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February 14 Famous Birthdays

February 14 Famous Birthdays

The lucky colors are blue and green for famous birthdays on February 14. Respectively they represent allegiance and harmony for the Aquarius. The famous people born on February 14 love to laugh and have a good time. However, they can be complex individuals.

It’s normal for them to come to one conclusion then change their mind about it. When they are faced with conflict, they tend to want to walk away from a fight but usually will apologize for their part in an argument.


With this being said, after their apology, they tend to go off in a depression like state and become isolated. This can put a damper on famous relationships of people born on February 14 especially when accompanied with a fit of rage. This makes the other person feel unwanted when they act this way and shut off.


Famous people born on February 14 like being able to work when they want and not within certain set hours and limitations. Until they find that stay-at-home job, they need to draw from their self-discipline and do what they need to do.

Famous people born on FEBRUARY 14th are Aquarius who are friendly and sensible but have another side that is passive aggressive. But they are also smart, funny and unique. The February 14 famous birthday horoscope profile shows that too much stress can trigger health problems. So speak your mind and get some exercise.


February 14th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14th February Good Traits:

  • Intellectual
  • Attractive
  • Reasonable
  • Idealistic
  • Humorous
  • Progressive

14th February Bad Traits:

  • Introvert
  • Detached
  • Rude
  • Passive
  • Secretive
  • Short Tempered

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February 14th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abby Earl, 1990, TV Actress
Adam Gidwitz, 1982, Children’s Author
Ahmaad Aspen, 1996, World Music Singer
Alan Hunter, 1957, TV Show Host
Alan Parker, 1944, Director
Alberto Rosende, 1993, TV Actor
Alec Sulkin, 1973, Screenwriter
Alex Scarrow, 1966, Novelist
Alexander Kluge, 1932, Playwright
Alexandra Estevez, 1987, Model
Allie Grant, 1994, TV Actress
AlphaOmegaSin, 1980, YouTube Star
Alshon Jeffery, 1990, Football Player
Andrew Prine, 1936, Movie Actor

Andrew Robinson, 1942, TV Actor
Andwele Gardner, 1978, Soul Singer
Angel di Maria, 1988, Soccer Player
Angela Robinson, 1971, Screenwriter
Anna Howard Shaw, 1847, Activist
Anton Lesser, 1952, TV Actor
Ari Fitz, 1990, Reality Star
Arthur Pentelow, 1924, Soap Opera Actor
Asia Nitollano, 1988, Pop Singer
Bacary Sagna, 1983, Soccer Player
Becky Hill, 1994, Pop Singer
Bernie Geoffrion, 1931, Hockey Player
Big Smo, 1976, Rapper
Bill Boner, 1945, Politician
BJ Leiderman, 1956, Composer
february-14-famous-birthdaysBoo Hewerdine, 1961, Pop Singer
Brad Allan, 1973, Stunt Double
Brandon Sutter, 1989, Hockey Player
Brett Dier, 1990, Movie Actor
Brighton Reinhardt, 1997, Instagram Star
Byron Mullens, 1989, Basketball Player
Cadel Evans, 1977, Cyclist
Cait Brennan, 1969, Screenwriter
Candice Wiggins, 1987, Basketball Player
Carl Bernstein, 1944, Journalist
Carley McNutt, 2000, Vine Star
Chris Babb, 1990, Basketball Player
Christian Eriksen, 1992, Soccer Player
Christian Hackenberg, 1995, Football Player
Christina Rose, 1998, YouTube Star
Ciera Rogers, 1995, Fashion Designer
Cody Deal, 1986, Movie Actor
Cristeen Olley, 1982, YouTube Star

Curtis Jobling, 1972, Cartoonist
D’wayne Wiggins, 1963, Guitarist
Danai Gurira, 1978, TV Actress
Daniel Conn, 1986, Rugby Player
Daniel Miller, 1951, Music Producer
Danny Winget, 1979, YouTube Star
Dara Yu, 2001, Chef
Darius Songaila, 1978, Basketball Player
Darren Bennett, 1977, Dancer
Dave Dravecky, 1956, Baseball Player
Dave Sims, 1953, Sportscaster
David Garrard, 1978, Football Player
David Holmes, 1969, DJ
David Poile, 1950, Sports Executive
David Rodriguez Sanchez, 1986, Soccer Player
Davone Campbell, 1985, Rapper
Dean Gaffney, 1978, TV Actor

