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February 13 Famous Birthdays

February 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 13 are naturally impetuous but are also secretive. They don’t tell all of their personal business to anyone, not even their best friend.

If you share this famous birthday on February 13, you are an Aquarius who never meets a stranger and have friends all over the world. But when it comes to intimate relationships, they need to keep things fresh at all times otherwise, they become bored and may find themselves looking to find other channels of mystery.


The famous people born on February 13 are likely to have developed many talents and abilities early on. So it is safe to say that they are wise beyond their years.

However, someone may be highly disappointed when it comes to them meeting time limitations. This is not how they like to live. They work hard for their money and independence. So they tend to live their life as they please. Someone expecting to be in their life will need to understand and accept this.


Famous people born on 13 February are spontaneous Aquarians. Their generous ways makes it easy for them to make new and lasting friendships. They are a laid-back people who do not like commitments. Too much stress can give them bad dreams so stay balanced. Get a list of famous birthdays for February 13 below.


February 13th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13th February Good Traits:

  • Determined
  • Skilled
  • Charming
  • Optimistic
  • Practical

13th February Bad Traits:

  • Hasty
  • Unbalanced
  • Stubborn
  • Unplanned

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February 13th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abraham Ramos, 1974, Soap Opera Actor
Adilene Idalie, 1996, Instagram Star
Adnan Mansoor, 1993, Vine Star
Ahlam Alshamsi, 1969, World Music Singer
Akio Sato, 1953, Wrestler
Al Montoya, 1985, Hockey Player
Alex Mowatt, 1995, Soccer Player
Alex Sawyer, 1993, TV Actor
Alexandre Nero, 1970, Soap Opera Actor
Alexandros Tziolis, 1985, Soccer Player
Alexis Nicolas, 1983, Soccer Player
Almanzo Wilder, 1857, Family Member
Amy Hislop, 2000, YouTube Star
Ana Patricia Rojo, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Anders Behring Breivik, 1979, Criminal
Andrew Bryniarski, 1969, Movie Actor

Andy Buckley, 1965, TV Actor
Andy Rose, 1990, Soccer Player
Angelo Mosca, 1937, Football Player
Anthony Lapsley, 1980, MMA Fighter
Aqib Talib, 1986, Football Player
ASAP Illz, 1991, Model
Ash Harrison, 1989, Reality Star
Aston Merrygold, 1988, Pop Singer
Barry Tubb, 1963, TV Actor
Ben Collins, 1975, Race Car Driver
Benjamin Jarvis, 1995, Model
Bess Truman, 1885, Political Wife
Big Glo, 1984, Rapper
Bill Bower, 1917, Pilot
Blake Duncan, 1993, YouTube Star
Bo Svenson, 1941, Movie Actor
Bob Daisley, 1950, Bassist
february-13-famous-birthdaysBrian Deacon, 1949, Movie Actor
Brina Palencia, 1984, Voice Actor
Callamar, 1992, Rapper
Carly McKillip, 1989, TV Actress
Carol Lynley, 1942, Movie Actress
Carolyn Lawrence, 1967, Voice Actor
Charles Clay, 1989, Football Player
Charles S Lieber, 1931, Scientist
Chuck Yeager, 1923, Pilot
CJ Paul, 1983, Family Member
Connor Ripley, 1993, Soccer Player
Daniel Portman, 1992, TV Actor
Daryl Reaugh, 1965, Sportscaster
David Corn, 1959, Journalist
David Jeremiah, 1941, Religious Leader
David Naughton, 1951, Movie Actor
Dean Lister, 1976, MMA Fighter
Demetrius Pinder, 1989, Runner

Denise Austin, 1957, TV Show Host
Diana Eng, 1983, Fashion Designer
DJ Chikay, 1988, DJ
DJ Rockstar Aaron, 1988, DJ
Don Panoz, 1935, Entrepreneur
Donald Sumpter, 1943, TV Actor
Donald Williams, 1942, Astronaut
Drew Disaster, 1996, YouTube Star
Drew Henson, 1980, Football Player
Eddie Robinson, 1919, Basketball Coach
Eileen Farrell, 1920, Opera Singer
Elaine Mokk, 2000, YouTube Star
Elaine Pagels, 1943, Religious Author
Eleanor Farjeon, 1881, Children’s Author
Elfriede Geiringer, 1905,
Eliaquim Mangala, 1991, Soccer Player
Eljero Elia, 1987, Soccer Player
Elvis Sinosic, 1971, MMA Fighter

