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Date A Philosopher: Do You Want To?

Do You Want To Date a Philosopher?

Philosophers are deep thinkers bent on reviewing the unknown. Talk of Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and the many other great philosophers who have contributed immensely to the field of politics, science, and mathematics. Date a philosopher – good or idea? Let’s find out.


So how does dating them look like? Dating a philosopher is nothing close to what you see in movies. But they surely have some good stuff in stock for you. So, here are reasons to date a philosopher.

1. They are Patient

It takes a little more patience to become a successful philosopher. When the books they read and the thinking involved in their practice demand a high level of perseverance. When they encounter several challenges in their line of work, but that doesn’t stop them from achieving their intended purpose.


Having such a partner can be nothing less than exciting and fulfilling. They would go the extra mile to entertain your whims than a normal person does. But this doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be fed up at a point in time, so you should know your limit.

2. They are Multifaceted

It is refreshing to know that philosophers are open to diverse ideas and topics. But they don’t limit themselves to particular subjects as they love to explore other fields as possible. But for them, seeking knowledge is the key to human existence.


Because of this, they would be open to conversation no matter the subject. So bring a topic from science to humanities, and they will get you covered. That said, you must embrace yourself to meet that standard because your partner would expect a certain level of intelligence from you.


3. They are Selfless

Can you believe that great philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle worked together in various ways? Yes, this shows how unselfish they are when working towards a common course.

They don’t mind sharing information among themselves when needed. So their bid to seek in-depth knowledge and uncover but the hidden secrets of nature is not mean a sacrifice. So having such a selfless person as a partner means they can make sacrifices for you.

4. Their Ability to Answer Questions

Due to their broad knowledge base, they can answer questions from different fields. So, if you want to find answers to any troubling questions, but you can rely on your partner for answers.

It does not mean they are a Wikipedia or half of knowledge. However, they read wide, so they know a little about everything.

5. They Love to Read

When someone may ask, what does reading have to do with a relationship? If you don’t want a reader as a partner, try an ignorant person.


But wait, how can one become a philosopher without being an avid reader? But They are avid readers, which makes them well informed of the happenings across the globe. They don’t only read content related to philosophy but cut across other fields.

7. They Communicate in Clear Terms

All Philosophers communicate in clear terms without ambiguities. That is how they are trained, and it is to ensure a coherent conversation. They can translate this quality into their personal life.

Your partner would, therefore, not garnish his words when he wants to sound though. Trust me, he will also be all lovely and praise you without missing words when you deserve it.

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