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Dating a Mature Man: The Transformation Of A Party Freak Girl

Why Do Girls Date Mature Men?

We all party sometimes, but some people are addicted to partying. But they cannot stay a day without having fun at their favorite clubs. The most they care about is satisfying their interest no matter the inconveniences it can create for people around them. This can make dating a party freak a real job. Let’s read more about dating a mature man.

But things can change immensely when a party freak girl meets a mature man. Such a relationship forces them to change their attitude, lifestyle, and how they see things since they can’t approach it with their “immature” lifestyle.


Suppose they try very hard to meet the status and requirements of the older man. But this is what happens when a person freak girls date an older man.

1. They Start Growing Up

Sorry to say, but most party freaks, no matter their age, are immature. They are not serious about their life, make poor decisions, and normally find themselves in trouble.

While boozing in the club is all, they live their life for. But as soon as they begin to date a mature man, things begin to change. They begin to take things seriously because the man will require such qualities from him.


2. Wardrobe Overhaul

A party freak girl is very comfortable with whatever she wears until she meets an older man. She then notices that she had no better cloth and the need to do a wardrobe overhaul.

Since she knows that she can’t follow the man around with that short skimpy dress, which she pulls down after every two steps, but the man may be a respected person and wouldn’t like her to follow him around with such dresses. So the crazy freak will start to face reality and get out of the party mood by getting decent dresses.


3. They Don’t Feel Good in Their New Way of Dressing

It will take time for such a girl to adjust and feel comfortable in the new way of dressing. She has been wearing mini-skirts and short tops for a very long time, so changing into a more decent one will be like a child learning how to walk. She wouldn’t know how to combine things wear and can look weird. But she will catch up with time.


4. She Starts to Look Weird amid Friends

As she begins to transform, people will start asking questions as her new appearance will look weird.

Her friends will also be surprised about her new appearance and the fact that she will gradually pull out from her usual activities. So the once “crazy” girl who was boozing in clubs will start ordering soft drinks when she goes out with friends.

5. Social Media Appearance Begin to Change

Before she can accept the friend request of her new older partner, she will have to do a total overhaul of her accounts.

So she won’t like the man to see all the bad pictures she has posted on social media. But the crazy pictures will be replaced with a “good girl” kind of pictures to impress her partner.

6. Eating Habit Changes when Dating a Mature Man

She doesn’t take time to eat good food because she is always in a hurry to join friends at the club. So her best meal may be chips with Coca-Cola and maybe looking thin like a refugee.

But when the older man sets in, all these bad habits will change immediately. Her partner may prefer home-cooked food, so she will also start enjoying a good meal. That unhealthy lifestyle will be a thing of the past.

7. They Start to Question their Old Life

Dating a mature man will strike her conscience, and that is when she realizes that she was a joke. Hence their eating habits change, and she will be wondering how she managed to stay alive after years of an unhealthy lifestyle.

So, she begins to ask herself many questions and sadly wouldn’t get answers to them. This is when she begins to appreciate that dating a mature man has been accommodating.

8. Introducing Him to Friends Becomes a Challenge

Unlike when she was dating guys of her age, a party freak will find it difficult to introduce her mature lover to friends. No, one doesn’t want her partner to know the type of girls she has as friends.


9. They Begin to Avoid Places They Once Frequented

If Party freaks have bars, restaurants, and neighborhoods they usually visit, that creates familiarity among the people. So to be on the safer side, she will never take her new mature lover to such places.

She knows that she might meet a guy she once had a one-night stand with, and that can be very embarrassing as he tries to act familiar.

10. They Begin to Appreciate Life

When she begins to see life from a different perspective and becomes serious. But, she takes conscious effort to plan for the future and have a better life.

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