Debarun Pal, 1987, Cinematographer
Deeksha Seth, 1990, Movie Actress
Deena Kastor, 1973, Runner
Denis Latin, 1966, TV Show Host
Deonte Thompson, 1989, Football Player
Derek Norris, 1989, Baseball Player
Diego Fagundez, 1995, Soccer Player
Dillon Powers, 1991, Soccer Player
Donna Cruz, 1977, Pop Singer
Drew Bledsoe, 1972, Football Player
Du’aine Ladejo, 1971, Runner
Edinson Cavani, 1987, Soccer Player
Edmund Lawrence, 1932, Politician
Edward Platt, 1916, Movie Actor
Elihu Root, 1845, Lawyer
Elissa Sursara, 1988, TV Show Host
Ella Mai, 1987, Instagram Star
Ellenawhat, 1999, YouTube Star
Elly Gross, 1929, Memoirist
Enrico Colantoni, 1963, TV Actor
Eric Cowell, 2014, Family Member
Eric Lambert, 1989, Guitarist
Eric Stillwell, 1962, Screenwriter
Erica Leerhsen, 1976, Movie Actress
Erin Torpey, 1981, TV Actress
Florence Henderson, 1934, TV Actress
Frank Collison, 1950, TV Actor
Frank Pace, 1950, TV Producer
Freddie Highmore, 1992, Movie Actor
Frederick Douglass, 1818, Autobiographer
Gabe Pressman, 1924, Journalist
Gavin Pecson, 2001, Dancer
George Jean Nathan, 1882, Journalist
George Washington Galeferris Jr., 1859, Engineer
Gerda Lundequist, 1871, Stage Actress
Gheorghe Muresan, 1971, Basketball Player
Gregory Hines, 1946, Dancer
Hajime Syacho, 1993, YouTube Star
Hans Krankl, 1953, Soccer Player
Harry Holland, 1999, Family Member
Havana Brown, 1985, Pop Singer
Hazel McCallion, 1921, Politician
Heart Evangelista, 1985, TV Actress
Henry A. Coffeen, 1841, Politician
Herbert A. Hauptman, 1917, Scientist
Hugh Downs, 1921, TV Show Host
Ira Stanphill, 1914, Gospel Singer
Isabella Fiori, 1997, YouTube Star
Israel Zangwill, 1864, Novelist
Ivan Colom, 1999, Vine Star
Jack Benny, 1894, Comedian
Jack Lewis, 1884, Baseball Player
Jadeveon Clowney, 1993, Football Player
Jailen Bates, 2005, TV Actor
Jake Lacy, 1985, TV Actor
Jake Weary, 1990, TV Actor
James Cayne, 1934, Business Executive
James Martin, 1997, YouTube Star
Jan Bakelants, 1986, Cyclist
Jan Nisar Akhtar, 1914, Poet
Jana Dacovic, 1999, YouTube Star
Jason Phillips, 1986, Football Player
Jeff Graham, 1969, Football Player
Jeremy Lloyd, 1990, Pop Singer
Jeru The Damaja, 1972, Rapper
Jessii Vee, 1994, YouTube Star
Jim Jefferies, 1977, Comedian
Jim Kelly, 1960, Football Player
Jimmy Hoffa, 1913, Politician
JJ Wilcox, 1991, Football Player
John Bobo, 1943, War Hero
John Groff, 1890, War Hero
John Henry Waddell, 1921, Sculptor
John Prats, 1984, TV Actor
John R Dilworth, 1963, Cartoonist
Johncarlos Delos Reyes, 1970, Politician
Johnny Longden, 1907, Horse Jockey
Johnny Robinson, 1959, Football Player
Jose Miguel Cubero, 1987, Soccer Player
Josh Friedman, 1967, Screenwriter
Josh Ostrovsky, 1985, Comedian
Josh Shipp, 1986, Basketball Player
Judd Gregg, 1947, Politician
Jules Asner, 1968, Model
Julia Ling, 1983, TV Actress
Justin Miller, 1984, Football Player
Kara Lawson, 1981, Basketball Player
Karima Adebibe, 1985, Model
Katherine Stinson, 1891, Pilot
Katie Boland, 1988, Movie Actress
Kay Fisker, 1893, Architect
Kevin Keegan, 1951, Soccer Player
Kike Marin, 1996, YouTube Star
Koharu Sugawara, 1992, Dancer
Konrad Warzycha, 1989, Soccer Player
Kris Aquino, 1971, TV Actress
Kristian Thomas, 1989, Gymnast
Larry Constantine, 1943, Engineer
Latifa, 1968, Pop Singer
Lennie Hayton, 1908, Composer
Leo Taylor, 1992, Drummer
Leon Battista Alberti, 1404, Architect
Linda Ballantyne, 1964, Voice Actor
Lois Maxwell, 1927, TV Actress
Louis Diemer, 1843, Pianist
Lucas Dell, 1996, Instagram Star
Luke Jacobz, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Luo Feichi, 1990, eSports Player
Maceo Parker, 1943, Saxophonist
Madhubala, 1933, Movie Actress
Madison Iseman, 1997, TV Actress
Magic Sam, 1937, Guitarist
Mandy Coon, 1980, Fashion Designer
Margaret E. Knight, 1838, Entrepreneur
