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December 17 Famous Birthdays

December 17 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on DECEMBER 17 are very capable Sagittarius. They can run their own life as well as run a successful business. They take note of the fine print and can read between the lines. In addition, they have what is called “gut instinct”. With that said, this is a extraordinary combination to have as a resource when a great deal of money is on the line.


In the event of an upset, they are ready with a back-up plan. Having a plan seems to be what they do as they are called on to be the party planner especially for charity. Famous celebrities born on December 17 have a knack for putting the right people together to make a gala evening larger than life.


When it comes to a career, this could be it. If in doubt, marketing and communication makes for a wise second round pick. Money is not the only motivator but the rewards that come with the career are a must.


Famous people born on DECEMBER 17th are the one who plan the family reunions or church events. This could be their gift as an organizer. Their parties are always a hit as they know who to put together also for the best of times. Yes… they are observant and aspiring. They’re the talk of the town.

December 17 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

17 December Good Traits:

  • Organized
  • Romantic
  • Funny
  • Friendly
  • Spiritual
  • Perceptive
  • Ambitious
  • Optimistic
  • Instinctive
  • Smart

17 December Bad Traits:

  • Show Off
  • Rash
  • Doubtful
  • Insincere
  • Prejudiced

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December 17 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdur Rahman Hye, 1919, Architect
Alan Khan, 1971, Radio Host
Alex Kotze, 1991, Instagram Star
Allyson Martinez, 1998, YouTube Star
Amado Carrillo Fuentes, 1956, Criminal
Andre Ayew, 1989, Soccer Player
Andrew Burriss, 2002, Family Member
Armin Mueller Stahl, 1930, Movie Actor
Arthur Fiedler, 1894, Composer
Artie Jay Mitchell, 1945, Entrepreneur
Asa Elliott, 1981, TV Actor
Ashlee Hewitt, 1987, Country Singer
Ashley Edner, 1990, TV Actress
Austin Hobart Clark, 1880, Scientist

Avi Katz, 1949, Cartoonist
Barry Livingston, 1953, TV Actor
Becktoria, 1990, TV Actress
Benjamin Eidem, 1988, Model
Benjamin Goldwasser, 1982, Rock Singer
Benny Emmanuel, 1996, TV Actor
Bernard Hill, 1944, Movie Actor
Bernard Lonergan, 1904, Philosopher
Beth Levin, 1950, Pianist
Bill Pullman, 1953, Movie Actor
Billy Wingrove, 1982, Soccer Player
Blowek, 1996, YouTube Star
Bob Guccione, 1930, Journalist
Bob Stinson, 1959, Guitarist
Bobby East, 1984, Race Car Driver
Border Gezi, 1964, Politician
Brennan Thicke, 1974, Voice Actor
Brian Rickard, 1982, YouTube Star
Buddy Hield, 1993, Basketball Player
december 17 famous birthdaysCailin Russo, 1993, Model
Carlo Croce, 1944, Doctor
Carlo Little, 1938, Drummer
Carlton Barrett, 1950, Drummer
Carter Hastings, 2004, TV Actor
Cat Wennekamp, 1988, Fashion Designer
Charles Ross, 1937, Sculptor
Charlie Kotze, 1991, Instagram Star
Charlotte Edwards, 1979, Cricket Player
Chase Utley, 1978, Baseball Player
Chelsea Manning, 1987,
Chris Mason, 1969, Darts Player
Chris Matthews, 1945, TV Show Host
Christianna Brand, 1907, Children’s Author
Christof Innerhofer, 1984, Skier
Christopher Cazenove, 1943, Movie Actor

Chuck Liddell, 1969, MMA Fighter
Clive Robertson, 1965, TV Actor
Colton Jacobson, 1997, Pop Singer
Craig Berube, 1965, Hockey Player
Craig Doyle, 1970, TV Show Host
Craig Kielburger, 1982, Activist
Dallas Wayde, 1998, Rapper
Daniel Durston, 1986, Bassist
Daniel Tay, 1991, Movie Actor
Danny Koker, 1933, Gospel Singer
Dave Arquiza, 1999, YouTube Star
Dave Madden, 1931, TV Actor
David Rudisha, 1988, Runner
Deborah Sampson, 1760, War Hero
Dennis McKenna, 1950, Scientist
Dom Streater, 1988, Fashion Designer
Domenico Cimarosa, 1749, Composer
Duff Goldman, 1974, Entrepreneur
Eddie Fisher, 1973, Drummer

