Soccer Player
Jay Hernandez, 1978, Movie Actor
Jazmine Franks, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Jeff Fort, 1947, Criminal
Jennifer O’Neill, 1948, Movie Actress
Jeremy Foley, 1983, TV Actor
Jesse Boykins III, 1985, R&B Singer
Jessie Mueller, 1983, Stage Actress
Jiah Khan, 1988, Movie Actress
Jim Zulevic, 1965, Comedian
Jimmy Greaves, 1940, Soccer Player
Jimmy Yancey, 1894, Pianist
Jocko Sims, 1981, TV Actor
Joel Hodgson, 1960, TV Actor
John C. Maxwell, 1947, Self-Help Author
John McCallister, 1972, Politician
Jon Bentley, 1953, Scientist
Jon Luvelli, 1979, Photographer
Joseph A. Walker, 1921, Astronaut
Joy Smith, 1947, Politician
Julia Volkova, 1985, Pop Singer
Julian Simmons, 1952, TV Show Host
Justin Verlander, 1983, Baseball Player
K-os, 1972, Rapper
Karim Bagheri, 1974, Soccer Player
Kath Soucie, 1967, Voice Actor
Kee Marcello, 1960, Guitarist
Kelsey Harmon, 1997,
Ken Olsen, 1926, Entrepreneur
Kenn Nesbitt, 1962, Poet
Ki Bo-bae, 1988, Archer
Kimberley Davies, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Kurt Cobain, 1967, Rock Singer
Larry Charles, 1956, TV Producer
Larry Hovis, 1936, TV Actor
Laura Bendixsen, 1976, Radio Host
Lauren Ambrose, 1978, TV Actress
Lew Soloff, 1944, Trumpet Player
Libby Tanner, 1970, TV Actress
Lili Taylor, 1967, TV Actress
Lim Kit Siang, 1941, Politician
Livan Hernandez, 1975, Baseball Player
Louis Ferreira, 1967, TV Actor
Louis Kahn, 1901, Architect
Lucy Evenden, 1995, YouTube Star
Lucy Watson, 1991, Reality Star
Ludwig Boltzmann, 1844, Scientist
Luis Gabriel Rey, 1980, Soccer Player
Luke Burgess, 1987, Rugby Player
Maddy Crouch, 1998, Vine Star
Majandra Delfino, 1981, TV Actress
Mandy Sellars, 1975,
Marcos Villatoro, 1962, Poet
Marie Marvingt, 1875, Pilot
Mario Martin, 1985, Entrepreneur
Martin Hanzal, 1987, Hockey Player
Martin Kennedy, 1989, Rugby Player
Matt FamilyFunPack, 1979, YouTube Star
Matt Hunter, 1998, Pop Singer
Mia Corak, 1916, Dancer
Michael Maguire, 1955, Stage Actor
Michael Zegen, 1979, TV Actor
Michelle Betos, 1988, Soccer Player
Mike Leigh, 1943, Director
Mikey Lopez, 1993, Soccer Player
Miles Teller, 1987, Movie Actor
Mitch McConnell, 1942, Politician
Mitchie Brusco, 1997, Skateboarder
Mukta Ram Acharya, 1969, Movie Actor
Muriel Humphrey Brown, 1912, Politician
Nancy Wilson, 1937, Jazz Singer
Natacha Birds, 1988, Blogger
Neil Primrose, 1972, Drummer
Nelly Currant, 2005, TV Actress
Nicole Pazmino, 1999, Instagram Star
Nika Bekavac, 1994, Entrepreneur
Niki Albon, 1992, YouTube Star
Odwa Ndungane, 1981, Rugby Player
Olivia Rodrigo, 2003, TV Actress
Omar Sheika, 1977, Boxer
Oskar Alexander, 1876, Painter
Patty Hearst, 1954, Family Member
Pawel Maciwoda, 1967, Bassist
Peter McColgan, 1963, Runner
Peter Osgood, 1947, Soccer Player
Peter Strauss, 1947, TV Actor
Phil Esposito, 1942, Hockey Player
Phil Moore, 1918, Pianist
Pierre Boulle, 1912, Novelist
Pierre Habumuremyi, 1961, Politician
Princess Leonore, 2014, Royalty
Priyanshu Chatterjee, 1973, Movie Actor
Randy California, 1951, Guitarist
Richard Matheson, 1926, Screenwriter
Rihanna, 1988, Pop Singer
Robert Altman, 1925, Director
Robert Huber, 1937, Scientist
Robin Ruzan, 1964, Movie Actress
Rodney Rowland, 1964, Movie Actor
Rodney Van Johnson, 1961, Soap Opera Actor
Roger Penske, 1937, Race Car Driver
Ron Eldard, 1965, TV Actor
Roxana Diaz Burgos, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Roy Cohn, 1927, Lawyer
Ruban Nielson, 1980, Guitarist
Ruby Elzy, 1908, Opera Singer
Ryan Sweeney, 1985, Baseball Player
Sam Rice, 1890, Baseball Player
Sammy Albon, 1992, YouTube Star
Sandy Duncan, 1946, Stage Actress
Scott Brayton, 1959, Race Car Driver
Scott Cole, 1962,
Shane Spencer, 1972, Baseball Player
Sharpe James, 1936, Politician
Shaun Tait, 1983, Cricket Player
Shomi Patwary, 1982, Entrepreneur
Sidney Poitier, 1927, Movie Actor
Sierra Whitesides, 2001, Family Member
Siham Bengoua, 1988, Reality Star
Spooky Black, 1998, R&B Singer
Stephon Marbury, 1977, Basketball Player
Steve Lundquist, 1961, Swimmer
Storm Gardner, 1973, Pop Singer
Tahounia Rubel, 1988, Model
Ted Hankey, 1968, Darts Player
Terry Dunfield, 1982, Soccer Player
Thomas Florschutz, 1978, Bobsledder
TJ Kirk, 1985, YouTube Star
Tobais Palmer, 1990, Football Player
Tom McNally, 1943, Politician
Tom Skilling, 1952, News Anchor
Tom Waddle, 1967, Sportscaster
Tommy Henrich, 1913, Baseball Player
Tony Hibbert, 1981, Soccer Player
Tony Wilson, 1950, Journalist
Trevor Noah, 1984, Comedian
Walter Becker, 1950, Guitarist
Walter Vilchez, 1982, Soccer Player
Waqas Shah, 1994, YouTube Star
Wendee Lee, 1960, TV Actress
Whitney Blake, 1926, TV Actress
Willem Van Hanegem, 1944, Soccer Player
Willie Garson, 1964, Movie Actor
Yoko Ishino, 1968, Movie Actress
Zac Eisenstein, 1988, Punk Singer


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