Erik Bergquist, 1968, Screenwriter
Evelyn Smith, 1987, Reality Star
Ewa Aulin, 1950, Movie Actress
Faiz Ahmad Faiz, 1911, Poet
Feist, 1976, Folk Singer
Fonzworth Bentley, 1974, TV Show Host
Frank Matthews, 1944, Criminal
Gabe Erwin, 1996, Vine Star
Gabriel Coronel, 1987, Soap Opera Actor
Gabriel Porras, 1986, Movie Actor
Garrett Garcia, 1992, YouTube Star
Gary Patterson, 1960, Football Coach
George Segal, 1934, Movie Actor
Georges Simenon, 1903, Novelist
Gina Dejesus, 1990,
Grant Wood, 1891, Painter
Gus Hansen, 1974,
Hal Chase, 1883, Baseball Player
Hal Moore, 1922, War Hero
Hamish Glencross, 1978, Guitarist
Henry Rollins, 1961, Punk Singer
Hope Beel, 1989, Model
Howie Rose, 1954, Sportscaster
Hugh Dennis, 1962, Comedian
Ian Reed Kesler, 1977, TV Actor
Ignaz Friedman, 1882, Pianist
James Abdnor, 1923, Politician
James McNulty, 1985, Soccer Player
Jamie Murray, 1986, Tennis Player
Janae Jacobs, 1986, Blogger
Jay Nixon, 1956, Politician
Jayden James, 1986,
Jayden Jaymes, 1986,
JB Blanc, 1969, TV Actor
Jeff Fabre, 1989, YouTube Star
Jeff Waters, 1966, Guitarist
Jerry Springer, 1944, TV Show Host
Jesse Birdsall, 1963, Soap Opera Actor
Jesseca Liu, 1979, TV Actress
Joan Brown, 1938, Painter
Joe Estevez, 1946, Movie Actor
John Hunter, 1728, Doctor
Johnny Tapia, 1967, Boxer
Jonathan Saccone-Joly, 1980, YouTube Star
Jordan Cheyenne, 1991, YouTube Star
Joseph Banks, 1743, Explorer
Joseph C. Lincoln, 1870, Novelist
Josh Gasser, 1992, Basketball Player
Joyce DiDonato, 1969, Opera Singer
Kaila Kawasaki, 2002, Dancer
Kasumi Arimura, 1993, TV Actress
Kate Martineau, 1995, Instagram Star
Katie Hopkins, 1975, Reality Star
Katie Volding, 1989, TV Actress
Kayla Carter, 1985, Reality Star
Kayla Cullen, 1992, Netball Player
Kazuki Takemura, 1996, Guitarist
Keith Appling, 1992, Basketball Player
Kelly Hu, 1968, Movie Actress
Kelly McCormick, 1960, Diver
Kevin Strootman, 1990, Soccer Player
Kim Novak, 1933, Movie Actress
Kristy Garett, 1990, Model
Lando Wilkins, 1983, Choreographer
Lanisha Cole, 1982, Model
Leona Kate Vaughan, 1995, TV Actress
Leopold Godowsky, 1870, Pianist
Liam Brady, 1956, Soccer Player
Liam Miller, 1981, Soccer Player
Lin Gengxin, 1988, TV Actor
Lucy Brown, 1979, TV Actress
Luis Gonzalvo, 1990, Drummer
Luke Ridnour, 1981, Basketball Player
Mala Rodriquez, 1979, Rapper
Mamadou Sakho, 1990, Soccer Player
Marc Crawford, 1961, Hockey Coach
Mark Watson, 1980, Comedian
Martin Sastre, 1976, Multimedia Artist
Mary Beth Fielder, 1958, Screenwriter
Mats Sundin, 1971, Hockey Player
Matt Berninger, 1971, Rock Singer
Matt Cutshall, 1985, Vine Star
Matt Skajem, 1995, Punk Singer
Mayra Andrade, 1985, Rock Singer
Memphis Depay, 1994, Soccer Player
Mena Suvari, 1979, Movie Actress
Michael Bilandic, 1923, Politician
Michael Ensign, 1944, Movie Actor
Michael Hoey, 1979, Golfer
Michael Turner, 1982, Football Player
Mike Krzyzewski, 1947, Basketball Coach
Mike Rice, 1969, Football Coach
Mirko Trovato, 1999, TV Actor
Natalie Stewart, 1979, R&B Singer
Natalya Pasichnyk, 1971, Pianist
