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December 2 Famous Birthdays

December 2 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 2 are the Sagittarius that everyone says is not very stable. They have the uncanny ability to hurt people. Whoever said ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ did not know you!


Sometimes they don’t even realize it until it’s too late but it is one of the things that define them. You, my friend, are unusual. You tend to do things that are not within the confines of what people do everyday.


At the same time, famous December 2 celebrities are a constructive personality who have a lot of hope for the future. They plan on being successful and know what responsibility means. As a leader of a company or of the family, they tend to want to do the right things.


Famous people born on December 2 are devoted, open and honest. However, they want things done quickly and sometimes, this allows them to make mistakes that normally would not happen. Being no stranger to disappointments in life, thye know how to pick up the pieces and carry on.

Famous people born on DECEMBER 2nd probably do things their way. Most of the time, it’s different from what most people believe to be normal. They can also be irresponsible and tactless. However, there is hope for them. They’re smart and talented.

December 2 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

2 December Good Traits:

  • Optimistic
  • Unusual
  • Passionate
  • Hopeful
  • Curious
  • Determined
  • Smart
  • Loyal
  • Loving
  • Spirited
  • Focused

2 December Bad Traits:

  • Reckless
  • Irritable
  • Loudmouth
  • Insecure
  • Confused
  • Hasty
  • Moody

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December 2 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Rodgers, 1983, Football Player
Abdul Razzaq, 1979, Cricket Player
Abra, 1990, Rapper
Action Bronson, 1983, Rapper
Adam le Fondre, 1986, Soccer Player
Adolph Green, 1914, Playwright
Alain Senderens, 1939, Chef
Alan Henderson, 1972, Basketball Player
Alec B Francis, 1867, Movie Actor
Alejandro Rae, 1979, TV Actor
Alex Garcia, 1961, Boxer
Alexander Haig, 1924, Politician
Alfred Clifton Hughes, 1932, Religious Leader
Alfred Enoch, 1988, Movie Actor

Alicia Hall, 1985, Model
Alison Solis, 1998, Family Member
Amanda Oleander, 1989, YouTube Star
Amber Hunter, 1986, Reality Star
Amber Montana, 1998, TV Actress
Amedeo Preziosi, 1816, Painter
Ana Lucia Dominguez, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Andre Kim, 1996, TV Actor
Angela Webber, 1954, Screenwriter
Ann Patchett, 1963, Novelist
Annalise Basso, 1998, Movie Actress
Ashley Thompson, 1980, Pop Singer
Ashy Bines, 1988, Model
Auburn, 1990, R&B Singer
Aziz Harun, 1998, Pop Singer
BAEGOD, 1986, R&B Singer
Benedict Fitzgerald, 1949, Screenwriter
december 2 famous birthdaysBill Briggs, 1931, Skier
Bill Erwin, 1914, TV Actor
Billy Mehlhorn, 1898, Golfer
Bob Kevoian, 1950, Radio Host
Bob Malone, 1965, Blues Singer
Boman Irani, 1959, Movie Actor
Botho Strauß, 1944, Playwright
Branden Harvey, 1992, Photographer
Brandon Knight, 1991, Basketball Player
Brendan Coyle, 1963, TV Actor
Brian Moreno, 1986, Photographer
Britney Spears, 1981, Pop Singer
C. Paul Jennewein, 1890, Sculptor
Carla Ortiz, 1976, Movie Actress
Carlos Merida, 1891, Painter
Carson Dean, 1991, Dancer
Cassie Steele, 1989, TV Actress
Cathy Lee Crosby, 1944, TV Actress

Chantal Calicdan, 1997, Family Member
Charles Mungoshi, 1947, Novelist
Charles Ringling, 1863, Comedian
Charlie Puth, 1991, Pop Singer
Chloe Dufour-Lapointe, 1991, Skier
Chris Travis, 1993, Rapper
Christopher Wolstenholme, 1978, Bassist
Cody Lambert, 1961, Bull Rider
Dan Brian, 1987, YouTube Star
Dan Butler, 1954, Movie Actor
Dan Gauthier, 1963, TV Actor
Daniela Ruah, 1983, TV Actress
Danijel Pranjic, 1981, Soccer Player
Danish Ghaffar, 1996, Rapper
Daron Nefcy, 1985, Animator
Darryl Kile, 1968, Baseball Player
David Batty, 1968, Soccer Player
David Bennett, 1961, Football Coach
David Macaulay, 1946, Illustrator
David Mason, 1956, Criminal
David Pujadas, 1964, News Anchor

