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December 20 Famous Birthdays

December 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 20 have got their mind on their money most of the time. As a Sagittarius, this is not unusual. They can be conniving as a business person. When there’s a difficult situation, people call on them for the job. They are just too busy and generally they will have an active metabolism.  As far as being a friend, they are encouraging and affectionate.


If there was only one career option, they’d know how to make more of it as they like to have their hands in many pots. They don’t like to be bored professionally or personally. When it comes to their health, their weight could be a concern but it’s not likely.


Their mental health is attributed to their physical abilities and they won’t spend a whole lot of time in the dumps. Famous celebrities born on December 20 are ray of sunshine. In fact, they are hilarious. Laughter keeps their blood pressure down as it’s hard to be mad when one is smiling.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 20th are the Sagittarius to be. They’re self-controlled, re-inventive and passionate. They can appreciate someone with manners and who is honest. Finding their soul mate is not as easy as finding a “friend”. They believe that their thoughts alter their physical being.

December 20 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 December Good Traits:

  • Mingling
  • Psychic
  • Supportive
  • Caring
  • Funny
  • Youthful
  • Merry
  • Traditional
  • Appreciative
  • Honest
  • Sacrificing

20 December Bad Traits:

  • Impetuous
  • Show Off
  • Outspoken
  • Intimidating
  • Overfriendly

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December 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaradhna, 1983, R&B Singer
Adam Clark, 1980, Screenwriter
Alain de Botton, 1969, Philosopher
Alan Parsons, 1948, Music Producer
Alasdair Urquhart, 1945, Philosopher
Albert Dekker, 1905, Movie Actor
Alex Michael, 1990, Reality Star
Alexander Guerrero, 1986, Baseball Player
Alister McRae, 1970, Race Car Driver
Allan Hyde, 1989, TV Actor
Amanda Carbajales, 2000, Dancer
Amanda Swisten, 1978, Movie Actress
Andrea Guasch, 1990, TV Actress
Andrei Codrescu, 1946, Screenwriter
Andrei Markov, 1978, Hockey Player
Andy Flower, 1970, Cricket Player
Anita Ward, 1957, R&B Singer
Anna Vissi, 1957, World Music Singer
Arturo Alessandri, 1868, Politician

Ashley Adams, 1982, YouTube Star
Ashley Cole, 1980, Soccer Player
Aubrey Huff, 1976, Baseball Player
Audrey Totter, 1917, Movie Actress
Austin Falk, 1993, TV Actor
Beverly Pepper, 1922, Sculptor
Bill Walker, 1922, Game Show Host
Billy Bragg, 1957, Folk Singer
Blake Bertrand, 2001, Voice Actor
Blake Wilson, 1983, Vine Star
Bo Ryan, 1947, Basketball Coach
Bob Morley, 1984, TV Actor
Bobby Colomby, 1944, Drummer
Bobby Hayes, 1942, Football Player
Bobby Phills, 1969, Basketball Player
Branch Rickey, 1881, Baseball Manager
Brian O’halloran, 1969, Movie Actor
Bugzy Malone, 1990, Rapper
Calvin Ridley, 1994, Football Player
Cecil Cooper, 1949, Baseball Player
Chad Grier, 1967, Family Member
 december 20 famous birthdaysCharita Bauer, 1922, Soap Opera Actress
Charley Grapewin, 1869, Movie Actor
Charlie Callas, 1927, Comedian
Charlie Jones, 1999, Pop Singer
Cheyenne Tozzi, 1988, Model
Chris Robinson, 1966, Blues Singer
Christen Noel, 1990, YouTube Star
Christmas Abbott, 1981,
Christopher Tanev, 1989, Hockey Player
Claude Michel, 1738, Sculptor
Claudia Lars, 1899, Poet
Clayton Farris, 1988, Vine Star
Cleopatra Djapri, 1993, Pop Singer
Colin Woodell, 1991, TV Actor
Craig Kopczak, 1986, Rugby Player
Danielle Curiel, 1994, Pop Singer
DaniLeigh, 1994, R&B Singer
Darren Sammy, 1983, Cricket Player
David Cook, 1982, Pop Singer

