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December 3 Famous Birthdays

December 3 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 3 are a personality who like to be able to come and go as they please. This is typical of the Sagittarius born on this day, however. It’s hard for them to stick to a plan or maintain a set pattern. Wanting and loving to travel means that they may have to negotiate and be available.


Having a career that allows them to do this would make them a happy camper. Since they have a way with words and people, they could easily fall into a position that speaks to an audience.


On the other hand, if the famous celebrities of December 3 pair their temper and their mouth together, it could be a fatal attraction. They don’t have a lot of patience with people and could say the wrong things at the wrong time to the wrong people.


This could have an effect on their reputation as being a top leader. As much as they like money, they don’t need anything having a negative effect on their financial portfolio.

For famous Sagittarius born on DECEMBER 3rd, their temper could be their downfall. More to the point, it’s their mouth and the words that come out of them that hurt. This birthdate personality is impulsive but on the same note, this could be a good thing. As an advertiser, it could pay to act on instinct.

December 3 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

3 December Good Traits:

  • Open
  • Flexible
  • Enthusiastic
  • Adventurous
  • Expressive
  • Lucky
  • Competitive
  • Charming
  • Attractive

3 December Bad Traits:

  • Fiery
  • Argumentative
  • Irritated
  • Tense
  • Impulsive
  • Uncommitted
  • Indulgent

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December 3 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abimael Guzman, 1934, Politician
Adal Ramones, 1961, TV Show Host
Adam Felber, 1984, Screenwriter
Adam Gabriel, 1991, Reality Star
Adam Malysz, 1977, Skier
Al Reinert, 1970, Screenwriter
Albena Denkova, 1974, Figure Skater
Alex Delvecchio, 1931, Hockey Player
Alex McCarthy, 1989, Soccer Player
Alfred Uhry, 1936, Playwright
Alicia Sacramone, 1987, Gymnast
Alyanna Martinez, 1985, Blogger
Amanda Seyfried, 1985, Movie Actress
Amy Millan, 1973, Rock Singer
Andrew Leman, 1966, Screenwriter
Andrew Stanton, 1965, Director
Andy Grammer, 1983, R&B Singer

Andy Oliver, 1987, Baseball Player
Andy Williams, 1927, Pop Singer
Angel Ramos, 1902, Entrepreneur
Anna Chlumsky, 1980, Movie Actress
Anton Webern, 1883, Composer
Antonio Variacoes, 1944, Pop Singer
Arleth Teran, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Art Briles, 1955, Football Coach
Barbara Garrick, 1965, TV Actress
Barry Kramer, 1989, YouTube Star
Benny Hinn, 1952, Religious Leader
Bernhard Lichtenberg, 1875, Religious Leader
Bette Franke, 1989, Model
Bill Steer, 1969, Guitarist
Bobby Allison, 1937, Race Car Driver
Brendan Fraser, 1968, Movie Actor
Brian Bonsall, 1981, TV Actor
Brian Risso, 1983, Twitch Star
Bridget Satterlee, 1997, Model
Brit Smith, 1985, Pop Singer
Brittany Cameron, 1986, Soccer Player
december 3 famous birthdaysBrittney Austin, 1992, Reality Star
Bruno Campos, 1973, Movie Actor
Bucky Lasek, 1972, Skateboarder
Cameron Macdonald, 1989, Soccer Player
Carlos Finlay, 1833, Doctor
Carrie Bickmore, 1980, TV Show Host
Charles Edward Wiggins, 1927, Politician
Chinx Drugz, 1983, Rapper
Chris Garza, 1985, Guitarist
Chris Snelling, 1981, Baseball Player
Christian Benteke, 1990, Soccer Player
Christian Karembeu, 1970, Soccer Player
Colton Pack, 1994, Country Singer
Craig Raine, 1944, Poet
Cristen Conger, 1984, Instagram Star
Dalton Dye, 1993, Bassist
Dan Colen, 1979, Sculptor
Dan Snow, 1978, TV Show Host
Dani Winter-Bates, 1986, Metal Singer
Daniel Bedingfield, 1979, Pop Singer
Daniela Wong, 1989, TV Actress

