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February 12 Famous Birthdays

February 12 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 12 could be considered as popular Aquarians who has a great and vivid mind for inventing things. They think beyond themselves as they want to make the world a better place.

Typically, famous people born on 12th February look for ways to improve what they have and those opportunities that allow them to be free of controlling environments. When it comes to clothes, they are not a brand person or who like to hog or even like going to the mall. Hand me downs are completely fine with people born on this famous birthday.


There is one thing though. Famous people born on February 12 have this thing for feet… soft and attractive feet. They love a pedicure and have natural facial features. They love to travel and with a travel companion or companions.


However, they don’t want to be bothered with the details. In love, they are the romantic person who like chariot rides or canoe rides under the moon and stars. The best advice for anyone desiring a relationship with this February 12 famous person is to be patient and remain true.

IF YOUR BIRTH DAY IS FEBRUARY 12th, like the many famous people born today, you may be an enterprising individual. They love things that are different and realize that they control their own destiny. With that being said, they will shop at the corner store instead of JCP’s if it meant saving a dollar. At the same time, famous Aquarians with February 12 as their zodiac birthdate love to travel.


February 12th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

12th February Good Traits:

  • Logical
  • Imaginative
  • Innovative
  • Curious
  • Spontaneous

12th February Bad Traits:

  • Guarded
  • Temperamental
  • Emotional
  • Quitter

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February 12th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Craft, 1991, Basketball Player
Aaron Sanchez, 1976, Chef
Abigail Ratchford, 1992, Model
Abraham Lincoln, 1809, US President
AceCraftGaming, 1996, YouTube Star
Afshan Azad, 1988, Movie Actress
Aidan Jones, 1999, YouTube Star
AJ Odudu, 1988, TV Show Host
Ajay Naidu, 1972, Movie Actor
Ajda Pekkan, 1946, Pop Singer
Al Cervi, 1917, Basketball Player
Alain Masudi, 1978, Soccer Player
Alan Dugan, 1923, Poet
Alan Sader, 1940, Movie Actor
Albert Stanaj, 1994, Pop Singer
Alden Partridge, 1785,
Alex Galchenyuk, 1994, Hockey Player
Alex Meneses, 1965, TV Actress
Alexandra Dahlstrom, 1984, TV Actress

Ali Leroi, 1962, Screenwriter
Alice Roosevelt Longworth, 1884, Family Member
Alistair Testo, 1988, Bassist
Allan Hunt, 1945, TV Actor
Alun Davies, 1964, Politician
Andrew Carmellini, 1971, Chef
Andrew Constancio, 1998, YouTube Star
Andrew Goodpaster, 1915, War Hero
Angus Sampson, 1979, TV Actor
Ann Gillis, 1927, Movie Actress
Anna Benson, 1976, Reality Star
Anna Pavlova, 1881, Dancer
Annette Crosbie, 1934, Movie Actress
Anthony Dean Griffey, 1967, Opera Singer
Anthony Ramos, 1991, Wrestler
Antonio Guzman Fernandez, 1911, World Leader
Ari Shaffir, 1974, Comedian
Arlen Specter, 1930, Politician
february-12-famous-birthdaysArsenio Hall, 1956, TV Show Host
Ashraf Ghani, 1949, World Leader
August Leimbach, 1882, Architect
Aylar Lie, 1984, Model
Barnum Brown, 1873, Scientist
Baylie Cregut, 2010, TV Actress
Ben Thatcher, 1988, Drummer
Benik Afobe, 1993, Soccer Player
Berkley Coscia, 2001, YouTube Star
Bess Meredyth, 1890, Movie Actress
Bill Laswell, 1955, Bassist
Bill Russell, 1934, Basketball Player
Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, 1936, Politician
Bob Lutz, 1932, Entrepreneur
Bobby Smith, 1958, Hockey Player
Bobi Wine, 1982, World Music Singer
Bodhi Ransom Green, 2014, Family Member
Brad Keselowski, 1984, Race Car Driver