Maria Leon, 1986, Pop Singer
Marian Gaborik, 1982, Hockey Player
Mark Rutte, 1967, World Leader
Martha Raddatz, 1953, News Anchor
Marty Markowitz, 1945, Politician
Masaki Kobayashi, 1916, Director
Matt Barr, 1984, TV Actor
Matt O’Connor, 1992, Hockey Player
Matt Redman, 1974, Rock Singer
Matthew Martinez, 1929, Politician
Meg Tilly, 1960, Movie Actress
Mel Allen, 1913, Sportscaster
Michael Ammermuller, 1986, Race Car Driver
Michael Bloomberg, 1942, Politician
Michael Higgs, 1962, TV Actor
Michael Vincent, 1964, Magician
Mickey Wright, 1935, Golfer
Milan Hejduk, 1976, Hockey Player
Mindy Robinson, 1980, Reality Star
Moira Kirland, 1978, Screenwriter
Moneta Sleet Jr., 1926, Photographer
MrKerrah, 1984, YouTube Star
Nancy Harkness Love, 1914, Pilot
Nathan Osmond, 1977, Country Singer
Nathan Thompson, 1978, Australian Rules Footballer
Neta Snook, 1896, Pilot
Nikolaj Ehlers, 1996, Hockey Player
Noah Grossman, 1997, YouTube Star
Noriko Sakai, 1971, Pop Singer
Norm Foster, 1949, Playwright
Oliver B. Greene, 1915, Religious Leader
Oliver Lee, 1986, TV Actor
Panjabi MC, 1973, DJ
Pat O’Brien, 1948, Sportscaster
Paul Butcher, 1994, TV Actor
Paul O Zelinsky, 1953, Illustrator
Perry Stephens, 1958, TV Actor
Petr Mrazek, 1992, Hockey Player
Pham Tuan, 1947, Astronaut
Philippe Senderos, 1985, Soccer Player
Phyllis McGuire, 1931, Pop Singer
Raja Nong Chik, 1953, Politician
Raymond Teller, 1948, Magician
Razzy Bailey, 1939, Country Singer
Realrosesarered, 1991, YouTube Star
Relja Basic, 1930, Movie Actor
Renee Fleming, 1959, Opera Singer
Rhydian Roberts, 1983, Reality Star
Richard Hamilton, 1978, Basketball Player
Rie Rasmussen, 1978, Model
Rip Micheals, 1982, Comedian
Rob Krager, 1990, Family Member
Rob Thomas, 1972, Pop Singer
Robert Shea, 1933, Novelist
Rocky Elsom, 1983, Rugby Player
Roger Fisher, 1950, Guitarist
Rolando Navarrete, 1957, Boxer
Ronnie Peterson, 1944, Race Car Driver
Sada Jacobson, 1983, Fencer
Sally Gray, 1916, Movie Actress
Sam Holland, 1999, Family Member
Samir Seif, 1947, Director
Sayeed Shahidi, 2003, TV Actor
Scott Dann, 1987, Soccer Player
Scott Owen, 1975, Bassist
Screamau, 1995, YouTube Star
Sean O’Brien, 1987, Rugby Player
Sebastiano Serafini, 1990, Model
Seckou Keita, 1978, Drummer
Shane Harper, 1993, Pop Singer
Shelby Chesnes, 1991, Instagram Star
Simon Pegg, 1970, Movie Actor
Stelios Haji-Ioannou, 1967, Entrepreneur
Stephanie Leonidas, 1984, TV Actress
Stephanie Moseley, 1984, TV Actress
Steve McNair, 1973, Football Player
Steve Tisch, 1949, Film Producer
Suze Demarchi, 1964, Rock Singer
Tati Westbrook, 1982, YouTube Star
Teller, 1948, Comedian
Terence Kongolo, 1994, Soccer Player
Terry Gross, 1951, Radio Host
Thalia Massie, 1911,
The Natural, 1987, YouTube Star
Thelma Ritter, 1902, Movie Actress
Thomas Malthus, 1766, Economist
Tibor Sekeji, 1912, Explorer
Tiffany Thornton, 1986, TV Actress
Tim Buckley, 1947, Jazz Singer
Timmy Everett, 1938, TV Actor
Tom Borland, 1933, Baseball Player
Tom Burlinson, 1956, Movie Actor
Tony Levier, 1913, Pilot
Tracy Spiridakos, 1988, TV Actress
Trent Ballinger, 1985, Family Member
Tyler Clippard, 1985, Baseball Player
Tyler McVey, 1912, Movie Actor
Uncle Reece, 1987, Gospel Singer
Val Walker, 1890, Magician
Valente Rodriguez, 1961, TV Actor
Valentina Anyanwu, 1990, Reality Star
Valentina Vezzali, 1974, Fencer
Valentino Arteaga, 1985, Drummer
Vic Briggs, 1945, Guitarist
Vic Morrow, 1929, TV Actor
Viscera, 1972, Wrestler
Will McEnaney, 1952, Baseball Player
Willem Johan Kolff, 1911, Doctor
Woody Hayes, 1913, Football Coach
Yalaka Venugopal Rao, 1982, Cricket Player
Yul Kwon, 1975, Reality Star
Zach Galligan, 1964, Movie Actor
Zack Kahn, 1985, Comedian
Zinzan Brooke, 1965, Rugby Player


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