Danielle Colby, 1975, Reality Star
Dare Wright, 1914, Children’s Author
Daryl Hannah, 1960, Movie Actress
Dascha Polanco, 1982, TV Actress
David Alter, 1807, Scientist
David K. Shipler, 1942, Journalist
David Villa, 1981, Soccer Player
Dean Ray, 1991, Pop Singer
Debra Eisenstadt, 1964, Screenwriter
Dede Allen, 1923, Director
Del Shores, 1957, Playwright
Doc Brown, 1980, Rapper
Don Barnes, 1952, Guitarist
Don Calfa, 1939, Movie Actor
Dustin Belt, 1987, Guitarist
Eamonn Holmes, 1959, TV Show Host
Eddie Aholelei, 1981, Rugby Player
Edwin Valero, 1981, Boxer
Elizabeth Ramsey, 1931, Rock Singer

Ferlin Husky, 1925, Country Singer
Francesca Lia Block, 1962, Novelist
Franz Klammer, 1953, Skier
Frederic Etsou-nzabi-bamungwabi, 1930, Religious Leader
Frederic Leighton, 1830, Painter
Gabriela Ruffo, 1969, TV Actress
Gavin Butler, 2003, YouTube Star
Gemma Styles, 1990, Family Member
Genevieve Jackson, 1989, Family Member
George Ioannou, 1984, YouTube Star
George McClellan, 1826, War Hero
Gilbert Stuart, 1755, Painter
Gordon Cook, 1978, Sailor
Hal Steinbrenner, 1969, Sports Executive
Hayley Okines, 1997,
Heather Menzies, 1949, TV Actress
Helen Walton, 1919, Family Member
Henry Fillmore, 1881, Composer
Hilary Haag, 1973, Voice Actor
Hind Laroussi Tahiri, 1984, Pop Singer
Holly Marie Combs, 1973, TV Actress
Homer Van Meter, 1906, Criminal
Ian Stapleton, 1988, YouTube Star
Igor Larionov, 1960, Hockey Player
IllRymz, 1985, TV Show Host
Irving Fine, 1914, Composer
Isabelle Nelisse, 2003, Movie Actress
Jack Judge, 1872, Pop Singer
Jada Borsato, 2002, Movie Actress
Jake T. Austin, 1994, TV Actor
James Laurinaitis, 1986, Football Player
Jasmina Mukaetova, 1981, Folk Singer
Jaycee Chan, 1982, World Music Singer
Jean Dube, 1981, Pianist
Jean-Luc Godard, 1930, Director
Jeb Brovsky, 1988, Soccer Player
Jeffrey Holland, 1940, Religious Leader
Jenna Dewan, 1980, Movie Actress
Jennifer James, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Jennifer Weist, 1986, Rock Singer
Jenny Wu, 1981, Blogger
Jeremy Shayne, 1996, Pop Singer
Jessy Mendiola, 1992, TV Actress
Jimmy Shergill, 1970, Movie Actor
Joe Lally, 1963, Bassist
John Akii-Bua, 1949, Hurdler
John Backus, 1924, Scientist
John Burridge, 1951, Soccer Player
Johnny Nacis, 1986, YouTube Star
Joris Jarsky, 1974, TV Actor
Jose Serebrier, 1938, Composer
Josenid, 1998, World Music Singer
Joseph Conrad, 1857, Novelist
Joseph Gatt, 1974, TV Actor
Joseph Howland, 1834, War Hero
Josh Lewis, 2005, YouTube Star
Josh Vaughan, 1986, Football Player
Julianne Moore, 1960, Movie Actress
Kai-Fu Lee, 1961, Entrepreneur
Katarina Witt, 1965, Figure Skater
Kathy Jordan, 1959, Tennis Player
Katie Cummings, 1987,
Kayla Stra, 1984, Horse Jockey
Keegan Connor Tracy, 1971, TV Actress
Kevin Clark, 1988, Movie Actor
Kevin Minter, 1990, Football Player
Kim Dae-jung, 1925, World Leader
Konkona Sen Sharma, 1979, Movie Actress
Laszlo Cseh, 1985, Swimmer
Lauren Benet, 1991, YouTube Star
Len Lesser, 1922, TV Actor
Les Crane, 1933, TV Show Host
Lesley Patten, 1979, Screenwriter
Leslie Ramsue, 1978, Reality Star
Lindsey Hunter, 1970, Basketball Player
Liza Lapira, 1981, TV Actress
Louise Roe, 1981, TV Show Host
Ludvig Puusepp, 1875, Doctor
Maddy Curley, 1981, Movie Actress
Malinda Williams, 1975, TV Actress
Manny Corpas, 1982, Baseball Player
Marco Tempest, 1964, Magician
Maria Way, 1992, YouTube Star
Mark Boucher, 1976, Cricket Player
