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December 19 Famous Birthdays

December 19 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 19 are Sagittarius who get a thrill out of being noticed. They have a certain appeal that is magnetic and quite bewitching. As a youthful individual they are cheerful and humorous. At the same time, people say that they are a geek or nerd who is on top of his or her game. Anyone would be lucky to have them on their team.


As a lover, they can sometimes spread themselves a little to thin. This risky behavior could mean the loss of someone special if they are not careful.


If they are looking to settle down with the personality born on this day, they should be aware that he or she loves to do things on the spur of the moment. So they should be willing to drop everything they are doing and have some fun! Famous December 19 celebrities should not forget to take their vitamins and eat right. They’ll need them to keep up with this Sagittarius.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 19th are likely to be very successful. They are a strong and talented Sagittarius who is the envy of the town. They are dedicated to having a comfortable lifestyle. Having the skills and knowledge necessary to advance, they also know how to present themselves in a diverse group.

December 19 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

19 December Good Traits:

  • Talented
  • Committed
  • Personable
  • Warm
  • Energetic
  • Playful
  • Intelligent
  • Friendly
  • Flamboyant
  • Captivating

19 December Bad Traits:

  • Exhibitionist
  • Reserved
  • Stressed
  • Indulgent

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December 19 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Renfree, 1987, Dancer
Ahmad Abdalla, 1979, Director
Ahmad Tibi, 1958, Politician
Aki Aleong, 1969, TV Actor
Al Kaline, 1934, Baseball Player
Alain Levy, 1946, Entrepreneur
Albert Michelson, 1852, Scientist
Albert Moses, 1937, TV Actor
Alberto Tomba, 1966, Skier
Alexander Devine, 1865, Activist
Alexis Sanchez, 1988, Soccer Player
Ali Adnan Kadhim, 1993, Soccer Player
Alicia Austria-Martinez, 1940, Politician
Alpharad, 1995, YouTube Star
Alvin Lee, 1944, Guitarist
Alyssa Milano, 1972, TV Actress
Amy Locane, 1971, TV Actress
Ankita Lokhande, 1984, TV Actress
Anne Golon, 1921, Novelist

Arkadi Zaslavski, 1986, Family Member
Arvydas Sabonis, 1964, Basketball Player
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, 1969, Pianist
Beatrice Dalle, 1964, Movie Actress
Beverly Bond, 1970, Entrepreneur
Bill Carlisle, 1908, Country Singer
Bill Wegman, 1962, Baseball Player
Blaze Koneski, 1921, Poet
Bobby Layne, 1926, Football Player
Bobby Timmons, 1935, Pianist
Boy Chad, 1992, YouTube Star
Brandon Sanderson, 1975, Novelist
Brittany Baldi, 1989, Reality Star
Campese Ma’afu, 1984, Rugby Player
Carter G. Woodson, 1875, Historian
Casey Burgess, 1988, TV Actress
Casey Crescenzo, 1983, Rock Singer
Charles Austin, 1967, High Jumper
Charlie Ryan, 1915, Rock Singer
Chris Brooks, 1986, Gymnast
december 19 famous birthdaysChris Haslam, 1980, Skateboarder
Chris Kuper, 1982, Football Player
Chris Yarran, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Christian Sprenger, 1985, Swimmer
Christina Snyder, 1947, Lawyer
Cloudyapples, 1990, YouTube Star
Criss Angel, 1967, Magician
Cristiano Giusberti, 1970, DJ
Dan Caten, 1964, Fashion Designer
Dan Morgan, 1978, Football Player
Darci McDonald, 1996, TV Actress
David Reale, 1985, Movie Actor
David Susskind, 1920, TV Show Host
Dean Caten, 1964, Fashion Designer
Declan Galbraith, 1991, Pop Singer
Dellgotti, 1997, Vine Star
Diana Marks, 1989, Blogger
DJ Stephens, 1990, Basketball Player
Don Elgin, 1975, Runner
Dorothy M. Johnson, 1905, Novelist

Doug Harvey, 1924, Hockey Player
Douglas Houghton Campbell, 1859, Scientist
Drayton Florence, 1980, Football Player
Eamonn Andrews, 1922, TV Show Host
Earlan Bartley, 1993, Pop Singer
Eddie Jackson, 1980, Chef
Edith Piaf, 1915, Pop Singer
Edwin M. Stanton, 1814, Lawyer
Elaine Joyce, 1945, TV Actress
Eleanor H. Porter, 1868, Children’s Author
Elisa, 1977, Pop Singer
Elizabeth Parker, 1856, Journalist
Elliot Evans, 1955, Pop Singer
Erick Wainaina, 1973, Runner
Eriko Sato, 1981, TV Actress
Eugene The Dream, 1995, Music Producer
Eva Andressa, 1984, Model
Eve Bunting, 1928, Young Adult Author
Fabian Bourzat, 1980, Figure Skater