David DeJesus, 1979, Baseball Player
David Forde, 1979, Soccer Player
David Levine, 1926, Illustrator
David Schwarz, 1852, Inventor
David Wright, 1982, Baseball Player
Dennis Morgan, 1908, Movie Actor
Derek Dorsett, 1986, Hockey Player
Dick Wolf, 1946, TV Producer
Donald Adams, 1928, Opera Singer
Eduardo Sanchez, 1967, Director
Eugenia Cauduro, 1967, TV Actress
Everett Greenbaum, 1919, Screenwriter
Fabian Schar, 1991, Soccer Player
Fahmida Mirza, 1956, Politician
Feliks Zemdegs, 1995,
Felipe Castanhari, 1989, YouTube Star
Floyd Shaman, 1935, Sculptor
Fontaine Pizza, 1981, Rapper
Friedrich Robert Faehlmann, 1798, Novelist

Gabby Hartnett, 1900, Baseball Player
Gale Gilbert, 1961, Football Player
George Lamb, 1979, TV Show Host
George Roy Hill, 1921, Director
Gia Allemand, 1983, Reality Star
Gordon Peter Getty, 1933, Entrepreneur
Grant Flower, 1970, Cricket Player
Hannah Aitchison, 1966, Reality Star
Hannah Vissi, 1957, World Music Singer
Harrison Boxley, 1996, TV Actor
Harry Stovey, 1856, Baseball Player
Harvey Samuel Firestone, 1868, Entrepreneur
Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman, 1866, Tennis Player
Hortense Calisher, 1911, Novelist
Hunter Gomez, 1991, Movie Actor
Ike Skelton, 1931, Politician
Ilean Almaguer, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
India Reynolds, 1990, Model
Iqbal Theba, 1963, TV Actor
Irene Dunne, 1898, Movie Actress
Isabel Durant, 1991, TV Actress
Israel Castro, 1980, Soccer Player
Ivana Kobilca, 1861, Painter
Jack Christiansen, 1928, Football Player
Jackie Fox, 1959, Bassist
Jacko Gill, 1994, Shot Putter
James Shields, 1981, Baseball Player
Jamie Nash, 1971, Screenwriter
Jamie Paterson, 1991, Soccer Player
Jean-Claude Trichet, 1942, Entrepreneur
Jennifer Agutter, 1952, Movie Actress
Jennifer Agutter, 1952, Movie Actress
Jess Greenberg, 1994, YouTube Star
Jharal Yow Yeh, 1989, Rugby Player
Jillian Grace, 1985, Model
Jillian Rose Reed, 1991, TV Actress
Jim Simpson, 1927, Sportscaster
JimiboHD, 1998, YouTube Star
Joe Cornish, 1968, Director
Joel Gretsch, 1963, TV Actor
John Boyett, 1989, Football Player
John Harbison, 1938, Composer
John Hillerman, 1932, TV Actor
John Murray, 1984, Boxer
John Spencer, 1946, TV Actor
JoJo, 1990, Pop Singer
Jonah Hill, 1983, Movie Actor
Jordan McIntosh, 1995, Country Singer
Joss Christensen, 1991, Skier
Julie Stevens, 1936, TV Actress
Julien Benneteau, 1981, Tennis Player
Karen Moncrieff, 1963, Screenwriter
Kathryn Joosten, 1939, TV Actress
Kenny Hill, 1994, Football Player
Kim Ki-duk, 1960, Director
Kim Young-sam, 1927, World Leader
KSic Games, 1988, YouTube Star
Lara Stone, 1983, Model
Larry Willis, 1942, Pianist
Lauren Schnipper, 1978, TV Producer
Lee Roy Selmon, 1954, Football Player
Lee Se-young, 1992, Movie Actress
Lendale White, 1984, Football Player
Leo Bertos, 1981, Soccer Player
Lesley Judd, 1946, TV Show Host