Brandon Allen, 1986, Baseball Player
Brandon Farmahini, 1986, Director
Brian Chase, 1978, Drummer
Brian Haley, 1963, Movie Actor
Brian Robertson, 1956, Guitarist
Britt Nilsson, 1987, Reality Star
Bud Dupree, 1993, Football Player
Cameron Drew, 1964, Baseball Player
Carrie Steinseifer, 1968, Swimmer
Carter Hayden, 1982, Voice Actor
Casey Abrams, 1991, Blues Singer
Charles Darwin, 1809, Scientist
Charles Freer Andrews, 1871, Religious Leader
Charles L. Thomas, 1843, War Hero
Charlie Simms, 1859, Soccer Player
Chet Lemon, 1955, Baseball Player
Chris Snyder, 1981, Baseball Player
Christian Cullen, 1976, Rugby Player
Christina Ricci, 1980, Movie Actress
Christine Burke, 1996, Model
Christine Elise, 1965, TV Actress
Christopher McCandless, 1968,
Christopher Pettiet, 1976, TV Actor

Chuck Hittinger, 1983, TV Actor
Chucky Appleby, 1997, YouTube Star
Chynna Phillips, 1968, Folk Singer
Claudia Mori, 1944, Movie Actress
Cliff Bleszinski, 1975, Entrepreneur
Connor Mahoney, 1997, Soccer Player
Cory Marcus, 1953, Business Executive
Costa Gavras, 1933, Director
Cotton Mather, 1663, Religious Leader
Cutty Ranks, 1965, Reggae Singer
Dan Cameron, 1956, Entrepreneur
Dan Hammil, 1992, YouTube Star
Dani Rosenberg, 1985, YouTube Star
Daniel Mkongo, 1990, Fashion Designer
Daniel Polo, 1996, Soap Opera Actor
Daniela Aedo, 1995, TV Actress
Darren Aronofsky, 1969, Director
David Cooper, 1987, Baseball Player
David Odell, 1934, Screenwriter
Deborah Garrison, 1965, Poet
Deborah Tmz, 1993, Instagram Star
DeMarco Murray, 1988, Football Player
DeVonte Holloman, 1991, Football Player
Devour Up, 1994, Rapper
Dom DiMaggio, 1917, Baseball Player
Don Stanhouse, 1951, Baseball Player
Don Wilson, 1945, Baseball Player
Earvin N’Gapeth, 1991, Volleyball Player
Edwin Joel, 1999, YouTube Star
Elizabeth Falkner, 1966, Chef
Elle Varner, 1989, R&B Singer
Ellen Barry, 1989, Tennis Player
Enver Gjokaj, 1980, TV Actor
Eric Barker, 1912, Movie Actor
Eric Brunner, 1986, Soccer Player
Erin Wilson, 1964, Screenwriter
Eugene Atget, 1857, Photographer
Evan Gorbell, 2000, Dancer
Forrest Tucker, 1919, TV Actor
Franco Zeffirelli, 1923, Director
Frank Palumbo, 1910, Entrepreneur
Fraser Heston, 1955, Screenwriter
Gary Leroi Gray, 1987, TV Actor
Gary Mehigan, 1967, Chef
Gavrilo Markovic, 1991, Model
George Elliott Clarke, 1960, Poet
George McGill, 1879, Politician
George Meredith, 1828, Novelist
Georgia Denton, 2001, Pop Singer
Georgina Reilly, 1986, Movie Actress
Georgina Wilson, 1986, Model
Gerald McMorrow, 1970, Screenwriter
Gethin Jones, 1978, TV Show Host
Gianni Mora, 1997, Fashion Designer
Grant Schilling, 2000, YouNow Star
Gregor Balazic, 1988, Soccer Player
Gregory Charles, 1968, World Music Singer
Gucci Mane, 1980, Rapper
Guildford Dudley, 1535, Royalty
Gundappa Viswanath, 1949, Cricket Player
Gustav III, 1711, Royalty
Hammad Husain, 1970, Architect
Hatcher Hughes, 1881, Playwright
Heather Doerksen, 1980, TV Actress
Heinrich Lenz, 1804, Scientist
Hermione Norris, 1967, TV Actress
Hong Myung-Bo, 1969, Soccer Player
Hussein Onn, 1922, Politician
