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Dating And Public Speaking: A Comparison

A Comparison Between Dating And Public Speaking

Dating and public speaking are similar to each other in many ways. Just like dating, public speaking is a tough act with many challenges. It demands confidence, better communication skills, sound judgment, a little witty, getting the audience to follow you, and stamina. Most of these are also required for a relationship to succeed.


So I always say that a wrong date is like giving a bad speech, which can forever hunt you and your reputation. Similarly, a suitable date is like a good speech. Such speech is greeted with applause, bringing about fun and excitement. So let’s look at how public speaking and dating look alike.


1. You Need to Be Confident

Going on a first date with someone you’ve been chatting with online for a while can be tricky. It can also be the same as someone you are familiar with. You wouldn’t know what the person expects from you and how to impress them. There will be some nervousness, and that is normal. In such cases, all you need is to be confident. Your first approach can make or unmake the date. Being timid and speechless can send a wrong signal to your date.


But the show of confidence and knowing what you are about can create an excellent impression. This is the same as public speaking. The first two minutes can be critical, no matter how you’ve mastered the art. If you approach your audience with fear and face down, your speech will be dead on arrival. This is because it will be full of errors, you will have a shaky voice, and you will be fumbling. So confidence is an essential ingredient in dating and public speaking.


2. The Art of Communication

Public speaking is an art of communication, and it takes a lot of effort to get your audience to listen to you. You can have a perfect presentation, but with the wrong method of communication, it will be like an ordinary speech. It would help if you were creative and witty when you notice your audience is getting bored and bold to achieve your intended purpose.

Just like public speaking, communication is key to the success of a relationship. A distance relationship would look as close as ever through better communication, and the couple wouldn’t feel the distance. Through communication, partners can resolve their differences whenever there is a misunderstanding and clarify their needs and wants.

Dating and Public Speaking: The Common Thread

3. You Look Sharp and Smart

Do you remember how you dressed and looked for your first date? Compare it to that of your first public speech. The two have something in common, and that is that you were looking sharp. Your appearance tells a lot about your personality. Imagined going on a first date dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and slippers.

What impression will that create? They will address you according to the way you dress. Let’s relate it to wearing anything to deliver a speech. Your audience will see you as an empty barrier coming to make noise. This is not to say you have to dress inexpensive clothing to create an impression. But at least you have to look presentable.

4. The Need to Flirt

We mainly invite people on a date for a particular purpose. This is primarily to see each other and determine if a relationship is possible. The impression you create on the first date can enhance your chance or dwindle it. You have to flirt a bit with your date to show interest. You will have to smile, stare in a sexy way and let them focus on you. This is also needed when during a presentation. It would help if you created an “intercourse” with your audience. Grab their attention from the start. Your opening paragraph should be something exciting that will provoke the thinking of your audience. Throughout the speech, you need to make fun and be interesting.

5. Being Interactive Is Important for Dating and Public Speaking

Public speaking and dating become successful when you are interactive. Let’s say you went on a date, and all you did was talk about yourself. That will get your date bored and may not honor your next date. So as you speak about yourself, you give the other person an opportunity to talk about themselves. Then you ask questions to keep the conversation lively. This also happens in public speaking. Unless you are giving a direct speech, you need to be very interactive with your audience. You ask them questions, and they answer, energizing the whole presentation.

So in comparison, dating and public speaking have many things in common. So if you are a public speaker, you need to take measures to “date” your audience. This can enhance your career and make your audience yearn for more and more.

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