Dean Brill, 1985, Soccer Player
Denim Braxton, 2001, Family Member
Denis McDonough, 1969, Politician
Denise Dumas, 1977, Reality Star
Dennis Christopher, 1955, Movie Actor
Dennis Hallman, 1975, MMA Fighter
Derek King, 1995, Pop Singer
Dillon Martyn, 1996, Instagram Star
DJ Laz, 1971, DJ
Dominik Mandic, 1889, Historian
Dorell Wright, 1985, Basketball Player
Dylan McLaughlin, 1993, TV Actor
DylanBeRad, 1996, YouTube Star
Ed Weinberger, 1960, Screenwriter
Edwin Meese, 1931, Politician
Eileen McCallum, 1936, Soap Opera Actress
Ekin Mert Daymaz, 1990, Model
Elias Lindholm, 1994, Hockey Player
Emile Braun, 1849, Engineer
Emily Barker, 1980, Folk Singer
Eric Jungmann, 1981, TV Actor
Erik Broes, 1980, Game Designer
Erik Darnell, 1982, Race Car Driver
Esme Mackinnon, 1913, Skier
Etta Bond, 1989, Pop Singer
Felicity Brown, 1977, Fashion Designer
Ferdinand Konscak, 1703, Explorer
Francesco Toldo, 1971, Soccer Player
Fuse Odg, 1988, Rapper
Gabbi Garcia, 1998, TV Actress
Gary Becker, 1930, Teacher
Gaston Ramirez, 1990, Soccer Player
George Emmett, 1912, Cricket Player
George Richards Minot, 1885, Doctor
George Saunders, 1958, Novelist
George W Sears, 1821, Songwriter
Georges Seurat, 1859, Painter
Gianni Versace, 1946, Fashion Designer
Greg Orman, 1968, Entrepreneur
Hafiz Mammadov, 1964, Entrepreneur
Harriet Cohen, 1895, Pianist
Harry Reid, 1939, Politician
Helen Adam, 1909, Poet
Hernando Cortes, 1485, Explorer
Horacio Pancheri, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Howard Finster, 1916, Sculptor
Ian Padgham, 1981, Vine Star
Ibrahim Rugova, 1944, Politician
Indra Lal Roy, 1898, War Hero
Isaac Bitton, 1947, Drummer
Isabella Soprano, 1981,
Jack Davis, 1924, Cartoonist
Jacqui Frazier-lyde, 1962, Boxer
Jake Ballard, 1987, Football Player
James Brock, 1958, Poet
Jan Ullrich, 1973, Cyclist
Jana Kramer, 1983, Country Singer
Janina Manipol, 1990, Model
Jason Collins, 1978, Basketball Player
Jay Haas, 1953, Golfer
Jennifer Brooke, 1993, Soap Opera Actress
Jim Kerray, 1935, Soccer Player
Joe Lo Truglio, 1970, Movie Actor
Joel Ward, 1980, Hockey Player
John Balaban, 1943, Poet
John Dahl, 1985, YouTube Star
John Paul Kissock, 1989, Soccer Player
Jon Silkin, 1930, Poet
Jonathan Frid, 1924, TV Actor
Jonathan Goodwin, 1978, Football Player
Jordon Mutch, 1991, Soccer Player
Jorg Demus, 1928, Pianist
Joseph P. Lash, 1909, Journalist
Joshua Seth Freedman, 1970, Voice Actor
Julie Harris, 1925, Movie Actress
Justin Stangel, 1970, Screenwriter
Kainaat Arora, 1986, Model
Karim Rekik, 1994, Soccer Player
Kashmira Shah, 1970, Movie Actress
Katherine Hoover, 1937, Flute Player
Keith B Alexander, 1951, War Hero
Keith Szarabajka, 1952, TV Actor
Kelyn Rowe, 1991, Soccer Player
Kent Shocknek, 1956, News Anchor
Kyla Centomo, 1992, YouTube Star
Kyra Angle, 2002, Family Member
Lauren Layfield, 1987, TV Show Host
Leo Gordon, 1922, Movie Actor
Leo Ornstein, 1893, Composer
Lesley-Ann Brandt, 1981, TV Actress
Lester Ellis Jr., 1990, TV Actor
Like Mike, 1985, DJ
Lloyd Monserratt, 1966, Civil Rights Leader
Lucy Liu, 1968, Movie Actress
Mac King, 1959, Magician
Maggie Keenan-Bolger, 1983, Playwright
Marc Platt, 1913, Dancer
Marco Ruiz, 1974, Golfer
Mardy Gilyard, 1986, Football Player