Eddie Kendricks, 1939, Pop Singer
Eddie Perfect, 1977, Comedian
Edwin Joseph Cohn, 1892, Scientist
Elliott Wright, 1981, Reality Star
Emilie Duchatelet, 1706, Scientist
Emma Bell, 1986, Movie Actress
Eric Brown, 1964, TV Actor
Ernie Hudson, 1945, Movie Actor
Erskine Caldwell, 1903, Novelist
Eugene Levy, 1946, Movie Actor
Fatima Siad, 1986, Reality Star
Ferdinand Sarnitz, 1988, Rapper
Ford Madox Ford, 1873, Novelist
Frank Pietrangelo, 1964, Hockey Player
George Lindsey, 1928, TV Actor
Giovanni Ribisi, 1974, Movie Actor
Graham Rogers, 1990, Movie Actor
Greg James, 1985, Radio Host
Greg Kelly, 1968, TV Show Host
Gregg Araki, 1959, Director
Gregory Campbell, 1983, Hockey Player
Guilherme Seta, 2002, TV Actor
Harley Bird, 2001, Voice Actor
Heidi Butler, 1993, Family Member
Heinz Sokolowski, 1917,
Helen Wood, 1986, Reality Star
Hello Batty, 1989, YouTube Star
Horace Goldin, 1873, Magician
Humphry Davy, 1778, Scientist
Ian Petrella, 1974, TV Actor
Ivar Ivask, 1927, Poet
Jack L. Chalker, 1944, Novelist
Jacqueline Hill, 1929, TV Actress
Jacqueline Wilson, 1945, Children’s Author
Jade Field, 1995, YouTube Star
Jaidynn Diore Fierce, 1988, Reality Star
Jaimee Foxworth, 1979, TV Actress
Jake Clemmence, 1995, Instagram Star
Jake O’Shea, 1996, Pop Singer
James Booker, 1939, Pianist
James Doherty, 1966, Movie Actor
James Viscount-severn, 2007, Royalty
Jared Abbrederis, 1990, Football Player
Jayasudha Kapoor, 1958, Movie Actress
Jayne Eastwood, 1946, Movie Actress
Jazz Ocampo, 1997, TV Actress
Jeremy McKinnon, 1985, Metal Singer
Jerry Hsu, 1981, Skateboarder
Jessi, 1988, Rapper
Jessica Gee, 1965, Voice Actor
Jin Sun-yu, 1988, Speed Skater
John Abraham, 1972, Movie Actor
John Greenleaf Whittier, 1807, Poet
John J. McIntyre, 1904, Politician
John Kennedy Toole, 1937, Novelist
Joseph Henry, 1797, Scientist
Josh Barfield, 1982, Baseball Player
Juan Fernandez, 1956, Movie Actor
Juliana Dever, 1971, TV Actress
Juliet Aubrey, 1965, TV Actress
Kal Ousseimi, 1996, YouTube Star
Kate Hewlett, 1976, TV Actress
Katheryn Winnick, 1977, TV Actress
Katina Paxinou, 1900, Movie Actress
Kay Burley, 1954, News Anchor
Kazys Grinius, 1866, Politician
Keki Adhikari, 1989, Movie Actress
Ken Hitchcock, 1951, Hockey Coach
Ken Mora, 1960, Screenwriter
Kerry Packer, 1937, Entrepreneur
Kevin Donovan, 1971, Soccer Player
Kiersey Clemons, 1993, TV Actress
Kiki Haynes, 1976, TV Actress
Kiyoshi Tamura, 1969, Wrestler
Kris Joseph, 1988, Basketball Player
Kristiina Ojuland, 1966, Politician
Kyle Salyards, 1980, Swimmer
Larry Anthony, 1961, Politician
Laurie Holden, 1969, TV Actress
Lee Jae-jin, 1991, Rock Singer
Leslie Mancia, 1987, Model
Lobna Abdel Aziz, 1935, Movie Actress
Louise Adams, 1983, Blues Singer
Luisa Fernanda, 1970, TV Show Host
Lynn Petronella, 1954, Runner
Manny Pacquiao, 1978, Boxer
Manu Rios, 1998, TV Actor
Marc Lamont Hill, 1978, Activist
Maria Brink, 1977, Metal Singer
Maria Elena Velasco, 1940, TV Actress
Marianela Pereyra, 1979, TV Show Host
Marissa Ribisi, 1974, Movie Actress
Mark Cameron Wystrach, 1979, TV Actor
Mark Heylmun, 1987, Guitarist
Martin Odegaard, 1998, Soccer Player
Masako Natsume, 1957, TV Actress
Masato Hayakawa, 1986, Rock Singer
Maxso, 1997, Rapper
MegaMoeka, 1994, YouTube Star
Melissa Wiley, 1968, Young Adult Author