FaZe Hazz, 1996, YouTube Star
Frank Zagarino, 1950, Movie Actor
Frans Jeppsson Wall, 1998, Pop Singer
Fritz Reiner, 1888, Conductor
FS Flint, 1885, Poet
Gary Cahill, 1985, Soccer Player
Gary Morton, 1924, Comedian
Genny Sermonia, 1986, TV Actress
Gerald Nye, 1892, Politician
Gordon Jackson, 1923, TV Actor
Graham King, 1961, Film Producer
Gregory Douglass, 1980, Folk Singer
Gust Graas, 1924, Painter
H Allen Smith, 1907, Autobiographer
Henrik Ahnberg, 1990, eSports Player
Henry Clay Frick, 1849, Entrepreneur
Hideki Kamiya, 1970, Game Designer
Ian Kennedy, 1984, Baseball Player
Igor Vetokele, 1992, Soccer Player
Iman Ali, 1980, Movie Actress
Irving Kahn, 1905, Entrepreneur
Irving Weber, 1900, Swimmer
Isabella Biagini, 1943, Movie Actress
Ivo Serdar, 1933, TV Actor
Jack Fisk, 1945, Production Designer
Jade Roper, 1986, Reality Star
Jake Gyllenhaal, 1980, Movie Actor
Jake Plummer, 1974, Football Player
James Wallace, 1991, Soccer Player
Jamie Hince, 1968, Punk Singer
Janie Fricke, 1947, Country Singer
Jasmila Zbanic, 1974, Director
Jasmine Sorge, 1984, Reality Star
Jean Genet, 1910, Novelist
Jenelle Evans, 1991, Reality Star
Jennifer Beals, 1963, Movie Actress
Jeremy Soule, 1975, Composer
Jermaine Leong, 1998, Pop Singer
Jessica Steen, 1965, Movie Actress
Jill Talley, 1962, Voice Actor
Jimmy Bain, 1947, Bassist
Jimmy Dickens, 1920, Country Singer
Joanne Weaver, 1935, Baseball Player
Joey Pokeaim, 1993, YouTube Star
Jon Shepodd, 1925, TV Actor
Jonlyn Elizabeth, 1997, YouTube Star
Jorge Blanco, 1991, TV Actor
Jose Lezama Lima, 1910, Poet
Josh Huestis, 1991, Basketball Player
Justice Carradine, 1999, Vine Star
Kaceytron, 1992, eSports Player
Kait Nichole, 1991, YouTube Star
Kang Yeong-hyun, 1993, Rock Singer
Karel Destovnik, 1922, Poet
Karim Benzema, 1987, Soccer Player
Keith Carlos, 1987, Model
Keiynan Lonsdale, 1991, TV Actor
Ken Marino, 1968, Movie Actor
Kermit Ruffins, 1964, Trumpet Player
Kevin Devine, 1979, Rock Singer
Kevin McHale, 1957, Basketball Player
Kiingtong, 1995, YouTube Star
Kim Walker-Smith, 1981, Gospel Singer
Krissa Fowles, 1985, Model
Krista White, 1984, Model
Kristina Keneally, 1968, Politician
Kristy Swanson, 1969, Movie Actress
Lacey Minchew, 1983, Model
Lady Sovereign, 1985, Rapper
Larissa D’Sa, 1992, YouTube Star
Lee Myung-Bak, 1941, World Leader
Lenny White, 1949, Drummer
Leonid Brezhnev, 1906, World Leader
Lilly Goodman, 1979, Gospel Singer
Limahl, 1958, Pop Singer
Lisa Wilkinson, 1959, Journalist
Liz Cho, 1970, News Anchor
Liz Glazowski, 1957, Model
Lorie Kane, 1964, Golfer
Louis Thompson, 1994, Soccer Player
Maggie Norris, 1969, Fashion Designer
Mahi Gill, 1975, Movie Actress
Marius Obekop, 1994, Soccer Player
Marla Sokoloff, 1980, TV Actress
Matt Dunning, 1978, Rugby Player
Matt Stajan, 1983, Hockey Player
Matthew Piper, 1994, YouTube Star
Matthew Waterhouse, 1961, TV Actor
Maudy Ayunda, 1994, Pop Singer
Maurice White, 1941, Soul Singer
Mecca Kalani, 1996, Pop Singer
Melissa Pearcy, 1974, TV Actress
Michael Bates, 1969, Football Player