Maria Callas, 1923, Opera Singer
Mariana Torres, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Mark Hanson, 1946, Religious Leader
Mark Kotsay, 1975, Baseball Player
Marlee Hightower, 1999, Dancer
Martin Barba, 1989, Soap Opera Actor
Martyn Ashton, 1974, Cyclist
Masafumi Gotoh, 1976, Rock Singer
Matt McGloin, 1989, Football Player
Matteo Darmian, 1989, Soccer Player
Matthew Harrison, 1959, Director
Melissa Archer, 1979, Soap Opera Actress
Mette Lindberg, 1983, Pop Singer
Michael France, 1962, Screenwriter
Mike Larrabee, 1933, Runner
Milagro Speaks, 1985, Blogger
Minnie Gentry, 1915, Movie Actress
Mitchel Cave, 1996, YouTube Star
Monica Seles, 1973, Tennis Player
Nabila Huda, 1984, Movie Actress
Nancy-May Turner, 1994, Reality Star
Nate Mendel, 1968, Guitarist
Nelly Furtado, 1978, Pop Singer
Nicholas Dingley, 1960, Drummer
Nick Beal, 1970, Rugby Player
Nick Cheung, 1967, Movie Actor
Nick Williams, 1983, Rugby Player
Norm Hadley, 1964, Rugby Player
OJ McDuffie, 1969, Football Player
Oliver Cooper, 1988, TV Actor
Otto Dix, 1891, Painter
Pat Fitzgerald, 1974, Football Coach
Paul Holmgren, 1955, Hockey Player
Paul Puopolo, 1987, Australian Rules Footballer
Paul Watson, 1950, Activist
Pegah Anvarian, 1986, Fashion Designer
Penelope Spheeris, 1945, Director
Peter Carl Goldmark, 1906, Engineer
Peter Duesberg, 1936, Scientist
Philippe Etchebest, 1966, Chef
Piemations, 1998, YouTube Star
Pierre Cartellier, 1757, Sculptor
PJ Perry, 1941, Saxophonist
Ratiba Elhefny, 1931, Opera Singer
Rena Sofer, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Rewinside, 1992, YouTube Star
Ric Felix, 1980, Pop Singer
Rick Savage, 1960, Bassist
Riley Basseo, 1998, Guitarist
Robbie Downey, 1998, Dancer
Robert Paige, 1911, Movie Actor
Robert Turbin, 1989, Football Player
Robin Lee, 1919, Figure Skater
Ron Raines, 1949, Soap Opera Actor
Ronnie Mathews, 1935, Pianist
Samo, 1975, Pop Singer
Sarah Vandella, 1983,
Seann Walsh, 1986, Comedian
Shereen Cutkelvin, 1996, Pop Singer
Sheshadrie, 1991, Movie Actress
Shiva Ayyadurai, 1963, Inventor
Silk Smitha, 1960, Movie Actress
Sim Bhullar, 1992, Basketball Player
Sophia Fina, 1986, YouTube Star
Steve Conrad, 1969, Screenwriter
Steven Bauer, 1956, Movie Actor
Stone Phillips, 1954, News Anchor
Suborna Mustafa, 1959, TV Actress
Sue Hendrickson, 1949, Scientist
Sugar Ramos, 1941, Boxer
Suzy Nakamura, 1973, TV Actress
Sydney Murphy, 2000, Family Member
T Coraghessan Boyle, 1948, Novelist
Tal Wilkenfeld, 1986, Bassist
Taliyah Bria Danielle, 1993, Blogger
Tarcisio Bertone, 1934, Religious Leader
Teairra Marí, 1987, Pop Singer
Tex Watson, 1945, Criminal
Thomas Pitera, 1954, Criminal
Todd Thomas, 1959, Football Player
Tom McGuinness, 1941, Guitarist
Tom Prior, 1990, Movie Actor
Tom Verducci, 1960, Journalist
Toni Mahfud, 1994, Instagram Star
Torin Yater-wallace, 1995, Skier
Treach, 1970, Rapper
Vladimir Parfenovich, 1958, Canoer
Vlado Buckovski, 1962, Politician
Warren William, 1894, Movie Actor
Wayne Allard, 1943, Politician
William Shirley, 1694, Politician
Willie Brown, 1940, Football Player
Wynton Kelly, 1931, Pianist
Xavier Moyano, 1981, Guitarist
Yang Hyun-suk, 1969, Pop Singer
Zeke Jones, 1966, Wrestler


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