Marques Brownlee, 1993, YouTube Star
Mary Alice, 1941, TV Actress
Matej Kocak, 1882, War Hero
Matt Haimovitz, 1970, Cellist
MC Frontalot, 1973, Rapper
Mel Smith, 1952, Comedian
Mel Smith, 1952, Comedian
Melody Anderson, 1955, TV Actress
Michael Angarano, 1987, Movie Actor
Michael Essien, 1982, Soccer Player
Michael Glawogger, 1959, Director
Michele Verdi, 1966, TV Actress
Michiel Kramer, 1988, Soccer Player
Mickey Avalon, 1975, Rapper
Mickey Lacoste, 1991, Vine Star
Mickey Thomas, 1949, Rock Singer
Mike Ramsey, 1960, Hockey Player
Mikhail Koshkin, 1898, Engineer
Mitsuo Fuchida, 1902, Pilot
Mohit Sehgal, 1985, TV Actor
Moises Parra, 1997, Dancer
Monika Sanchez, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Montell Jordan, 1968, R&B Singer
Motoki Maxted, 1996, YouTube Star
Myol, 1997, YouTube Star
Nancy Duplaa, 1969, TV Actress
Natalia, 1980, Pop Singer
Natalie Robb, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Nicolas Coster, 1934, Soap Opera Actor
Nino Rota, 1911, Composer
Nitun Kundu, 1935, Sculptor
O’Neil Ford, 1905, Architect
Olivia, 2004, YouTube Star
Omega Crosby, 1993, Rapper
Ozzy Osbourne, 1948, Metal Singer
Patrick Angus, 1953, Painter
Percy Jones, 1947, Bassist
Peter Mafany Musonge, 1942, Politician
Phil Bennett, 1955, Football Coach
Puneet Sira, 1967, Director
Rainbow Sun Francks, 1979, TV Actor
Rajendra Prasad, 1884, Politician
Ralph McTell, 1944, Folk Singer
Ralph Parcaut, 1896, Wrestler
Ramadevi Choudhury, 1899, Civil Rights Leader
Rashan Gary, 1997, Football Player
Renny, 1981, Pop Singer
Richard Kuhn, 1900, Scientist
Richard Pearse, 1877, Pilot
Rick Mears, 1951, Race Car Driver
Rico Love, 1982, Music Producer
Robert Bloomfield, 1766, Poet
Robert Dopel, 1895, Scientist
Robert Kent, 1908, Movie Actor
Robert Stephen Hawker, 1803, Poet
Roberto Marinho, 1904, Business Executive
Rod Jones, 1976, Guitarist
Rowland Hill, 1795, Entrepreneur
Rudy Reyes, 1971, TV Actor
Salvador Moncada, 1944, Scientist
Sammy Leung, 1973, Radio Host
Samuel Crompton, 1753, Entrepreneur
Sarah-Jane Dias, 1982, TV Show Host
Sean McGrath, 1987, Football Player
Sean Parker, 1979, Entrepreneur
Shanley Caswell, 1991, TV Actress
Shelley Nitschke, 1976, Cricket Player
Sherri Dupree, 1983, Rock Singer
Sixtine Rouyre, 1997, Model
Sonarika Bhadoria, 1990, TV Actress
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, 1970, Politician
Stephen Donald, 1983, Rugby Player
Stephen Thorsett, 1964, Scientist
Steve Harris, 1965, TV Actor
Steven Culp, 1955, TV Actor
Steven Swanson, 1960, Astronaut
Super Crazy, 1973, Wrestler
Swift, 1994, Rapper
Taneda Santoka, 1882, Poet
Taylor Cain, 1989, Country Singer
Ted Newsom, 1952, Screenwriter
Terrence Roberts, 1941, Civil Rights Leader
Terri Schiavo, 1963,
Theeradej Wongpuapan, 1977, TV Actor
Thomas Vonn, 1975, Skier
Tiffany Cole, 1981, Criminal
Tiffany Haddish, 1979, Comedian
Trent Dabbs, 1975, Rock Singer
Trevor Bailey, 1923, Cricket Player
Trevor Foster, 1914, Rugby Player
Trina, 1978, Rapper
Trina Braxton, 1974, Reality Star
Vas J Morgan, 1988, Reality Star
Vernon White, 1971, MMA Fighter
Vince Hall, 1984, Football Player
Walton Walker, 1889, War Hero
Wan Azizah, 1952, Politician
WaRTeK, 1990, YouTube Star
Wayne Adam Ford, 1961, Criminal
William Kotzwinkle, 1943, Screenwriter
Zlata Filipovic, 1980, Children’s Author


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