Michael Dallas Jr., 1986, Boxer
Michael Fossum, 1957, Astronaut
Michael Ludwig, 1972, Fencer
Michael Milhoan, 1957, TV Actor
Michele Bravi, 1994, Pop Singer
Michihiro Omigawa, 1975, MMA Fighter
Mike D. Angelo, 1989, Pop Singer
Mike Groh, 1971, Football Coach
Mike Lookinland, 1960, TV Actor
Mike Sherman, 1954, Basketball Coach
Milcho Leviev, 1937, Composer
Mileva Maric, 1875, Scientist
Mimoza Duot, 1996, Pop Singer
MK Osborn, 2000, Instagram Star
Mo Williams, 1982, Basketball Player
Moose Charlap, 1928, Composer
Morgan Sulele, 1991, Pop Singer
Nancy Kyes, 1949, Movie Actress
Norman Vaughan, 1905, Dog Musher
Obey Jylos, 1994, YouTube Star
Oliver La Farge, 1901, Novelist
Olivia Clark, 2008, Family Member
Olivier Tebily, 1975, Soccer Player
Osvaldas Balakauskas, 1937, Composer
Paivi Rasanen, 1959, Politician
Paloma Colette Perez, 2005, Family Member
Paola Rey, 1979, Movie Actress
Pastorita Huaracina, 1930, World Music Singer
Patrick Casey, 1978, Screenwriter
Paul Dessau, 1894, Composer
Paulina Gretzky, 1988, Model
Peter Hunt, 1938, Director
Peter Kirkbride, 1987, Weight Lifter
Phil Ochs, 1940, Folk Singer
Pratibha Patil, 1934, Politician
Rafael Garcia, 1988, Soccer Player
Rafael Soriano, 1979, Baseball Player
Rahat Hossain, 1989, YouTube Star
Ralph Richardson, 1902, Movie Actor
Ramsey Nouah, 1970, Movie Actor
Randall McDaniel, 1964, Football Player
Randy Bullock, 1989, Football Player
Reggie White, 1961, Football Player
Richard Hammond, 1969, Journalist
Richard Leakey, 1944, Scientist
Ricky Ponting, 1974, Cricket Player
Rob Portman, 1955, Politician
Robert B. Sherman, 1925, Composer
Robert Macnaughton, 1966, Movie Actor
Robert Urich, 1946, TV Actor
Ronan Farrow, 1987, Journalist
Rosa Blasi, 1972, TV Actress
Russell Branyan, 1975, Baseball Player
Ryan Wilson, 1980, Runner
Sam Kelly, 1943, TV Actor
Sam Sarpong, 1974, Movie Actor
Samy Deluxe, 1977, Rapper
Scott Cohen, 1961, TV Actor
Sean O’Brien, 1952, Poet
Sediq Afghan, 1958, Philosopher
Shane Crone, 1985, YouTube Star
Sierra Dawn Thomas, 1986, Reality Star
Sophie-chan, 1990, YouTube Star
Sorimachi Takashi, 1973, TV Actor
Spoken Reasons, 1988, Comedian
Stacy Jones, 1970, Punk Singer
Steve Tyrell, 1944, Jazz Singer
Tara Summers, 1979, TV Actress
Taro Yamasaki, 1945, Photographer
Tero Pitkamaki, 1982, Javelin Thrower
Theodore Judson, 1951, Novelist
TheOnlyBentley, 1988, YouTube Star
Til Schweiger, 1963, Movie Actor
Tim Parks, 1954, Novelist
Tim Reid, 1944, TV Actor
Timothy Eggar, 1951, Politician
Tom Flynn, 1993, YouTube Star
Tom Gugliotta, 1969, Basketball Player
Tristan Maxted, 1996, Pop Singer
Tyson Beckford, 1970, Model
Upendranath Brahmachari, 1873, Scientist
Victor Ruben Lopez, 1978, Soccer Player
Vitorino Nemesio, 1901, Poet
Vrbica Stefanov, 1973, Basketball Player
Warren Sapp, 1972, Football Player
William Tempest, 1985, Fashion Designer
Wisin, 1978, World Music Singer
Yannick Nyanga, 1983, Rugby Player
Yong Jun-hyung, 1989, Rapper
Yung Simmie, 1993, Rapper
Zach Deal, 1990, Bodybuilder


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