Liam Powell, 1985, Reality Star
Linda Dubersson, 1979, Model
Linda Durbesson, 1979, Model
Lisa Loomer, 1956, Screenwriter
Lloyd Mumphord, 1946, Football Player
Logan Hugueny-Clark, 1986, YouTube Star
Lola Blanc, 1987, Pop Singer
Lori Crow, 1991, Model
Lucy Pinder, 1983, Model
Madi Davis, 1999, Folk Singer
Madison Bontempo, 1991, Movie Actress
Mala Powers, 1931, Movie Actress
Malcom Jenkins, 1987, Football Player
Mandy Rain, 1993, Pop Singer
Maria Elena Holly, 1935, Family Member
Mark Coleman, 1964, Wrestler
Mark Freeman, 1989, YouTube Star
Martavis Bryant, 1991, Football Player
Martin Demichelis, 1980, Soccer Player
Matt Neal, 1966, Race Car Driver
Max Lerner, 1902, Journalist
Michael Badalucco, 1954, TV Actor
Michael Hurley, 1941, Folk Singer
Michelle Galvan, 1991, News Anchor
Migo Adecer, 1999, TV Actor
Mike Watt, 1957, Bassist
MishaMCS, 1998, Vine Star
Mitch Fatel, 1968, Comedian
Mitsuko Uchida, 1948, Pianist
Mohammad Fouad, 1961, World Music Singer
Morrie Schwartz, 1916, Novelist
Nazriya Nazim, 1994, Movie Actress
Nicole de Boer, 1970, TV Actress
Nobbel, 1987, YouTube Star
Ognjen Vukojevic, 1983, Soccer Player
Olivia Thai, 1988, YouTube Star
Omar Bolden, 1988, Football Player
Orby Orta, 1977, Cheerleading Coach
Oriol Bohigas, 1925, Architect
Paul Francis Webster, 1907, Songwriter
Pedro Abrunhosa, 1960, Jazz Singer
Peter Criss, 1945, Drummer
Pettifleur Berenger, 1964, Reality Star
Pouya, 1994, Rapper
Ramon Rodriguez, 1979, TV Actor
Randolph Braham, 1922, Scientist
Rel$, 1996, Rapper
Rich Gannon, 1965, Football Player
Robert K. Crane, 1919, Scientist
Robert Randolph, 1980, Guitarist
Robert Sedgewick, 1946, Scientist
Robert Van-de-Graaff, 1901, Scientist
Robert Whittaker, 1990, MMA Fighter
Rocco Botte, 1984, YouTube Star
Roy Williams, 1981, Football Player
Royal Ivey, 1981, Basketball Player
Russell Sonenclar, 1993, Family Member
Ryan Torf, 1994, Drummer
Samuel Mudd, 1883, Criminal
Sandra Cisneros, 1954, Novelist
Sanjeeda Sheikh, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
Sapna Pabbi, 1985, TV Actress
Sara Matos, 1989, TV Actress
Sheila Klinker, 1938, Politician
Shonali Nagrani, 1981, TV Show Host
Sidney Hook, 1902, Philosopher
Sky Gilbert, 1952, Playwright
Sohail Khan, 1970, Movie Actor
Sonny Perdue, 1946, Politician
Stephen Morehouse Avery, 1893, Screenwriter
STREET LIGHT, 1991, YouTube Star
Summer Ross, 1992, Volleyball Player
Suzuka Nakamoto, 1997, Pop Singer
Ted Fio Rito, 1900, Composer
Terry Sanders, 1931, Director
Tim Hauck, 1966, Football Player
Todd Phillips, 1970, Director
Tommy Savas, 1984, TV Actor
Travis Green, 1970, Hockey Player
Uri Geller, 1946, Magician
Vasil Iljoski, 1902, Playwright
William Heffelfinger, 1867, Football Player
Willie Moore Jr., 1978, Radio Host
Yohan Goutt Goncalves, 1994, Skier


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