Nathan Eovaldi, 1990, Baseball Player
Neal McDonough, 1966, Movie Actor
Nick Amodei, 1995, YouTube Star
Nick Verreos, 1967, Fashion Designer
Niklas Backstrom, 1978, Hockey Player
Nizhoni Cooley, 1993, Instagram Star
Nomeda Kazlaus, 1974, Opera Singer
Novena Carmel, 1982, Family Member
Oliver Reed, 1938, Movie Actor
Oliver Smith, 1918, Production Designer
Olivia Allison, 1990, Swimmer
Omar Torrijos, 1929, World Leader
Pappy Kojo, 1989, Rapper
Patty Berg, 1918, Golfer
Paul Biya, 1933, Politician
Paul Deacon, 1979, Rugby Player
Paul Jeffreys, 1952, Bassist
Pedro Suarez Vertiz, 1969, Rock Singer
Pernilla August, 1958, Movie Actress
Peter Agostini, 1913, Sculptor
Peter Gabriel, 1950, Rock Singer
Peter Hook, 1956, Bassist
Peter O’Neill, 1965, Politician
Peter Tork, 1942, Pop Singer
Pierluigi Collina, 1960, Referee
Piper Lou-Renee, 1995, Folk Singer
Prince Michael Jackson, 1997, Family Member
Puma, 1982, Reality Star
Rachel Reeves, 1979, Politician
Rafael Marquez, 1979, Soccer Player
Rafael Marquez, 1979, Soccer Player
Raji Osahn, 1988, YouTube Star
Ralf Rocchigiani, 1963, Boxer
Randy Moss, 1977, Football Player
Raushee Warren, 1987, Boxer
Reem Kherici, 1983, Movie Actress
Richard Blumenthal, 1946, Politician
Richard Tyson, 1961, Movie Actor
Rico J. Puno, 1953, Pop Singer
Robbie Williams, 1974, Pop Singer
Robert H. Jackson, 1892, Supreme Court Justice
Ruben Gundensen, 1990, YouTube Star
Rufus Wilmot Griswold, 1815, Poet
Rui Sinel de Cordes, 1980, Comedian
Rupiah Banda, 1937, World Leader
Ryan Goins, 1988, Baseball Player
Ryan Perry, 1987, Baseball Player
Sal Bando, 1944, Baseball Player
Sam Darling, 1992, YouTube Star
Sarah Takacs, 1990, YouTube Star
Sarojini Naidu, 1879, Poet
Scott Myrick, 1992, Dancer
Shane Told, 1981, Metal Singer
Sharon Wyatt, 1953, Soap Opera Actress
Sigmar Polke, 1941, Painter
Sigmund Jahn, 1937, Astronaut
Simon Harrison, 1992, YouTube Star
Somdev Devvarman, 1985, Tennis Player
Sonia, 1971, Pop Singer
Sophie Evans, 1993, Stage Actress
Stephen Kendrick, 1977, Screenwriter
Steve Hess, 1968, Basketball Coach
Steve Ritchie, 1950, Engineer
Steven Dehler, 1987, Model
Stockard Channing, 1944, Movie Actress
Sumail Hassan, 1999, eSports Player
Susan Dunklee, 1986, Biathlete
Susan Oliver, 1932, TV Actress
Tennessee Ernie Ford, 1919, Country Singer
Terri Hendrix, 1968, Film Producer
ThatsStephy, 2000, YouTube Star
Timmy Brabston, 1999, Rapper
Tino-Sven Susic, 1992, Soccer Player
Todd Fedoruk, 1979, Hockey Player
Tommy Dreamer, 1971, Wrestler
Tony Butler, 1957, Bassist
Tony Dalton, 1975, TV Actor
Tyler Vigen, 1991, Mathematician
Viacheslav Datsik, 1977, MMA Fighter
Virgilijus Alekna, 1972, Discus Thrower
Walter Wangerin Jr., 1944, Novelist
Wang Shixian, 1990, Badminton Player
Wardell Gray, 1921, Saxophonist
William Shockley, 1910, Scientist
Wingy Manone, 1900, Trumpet Player
Yiannis Kouros, 1956, Runner
Yun Suk-young, 1990, Soccer Player
Zach Condon, 1986, Folk Singer


Famous Events for February 13

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