Iko Uwais, 1983, Movie Actor
Incredilag, 1997, YouTube Star
J Robert Spencer, 1969, Stage Actor
Jackson Carter Holland, 1996, Vine Star
Jacqueline Woodson, 1963, Young Adult Author
Jade Jones, 1979, R&B Singer
Jael De Pardo, 1981, TV Actress
James Ford, 1911,
James M. Hanks, 1833, Politician
Jamie Scott, 1984, Folk Singer
Jan Ladislav Dussek, 1760, Composer
Jane Skinner, 1967, TV Show Host
Janet Emerson Bashen, 1957, Entrepreneur
Jason Suwito, 1986, Guitarist
Jeff Tuel, 1991, Football Player
Jenni Falconer, 1976, TV Show Host
Jennie McAlpine, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
Jennifer Stone, 1993, Movie Actress
Jenny Von Westphalen, 1814, Family Member
Jeremy Chardy, 1987, Tennis Player
Jerry Bohlander, 1974, MMA Fighter
Jesse Hutch, 1981, TV Actor
Jesse Labelle, 1982, Country Singer
Jesse Spencer, 1979, TV Actor
Jim Creeggan, 1970, Bassist
Jim Durham, 1947, Sportscaster
Jim Lawrence, 1939, Baseball Player
Jimmy Conrad, 1977, Soccer Player
Joan Finney, 1925, Politician
Joan Mitchell, 1925, Painter
Joanie Brosas, 1992, Model
Joanna Kerns, 1953, TV Actress
Joe Don Baker, 1936, TV Actor
Joe Garagiola, 1926, Baseball Player
Joe Gill, 1994, Soap Opera Actor
Joe Schermie, 1946, Bassist
Johan Grottumsbraten, 1899, Skier
John Akehurst, 1930, War Hero
John L. Lewis, 1880, Activist
John Michael Higgins, 1963, TV Actor
John Morrissey, 1831, Boxer
Jon Chua, 1990, Guitarist
Jonas Hiller, 1982, Hockey Player
Jose Manalo, 1966, TV Show Host
Josef Altin, 1983, TV Actor
Joseph Chinard, 1756, Sculptor
Joseph Kearns, 1907, TV Actor
Josh Brolin, 1968, Movie Actor
Josh Harrellson, 1989, Basketball Player
Josh Phegley, 1988, Baseball Player
Juan Carlos Ferrero, 1980, Tennis Player
Judy Blume, 1938, Children’s Author
Jujiro Wada, 1872, Dog Musher
Julian Schwinger, 1918, Scientist
Julian Simon, 1932, Economist
Justin T Bowler, 1974, Voice Actor
Kaley Ronayne, 1990, TV Actress
Kane Richardson, 1991, Cricket Player
Karen Lutz, 1970, Screenwriter
Kay Rose, 1922, Sound Designer
Keri Lewis, 1971, R&B Singer
Kevin Austin, 1973, Soccer Player
Keyshia Kaoir, 1980, Model
Kiana Mohr, 1997, YouTube Star
Killa Kyleon, 1986, Rapper
Kirby Johnson, 1996, Dancer
KJ Takahashi, 2002, YouTube Star
Knox Martin, 1923, Sculptor
Larry Nance, 1959, Basketball Player
Latrice Royale, 1972, Reality Star
Lazar Kolisevski, 1914, Politician
Lee Byung-chul, 1910, Entrepreneur
Levi Mitchell, 1998, Pop Singer
Lillian Lehman, 1947, TV Actress
Lionel Grigson, 1942, Pianist
Lisa Hannigan, 1981, Rock Singer
Lochlyn Munro, 1966, Movie Actor
Lorne Greene, 1915, TV Actor
Louis Zorich, 1924, TV Actor
Louisa Adams, 1775, Political Wife
Lynette Cenee, 1987, YouTube Star
Madison O’Connor, 1999, Dancer
Marcel Kiepach, 1894, Scientist
Mateus Verdelho, 1983, Rapper
Matt Philie, 1996, YouTube Star
Matthew Crosby, 1980, Comedian
Matthew Isen, 2000, TV Actor
Maud Adams, 1945, Movie Actress
Maurice Douglass, 1964, Football Player
Mauricio Cienfuegos, 1968, Soccer Player
Max Beckmann, 1884, Painter
Max Terhune, 1891, Movie Actor
