Thursday, October 6, 2022

Dating A Librarian: 3 Things Which Are Totally False

3 Things Which Are Not Entirely True About Dating A Librarian

At the mention of a librarian, almost everybody pictures a strict bookworm who wears glasses and takes charge of a library. They are considered grannies and granddads who love reading and do not tolerate library noise. This misconception about librarians has been there for ages, and it’s time to clear things out. So in this piece, it is time to clarify three misconceptions about librarians if you are interested in dating a librarian.

Reasons To Date A Librarian

1. Librarians are NOT Old Dudes

Most people believe that all librarians are old because they hardly visit the library to read or borrow books. They rely primarily on what they see in movies, for example, Harry Porter, to conclude that librarians are older men and women almost at the retirement age. Point of correction, this stereotype about librarians is false. Many young men and women are in this profession.

The last time I checked, being a librarian is like any regular job with both old and new breeds of people. So if you dream of dating a librarian, visit any library close to your neighborhood. You may find a young and energetic man or woman there to try your luck on.

2. Librarians are Bookworms

Ok, this is partly true as most librarians love to read. However, this doesn’t mean reading books is their only interest. Some librarians love to go hiking, cycling, gardening, and playing an instrument aside from reading.

The only thing is that you should be ready for corrections now and then. You must have facts before you speak, or else your librarian partner may have to correct you. Also, your grammar and composition must be on point because they will be marking you.

3. They Are Looking For Opportunities to Explore

Thinking of librarians being sex-starved is like believing that Vladimir Putin would ever lose an election in Russia. They live everyday life like anyone aside from their profession. They date, get married, and enjoy sex. So don’t think dating a librarian means they will demand sex.

So now that I have cleared some of your misconceptions, you can date a librarian as you wish.

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