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Dating An Older Woman: Pros And Cons

Great Things About Dating An Older Woman

Dating an older woman has become a new relationship choice for many young guys now. Are you surprised? If younger women can date older men, then what stops younger guys from following the same path.

Guys date older women for different reasons, but the primary one is because they are financially independent. Sam, a guy, dating a woman almost his mother’s age, admitted that his older partner comes with no financial pressure, unlike dating women of his age.


The situation is the other way round as he gets financial assistance from her almost every day. Other guys also go in for the maturity aspect of dating an older woman.

This means dating an older woman comes with several benefits. But just as there are advantages, there are also disadvantages when dating an older woman. So let’s go through some pros and cons in dating an older woman.


Pros of Dating An Older Woman

1. Financial Freedom

Older women who are ready to date young guys are mostly financially independent. They either have their own businesses or have saved enough from their jobs. Such a woman wouldn’t have to depend on her partner for financial assistance.

This is what most guys of today want, a woman who comes with no financial pressure. Yes, someone who wouldn’t drain their purse. That is not to say that she will reject gifts during her special moments like birthdays.


2. They come with Experience

Older women have a lot of experience when it comes to life issues and dating. She might have been in more than one relationship and has gathered experience that a young woman may take ten years to have. So, she will definitely not repeat same mistakes from her previous relationships and they tread cautiously.

This experience makes them better partners when it comes to a relationship. There is no way she is going to be abnormally jealous because she saw with chatting with another woman. Not that she wouldn’t feel jealous, but she knows the result of being over jealous, breakup.


3. They Know what they Want

An older woman is not pretentious when it comes to their love life. It is mostly said that women do not know what they want. But on the contrary, an older woman knows exactly what she wants when it comes to a relationship. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Even before the relationship starts, she will make her intentions very clear.

Most of these women are divorced and want companionship from a much younger person. Others are married but unhappy and want to seek this happiness outside their marriage. So she makes her needs very clear, and it is up to the guy to meet those needs.

4. They are Independent

Older women are more independent as compared to younger ones. They are mostly career women with an established business and wouldn’t have the leisure to be around you 24/7. Spending time with her will be a planned one.

So men who date older men have enough time for themselves and are safe from the stress that comes with dating a woman of their age.

5. The Show of Maturity

Older women approach their relationships with a strong sense of maturity. They don’t play games as their younger counterparts and are well composed and prepared when dating. They show this maturity trait when having a conversation.

Suppose they turn to sound more practical and give convincing and know what to say and at what time. They don’t also worry their head about trivial things like, why you couldn’t answer their calls or return home on time.

Cons of Dating An Older Woman

1. She May is not Ready to Settle Down

Two things come to play when dating an older woman. She may either be someone’s wife or divorced. Each of the two comes with its own disadvantage. If she is a married woman, it means she won’t ever settle with you.

She just wants something from you, and that is all. If she is divorced, she wouldn’t want to rush into another marriage. She may have had some worse experience from the last marriage and settling down again may not be in consideration.

This means your dream of settling down with your older woman will just be in your dreams.

2. Having Children Together

Even if she agrees to settle down with you, it may still come with consequences if she doesn’t want to have children with you at her age. If she is in her 40s or 50s upwards, the last thing she would want is to become a mother.

Most of them date younger guys for the fun of it and not to start a family. She may be having children from her past marriage, and that is enough for her. So as a young guy with the ambition to start a family, this can become an impediment to the relationship.

3. They Come With Excess Baggage

I did mention that they are matured and experienced but that can also be a disadvantage. Your older woman may be bitter with men due to her past experiences and she will pour it on you with the slightest mistake

She is also more experienced than you in various aspects and may not meet her expectations. The worse nightmare of all this is when she has children. So are you ready to have stepchildren who are almost your age? To avoid this and more, just stay away from an older woman.

4. Social Stigma

Dating a woman almost the age of your mother comes with a social stigma. This type of relationship is mostly seen as odd and unacceptable in many societies. Your parents may not even accept such a relationship.

Since this means the relationship will be dead on arrival and will have to be kept a secret.

Dating an Older Woman: Conclusion

The ball is your court now, and you are free to make your own decisions. Compare the pros and cons and make an informed decision you wouldn’t regret in the long round. It will be ok if you are in for the fun and adventurous aspect of it. But if you are looking for a serious relationship.

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