Michael Cashman, 1950, Politician
Michael Mols, 1970, Soccer Player
Michael Money, 1988, Guitarist
Michael Stolle, 1974, Pole Vaulter
Michael V., 1969, Comedian
Michael Weithorn, 1956, Screenwriter
Michele Tafoya, 1964, Sportscaster
Mike Mills, 1958, Guitarist
Mikky Ekko, 1984, Pop Singer
Milla Jovovich, 1975, Movie Actress
Milton Howery, 1979, Comedian
Moriz Rosenthal, 1862, Pianist
Muhammadu Buhari, 1942, World Leader
Nadech Kugimiya, 1991, TV Actor
Naeto C, 1982, Rapper
Napiera Groves, 1975, TV Actress
Nat Stuckey, 1933, Country Singer
Nat Wolff, 1994, Movie Actor
Neil Sanderson, 1978, Drummer
Nick Dinsmore, 1975, Wrestler
Nikki McCray, 1971, Basketball Player
Oxana Fedorova, 1977, Model
Parker Kit Hill, 1995, Vine Star
Pat Smith, 1971, Activist
Patrice Wymore, 1926, Stage Actress
Paul Butterfield, 1942, Rock Singer
Paul Cadmus, 1904, Painter
Paul Rodgers, 1949, Rock Singer
Paul Tracy, 1968, Race Car Driver
Paula Radcliffe, 1973, Runner
Peter Farrelly, 1956, Director
Peter Snell, 1938, Runner
Pope Francis, 1936, Religious Leader
Quinton De Kock, 1992, Cricket Player
Ramriddlz, 1994, R&B Singer
Ray Noble, 1903, Composer
Raymond Fernandez, 1914, Criminal
Rian Johnson, 1973, Director
Riteish Deshmukh, 1978, Movie Actor
Robert Dornhelm, 1947, Director
Robert Robinson, 1927, TV Show Host
Rocco Mediate, 1962, Golfer
Ronnie Boykins, 1935, Bassist
Rusty Malinoski, 1983, Wakeboarder
Ryan Hunter-Reay, 1980, Race Car Driver
Ryan Key, 1979, Pop Singer
Ryan Trainor, 1990, Family Member
Sahara Davenport, 1984, Reality Star
Sam Barry, 1892, Football Coach
Sam Loeffler, 1974, Drummer
SamisofftheWall, 1997, YouTube Star
Sara Dallin, 1961, Pop Singer
Sarah Paulson, 1974, TV Actress
Sean Patrick Thomas, 1970, Movie Actor
Shabnur, 1979, Movie Actress
Shannon Woodward, 1984, TV Actress
Simon Bates, 1946, Radio Host
Spade Cooley, 1910, Country Singer
Stan Heath, 1964, Basketball Coach
Stanley Stewart Davis, 1942, Scientist
Stef Dawson, 1988, Movie Actress
Stella Tennant, 1970, Model
Stephanie Lala, 1989, Model
Stephen Cluxton, 1981, Gaelic Football Player
Steve Knight, 1966, Politician
Steve Weatherford, 1982, Football Player
Steven Frayne, 1982, Magician
Stevie Williams, 1979, Skateboarder
Takeo Spikes, 1976, Football Player
Taruwar Kohli, 1988, Cricket Player
Tatyana Kazankina, 1951, Runner
Taylor York, 1989, Guitarist
Teedra Moses, 1976, Soul Singer
Tennessee Thomas, 1984, Drummer
Thomas Law, 1992, Soap Opera Actor
Thum Ping Tjin, 1979, Swimmer
Tiki Taane, 1976, DJ
Tilly Vosburgh, 1960, TV Actress
Tim Clark, 1975, Golfer
Tim Wiese, 1981, Soccer Player
Tkay Maizda, 1995, Rapper
Tolgahan Sayisman, 1981, Model
Tommy Banks, 1936, Pianist
Tommy Steele, 1936, Pop Singer
Tracy Byrd, 1966, Country Singer
Trip Lee, 1987, Rapper
Tyson Clark, 1996, YouNow Star
Vaibhavi Merchant, 1975, Dancer
Vanessa Zima, 1986, Movie Actress
Vincent Damphousse, 1967, Hockey Player
Waldo Peirce, 1884, Painter
Wandrille Lefevre, 1989, Soccer Player
Wells Coates, 1895, Architect
Wes Studi, 1947, Movie Actor
Willard Frank Libby, 1908, Scientist
William Green, 1979, Football Player
William Harkness, 1837, Scientist
William Lyon Mackenzie King, 1874, World Leader
William Safire, 1929, Novelist
Yann Sommer, 1988, Soccer Player


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