Meghan Agosta-marciano, 1987, Hockey Player
Mel Powell, 1923, Pianist
Melissa Beck, 1977, Reality Star
Michael Ironside, 1950, Movie Actor
Michael Kpakala Francis, 1936, Religious Leader
Michael Lumb, 1980, Cricket Player
Michael McDonald, 1952, R&B Singer
Michael Ray Bower, 1975, TV Actor
Michel Martelly, 1961, Politician
Mike Posner, 1988, Pop Singer
Moe Bandy, 1944, Country Singer
Monica Alvarez, 1986, Instagram Star
Myles Brown, 1999, Rapper
Nadir Ciftci, 1992, Soccer Player
Naomi Uemura, 1941, Explorer
Naseem Hamed, 1974, Boxer
Nicola Tappenden, 1982, Model
Nicolas Otamendi, 1988, Soccer Player
O’Ryan, 1987, R&B Singer
Odessa Grady Clay, 1917, Family Member
Omar Bradley, 1893, War Hero
Omar Hakim, 1959, Drummer
One Man Gang, 1960, Wrestler
Owen Nolan, 1972, Hockey Player
Pants Rowland, 1879, Baseball Player
Park Bo-young, 1990, Movie Actress
Patricia Field, 1941, Fashion Designer
Paul Crook, 1966, Guitarist
Paul Shenar, 1936, Movie Actor
Paxton Lynch, 1994, Football Player
Peter Cooper, 1791, Politician
Peter Schoomaker, 1946, War Hero
Peter Skene Ogden, 1790, Explorer
Peter Som, 1970, Fashion Designer
Peter Vanderkaay, 1984, Swimmer
Pikimchu, 2000, YouTube Star
Pink Anderson, 1900, Blues Singer
Rachel Clark, 1991, Model
Ralo, 1995, Rapper
Raphael Sbarge, 1964, TV Actor
Ray Kurzweil, 1948, Philosopher
Ray Kurzweil, 1948, Philosopher
Ray Manzarek, 1939, Pianist
Regla Torres, 1975, Volleyball Player
Robert Griffin III, 1990, Football Player
Robin Thomas, 1949, Movie Actor
Roman Tam, 1945, Pop Singer
Ron-robert Zieler, 1989, Soccer Player
Rosie Mac, 1997, TV Actress
Roxana Castellanos, 1973, TV Actress
Roy Fuller, 1912, Poet
Roy Harris, 1898, Composer
Ruben Amaro Jr., 1965, Baseball Player
Ruth Williams, 1926, Baseball Player
Rylie Cregut, 2010, TV Actress
Sarah Lancaster, 1980, TV Actress
Sarah Martin, 1974, Violinist
Scot Pollard, 1975, Basketball Player
Scott Jund, 1990, Twitch Star
Scott Menville, 1971, Voice Actor
Shane Baumel, 1997, Movie Actor
Sigrid Thornton, 1959, Movie Actress
Simon Lessing, 1971, Triathlete
Simon MacCorkindale, 1952, TV Actor
Simon Rodia, 1879, Architect
Skylan Brooks, 1999, Movie Actor
Sloane Wilson, 1998, YouTube Star
Sonja Reid, 1991, YouTube Star
Soyou, 1992, Pop Singer
Steve Hackett, 1950, Rock Singer
Subhash Mukhopadhyay, 1919, Poet
Sumrit Shahi, 1993, Screenwriter
Suppanad Jittaleela, 1991, Movie Actress
Surat Huseynov, 1959, Politician
Tanya Moss, 1964, Gymnast
Tara Strong, 1973, Voice Actor
Ted Mack, 1904, TV Show Host
Terry Ray, 1961, TV Actor
Terry Smith, 1985, Dancer
Tex Beneke, 1914, Saxophonist
Todd Frazier, 1986, Baseball Player
Tracy Reese, 1964, Fashion Designer
Valorie Curry, 1986, TV Actress
Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov, 1900, War Hero
Vinay Kumar, 1984, Cricket Player
Walter Nash, 1968, Politician
Waqas Riaz, 1989, YouTube Star
William Wetmore Story, 1819, Sculptor
Zach Grenier, 1954, TV Actor
ZayPrimo, 1998, Vine Star
Zoe Anderson, 1983, Family Member
Zoran Music, 1909, Painter


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